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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


[Joyce]    Our guest, today, is Dr. Andrew Moulden. This gentleman is very complex in his interest and in his knowledge and I am so glad he’s joining us today because he is so passionate about what he believes in that he is running for a member of parliament in Ontario. So those of you in North Bay, Ontario are going to be very fortunate and I’d like for you if you know someone, those of you that are listening on international shortwave, your Canadian listeners, please give a call to anyone in that area so that they will vote—well, first of all, listen to Dr. Andrew Moulden and vote for him. He is in the Canadian Action Party. By the way, that was formed by Dr. Paul Hellier, I believe back in 1997 and he joins us today. He is an M.D. and a PhD. His CB, his curriculum…is so long there is no way that I could possibly tell you about this because he is extremely well educated. He comes by reference of Dr. Sheri Tenpenny who said, ‘you have got to have Dr. Moulden on your program. He started out with a B.S. in biology and ended up in a PhD in neurobiology and an M.D. degree. He is president and CEO of a medical device corporation and I want to say thank you very much, Dr. Andrew Moulden for joining us on the Power Hour, today.


[Dr. Moulden]  Thank you very much for having me on your show. It’s a pleasure to be here.


[Joyce]     Well, it’s a pleasure to have you doing what you’re doing out there on the subject of vaccines because—now, you come from a most educated perspective. You have been scientifically educated. You’ve been educated in the belly of the beast, if you will, in allopathic medicine and yet you’re taking a particular stand on vaccines. Now, where did this epiphany come in your life, sir?


[Dr. Moulden]  Well, when you spend 21 years being indoctrinated into the Western medical model unfortunately you can over-learn yourself and sort of kick yourself outside the box and then you look back and see everything that you’re doing wrong but with doing a biological psychology bachelors, a master’s degree in child development and language development children then on to a PhD in clinical neuropsychology, seeing patients and then doing a thesis in functional brain imaging and a comprehensive exam in acquired brain injuries and then medical school, then going into residency in psychiatry and neuropsychiatry you get to the point where you can almost start seeing how the brain and behavior works beyond simply using the technological tools that we have. So in 2001 shortly after coming out of medical school and this is after all these years of book learning and being a national scholar, a provincial scholar, twenty-seven scholarships for academic and research excellence, being trained by a neurologist, neuropsychologist, the best of the best, and really it was just an academic pursuit. I don’t know how I got stuck into it but they were paying me to do it—why stop it’s kind of like a job learning and I love learning and particularly for some reason the brain really caught my fancy. But in 2001 fresh out of medical school about six months out I all of a sudden began seeing patients for the first time with all this book learning knowledge and having assessed patients pretty much from kindergarten up to grade thirteen and then immediately within probably about two weeks into a rotation I started seeing patients and realizing not only with the autistic patients and schizophrenia for that matter that all of a sudden I could see based on my eclectic training with the various neuro-diagnostic tools that I had acquired. Now, most Western-trained physicians won’t have my background training because before I got to medical school I had ten years of straight brain studies from every perspective we could possibly look at the darned thing. So as soon as I saw immediately on the patients right before my eyes that I could see with the tweaks I could do to the standard neurological exams that physicians do but all of a sudden there it was right before me brain injury in real time and retrospectively that I could, now, see and I just didn’t know how it was happening. So 2001 was the epiphany and the damage I was seeing was very clear to me that the only way—there kind of like rules of law we have in neuro-development and when you understand how the brain is structured and wired and its blood supply is wired relative to function there are certain rules of law kind of like gravity that you can only create a specific behavioral pattern that you see clinically by only doing a certain means of damage to the brain. It was very clear to me in 2001 that we were giving with micro-vascular strokes—the only way we could create the behavioral pattern I was seeing in some of the autistic children as well as the neurological features I was seeing on their neurological exam and their face, for that matter, was to micro-vascular stroke damage.


[Joyce]      Ok, let me stop you right there because micro-vascular stroke doesn’t mean a lot to some people and they would like to know what that means because you were saying that a lot of the autism and I think you were also going to then correlate this to other diseases or other problems, secondary to vaccine injections, is due to the end result which is a micro-vascular stroke. Explain that in as simplistic terms as you can, please.


