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Oct. 3, 2005--Codex News from Rima E. Laibow, MD -- We asked you to send emails to Congress urging them to preserve our Organic Standards instead of degrading them to match the Codex Organic Standards. As we can expect them to do when we make enough of a ruckus, CONGRESS BACKED OFF. They postponed the issue to "study it further". Now our job is to make sure that the pressure continues.

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*Your Help Needed to Defeat 5 New Anti-Health Freedom Bills! -- Urgent Action Alert from Dr. Laibow: Our common health freedom is on the line due to special-interest bills being promoted by irresponsible Congressmen and Congresswomen whom we have elected to office! Follow the simple instructions to protest the 5 bills via the comfort of the Internet.

*Important Message from Rima E. Laibow, MD, to All Health Conscious Americans:

Wonderful Window of Opportunity Just Opened to Change U.S. CODEX Policy! -- Something incredible just happened this past week that makes it easier for us to protect health freedom (on behalf of the American people) against the illegal policy of the U.S. CODEX Office. The CODEX Vitamins and Minerals Guideline Could be Delayed by One Year Due to CODEX's Own Bureaucracy! Read More...

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This is Rima E. Laibow, M.D., with a very important announcement. I ask you to spend the few minutes it takes to read this email, because it could be one of the most important emails you will ever receive and the information presented here has a huge impact on the future of your freedom of choice in nutritional supplements, herbs, and clean foods. So please keep reading.

As you may already have heard, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is coming to America this July. If you haven't heard of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, it is a UN trade commission, backed by the WTO's coercive sanctioning power, which is developing a severely restrictive regulatory code to control every morsel of food and every supplement you put in your mouth. CODEX (for short) is about controlling your food and supplements "from farm to fork", as the CODEX-people so sinisterly put it.

Who would control your food and supplements?

Massive multi-national corporations who are deceptively promoting CODEX as "consumer protection".

Why is CODEX being pushed onto the American people?

Whose interests do these food rules serve?

Not your interests if you care about access to high potency, effective nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other supplements, and access to clean, unadulterated food such as organic food.

I have studied over 16,000 pages of CODEX regulatory documentation, and I can tell you with absolutely certainty that if implemented in the USA, CODEX would make illegal many of the supplements and dosages, herbal medicines you use today and defile organic standards and play havoc with our environment with mandates for increased pesticide use on crops, and antibiotic and hormone use in animals.

If not the interests of the American people, then whose interests does CODEX serve?

CODEX serves the economic interests of massive multi-national corporations, most notably the pharmaceutical and chemical industries who stand to madly profit if your food is controlled and your access to natural health products is compromised. We are talking about corporations that are as corrupt as Enron (and me and my colleagues would say even more so) .

CODEX would make many of the choices in health products and treatments that you take for granted today (such as Vitamin C above 200mg per day) illegal. And the purpose of that is to eliminate the competition that natural health products and clean food presents to pharmaceutical drugs and pesticide manufacturers. You can guess who would benefit from such elimination of natural health products and increased use of pesticides.

And the pharmaceutical and pesticide industries are just two industries worth mentioning among a few others, such as the biotechnology industry's massive profit from unlabelled GM (Genetically Modified) products as CODEX would allow genetically modified organisms in food products to go unlabelled.

We must not sit back and let this "just happen"!

We must all take action and I am here to share with you the good news that through our newly launched web site (in full-time development for over 2 months and launched since last week), you can take powerful action and do your part to protect freedom of choice in health products and natural treatments from being made illegal by CODEX.  This email will instruct you on how to take effective action from the comfort of your computer chair, so keep reading.

The Natural Solutions Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting health freedom of which I am Medical Doctor, provides the American people with the opportunity for focused, easy grass-roots action in defence of health freedom in the face of threats such as CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. In addition to providing individuals like yourself the opportunity to take action (I will tell you more about that soon), we are also presenting legal challenges to the US Government on its flagrantly illegal pro-CODEX policy.

The Natural Solutions Foundation is on a mission to inspire action to protect the US from this devastating set of "food rules". Although the devastating pro-illness CODEX Vitamin and Mineral Guideline is set for ratification in Rome this July, we will not rest and we respectfully but forcefully disagree with those who say that nothing can be done in the face of this Goliath. We believe much can be done and we ask you to join us!

We at Natural Solutions Foundation believe we can avert CODEX with the help of the American people, including you!

Grass-roots action allows us to persuade Congress to object to this terrible set of rules (in conjunction with our legal challenges) and let them know that we do not want to see CODEX ratified and made into law in this country.  Our Congressmen and Congresswomen are actually obliged to listen to the people who elected them to office.

And you can take action in 6 easy steps to give them direction on CODEX via, our newly launched, action-oriented web site.

Invitation to Protect Health Freedom
from the Comfort of Your Computer Chair:

I'd like to invite you to take action to protect health freedom in America from CODEX because CODEX threatens you and your family's right to choose supplements, herbal medicines, and clean foods (such as true organic foods). CODEX is real and will happen if enough people just like you don't take action right now, before July 4.

How do you to take action to protect health freedom from CODEX?

It's very easy and only takes around 5 minutes.

Here's how:

"The 6 Easy Steps to
Protecting America from CODEX"

Click here:

Just click on the link above and you will be provided with a full set of instructions on how to take action to protect health freedom from CODEX via powerful grass-roots tools on our new web site. The 6 Easy Step process is easy. It's simple. It's quick. And it's very powerful.

Support the HealthFreedomUSA
Campaign to Protect Your Health Freedom

We are getting to the end of this email and this is important: we at the Natural Solutions Foundation are acting in the interest of your health freedom. Our mission is to help you protect yourself from having your health choices dictated by massive multi-national corporations instead of your own conscience and will. If you don't want your health choices dicated by corporations, then support HealthFreedomUSA.

Our exceptionally effective web site was created by a passionately committed web designer who has put his own promising business on hold for two months, to work over 10 hours a day to create on time. And he has not yet been paid a cent for his work. He is still with us because he is very passionate about contributing his skills and knowledge to the protection of the people of America from CODEX. Passion has paid for our web site up to now. But as you can imagine, passion wont pay the bills of our web designer. Our web designer needs to be paid and without your donations, it would be very hard to pay him. So please donate now and help us pay our web designer.

The industries behind CODEX such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and pesticide industries have literally billion dollar marketing budgets with which to deceive Americans about CODEX through the spread of expensive disinformation (they deceive people into thinking that CODEX is about "consumer protection").

What do we have?  We have the will of the people of America and we have your donations. Donate via the 6 Easy Steps to Protect America from CODEX (the donation step is step 5):

I am Optimistic - Join Me

Exciting days are ahead for us as we proceed to implement our marketing strategy for HealthFreedomUSA. We expect an avalanche of traffic to our site in the days ahead. You will regularly receive, from me, exciting updates on the progress we are bound to experience. As you can tell, I am optimistic. I believe we stand a chance of making it, I believe we can ward off CODEX ALIMENTARIUS if enough people take action on the 6 Easy Steps.

Right now, all I ask is for you to take action on the 6 Easy Steps to Protecting America from CODEX, because without your action, there is no power in this campaign. If you haven't already, click on the link and take action.

In closing, a warm welcome to our new web site and to the HealthFreedomUSA campaign!

We are here to provide you with accurate, rational, and non-alarmist information that exposes and brings to light threats to health freedom (such as CODEX), delivered with clarity and optimism.

And we are here to make it easy for you, your friends, your family and your colleagues to take action to protect America from the current immediate CODEX threat. Together, we can protect health freedom and each other from CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.

Yours in Health and Freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, M.D.
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

(914) 271-6792  

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