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JUNE 2012

Today in History - Friday - June 29, 2012
1767 - The British Parliament approved the Townshend Revenue Acts. The acts imposed import duties on glass, lead, paint, paper and tea shipped to America.
1776 - The Virginia constitution was adopted and Patrick Henry was made governor.
1804 - Privates John Collins and Hugh Hall of the Lewis and Clark Expedition were found guilty by a court-martial consisting of members of the Corps of Discovery for getting drunk on duty. Collins received 100 lashes on his back and Hall received 50.
1860 - The first iron-pile lighthouse was completed at Minot’s Ledge, MA.
1880 - France annexed Tahiti.
1888 - Professor Frederick Treves performed the first appendectomy in England.
1903 - The British government officially protested Belgian atrocities in the Congo.
1905 - Russian troops intervened as riots erupted in ports all over the country. Many ships were looted.
1917 - The Ukraine proclaimed independence from Russia.
1926 - Fascists in Rome added an hour to the work day in an economic efficiency measure.
1932 - Siam’s army seized Bangkok and announced an end to the absolute monarchy.
1946 - British authorities arrested more than 2,700 Jews in Palestine in an attempt to end alleged terrorism.
1950 - U.S. President Harry S. Truman authorized a sea blockade of Korea.
1951 - The United States invited the Soviet Union to the Korean peace talks on a ship in Wonson Harbor.
1953 - The Federal Highway Act authorized the construction of 42,500 miles of freeway from coast to coast.
1954 - The Atomic Energy Commission voted against reinstating Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer's access to classified information.
1955 - The Soviet Union sent tanks to Poznan, Poland, to put down anti-Communist demonstrations.
1966 - The U.S. bombed fuel storage facilities near the North Vietnamese cities of Hanoi and Haiphong.
1967 - Israel removed barricades, re-unifying Jerusalem.
1972 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty could constitute "cruel and unusual punishment." The ruling prompted states to revise their capital punishment laws.
1982 - Israel invaded Lebanon.
1995 - The shuttle Atlantis and the Russian space station Mir docked, forming the largest man-made satellite ever to orbit the Earth.
2000 - In Santa Rosa, CA, the official groundbreaking ceremony took place for the Charles M. Schulz Museum.

World News

Europe summit surprises with bold moves
BRUSSELS (AP) -- After 18 disappointing summits, Europe's leaders appeared Friday to have finally come up with a set of measures that show they are serious about solving their crippling debt crisis. Meeting for the 19th time since the debt crisis exploded in late 2009, leaders of the 17 countries that use the euro currency agreed to let funds intended to bail out indebted governments funnel money directly to struggling banks as well. The move is intended to stop banks from piling debt onto already stressed governments.

VIDEO: 3 in 4 Pakistanis now consider US an enemy as resentment grows
RT - The polls show increasing hostility towards the US and new lows in the already strained relationship between the two countries. The Pew Research poll conducted by the Pew Global Attitudes Project has published stark numbers. The poll, entitled “Pakistani Public Opinion Ever More Critical of US”, says 74% of Pakistanis now view the US as an ‘enemy’ up from 69% last year, while support for President Barack Obama continues to be exceptionally low. A majority of Pakistanis hold the view that Obama has been just as bad a president as George W. Bush was in his last year in office.

EU mobilizes €120 billion for growth
RT - European Council President Herman Van Rompuy made the announcement at a summit press conference on Thursday. However, the latest reports from the summit suggest that the leaders of Spain and Italy are blocking a final agreement on a stimulus package until they win promises of immediate help in reducing their borrowing costs, AP reports.

UK report finds IDF tortures Palestinian children
RT - British lawyers have lodged a complaint at the UN against Israel for allegedly torturing Palestinian children. Their report showed youngsters held in solitary confinement and shackled while in the custody of the Israeli military. This is considered torture and in breach of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Olympic Roof Missiles: Residents to Launch Legal Action
Guardian - A group of residents are today expected to launch legal proceedings against proposals to station surface-to-air missiles on the roof of their tower block during the Olympics. Solicitors acting for the local authority tenants said they are mounting a challenge against Ministry of Defence plans to potentially place the ground-based air defence system on top of the Fred Wigg Tower in Leytonstone, east London. Defence officials are considering deploying the weapons across six sites in the capital if there is a security scare during the Games. The move is yet to be confirmed.

VIDEO: Media Whitewashes Olympics Security Scandal
Paul Joseph Watson - British news channel ITV has whitewashed the Olympics security scandal by failing to mention the explosive revelations of ‘Lee Hazledean’, an undercover journalist who infiltrated G4S, the world’s largest security provider, and blew the whistle on how 200,000 casket linings have been prepared for a terrorist attack that could prompt the evacuation of London.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

YouTube: Judge Napolitano: "Individual Mandate Most Bizarre Tax in the History of the Country"
Published on Jun 28, 2012 by TheLeakSource - Supreme Court rules key part of ObamaCare will become a tax. [Judge Napolitano at the 4:18 minute mark]

One dead, 2 wounded in Fort Bragg shooting
USA Today - A soldier from the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade is dead and two others are wounded, including the shooter, according to a statement from Fort Bragg. Neither the soldiers nor the weapon used were identified. The statement said the soldier shot the other during a "unit safety brief," then turned his weapon on himself. A third soldier nearby was slightly wounded in the shooting, which happened about 3:30 p.m. ET. The shooter is in custody. His condition was not revealed.

VIDEO: NYPD Spent $10 Million on Radiation Detecting Helicopter
Intel Hub - On behalf of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) sponsored rhetoric, the NYPD made a new purchase with federal funding. According to some sources the number one terror target in America is New York City by way of sea they say. Now the NYPD has spent $10 million dollars on a Bell helicopter that can detect a nuclear device, equipped with a new radiation detection system. This system can detect radiation from an altitude of 200 ft above ground level (AGL).

Everything You Need To Know About The Obamacare Decision In 23 Eye-Opening Quotes
Business Insider - The Supreme Court's historic Obamacare ruling was a whopping 200 pages long. And while we know you're all eager to dive in the behemoth document, we thought we'd do it for you. We scoured the ruling, reading everything from the majority opinion to the dissents, to find the most interesting pieces of information that shed some light on what the justices were thinking.