[Dr. Moulden]  Excellent. The bottom line is that infectious diseases or for that matter the vaccines that we give everybody from the Gulf War vets to mandatory in children and, now, unfortunately Gardasil, all these foreign substances that we place under the skin, when you have a rash, swelling, pain at the site of injection then we see these are normal things to experience and everybody experiences it. Well, the reason why you’re having pain at the injection site is because the foreign substances are stuck into your skin create an immune reaction which is non-specific to the bug, just a general response that the white blood cells which respond to anything foreign in your body when they come flying into the area they block off the small blood vessels and there’s a lack of oxygen to the tissue in the area and that causes pain at the injection site. The sad part is that for certain individuals for specific reasons several of which we now know this same process systemically happens throughout the body and many of the small blood vessels in the body they are too small to allow the white blood cells to go down and when they’re stimulated the wrong way or hyper-stimulated these white blood cells block off these small blood vessels and those small blood vessels can’t get oxygen down there in any tissues past that ends up having a stroke and the stroke is basically lack of oxygen to tissues much like you have a heart attack, you can have a brain attack, you can have a liver attack, you can have a kidney attack when there’s not oxygen being delivered to the area, that’s a stroke.



[Joyce]       So, these micro-vascular strokes, then, are what brings the common denominator with Gulf War Illness I think you said earlier or you said last night to me about polio, any of the other vaccines it’s a micro-vascular stroke that appears to be the problematic area?


[Dr. Moulden]  It is a very profound discovery. Now, having….back in 2001 and getting to where we are today, it would have made no sense back in 2001, especially since my colleagues around the world including Dr. Andrew Wakefield were being decimated by the public health departments and medical councils so I was speaking with Bernard Remlin back in about 2002 and informed him what I had and he was quite excited but I asked him not to speak publicly about it until I actually had the whole thing locked down. So, now, we’ve actually invented a new imaging technology that we can actually do our imaging for neurological damage, catch these strokes on doing a fancy neurological exam on nothing more than photographs and video so a thirty second video of an individual before and after vaccine we now find and this is probably the most profound thing that’s ever been reported in the history of medicine since the dawn of medicine considering this huge massive global silent epidemic we’ve created with these one-size-fits-all vaccinations is that we have now found that irrespective of the bug whether it is Anthrax, whether it’s measles, mumps, rubella, it doesn’t matter, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis or gardasil and for that matter before the vaccines came on line whether a person had polio or had congenital rubella syndrome which is German measles or, for that matter, they died of measles or small pox we now find with our enhanced video imaging that we’ve kind of invented a means to put the Hubble space telescope to the standard neurological exam looking at facial features. We now show the exact same neurological deficits that are hard neurological problems that can be only caused in the human brain by micro-vascular small blood vessel blockages of oxygen delivery and we’re recording these within hours and days after vaccination in all these individuals who are now diagnosed with Gulf War syndrome died after gardasil. Some of the girls who had the gardasil vaccines who had adverse reactions, we pick it up there as well. We find the same thing in children who are losing the breathing and before they go into sudden infant death. We find the same thing in children within hours after a vaccination. We can tell which children are going to go on to develop autism and the sad part is that even children with specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder are in the same category…


[Joyce]       Let me again stop you and I do apologize for this but just so that people can understand. How does a stroke differ from a micro-vascular stroke?


[Dr. Moulden]  Well, they don’t differ at all, actually, so a stroke by definition, like a heart attack is a stroke. A stroke by definition is a lack of oxygen delivery to an area tissue. In essence the demand from the tissue exceeds the supply. In the case of a heart attack the blood vessels to the heart are a bit blocked by hardening of the arteries so when the heart’s working very fast it can’t get enough oxygen per unit of time and we call it stroke. In the brain when you have a clot going up there to one of the large pipes, one of the large blood vessels in the brain, it creates a stroke and you’d be paralyzed or lose your language…


[Joyce]       We got a four-minute break; we’re going to be right back with Dr. Andrew Moulden. You don’t want to miss this. Where is this going; I’ll tell you what, he’s linking it all together. Back in four.


{break}       Dave’s Song: …bureaucrats, all have their schemes and can’t see past their moneyed dreams and want-to-be’s do legislate laws that force your kids to vaccinate….


