Burrell Guitars are hand crafted instruments. There is no production line. They are not mass produced. The wood is hand selected, and not a laminate. But that is not the best feature of a Burrell Guitar. What makes a Burrell stand out is the design. The guitar actually conforms to your body. The body of the guitar is tapered in such a way as to allow for better control and visibility. Mr. Burrell didn't stop there! The neck is also curved in such a way to allow better control. His designs are patented, and sometimes imitated, but never duplicated!

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Check out some of these cool photos!

#1: Leo's 1st "twisted neck guitar" and patent:


#2: Notice the 40 degree twist in the neck!


#3: Leo's new "Fat Boy" for plump pluckers:


#5: Dave plays Leo's electric

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