Obamacare Complicated? Check Out The Flow Chart
Daily Bail - As this graphic shows, the new law creates 68 grant programs, 47 bureaucratic entities, 29 demonstration or pilot programs, 6 regulatory systems, 6 compliance standards and 2 entitlements. What could possibly go wrong with something so-well organized? This chart was meticulously compiled over the last four months after perusing the 2,841 pages of Obamacare that no one who voted for the bill bothered to read.

Panetta pleads for missile defense dollars
RT - US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta urged lawmakers not to renege on their promises to fund NATO’s new missile defense system, saying such a decision could jeopardize US relations with its European allies. MEADS (or Medium Extended Air and Missile Defense System) was to act as NATO’s new missile defense shield, designed to replace the Patriot air and missile defenses which form the backbone of the existing system. However, the congress ruled last year that deploying MEADS is impossibly expensive given the budget restraints and economic climate in the US.

VIDEO: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Obamacare
Kurt Nimmo - Today’s ruling is important because it is the first time in history that the federal government has required citizens enter into contract with private corporations to buy a product or service. It also represents one of the most egregious violations of the Constitution in American history. “The insurance mandate clearly exceeds the federal government’s powers under the interstate commerce clause found in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution,” writes Ron Paul.

Elderly To Be Euthanized Under Obamacare?
Paul Joseph Watson - If Britain’s socialist healthcare system is a benchmark for what we can expect from Obamacare, hundreds of thousands of elderly patients face being euthanized through “assisted death” techniques designed to cut costs. The idea that “death panels” would be introduced through Obamacare as a means of rationing healthcare was discussed during an Aspen Institute conference in 2010 [VIDEO] when Bill Gates argued that money should not be spent on treating the elderly.

Sen. Rubio: IRS to 'come after' uninsured
“I hope people back home fully understand what this means, and here’s what this means: It is now unlawful for you not to buy health insurance, and if you do not buy it, you have an IRS problem,” the Florida Republican said on Fox News. “If you do not buy health insurance, the IRS is going to be on your back and chasing you. They’re going to take away your refund, they’re going to increase your fees, they’re going to come after you.”

13 Reasons Why The Revolution Might Start with Obamacare
Lone Star Watchdog - Has any of the Supreme Court Justices read the Constitution lately? I can say five of the justices will have to be held accountable for how they ruled. There is no reason why Obama care should be ruled Constitutional. Many Americans read the Constitution and know with no doubt what is said in simple terms. The Constitution was meant to be understood by the common person. It is not complicated to understand. It does not take a Harvard Law Degree to understand with clarity what the Constitution says about Obamacare.

Holder Found In Contempt Of Congress
NPR - In a dramatic showdown between the branches of government, the Republican-led House voted along party lines to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. This is the first time in history an attorney general has been held in contempt.... Now, the criminal contempt charge is refered to the U.S. Attorney in the District of Columbia. In other words, Holder's own Justice Department, which will decide how to proceed.

VIDEO: TSA’s New ‘Celebrity Free Pass’: Jeff Lewis vs. Beyonce
Patrick Henningsen - It seems that some Americans are more deserving of freedom and liberty than others.... As a system of control, the bedrock of it’s authority was first derived from the concept of collective safety, as it vowed to treat ‘everyone the same’ in their mission to protect Americans from a grave and present terror threat. But according to Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), head of the House Homeland Security Transportation Subcommittee, this is no longer the case. Rogers says, “There are certain people that are just so well-known that you’ve just got to use your common sense.

VIDEO: This Gives Me Hope!
Daily Paul - I was so happy to see this video. I know many of my Iranian friends will be very happy to see this.

2012 Election News

YouTube:"Elektable" Postponed One Day Due To "OBAMACARE" Announcement
Published on Jun 28, 2012 by JeremyRichterFilm - Please be patient as we update the film to address today's announcement about Obamacare.

Ron Paul on Supreme Court ObamaCare Ruling - “Today we should remember that virtually everything government does is a ‘mandate.’ The issue is not whether Congress can compel commerce by forcing you to buy insurance, or simply compel you to pay a tax if you don’t. The issue is that this compulsion implies the use of government force against those who refuse. The fundamental hallmark of a free society should be the rejection of force. In a free society, therefore, individuals could opt out of “Obamacare” without paying a government tribute.

YouTube: Rachel Maddow - GOP forcing Ron Paul supporters to sign 'loyalty oaths' to Mitt Romney
June 27: Rachel Maddow reports on the Massachusetts Republican Party making delegates take an oath to vote for Mitt Romney -an effort to purge their ranks of infiltrating Ron Paul supporters.

Veteran News

Fifty-Two US Troops Who Crashed On This Glacier 60 Years Ago Have Finally Been Found
Business Insider - Thanksgiving was just five days away on November 22, 1952 when a huge Air Force plane nicknamed "Old Shaky" went down East of Anchorage, AK killing all 52 servicemembers on board.... For 60 years the debris was etched into Colony Glacier, moving with the ice through time as family members held on and refused to let their loss be forgotten.... The remains will be brought home in an official arrival ceremony [VIDEO] and reunited with those who will finally say their goodbyes.


Rahm Emanuel defends $41 million school property tax hike
Press TV - Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday defended his decision to authorize a $41 million school property tax increase - the second tax-to-the-max increase during his first year in office. Emanuel likes to talk about holding the line on the city's property tax levy - even though he balanced his first budget with $220 million in other taxes, fines and fees

17 Reasons To Be EXTREMELY Concerned About The Second Half Of 2012
Economic Collapse - What is the second half of 2012 going to bring? Are things going to get even worse than they are right now? Unfortunately, that appears more likely with each passing day. I will admit that I am extremely concerned about the second half of 2012. Historically, a financial crisis is much more likely to begin in the fall than during any other season of the year.

Now That Obamacare Has Passed, Here's What It's Going To Cost You
Business Insider - Now that President Obama's health care overhaul has won the last stamp of approval from the U.S. Supreme court, the question you're probably asking is, Who's going to pay for it?... Here are a few that stand out.