[Dave]        Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Tuesday edition of the Power Hour. Take that big vaccine and stick it in your own butt. This is Dave…


[Joyce]       And Joyce and thank you for joining us on the Power Hour today. Our guest, today, is Dr. Andrew Moulden and he is an expert in psychiatry, neuro-psychiatry, a specialization in behavioral neurology. He has a CV or a resume that is incredibly long and he is very well educated in the areas in which he speaks and that’s why we have him here today. And they are going to be doing a seminar coming up December first. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny will be a speaker there. He will be there and I hope that you can attend. If you’re in Canada go to , that’s the website. The campaign manager and all of us want you to vote for Dr. Andrew Moulden. He is running for a member of parliament. is the website, you can see all about it. He is fighting that horrific C51, he is wanting to educate the people about the truth about vaccines which he’s doing, here today, with us and we’re going to get back to that subject and also the subject of autism, Gulf War illness, he’s very well educated in those areas also. Dr. Andrew Moulden joins us from Canada, today, and again, is the website. Go to today’s guest, click on it, it’ll take you right there. How about that, a song about vaccines for you there, Dr. Moulden.


[Dr. Moulden]  Lovely.


[Joyce]       Yes, we need to educate the people, don’t we, because this is a killer.


[Dr. Moulden]  This is a global phenomenon; it’s the most heinous act mankind has ever done to mankind in the history of history and we’ve done it for profit. Sadly, our ideas were wrong from the very get-go with all these vaccinations going back in time of Edward Jenner and here is the big mistake that physicians and science has made that the last two hundred years has just been profiting no one but the pharmicide interests around the world who’ve profited off of antibiotics and vaccines. The very simple problem we missed, here, is that everybody—no one knew how small pox killed or how measles killed or how polio caused paralysis or how tetanus caused the jaw to lock up and, for that matter, how anthrax and all these other bugs killed. You can ask any physician or even scientists and they don’t know. But we assumed with imperfect knowledge that if we inject a weakened or attenuated or a killed version of this bug into the body that the body will create antibodies that those antibodies will be around if the individual ever sees that again the antibodies will coat it and the body will kill it right away. So this has worked to a certain extent to take away the classic features of measles and rubella, German measles and polio and diphtheria and tetanus and whooping cough and anthrax to a certain extent but what we did not realize is that these bugs had a two-pronged approach. One was damage to the body coming from the detrimental effects of the bug, itself, but the second part, the generic non-specific part, was our own body’s own non-specific immune response which are white blood cells—which is the same cells that when you get a zit on your face and you squeeze it for those teenagers who still have this problem—the white pus that comes out is white blood cells. These guys respond to everything and whether it’s a splinter in your finger or a foreign substance in your body or adjuvants that are placed in the vaccines these white blood cells when hyper-stimulated are doing something we’ve now learned in microbiology that we never knew before and in essence they are clogging up all the small blood vessels in many parts of the body and unfortunately because the brain and the small, small blood vessels can only go four minutes without oxygen that as soon as these areas get blocked off either immediately after vaccines and unfortunately this can be delayed by several weeks to several months then the areas of the brain that are being choked off, it’s kind of like strangling yourself but at the very, very small blood vessels, an analogy to a river tributary system, you’re strangling off the areas that are at the very end, smallest little trickling streams coming off the main river, and those areas are being impaired which is causing all the neurological features we, now, can scan for with our new brain guard technologies so it’s sad and it’s there for everybody and always was, always will be, and we made a huge mistake.


[Joyce]      We’re talking about vaccines, blending, perhaps, Alzheimer’s, Gulf War illness along with autism, how sad it is, and even polio. We’re going to be right back after this three-minute break. Stay tuned to the Power Hour with Dr. Andrew Moulden. We’ll take your phone calls, 800-259-9231. Back in three; stay tuned with Joyce and Dave.


{break]      Dave’s song: Well, the programs were started taking drugs out of the school but the pharma manufacturers are exempt from any rules. They’re raking in the dollars and making billions every year. They only want your money, they don’t care about your tears. Almost every single killing that you’re hearing on the news has a psycho-drug connection but they’re keeping that from you. Let’s bring them down, yeah, let’s bring them down. We’ll screw them right in the ground, yeah, let’s bring them down. Hey, Eli Lilly, GC Searle, Bristol Myers and Bayer too, Glaxo, Smith and Kline, Squibb and Pfizer, sucking money out of you. Let’s bring them down…


[Dave]        Scum sucking leaches is what they are, folks, they don’t want you to be healthy and no, no, no. There’s no profit in your being well. Wellness really sucks to them. Welcome back to The Power Hour, Tuesday edition; this is Dave…


[Joyce]       Joyce and I think this is probably where I should give my disclaimer that the opinions that Dave and I express are not necessarily those of Andrew Moulden. No, he is just trying to help us understand the problem with the vascular strokes, not with the pharmaceutical companies. That’s not his enemy, that’s not his concern. So, I just want to give that disclaimer there.

