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National Level Exercise '09

ALERT! ALERT! -----America be aware--- YOUR WAKE UP CALL !!!
The Department of Homeland Security has a factsheet posted , on, telling of the National Level Exercise '09 that will be taking place in FEMA Region VI, (6), Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas on July 27-31, '09. This is to bring together military and law enforcement nationwide to train in case of terrorism from inside or outside of our counrty. OUR GOVERNMENT HAS INVITED CANADA, AUSTRALIA, MEXICO, AND GREAT BRITAIN TO JOIN IN THE TRAINING.  We will have foreign military and law enforcement on American soil.
I know that our FOUNDING FATHERS would never agree to this!!! 
After the Department of Homeland Security "report" hit the news this past week, Americans and that includes our veterans are being looked upon as possible terrorists. This should concern every American!
I have read the disarmament plans (for turning our military bases into U.N. Peacekeeping bases and disarming the American people) and public laws from the past. You can read them on  under "documents".
When President Bush Sr. announced during Desert Storm in 1990 that we were ushering in THE NEW WORLD ORDER he was really saying that our military would fight along side with foreign military under U.N. CONTROL (U.N. Peacekeepers) and the U.N. Security Council's Resolutions are the GAME RULES AND PLANS of the war going on.
There are many Americans, in which I am one of them that are concerned that our U.S.Government may try at some point to disarm this country especially after the Department of Homeland Security Report being made public.
****** ALSO ----The American people are concerned with the U.S. Census Bureau's GPS-ing everyones front doors by mid-July and contracting with Michael Baker Corp. and Harris Corp.( defense contractors) for GPS-ing and data collection services, and purchasing from the Law Enforcement Associates Corp. electronic surveillance equipment for the 2010 Census.
Americans needs to wake up NOW!!!!
FEMA ----National Level Exercise 09 (NLE09)
2009 --Idaho Legislator's fear Martial Law and Disarmament  ---- HB229
2009 --Idaho Legislator's Declare Idaho's State Sovereighty ---HJM004 ---  (10th Amendment)
2009 --Idaho Legislator's Declare Right to Keep and Bear Arms ---HJM003 --- (2nd Amendment)
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