Stocks Fall After Obamacare Ruling
CNBC News - Stocks were down more than 1 percent across the board Thursday.... Stocks had been sharply under pressure all day after the Supreme Court upheld a key part of President Obama's health care overhaul and amid skepticism over this week's two-day EU summit.

JPMorgan Trading Loss May Reach $9 Billion
NY Times - As JPMorgan has moved rapidly to unwind the position — its most volatile assets in particular — internal models at the bank have recently projected losses of as much as $9 billion. In April, the bank generated an internal report that showed that the losses, assuming worst-case conditions, could reach $8 billion to $9 billion, according to a person who reviewed the report. With much of the most volatile slice of the position sold, however, regulators are unsure how deep the reported losses will eventually be. Some expect that the red ink will not exceed $6 billion to $7 billion.

Housing Market

Bank of America slapped with $300k sanction for violating Beaumont woman's mortgage settlement
As the Southeast Texas Record previously reported, Trudie Crutchfield filed a lawsuit May 7 in Jefferson County District Court against Bank of America Corp., formerly known as Countrywide Home Loans. Crutchfield alleges the bank entered into a settlement agreement with her, promising to write off the remaining balance owed on her mortgage. That settlement came after Bank of America breached an earlier settlement agreement with Crutchfield, according to the complaint.

Energy & Environment

America On Fire: Why Is The Number Of Wildfires In The United States Increasing?
Economic Collapse - We have seen highly unusual wildfire activity throughout America in recent years. In the article quoted above you can find a chart which shows that wildfire activity in the United States has been far above normal during the past decade.... The truth is that this is happening because we are seeing exceptionally dry conditions throughout the western half of the United States. In fact, according to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. interior west is now the driest that it has been in 500 years.... If you go check out the U.S. drought monitor, you will see that almost the entire southwest United States is experiencing some level of drought right now.

Colorado Fires: Wildfire images are stunning, as TV anchors let emotions rule
Denver Post - The images of Colorado's wildfires are humbling, terrifying and mesmerizing. There's no disputing the power of the visual reports. What is debatable is the presentation by media folks, who like many throughout the state have been under extra pressure to perform for weeks. The stress is beginning to show.


Mainstream media, medical journals pushing ADHD drugs for six-year-olds
(NaturalNews) There is a fresh agenda afoot to begin diagnosing children as young as six years of age with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and drugging them with dangerous medications like Ritalin (methylphenidate), Adderall (dextroamphetamine and amphetamine), and Prozac (fluoxetine). And the mainstream media seems to be working lockstep with medical journals to create the illusion that doing this is vital for childhood health and development.

Avoid the dangers of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and treat your acid reflux naturally
(NaturalNews) A recent report by the New York Times (NYT) explains how PPIs, which include popular heartburn medications like Prilosec or Zegerid (omeprazole), Prevacid (lansoprazole), Aciphex (rabeprazole), Protonix (pantoprazole), Nexium (exomeprazole), and Kapidex (dexlansoprazole), essentially block nutrient absorption, which as we all know leads to disease. It also highlights how artificially inhibiting stomach acid, which is naturally responsible for maintaining bacterial balance and processing food, eventually cascades into a death sentence for patients taking PPIs.

Avoiding sulfates can save your skin and hair
(NaturalNews) The fact that SLS and SLES detergents produce such a heavy, thick lather is not a good thing when it comes to your skin, hair and mouth. This corrosive lather actually strips away precious moisture and protective barriers. It also roughs up the cuticle of the hair, making it appear dull, dry and damaged. The stripping action contributes to increased porosity which makes for a dull appearance and more problems with frizz and manageability. It has even been linked to follicular damage and can potentially contribute to hair loss.

How Your Gut Flora Influences Your Health
Dr. Mercola - A new study in the journal Nutrition in Clinical Practice shows that microorganisms in the human gastrointestinal tract form an intricate, living fabric of natural controls affecting body weight, energy, and nutrition. The findings may offer new ideas on how to treat nutrition-related maladies, including obesity and a range of serious health consequences linked to under-nutrition, the scientists said.

Statins Prevent Vitamin D Formation, Causing Muscle Pain & Worse
Gaia Health - It isn’t hard to see that there’s a connection between serious conditions known to be caused by both inadequate Vitamin D and statins. It shouldn’t be surprising, though. The purpose behind statins is to lower cholesterol. Unfortunately, medical researchers and doctors tend to wear blinders. They focus only on a single item known to be associated with a condition. They believe that cholesterol causes heart disease—not because it’s ever been proven to be true. They have a theory, and they have decided that their theory must be correct, in spite of a lack of evidence supporting it.

10 Shocking Medical Mistakes
Dr. Mercola - It's no secret that medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. At a quarter million every year, they're so prevalent that if you were to add them all up, they most likely would be at least No. 3 on the death list, according to Dr. Peter Pronovost, and anesthesiologist and critical care physician at Johns Hopkins Hospital. What's shocking is that the harm often is preventable. In an effort to help consumers become their own patient advocates, CNN has compiled this list of the top 10 mistakes hospitals make, and what you can do prevent them.

Science & Technology

World’s First GM Babies Born
Daily Mail - The world's first geneticallymodified humans have been created, it was revealed last night. The disclosure that 30 healthy babies were born after a series of experiments in the United States provoked another furious debate about ethics. So far, two of the babies have been tested and have been found to contain genes from three 'parents'. Fifteen of the children were born in the past three years as a result of one experimental programme at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of St Barnabas in New Jersey.

Quit smoking with a shot? New vaccine might cure addiction
RT - Scientists are saying they could be closer to curing cigarette addiction than ever before: researchers at a New York lab have developed a vaccine that they think curbs the need for a fix and so far their tests are being considered a success. Research is still in its early stages at a Weill Cornell Medical College lab, but so far scientists think they are on the right track to treating nicotine addiction. If their tests continue to return positive results, the doctors behind the development say they might be able to eliminate addiction, and all with just a simple vaccine.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

PETITION: Michigan Swine ISO still Threatens Heritage Breeds
During the last couple of months, [Department of Natural Resources] DNR has been very quiet in the media about the [Invasive Species Order] ISO; however, make no mistake about it, they are moving ahead with its implementation. DNR has filed counterclaims against heritage breed hog farmers Mark Baker and Roger Turunen, game ranch operator Greg Johnson and swine pet owner Matt Tingstad, seeking court orders for each to depopulate their pigs and to pay civil fines for possessing prohibited "invasive species swine."