Our guest, today, is Dr. Andrew Moulden and he is wanting to look at the problems of vaccines. He’s wanting to look at what is that one thing that they all have in common. Now, when I talked with you last night you mentioned that you had seen the movie, Beyond Treason, so you’re aware of the Gulf War Illness issues, obviously; I mean, you don’t have to see Beyond Treason to be aware of that but you blend that with Alzheimer’s also with autism, with polio. Now, what is the common denominator here and what do they all have as possible causation, sir?


[Dr. Moulden]  They’re all having strokes, it’s quite simple, actually. It’s pretty humbling to be able to see it and image it now. The basic common mechanism is this. Anything foreign in your body that your body cannot immediately get rid of whether it is aluminum, whether it is mercury, whether it is a foreign protein sequence from an infectious disease, once it’s in your body and it’s in places that your body cannot get rid of it chronically stimulates your immune system, non-specifically, to come into that area and try and get rid of it. Unfortunately, over time your body loses tolerance to that particular stimulus and the white blood cells, the immune cells that are basically scavengers that will clean up garbage start, unfortunately, walling the areas off and they’re causing collapse of the small blood vessels to these areas where these foreign things are. This also will create Parkinson’s disease and unfortunately when it does that you’re slowly strangulating out the tissue in that area and it starts to go away because it’s basically losing oxygen and not getting the nutrients it needs to survive. So in the brain we can call that a whole range of symptoms and signs. Alzheimer’s would be an end result which is unfortunately a reality that even in the Alzheimer’s patients we find that at the core of the plaques and tangles by which we diagnose these illnesses with we find aluminum. Well, it’s just perhaps coincidental that aluminum’s in all these vaccines that everyone’s getting but the most powerful thing that we have and this is where we have proof of causation and this is now in the United States Federal Circuit Courts challenging Public Health Law 66990, the National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act, it’s within about four weeks ago the neuro-diagnostic imaging we’ve created and it’s available giving explanation and even tissue slides for all this stuff I’m talking about is on our website. There’ll be another video up there explaining it all very simplistically for everybody…


[Joyce]       Ok, that’s ?


[Dr. Moulden]  We actually have 600,000 ads going out throughout Northeastern United States. Today, basically we’re just coming on-line, now, to give it to the world and this is the end. We’re going to go sue these guys to the hilt and take everything back from these individuals to a certain extent, Joyce. The sad reality, I’ve been to the CDC in Richmond, California and just outside of San Francisco because they had a young boy there who died within days after receiving DTP, MMR, and I even went to the Orange County coroner’s office and they let me have access to the tissue and we look at it our way and he looked at the child under imaging and said, ‘wait a minute, here, you guys have no cause of death. ‘We have cause of death.’ And I even called up Dr. Carol Bleser who is the expert pediatrician and an infectious disease expert at the California Encephalitis Project which is a division of public health and CDC and we called her up and told her we have this and we understand she had over a hundred other dead babies from across the state there with no cause of death. And we told her, ‘we’ve got it all solved.’ So we went up there, Joyce, and this is the sad reality. She called me up the night before; she was in Los Angelis on her cell phone all excited. She said, ‘Andrew, we have people in here from the CDC, Atlanta, from Germany, a neuro-pathology team and we haven’t been able to figure out what’s going on for the last year. I said, ‘well, don’t worry, we’ve solved it and we’re going to come up there and give it to you freely.’ So we got a flight up there the next day and arrived there at three o’clock. Now, we expected to be treated like royal kings because here we are, I arrived with a microbiologist, we have a solution for a worldwide problem that’s decimating the children across California and we expected to be treated like kings. Well, we didn’t expect that, we were just looking forward to provide our information and science freely for them. Well, the security guard—the place was like Fort Knox, razor wire around the whole complex—and the security post guy said, ‘wait a minute, they’re coming down for you.’ So, down came a security hands on gun said, ‘Dr. Moulden, we have a facility-wide orange alert, you’re not allowed anywhere on the property, back up your vehicle immediately.


