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Safe Ground Sacramento
To Turn Lives Around

Being homeless, being in need, should not be a crime. And it can no longer be an invisible problem that we just turn away from, or that we assume can never be “solved.”

That’s why three of Sacramento’s largest and oldest homeless service organizations - Loaves & Fishes, Francis House, and S.H.O.C. – have banded together to find a solution to at
least part of the problem.

Tough times demand creative solutions. Sacramento has public land that no one is using – land that, along with a unique “WorldShelter,” can provide a homeless person with a safe
place to stay for only $2 a night.

We are asking the City to provide our homeless neighbors with the most basic human right – a safe place to be - and a safe place to rebuild lives - a place called “Safe Ground”

Join the Rally and March
to what we hope will be our new Safe Ground site
With Special Guests Papa Roach
Wednesday, July 1st - 10:00 a.m.
Meet at Loaves & Fishes
1321 North C Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

More About the Issue
"Safe Ground" is…
§ A secure location, sanctioned by the city & operated by the residents
§ A place with clean water, toilets, and garbage collection
§ A place where residents can be free from harassment and danger
§ A place where homeless people can access services they need to turn their lives around
Every day, more than 1,200 homeless men, women, children and families are struggling to make it on Sacramento County’s streets.
Homelessness is not a new problem. But a bad economy means more people on the streets, and fewer government dollars to help them.
On June 30th, hundreds of the County’s shelter beds will be shut down – forcing as many as 350 more homeless people out onto the street with no place to sleep or call home.

The County is also considering another $5 million in cuts to homeless programs – meaning the loss of an additional $25 million in federal funding.
Making it a crime to be homeless means even fewer can work their way out. The City’s “camping ordinance” makes it illegal for anyone to use or store camping paraphernalia on
public property. It makes being homeless a crime.

The constant threat of arrest, the lack of sleep and of sanitary conditions, exacerbates any mental or physical impairment that may have contributed to their homelessness in the
first place. And the lack of “safe ground” – where homeless people can stay, leave their belongings and be more accessible to service providers, lessens the chance they will be
able to work their way out of homelessness. [Link to legal brief with psychologist’s statement]
It’s time that our state’s Capitol show some leadership on this issue. Sacramento can be a model for all cities around the state and the nation by being the first city in
California to declare a “safe ground” for homeless people.

In the News
What follows is a compilation of links to articles and videos that illustrate the work we have just begun, on behalf of our brothers and sisters who live in the shadows of our
cities, in tents and in sleeping bags. For all of us who have ever experienced poverty of body, mind or spirit, we rededicate ourselves to loving one another and providing "Safe
Ground" or "a place to be" for every, man woman and child, and their pets. What is more important for us to accomplish?
"Lord, we thank you for this circle of people who care for one another... and for the purpose you have brought into our lives. And guide us in the future weeks to make an even
greater impression on those who have the power, as we do, to change the world."
- Greg Bunker, ED, Francis House

Click on these recent news articles for more information:

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The Nation – “Tales of Tent City”, Ben Ehrenreich –
§  Live From Tent City YouTube Day 21 (Safe Ground Rally)

(by Costa Mantis, includes quotes from Sister Libby, Joan Burke, Mark Merin and Greg)
§  Live From Tent City Day 16 (on YouTube):
(All 21 installments can be viewed on YouTube and will soon be compiled into film.)
§  Sac Bee article 4/22 on Safe Ground Rally and Sister Libby
(includes audio segments from speeches by Greg, and Mark Merin)
§  Capitol safe ground rally ((I care on Youtube):
(this contains full recordings of the speeches given at the rally)
§  Redding Loaves & Fishes – California Homeless News Forum
§  SHOC: Safe Ground on
§  Street News Service “Wasteland to No Land” 6/1/09
§  IndyMedia 4/9/09
§  End Homelessness 4/16/09
§  April 7-15, KCRA “Go Inside Sacramento’s Tent City” Five part series from reporter Brian Hickey
§  Ocean Beach Rag 4/21/09








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