Your Zone-by-Zone To-Do List for July - Summer is finally here and the garden is in full swing, but it's no time to rest on your laurels. There's always a weed that needs pulling, a fruit that needs picking, or a bed that needs watering. Check out our gardening to-do list to keep up with the less-obvious tasks at hand.

How to Freeze Herbs - Looking for an easy way to preserve the fresh taste of summer herbs? Make frozen herb cubes!

Today in History - Thursday - June 28, 2012
1869 - R. W. Wood was appointed as the first Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy.
1894 - The U.S. Congress made Labor Day a U.S. national holiday.
1902 - The U.S. Congress passed the Spooner bill, it authorized a canal to be built across the isthmus of Panama.
1919 - The Treaty of Versailles was signed ending World War I exactly five years after it began. The treaty also established the League of Nations.
1921 - A coal strike in Great Britain was settled after three months.
1939 - Pan American Airways began the first transatlantic passenger service.
1938 - The U.S. Congress created the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to insure construction loans.
1942 - German troops launched an offensive to seize Soviet oil fields in the Caucasus and the city of Stalingrad.
1945 - U.S. General Douglas MacArthur announced the end of Japanese resistance in the Philippines.
1949 - The last U.S. combat troops were called home from Korea, leaving only 500 advisers.
1950 - North Korean forces captured Seoul, South Korea.
1954 - French troops began to pull out of Vietnam’s Tonkin Province.
1960 - In Cuba, Fidel Castro confiscated American-owned oil refineries without compensation.
1965 - The first commercial satellite began communications service. It was Early Bird (Intelsat II).
1971 - The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the draft evasion conviction of Muhammad Ali.
1972 - U.S. President Nixon announced that no new draftees would be sent to Vietnam.
1976 - The first women entered the U.S. Air Force Academy.
1996 - The Citadel voted to admit women, ending a 153-year-old men-only policy at the South Carolina military school.
1998 - Poland, due to shortage of funds, is allowed to lease, U.S. aircraft to bring military force up to NATO standards.
1998 - The Cincinnati Enquirer apologized to Chiquita banana company and retracted their stories that questioned company's business practices. They also agreed to pay more than $10 million to settle legal claims.
2000 - Six-year-old Elián González returned to Cuba from the U.S. with his father. The child had been the center of an international custody dispute.
2001 - The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit set aside an order that would break up Microsoft for antitrust violations. However, the judges did agree that the company was in violation of antitrust laws.
2004 - The U.S. turned over official sovereignty to Iraq's interim leadership. The event took place two days earlier than previously announced to thwart insurgents' attempts at undermining the transfer.
2004 - The U.S. resumed diplomatic ties with Libya after a 24-year break.
2007 - The American bald eagle was removed from the endangered species list.

World News

Turkey deploys anti-aircraft guns at Syria border
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey deployed anti-aircraft guns and other weapons alongside its border with Syria, state television reported on Thursday, days after the downing of a Turkish military jet by Syrian forces heightened the tensions between the two countries. A small convoy of military trucks, towing anti-aircraft guns, entered into a military base near the border town of Yayladagi, TRT television footage showed. The television said several anti-aircraft guns have also been deployed elsewhere alongside the border.

Egypt's ex-oil minister jailed for 15 years
CAIRO (AP) -- A court has sentenced Egypt's former oil minister and a fugitive businessman who was close to ousted leader Hosni Mubarak for 15 years after convicting them of corruption in a case involving natural gas exports to Israel. Former oil minister Sameh Fahmy and businessman Hussein Salem were convicted of harming the country's interests by exporting natural gas to Israel at prices below world market levels. Salem is on the run and was tried in absentia.

Global stocks fall again ahead of EU summit
LONDON (AP) -- Doubts over the ability of European leaders to cobble together measures to deal with the debt crisis kept markets on edge Thursday. Stocks fell and the euro edged lower as expectations for the European Union summit that starts later in Brussels diminished in the wake of comments from German Chancellor Angela Merkel that jointly-issued eurobonds would not resolve Europe's debt crisis on their own.

Britain introduces law to hide torture
Press TV - If the Justice and Security Bill becomes law, Ministers will be able to demand secret hearings, and to prevent the victims from ever seeing evidence about their claims. Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Mercer, the chief British Army lawyer in Iraq during the 2003 invasion, has said what went on in the secret prison network amounted to ‘war crimes’. He said it was his part of his job to monitor the treatment of prisoners taken by British Forces and the conditions at detention facilities. But he was kept ‘totally in the dark’ about the secret network’s existence.

Roche, Genentech overlook 80,000 adverse reaction complaints - Regulators visiting a Roche ($RHHBY) facility in the U.K. found a surprise lurking in the company's computer system: 80,000 uninvestigated adverse reaction reports from the U.S. The reports are on a hodgepodge of drugs made by the Swiss company and include more than 15,000 reports of deaths, with some of the notices dating back 5 years.... Roche is the world's largest maker of cancer drugs.

Cancer-causing chemical levels in Coke sold abroad remain excessive, U.S. group says
(NaturalNews) According to a recent report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a U.S. watchdog organization, the version of Coke sold in several countries, including Kenya and Brazil, still contains an elevated level of a chemical that has been linked to cancer in animals - months after the beverage giant made changes to Coca-Cola sold in the state of California. The group said samples of the soft drink were tested in nine countries, and each showed "alarming amounts" of the chemical 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MI, which is used in the soda's caramel coloring. The group said high levels of 4-MI have been linked to cancer in some animals.