[Joyce]      Whoa!


[Dr. Moulden]  We were flabbergasted. We recorded it all and we have even Dr. Glaser’s recorded voice mails to us, as well. So, we said, ‘well, we have an appointment.’ So they said, ‘you got five seconds to back up your vehicle’ and their hand went on the guns. We backed up and they never called us back. But you have to understand…


[Joyce]       Wait, wait, wait, this was at the CDC in San Francisco?


[Dr. Moulden]  This is in Richmond, California. It’s the regional encephalitis project that any person who dies when undiagnosed neurological problem across the state, all tissue gets sent to these things. Now, this is across every state in your country because they want to make sure that there’s not some silent epidemic going out there. But we even had the family call them up and ask them and the family asked—I had them ask specifically why did you guys do this crazy Cadillac version of tissue samples and analysis on this child who died for everything from Western Equine Virus to Japanese Encephalitis Virus to things that this child was not exposed to unless he was in Africa but he didn’t test for DTP, MMR, the things he got within hours of becoming ill and stopping breathing and dying and they said, ‘we don’t have funding for that.’


[Joyce]       Oh, my goodness. I’ll tell you what, hold on one second because I want everybody to understand the impact of what you just said. Now, this is a man, valedictorian, magna cum laude, the top of every class that he was in, practically, and an MD, a PhD; he’s got the answer to what’s going on with the vaccine issues and these SIDS deaths and he is told that there is an orange alert, he is not allowed anywhere near the place and he’s to back up his car and get out of there. Now, that’s what you get when you get too close to the answer. Dr. Jones, in North Carolina, let’s go to Dr. Jones in North Carolina; welcome to the Power Hour, you’re on with Dr. Moulden—go ahead, please.


[Dr. Jones]       Oh, thank you, Joyce; I just wanted to add a few quick comments about what happened here locally. I saw a TV news program saying that about 1200 kids were not going to be allowed to go to school as sixth graders because their parents had not got them vaccinated for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. I called up immediately of the local health person at the school district and I said, first of all, people can be exempt, they can declare a religious exemption, and then started to explain it, I said, ‘what about the risks of these vaccines; it looks like the pertussis rates have gone up, it looks like people get seizures, the odds of dying are not even claimed to be 1 in 20,000. The odds of a major seizure by the manufacturers of this vaccine say it’s 1 in 10,000 and I guess…responsible, ‘are you a doctor; are you a physician?’ I say, ‘no, but I know how to read; I know basic statistics; I know how to multiply and divide.’


[Joyce]       Yes, let me go to our guest, right now, Dr. Moulden, I mean here you have a college professor who’s seen through all of this and they won’t even listen to him.


[Dr. Moulden]  Yeah, well, the bottom line is now that I can see it, now I can measure it. With my technology, actually, on it can actually do before and after vaccination for any child and I can show immediately the damage is happening but the exciting thing is now that we know what’s going on in the physiology down to the microbiology level I can stop it in real time when I diagnose the problem. I’ve labeled it the mass response and it’s kind of a bit of arrogance but ‘m’ stands for Moulden, ‘a’ is anoxia, which is lack of oxygen, spectra syndrome; It’s across the board. And seizures come from the brain when there is lack of oxygen to the brain in various areas. With the scar area that’s formed you have these problems, even adults who have strokes who go on to develop seizure disorders, 1 in 4 across this planet is being adversely affected. The number is probably higher; it can be silent to death. And the reason that they stop breathing and they die is because the small blood vessels going to the brain stem, the areas that control automatic respiration, breathe in, breathe out, especially in the first two years of life, when they are being clogged off the central drive for respiration becomes blocked and the person dies in their sleep. These infants are 18 months, sleeping 18 hours a day, and more profoundly than that—and this irritates and angers me the most—is that we have parents across the United States and Canada who are in jail accused of shaking baby syndrome when we can now show, we now know, that part of the pathology after response to these vaccines by blocking off these small blood vessels you get bleeding in the back of the eyes; we call it retinal hemorrhages and you can sometimes have bleeding into the brain and we call that within brain hemorrhages. Now, doctors in medical departments across the world take those signs as the specific sign that a parent has shaken his child. It is not true. My colleague, Dr. Mohamed Al Beotti [sp?], a double major, University of California, Davis, double-majored in microbiology, toxicology, pathology, he’s overturned over 30, 40 cases in courts where people are being accused of harming children when we can, now, show through differential diagnostic means that actually it was a vaccine, a pharmaceutical product that caused this or a doctor’s effort but we have taken this one step further; we’ve taken out of the scientific realm and we now can show, everyone can see for themselves with their own eyes with the brain guard md imaging that here you go, this stuff is causing damage for everybody from attention deficit disorder to learning disabilities to sudden infant death to autism to Gulf War syndrome to death after gardasil; it is a generic response. The whole vaccine industry is awash because it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. We’ve just changed serious plagues into silent chronic epidemics and any parent in any community who’s being forced against their will to take these vaccination on their children, it is a fundamental infringement on their charter of rights and freedoms to determine their freedom for their choices for what goes in their body and no state in any country has the right to impose its will on the sanctity of an individual’s body and now we will show in court, anybody who wants to come to us, we’ll get the forensic evidence and show them this is what they’re doing to their children and it’s got to stop, got to stop now, it’s got to stop yesterday…


