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Then They Came for the Cattle Ranchers...

First, they came for the cattle ranchers (although they already knew how to find BSE)

But I was not a cattle rancher, so I did not fight.

Then, they came for the sheep ranchers (although the sprapies program worked fine)

But I had no sheep, so I did not speak out

They came next for the goat herders (who already tattooed their goats)

But I did not consider their plight my own

Then, they came for the chickens and ducks, but "only the large producers"

So I did not fight against NAIS

Again they came, this time for the pigs (although pig farmers have proper husbandry)

But I did not raise pigs, so I did not fight

Then they came after the Llamas and Alpacas but they were expensive animals

So none of the ranchers fought, even those who owned them

Then, they tagged all the horses, but the AQHA and Jockeys said it was all right, not to worry

So I did not think I would lose my right to trail ride

Then, in waves, they came after
The elk ranchers
The deer herders
The bison ranchers

Then, when the numbers were not enough, they came for the small farmers

And I, now a felon with chickens and a horse, had no one to speak for me.





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