‘UK, US want Annan Syria plan shelved’
Press TV - Britain and the US have begun efforts to openly derail the UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan’s six-point plan for ending the violence in Syria by pressuring him to change plans and seek ouster of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, reports say. The plan secretly discussed by British Prime Minister David Cameron and the US president Barrack Obama during the G20 summit in Mexico will center on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton persuading Annan to call off his plans in favor of forming a contact group on Syria to pursue a transition of power from Assad to another person based on Yemen model.

VIDEO: Syria: Attack on TV staff 'worst massacre against journalism'
RT - Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi put the responsibility for killing of seven TV staffers on the EU, Arab and International organizations.... "This massacre won't go unpunished and the broadcast of the Syrian al-Ikhbaryia Satellite will not stop and we hold the EU and Arab and International organizations responsible for this massacre," Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quotes Information Minister al-Zoubi as saying.“Those who committed this crime had carried out the decision of the Arab League Council to silence the voice of Syria."

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Churches
Paul Joseph Watson - Shocking images have emerged which show the aftermath of Christian churches ransacked by NATO-backed Syrian rebels, illustrating once again how western powers are supporting Muslim extremists in their bid to achieve regime change in the middle east. A photograph provided to us by a Christian woman in Homs, scene of some of the bloodiest clashes of the conflict, shows a member of the Free Syrian Army posing with a looted Catholic cross in one hand and a gun in the other while wearing a priest’s robe.

Russian Heartland Fears NATO Transit
Washington Post The people of Ulyanovsk, a poverty-stricken city sitting high on the banks of the mighty Volga, are having a hard time accepting the idea that NATO is their friend and that they should help the alliance extricate itself from Afghanistan. Russia is officially anti-NATO. Most Russians fear it. They say the West betrayed them when Mikhail Gorbachev let the Iron Curtain fall along with the Berlin Wall on his understanding that the military alliance would not move eastward.

Obama and Clinton to get ‘alien’ passports in Latvia
RT - Latvian human rights activists have issued “alien” passports for Barack and Michel Obama and Hillary Clinton to draw attention to the status of ethnic Russians in the country. Despite being born in Latvia, thousands have “non-citizen” passports. Latvian activists have sent “passports of non-US citizens” to the American embassy in Riga, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to arrive on Thursday.... Activists hope that with these passports of non-citizens of America, they might understand how aliens in Latvia feel, namely of being strangers in their own country.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

High court to deliver health care ruling Thursday
WASHINGTON (AP) -- They've known the outcome for three months. Now it's time for the nine Supreme Court justices to share it with the world. Barring some incredibly strange twist, shortly after 10 o'clock in the morning Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts is expected to reveal the high court's verdict on President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

Richard Branson Calls War on Drugs 'greatest failure of global policy in the last 40 years'
Activist Post - Head of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, together with the Global Commission on Drug Policy, released a new study proving the failure of the war on drugs has far reaching negative consequences, including the spread of HIV. "The report condemns the drug war as a failure and recommends immediate, major reforms of the global drug prohibition regime to halt the spread of HIV infection and other drug war harms," read the GCDP press release written by six former presidents and other world leaders.

NJ Assembly passes bill easing pot punishments
CBS News - The state Assembly passed the bill on a 44-30 vote. But the Senate has not yet taken up the measure, and Christie — a Republican and former federal prosecutor — has promised to veto the measure if it reaches his desk. The bill would make possession of 15 grams or less of marijuana a civil penalty, rather than a criminal one. Fines would range from $150 to $500, with $50 going toward drug education programs. Violators of the current law face a $1,000 fine, up to six months in prison and suspension of their driver's license.

VIDEO: Know Your Rights! A Student Backs Down Cop After Being Unlawfully Stopped for Carrying a Gun in Portland, Maine
Liberty Crier - Student’s comment from the YouTube description: “I was detained by Portland PD officer J McDonald on 26 May 2012. He detains me without suspicion of any criminal activity in violation of Delaware v Prouse. He admits his sole reason for stopping me is my legally carried firearm in violation of US v DeBerry. He seizes my weapon with no reasonable suspicion that I’ve committed a crime in violation of Terry v Ohio. He demands my ID without reasonable suspicion in violation of Hiibel v Nevada”

YouTube: Ron Paul Floor Speech on Syria June 27, 2012
Congressman Ron Paul continues to speak out against potential U.S. involvement in Syria.

Ron Paul’s audit-the-Fed bill advances
The Hill - The House Oversight Committee easily cleared legislation Wednesday that would require a top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), was advanced by the committee on a bipartisan voice vote with no vocal opposition.... The measure, which has garnered 257 co-sponsors from both parties, would require the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a full audit of the Fed's operations, including its monetary policy deliberations, for the first time.

BOEHNER: Contempt vote on Holder will proceed; last-minute talks fail
AP - The Obama administration and House Republicans refused to find a middle ground in a dispute over documents related to a botched gun-tracking operation, and the GOP plunged ahead with plans for precedent-setting votes Thursday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in civil and criminal contempt of Congress. The votes are expected hours after the Supreme Court will capture the nation's attention with its ruling on the legality of President Barack Obama's health care law. Even without that diversion, the contempt issue throws both parties temporarily off-track in their efforts to focus on the economy in an election year.

VIDEO: Good News! Americans Reject the “Values” of Ruling Elite
Kurt Nimmo - Billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman’s The Atlantic has conducted a poll with the Rockefeller and Ford (CIA) Foundation funded Aspen Institute and Penn, Schoen & Berland, a Bill Clinton connected market research and Democrat propaganda outfit. Not surprisingly, the poll “finds widespread mistrust of governing elites and an aversion to spreading U.S. norms abroad,” according to Conor Friedersdorf. “51 percent said America should neither try to spread its values nor learn from the values of other countries” and should basically mind its own business, as Ron Paul has advocated for decades.

VIDEO: U.S. Army Admits Troops Conducting Law Enforcement Is Illegal
Paul Joseph Watson - As military vehicles roll down streets and highways in St. Louis, Missouri amidst rising concerns about martial law, the U.S. Army has admitted that having troops conduct law enforcement duties is illegal in the United States.