[Joyce]        Yes.


[Dr. Moulden]  …they can’t go on.


[Joyce]       Are you serving as an expert witness in these vaccine cases that they try to rule as being homicide cases?


[Dr. Moulden]  I finally got to the point where I dumped all my work for the past several years on the vaccine injury courts about four weeks ago. Now, you know you have something that is actually frightening to them because if they figure there’s nothing there they just let it go through the courts and they say, ‘ha, you’ve got nothing.’ But when they see you’ve got evidence that’s going to be harmful to them, well, the lawyers get on the…irrespective of what the truth is just like the O.J. Simpson trial, they have evidence coming in that’s going to be damning the lawyers do their best to exclude the evidence from being heard in court.


[Joyce]       Right.


[Dr. Moulden]  So, this is what just happened last week. The lawyers from the other side, from Human Health Services Commission and Glaxo Smith Kline is obviously behind them because this is one of the products we’re actually looking at in this particular case. They’re trying to exclude the evidence from coming into court. So this the same thing as at the CDC in Richmond, California. They can always deny it if they throw their heads in the sand and pretend it’s…that doesn’t exist. But until you get this evidence in court this will not stop because the only thing these individuals listen to is the mighty pocket book. And the problems we have going on with all these vaccines is we discovered in the microbiology it’s the same process by which Vioxx from Merck…the anti-inflammatory, caused heart attack and stroke. We figured out how it was happening and it’s a medical revolution and we can now see it and everyone can see it themselves using our Brain Guard technologies.


[Joyce]       The sad part is that you do have an answer for this and you have the technology to diagnose it. You have the answer for it and you’re being denied the opportunity to be an expert witness in these trials and as I was telling you, out of the 600 cases I served as an expert witness on the only two that I was disallowed the opportunity to testify in were Gulf War illness cases because, obviously, they don’t want that information there. Let me go to Kay in Kansas and then we’re going to talk about your running for a member of Parliament because we need to support this man and get him in there so he can tell the whole country of Canada and the world what’s really taking place with vaccines. Kay in Kansas, you’re on the air with Dr. Moulden, go ahead please.


[Kay]         Good morning, my interest was piqued when you were talking about strokes. I’ve been diagnosed with something called fenestrated basilar artery; are you familiar with that?


[Dr. Moulden]  I am, indeed.


[Kay]         And would that be caused by a vaccine?


