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Derry Brownfield  

March 1, 2006 –
2nd & 3rd Hrs.


Introduction to National Animal Identification System

Derry Brownfield  

March 15, 2006 -
2nd & 3rd Hrs.
Details of National Animal Identification System

Doreen Hannes   

May 2, 2006 -
2nd Hr.


Doreen connects the

dots from beyond immediate State issues to the grander plan in the International RFID Animal Tracking scheme.
No personal website yet - please use for further education.


Ray Cunio           

May 2, 2006 -
3rd Hr.
President of MO "Citizens for Private Property Rights", expertly knows the official NAIS grant process and the official legal documents for the implementation of NAIS:  "This is an on-going work in-process"


Justin Sanders

May 16, 2006 -
2nd Hr.
Farmer JUSTIN SANDERS is working with legislators and farmers to protect Tennessee from NAIS, providing model legislation and a comprehensive "What you can do list" for concerned citizens everywhere!
In addition, Justin details the direct negative impact NAIS will have on draft animals, "horses, mules, and/or oxen".
Wrote article "Assault on Small Farmers" in Rural Heritage May 2006 Issue
1. Article: Stop National Animal ID -- Assault on Small Farmers — What You Can Do by Justin  Sanders
2. Article: "Assault on Small Farmers" in Rural Heritage May 2006 Issue


Gail Damerow      

May 16, 2006 -
3rd Hr.

Editor GAIL DAMEROW was in the forefront of alerting her readers to the National Animal ID Plan during the winter of 2004, now she is helping with a national petition drive and regular monthly updates in:
RURAL HERITAGE - Bimonthly journal in support of farming and logging with horses, mules & oxen
281 Dean Ridge Lane
Gainesboro, TN 38562-5039 USA
phone: 931-268-0655

Congressman Ron Paul

May 17, 2006 -
2 ½ Hr.

Updates and encouragement to STOP the funding legislation of the National Animal Identification System.  Sign up for Ron Paul’s Freedom Watch!

Craig Russell      

June 6, 2006 -
2nd Hr.

CRAIG RUSSELL explains The Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities opposition to the USDA's proposed National Animal Identification System as excessively cumbersome, expensive and unworkable.
Plus, Craig will educate on the major concern for the "genetic integrity" and the different types of poultry being sold (Heirloom Breeds verses Hybrid-Cross), and the various connections to H5N1 Avian Influenza. 


Sidebar: "We are in this fight for the lives of our fowl"   HELP SPPA in demanding an end to NAIS and resignation or firing of Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns. Please get involved and write your Federal!


Karen Bergener   

June 6, 2006 -
3rd Hr,

Attorney KARIN BERGENER  has made a personal commitment to stop NAIS and has created the current PETITION and provides the required follow through on it's delivery.  [Click Here for Your Stop NAIS Petition!]  for ALL the latest "NO NAIS' events!


NOTE TO ACTIVISTS:  Top ISP’s are purposely blocking Liberty Ark emails  - - -  and YOURS also if their link is present in your text.  LEAVE OUT the “http” and www. And you can by-pass the blocker (as of today anyway!) If you are forwarding their material it is a good idea to check with the recipient to see that they did in fact receive it. 

Please go to to find out more about email blocking.

Dr, Chuck Everett  

June 12, 2006 -
2nd Hr.

DR. CHUCK EVERETT is writing an article on what farmers and concerned citizens must do when The

National Animal Identification, the Orwellian program set forth by The Department of Agricultural, is fully implemented.  People everywhere MUST NOT comply!


Darol Dickinson

June 27, 2006 -
2nd  & 3rd Hrs.

Owner of the Dickinson Cattle Company in Ohio, DAROL DICKINSON provides tools for educating your local area residents and your local Representatives on stopping the National Animal Identification System

[NAIS]. Plus, the real reason why the USDA is pushing NAIS (Japan requires it for exporting), why farmers use to trust the USDA and the astronomical cost ramifications.  


Has sample letter “To Editors”

Darol's book:

Bruno Schmidt


NEW Book:  "Farmer's Field Guide to the NAIS"   (authors) Bruno and Charlene Schmidt available by calling

1-877-817-9829 or

July 5, 2006 –

2nd & 3rd Hrs.

BRUNO SCHMIDT separates fact from fiction, governmental propaganda from

what the law and the regulations actually say, and explains the every-day consequences attached to the National Animal Identification System [NAIS].
Provides a MUST have book for anyone owning animals!


Karen Bergener 

July 21, 2006 -

2nd hour

Provides No NAIS Updates from her recent attendance at "Amish Horse days"

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