SWAT tries to take down Internet meanie; raids grandma instead
RT - An Evansville, Indiana SWAT team recently attempted to execute a search warrant that was issued to make an example out of an anonymous Internet user who made malicious remarks on the Web.... Instead of arresting the author of the ill-tempered posts, however, the Evansville SWAT ravaged the home of an elderly woman and confiscated her 18-year-old granddaughter’s laptop. The SWAT team did not have the name of who they were going after. They barely even had an identity.

Medical Examiner: Causeway Cannibal Not High On Bath Salts
CBS News - The much-anticipated toxicology report released by Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Dr. Bruce Hyma found marijuana in Eugene’s system, something CBS4 News had previously reported, but no evidence of any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Reality Check: Massachusetts GOP Strips Delegates of Their Credentials
Published on June 27, 2012 by BenSwannRealityCheck - Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the Massachusetts GOP have stripped 17 pro-liberty delegates of their credentials. A move that is clearly not legal.

YouTube: Ron Paul ONE - Lawyers for Ron Paul - Part I
Attorney Richard Gilbert explains that American popular support for Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is so strong that it was impossible for Americans to tolerate blatant criminal acts that were being repeatedly committed to steal the election... Listen to Part 2 here.

YouTube: Ron Paul on Cavuto
Published on Jun 27, 2012 by CongressmanRonPaul - Congressman Paul weighs in on healthcare ahead of the Supreme Court's decision.

Ron Paul Will be Inducted into Congressional Quarterly Baseball Hall of Fame
Liberty Crier - On Thursday, Paul will be inducted into the CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame. Paul was a solid performer for seven years on the Republican team, but he is being honored largely for a single moment — the night in 1979 when he smacked a pitch from former Ohio Democratic Rep. Ron Mottl over the left-field wall at Four Mile Run Park in Alexandria, Va., a Fenwayesque shot of about 310 feet.

Judge refuses to block Florida voter purge
Miami Herold - A federal judge has refused to stop Florida from removing potentially non-U.S. citizens from its rolls. The U.S. Department of Justice sued the state to halt the purge, arguing it was going on too close to a federal election. U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle said Wednesday that there was nothing in federal voting laws that prevent the state from identifying non-U.S. citizens even if it comes less than 90 days before the Aug. 14 election.


VIDEO: Watching the Clock: Will a Total Economic Collapse Occur in September-October?
SGT Report - Over the past 48 hours we’ve stumbled across three separate pieces of information, all predicting essentially the exact same thing regarding a fall 2012 economic collapse. Serendipity or coincidence, it’s information I want to pass on. The first warning is from a St. Louis based police officer who called into the Alex Jones radio show on Sunday, June 24th. The second warning comes our way via the Silver Doctors. And the third came today from unflappable Director of UBS Floor Operations Art Cashin. All three warnings are presented here for your benefit and consideration.

Big Banks Craft 'Living Wills' In Case They Fail
CNBC News - Five of the biggest banks in the United States are putting finishing touches on plans for going out of business as part of government-mandated contingency planning that could push them to untangle their complex operations. The plans, known as living wills, are due to regulators no later than July 1 under provisions of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law designed to end too-big-to-fail bailouts by the government. The living wills could be as long as 4,000 pages.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: Colorado wildfires: Several fires explode across Front Range
Denver Post - "This is a firestorm of epic proportions," said Colorado Springs Fire Chief Richard Brown. The Waldo Canyon fire in El Paso County — which had been growing in the forested hills on the city's west side — blew into an inferno late in the afternoon, raging over a ridge toward densely populated neighborhoods.


The five best summertime detox beverages
(NaturalNews) Summertime and the living is easy, except it gets hot. Some places get really hot but not so humid, others get hot and humid. Either way, it's a time for refreshing cool or cold drinks. It's possible to boost your health, detoxify, and alkalize while drinking a refreshing beverage.

University of Florida uses grant money to entice more girls to get HPV vaccine
(NaturalNews) You've no doubt heard scores of stories about how organizations, businesses, research facilities and learning institutions abuse free money, spending it on bizarre pet projects. Add the University of Florida to that list. The home of the Gators says it wants to use a $150,000 grant from the Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine to increase the vaccination rate of the human papillomavirus among young girls.

Merck vaccine fraud exposed by two Merck virologists; company faked mumps vaccine efficacy results for over a decade, says lawsuit
(NaturalNews) Breaking news: According to two Merck scientists who filed a False Claims Act complaint in 2010 -- a complaint which has just now been unsealed -- vaccine manufacturer Merck knowingly falsified its mumps vaccine test data, spiked blood samples with animal antibodies, sold a vaccine that actually promoted mumps and measles outbreaks, and ripped off governments and consumers who bought the vaccine thinking it was "95% effective."

Want to lose weight? Eliminate fast food
(NaturalNews) Fast food damages the brain's ability to regulate weight: Could a fast food diet actually damage your brain? A recent study conducted at the University of Washington seems to support this idea. Researchers fed rats with a diet that had a fat content similar to a typical American diet. Within three days these rats doubled their usual calorie intake and continued to gain weight throughout the study. However, not only did the diet make them fat, but they also developed inflammation in the hypothalmus, the part of the brain which controls body weight. In addition, the rats' brains showed evidence of gliosis, an accumulation of cells in their brains which were in response to the inflammation. Gliosis reflects brain healing and is seen in cases of stroke and MS.

AMA backs unlabeled GMO foods -- if they're 'verified'
(NaturalNews) The American Medical Association (AMA) has officially sold its collective soul to the corporate agriculture machine by announcing recently that it opposes the mandatory labeling of genetically-modified (GM) foods. Though the group simultaneously called for "premarket safety assessments" of GM foods, it unilaterally denied the need for honest food labeling or any sort of differentiation between bioengineered foods and natural foods.

Bisphenol A Exposure Linked to Brain Tumor Diagnosis
Environmental Health News - Exposure to bisphenol A may be a risk factor for a common type of brain tumor called meningioma, reports a study from China. This is the first study to suggest a link between brain cancer and the chemical, which is widely used in consumer products. Those with the highest urine BPA levels were about 1.6 times more likely to be diagnosed with meningioma compared to those with lower concentrations. This link was observed even after accounting for other factors associated with meningioma. More research is needed to confirm the findings.