[Dr. Moulden]Well, you see, this is problem that the inside lining of the blood vessels, in particular the linings of inside all of your blood vessels is very smooth and inside that is smooth muscle which causes the blood vessels to contract and expand. But the basilar artery is the main pipe coming up through the brain stem which can become weakened. Any blood vessel in the body, if it’s being blocked by oxygen can lead to—well you’re calling them fenestrations, these are kind of like little holes—this is something that can be caused by this but there are multiple reasons why you can have these problems but in particular from vaccinations. The example I can give very clearly is in an adult. Right now, today, in emergency medicine in neurology we consider any person adult having a stroke as a medical emergency so that within three hours of them having symptoms of paralysis, loss of speech, sensory changes, we want to get them to hospital immediately because within that three-hour window we can do something to try to break up a clot if a clot’s causing the problem. But after three hours if we try to treat it there is a big risk of what we call hemorrhagic transformation, meaning that because the blood vessel walls have been without oxygen for a period of time that we can actually cause a bleeding into the tissue by actually doing the powerful interventions that we do. So having a fenestrated basilar artery, it’s quite possible that this is vaccine-related because these things are toxins, they get in your body, you can get rid of them unfortunately. That stuff they used as adjuvants for the mercury and aluminum and the various other formaldehydes and other foreign substances put in your body, it can cause damage to any individual vessel so the possibility is there—in your case I can’t prove it.


[Joyce]       We’ve got a three minute break; we’ll be right back after this break and to . He’s got the diagnostic tool and the answer but they won’t listen. We’ll be right back; stay tuned.


{break}      Song: ..take your best vaccine and get out of  here….


[Dave]       Alright, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Tuesday edition of the Power Hour, coming up on fifty-five minutes past the hour. This is Dave.


[Joyce]       …Joyce and we got a couple of callers here but a couple things I want to cover. First of all, you are running for member of Parliament. We need for people to support you. is the website. The election is going to be the 14th of October so they don’t have much time to get the word spread that you are the man for the job—correct?


[Dr. Moulden]  Correct. Our health Canada system here is corrupt. We even fired our food and drug administrator, Dr….who’s been working there for 40 years and three of his colleagues who were whistle blowing saying that the science is not there to support vaccinations, to support silicone breast implants…many psychiatric drugs. Unfortunately when the corporate system rules our checks and balances in society in the United States and Canada we don’t have safety anymore. In fact, in the Ministry of Health in China they publicly executed the food and drug administrator last year for receiving $800,000 in bribes but in Canada and the United States we promote these guys including Senate majority leader, Bill Frist.


[Joyce]      That’s right—absolutely. Hey, by the way, I thought it was interesting, you said yesterday that when you saw Beyond Treason, I asked you how you saw it and, by the way, do you have the one with the CD Rom that has all the thousands of pages of documents on it?


[Dr. Moulden]  I do indeed.


[Joyce]       Ok, you do? You were shown that by a monk. I found that most interesting or you were given a copy by a monk.


[Dr. Moulden]  I have pretty eclectic colleagues and friends around the world actually. Here’s the reality of this, anybody I show our diagnostics to their heart sinks and the tears start running down so one of our lawyers, he started actually dry heaving seeing the split screen of what’s happening in the blood supply in the brain what we can see happening to these children’s faces that we are actually now recording, it’s that powerful. So even clergy and lawyers and judges and waitresses and the average Joe, out there, and even the…of the world will not be able to deny this forensic evidence. But if they won’t open their eyes and look at it they can keep saying that everyone can receive 10,000 vaccines—well, they’re all going to go to jail, I’m afraid, when society comes back and sees what they’ve done because they have perverted science…


[Joyce]       I love it.


[Dr. Moulden]  They lied.


[Joyce]       And definitely, we’re going to have you back on again so we want to find out about that movie and find out more about what we can do in supporting Brain Guard. And by the way, the technology is discussed at . Let’s go to Fred in Detroit. Fred, you’re on the air with Dr. Moulden—go ahead, please.


[Fred]        Yes, first time caller. My daughter was born with autism. Well, before she started with—well, she wasn’t born with it—but before she did that, my wife said that she was cooing and things like that and two things I want to ask you. Number one, what can we do to keep these doctors from delivering these immunizations to our kids and, number two, what can I do to help….because what your doctor said that it was more like a stroke patient and could I find some kind of stuff to help the body to get rid of these certain diseases?


[Dr. Moulden]  Yeah, so these are excellent questions and so beyond our site we have—and if you want more details everything that’s going on and what we can now do, we have another website where we started off where all the information on several other radio shows that I have been on over the past several months is called and now, in the only way, see, we have discovered in our imaging that there is a common specific and in medicine we call it a big fancy word, pathoneumonic, meaning it only can be caused by this particular process and we have a common neurological imaging tool which we see coming for everybody who’s been vaccine injured. So many people think that—this is profound, as well—many people think that if children were born autistic that we have also found using our technology that we created that even mothers who give birth to these later get vaccinated themselves and start breast feeding, within four hours of breastfeeding their children are starting to get the autistic features and neurological damage…


[Joyce]       Oh, no.  Can you stay with us five more minutes, sir? Can you stay with us five more minutes, Dr. Moulden?


