" Standing In God's Shadow "

Stand in my shadow as I shield you from the sun.
Let all that has gone before you rest as it is done.
A smile will light your way as each new day unfolds.
For you have been granted anther ray to guide you.
Make no mistake it's my gift to you who are lost soul's.
Determined to forge ahead while a heart is feeling down.
Nothing will change what is or the sadness from within.
Just a reassuring hand touching you is the healing wind.
I have watched you from afar and know the anguish felt.
A life has been in trouble and Angels know your doubt.
For you have walked each hill alone trying to be brave.
Each tear you cry in hurt will not have been in vain.
Stand in my loving shadow and I will hold you very close.
Your heart will heal as I touch you and remove all pain.
I shall be waiting to guide you in the sunshine or rain.
It is then you shall realize I am your father let us pray.
No one shall know you or the path whence you came.
Only when the Holy Spirit infiltrates you and guides you
does the new shadow of God's love comfort and remain.

Copyrighted by Bill Lightner November 26, 2003.