Obesity drug approved by FDA after originally being rejected
Caution, readers: you'll want to sit down before reading this (and stay there without doing any physical activity for as long as you want). The US Food and Drug Administration has approved an all new obesity pill. The FDA gave the go-ahead on Wednesday for doctors to start dishing out prescriptions for Belviq, the brand name for the weight-loss drug lorcaserin developed by Switzerland-based Arena Pharmaceuticals.

Coriolus Versicolor is Potent Mushroom for Fighting Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases
(NaturalNews) Researchers at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York tested several botanicals for their immune enhancing activity... They found Coriolus versicolor to display consistent and significant immune enhancement activity superior to all other coumpounds tested. The superiority of Coriolus to yeast beta-glucan, maitake, turmeric, echinacea, and preparation H-48 from Honso USA, was described as surprising. Although the exhibited levels of immune enhancing ability of astragalus was also impressive, it was surpassed by that of Coriolus.

Top five ingredients to avoid in deodorant
(NaturalNews) The primary ingredient used in most antiperspirants is aluminum. Aluminum is a metal, which is used in antiperspirants to help block the sweat from escaping the pores. Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer in women and has also been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. Several studies have shown a link between increasing antiperspirant use and rising rates of female breast cancer and prostate cancer in men. However, the FDA has not committed to classifying it as a carcinogen.

Science & Technology

Texas college hacks government drone
RT - A group of researchers led by Professor Todd Humphreys from the University of Texas at Austin Radionavigation Laboratory recently succeeded in raising the eyebrows of the US government. With just around $1,000 in parts, Humphreys’ team took control of an unmanned aerial vehicle operated by the US Department of Homeland Security. After being challenged by his lab, the DHS dared Humphreys’ crew to hack into their drone and take command. Much to their chagrin, they did exactly that.


Four ways prepping can make your life better, right now
(NaturalNews) There are many reasons to prep, and everyone who does has at least one - global pandemic, endless wars, nuclear disaster, the collapse of the dollar, food shortages, encroaching government, natural disaster, and even the mythical zombie apocalypse. But there are several key reasons to prep that will make your life better, right now, even if that zombie apocalypse never quite materializes the way it does in the movies.

Today in History - Wednesday - June 27, 2012
1801 - British forces defeated the French and took control of Cairo, Egypt.
1871 - The yen became the new form of currency in Japan.
1885 - Chichester Bell and Charles S. Tainter applied for a patent for the gramophone. It was granted on May 4, 1886.
1893 - The New York stock market crashed. By the end of the year 600 banks and 74 railroads had gone out of business.
1918 - Two German pilots were saved by parachutes for the first time.
1924 - Democrats offered Mrs. Leroy Springs for vice presidential nomination. She was the first woman considered for the job.
1927 - The U.S. Marines adopted the English bulldog as their mascot.
1929 - Scientists at Bell Laboratories in New York revealed a system for transmitting television pictures.
1942 - The FBI announced the capture of eight Nazi saboteurs who had been put ashore from a submarine on New York's Long Island.
1944 - During World War II, American forces completed their capture of the French port of Cherbourg from the German army.
1950 - Two days after North Korea invaded South Korea, U.S. President Truman ordered the Air Force and Navy into the Korean conflict. The United Nations Security Council had asked for member nations to help South Korea repel an invasion from the North.
1954 - The world's first atomic power station opened at Obninsk, near Moscow.
1955 - The state of Illinois enacted the first automobile seat belt legislation.
1973 - Former White House counsel John W. Dean told the Senate Watergate Committee about an "enemies list" that was kept by the Nixon White House.
1973 - Nixon vetoed a Senate ban on bombing Cambodia.
1980 - U.S. President Carter signed legislation reviving draft registration.
1984 - The FCC moved to deregulate U.S. commercial TV by lifting most programming requirements and ending day-part restrictions on advertising.
1985 - The U.S. House of Representatives voted to limit the use of combat troops in Nicaragua.
1986 - The World Court ruled that the U.S. had broken international law by aiding Nicaraguan rebels.
1991 - Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall resigned from the U.S. Supreme Court. He had been appointed in 1967 by President Lyndon Johnson.
2002 - In the U.S., the Securities and Exchange Commission required companies with annual sales of more than $1.2 billion to submit sworn statements backing up the accuracy of their financial reports.
2005 - In Alaska's Denali National Park, a roughly 70-million year old dinosaur track was discovered. The track was form a three-toed Cretaceous period dinosaur.

World News

VIDEO: Security Report: Massive Cyber Attack In Progress In the USA, Europe, Latin America: $2.5 Billion Siphoned From Financial Institutions So Far
Mac Slavo
- Leading cyber security firm McAfee has issued a startling breaking news report that indicates the U.S., European and Latin American financial systems are under a massive financial attacks that have digitally siphoned some $2.5 billion from thousands of accounts from various financial institutions. According to McAfee, the attacks are ongoing and international law enforcement agencies are currently working to shut them down.

China bypasses Big Pharma patents, authorizes low-cost generic drug manufacturing
(NaturalNews) The Chinese government has officially amended its patent laws to allow drug companies to reproduce generic, low-cost versions of expensive, patented drugs, a daring move that is sure to shake up the pharmaceutical industry. According to Reuters Health, information posted at China's State Intellectual Property Office website explains that the Chinese government will now begin issuing compulsory licenses that bypass drug patents during times of state emergencies or other unusual circumstances, or when doing so benefits the interests of the public.

YouTube: Turkish Tanks Deploy to Syrian Border
Turkey has sent troop reinforcement to the Syrian border, after Erdogan's warning that soldiers approaching the border will be treated as target, the Turkish daily Zaman reported citing the Cihan news agency. It said 15 military vehicles, including tanks and cannons, were dispatched to the border from Diyarbakir. Meanwhile, activists in the outskirts of Aleppo say that 280 soldiers defected today in Idlib near the main highway leading to Aleppo, al-Jazeera reports.