[Dr. Moulden]  Yes, I can.


[Joyce]       Ok, we got a one-minute, ten second break, that’s all we’re going to be gone. We’ll be back and then we’ll have five more minutes of Dr. Andrew Moulden. Wow—have we got some more work to do with him. We’ll be right back—stay tuned.




[Dave]        Alright, that makes it official; welcome back to the Power Hour, third hour now in session. Are you mad yet? It’s for the children. Yeah—right. This is Dave.


[Joyce]       …and Joyce and I just want to let you all know that the website is where you can go to find out and listen to Dr. Andrew Moulden. And he says on there, ‘we can now prove causation of autism, ADD, brain damage, sudden death, Gulf War syndrome, specific learning disabilities to the administration of vaccines. Find out why gardasil HPV vaccine is killing our teenage girls. All of that information . Maybe Wanda can put that up on with the guest’s name today also. Let’s go to Rodney in South Carolina. Rodney, you’re on the air with Dr. Andrew Moulden; go ahead, please.


[Rodney]     Yes, I was wondering if you studied anything about the origins of the polio disease and whether the vaccines were the originator of it or to address the polio disease…


[Joyce]        Ok, thank you very much, Rodney, from South Carolina. Causation of polio, was it the vaccines, sir?


[Dr. Moulden]  Well, this is getting into an area that brings you into conspiratorial area. I’ve looked at specifically Spanish Flu—unfortunately, that came from Fort Detrick, but again, I’m a scientist so unfortunately to maintain my credibility and my empirical steps I can only make claims of things I can show typically and scientifically. If I deviate there from one degree I’m going to get decimated so it’s an excellent question. Unfortunately, I do not have the background knowledge to address it appropriately to answer what he’s asking.


[Joyce]       Or you cannot answer. Do not want to or cannot answer—I get it. Now, let’s, just Gulf War Illness, real quickly, you know that’s my hot button and is really a lot of good information, listeners, for vaccine information. How do you relate Gulf War Illness, Sir?               


[Dr. Moulden]  Bring them all to me; you have a quarter of a million Gulf War vets who’ve been messed up by this stuff. It was not and I can tell you conclusively it was not the depleted uranium munitions, it was not anything else, this is vaccine damage because the Gulf War vets—and I say this conclusively—have the same exact neurological damage in our reconstructions of the facial architecture that all the children who developed autism do after vaccinations. Adults who get adverse reactions and demented from Hep A, Hep B as an adult and children with MMR and children with DTP and sudden infant death, it’s the same generic response. This is a two-pronged hit, one from the bug and one from the body’s non-specific immune response to it. And if you over-stimulate the immune system you’re going to cause these problems. And the problems lasts for a long time because they’ve used squalene and they’ve used aluminum to prolong the non-specific immune response after the injection is there which is why these women coming back from the Gulf War are giving birth to children with no arms and no legs. It’s the same effect thalidomide had on children who were using it to treat morning sickness because these drugs and these foreign substances in the body interfere with the white blood cells and it blocks off oxygen delivery and it can interfere with organ development or it can interfere with organs already in the body, anything from Tourette’s syndrome to cysts on the brain to renal failure to kidney failure to heart failure to brain damage to the whole gamut because it’s a systemic response throughout the body.


[Joyce]        There you got it, ladies and gentlemen. Dr. Andrew Moulden, I thank you so much for joining us. I want you to come back on this show. We’re going to go in depth on these vaccine issues because there’s so much. Well, you just glossed over squalene and adjuvants. We need to spend time on that. That’s not to say there’s not a depleted uranium problem in the second Gulf War…


[Dr. Moulden]  Correct.


[Joyce]       …we know that, but we will be back with Dr. Andrew Moulden, again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, sir; we want you to get elected. Help him out—go to so he can do the right thing, ladies and gentlemen. We salute you, Dr. Moulden.


[Dr. Moulden]  Thank you, very much—pleasure to be on your show.

P.S. A "BIG" Thank You to a very special Power Hour Team Member for transcribing this program!!!



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