Russia halts plans to supply S-300 missile system to Syria - reports
RT -Russia’s main weapons producer has allegedly suspended its contract with Syria to supply S-300 long-range missile systems. Russia’s ‘Vedomosti’ daily published the report, citing unnamed sources within the military-industrial complex.... It’s unclear whether these reports are true, but many are already speculating on the potential reasons for such a step. Some have suggested that Moscow has decided to placate Washington and Tel Aviv, drawing parallels between this situation and the one back in 2010, when Russia cancelled its contract for the same missile system with Iran.

VIDEO: South Korea plans new naval base near North Korea border
RT - South Korea plans to build an advance front-line naval base along the disputed Yellow Sea border with North Korea. The government has approved the project and hopes to bolster its forces along the border with a dock for small warships, according to South Korea’s Defense Minister. The 23,489 square meters base is planned to be located at Baengnyeong Island, one of five islands recognised as South Korean by the UN after the 1950-53 war. However, Pyongyang has always refused to accept the border line.

Egyptian court rules army cannot arrest civilians
RT - An Egyptian court has overturned a government decree allowing the army to arrest civilians. The decree was originally issued by the army-backed interim government on June 13, before the presidential election earlier this month. It was challenged by human rights activists and politicians who accused the military council of reviving an unpopular emergency law that lapsed in May. "The court has blocked the decision of the Minister of Justice that gave military and military intelligence officers powers of arrest," said Cairo administrative court Judge Ali Fikry.

UN Receives Agenda 21 Funding from World Governments and Corporations
Intel Hub - Governments and private sector corporations have pledged to fund the United Nations’ endeavors toward global governance with a generous %513 billion for Agenda 21 project that will restrict the movements of humans, perverse biodiversity and assist the UN in attaining their Millennium Development Goals. Secretary-General Sha Zukang of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) said that over 692 monetary promises were given to the UN.... Corporations like PepsiCo, and Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson project Carbon War Room are receiving $2 billion from the US government.

Latin America: Is “Arab Spring” coming to town? (Op-Ed)
RT - A wave of protests have rolled across Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia - countries taking a strong stance against the US and its allies’ policies in the region. Are we witnessing a “Latin American Spring”? Whilst engineering violent insurgency does not yet seem to be on the agenda of the Global Power Masters, there are indications of growing PsyWar activity by “pro-democracy”, “pro-human rights”, “aid” agencies and NGO’s acting through local players aligned to US/UK/EU interests.

Let them be: Iraq suspends order to shut down media outlets
RT - Hundreds of Iraqi protesters chant slogans as thehold a national flag during a demonstration in Baghdad on June 20, 2012 to protest against the action by the government after shutting down the offices of Al-Baghdadia, a Cairo based independent Iraqi-owned Arabic-language satellite channel, in Iraq. The BBC, Voice of America and 42 other media stations have been given a reprieve by the Iraqi authorities, who have suspended plans to shut them down after an outcry by press freedom activists.

Guilty until proven innocent: Families will have to pay £20 to show they DIDN'T illegally download music under new law
Daily Mail - Families who illegally download free music, movies and eBooks face a new crackdown with warning letters and court action for copyright theft. A controversial new regime designed to stamp out internet piracy will effectively treat individuals as ‘guilty until proven innocent’. People who are wrongly accused of making illegal downloads will have to pay a £20 fee to appeal and prove their innocence in a move that has angered consumer groups.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Ariz. congressmen: Administration has declared war against Arizona
Daily Caller - Arizona Republican Reps. Paul Gosar, Dave Schweikert and Trent Franks have signed onto a letter set to be sent to [ICE Director John] Morton Wednesday, in response to the agency’s Monday announcement that they have terminated Arizona’s 287(g) Task Force agreements — which allow state law enforcement agencies to verify the immigration status of suspected illegals. “I write in response to what appears to be the Administration’s declaration of war against Arizona,” The letter reads...

VIDEO: Pentagon holds first gay pride event
Washington Times - The Pentagon on Tuesday saluted open gays in the ranks, with a civilian lawyer calling on fellow homosexuals to “stretch a little” and become more visible inside the military in the drive for benefits for same-sex couples.“We need to be as visible as we can be,” Gordon Tanner, principal deputy general counsel of the Air Force, said at the Defense Department’s first gay pride event. “Let us be a bridge to our straight allies.”

Afraid of whistleblowers, TSA acquiring technology to spy on its own employees
(NaturalNews) What does it say when an agency is so afraid of what its own employees might say, that it is willing to invest in technology to spy on them to prevent (or, at a minimum, identify) whistleblowers? In this day and age, the Leviathan seems unwilling to stop at anything to protect its growing police state.

Executive Order: Obama Declares National Emergency over Russian Enriched Uranium - On Monday, Obama sent a letter to the Speaker of the House declaring a national emergency “to deal with the threat posed to the United States by the risk of nuclear proliferation created by the accumulation in the Russian Federation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material,” according to a post on the White House website.

CBS pulls down billboards calling for end to US aid to Israel - Two weeks back we reported on 23 billboards being put up in the Los Angeles area calling for an end to aid to Israel. The ads have been torn down by the billboard operator, CBS Outdoor, which is part of CBS, the media giant.... They sent a curt email telling us they were canceling our contract and refunding our money because "your organization has used the ‘CBS Outdoor’ name without permission" in email messages and in our petition thanking CBS for putting up the billboards in the first place. Needless to say, this was a punch in the stomach.

Los Angeles Adult Protective Services Refuses to Accept Reports of Conservator Abuse
Activist Post - The elder abuse hotline runs round the clock in Los Angeles County. Twenty four hours a day, a social worker is available to take incoming complaints of abuse and neglect of elderly and dependent adults. But not, apparently, if the abusing party is a conservator. During a call to APS last Thursday, a complaint was made that a local conservator was neglecting and medically abusing one of her wards in Pomona, California. The worker refused to accept the complaint, stating that APS does not take complaints of conservator abuse.

US airport security guard opens jar of man's ashes, spills them on the floor, then 'stands and laughs' as grandson scrambles to gather them up
Daily Mail - A man suffered humiliation and distress at the hands of an airport security agent when she insisted on opening a jar containing his grandfather’s remains and then dropped them on the floor. John Gross, of Indianapolis, was trying to bring Mario Mark Marcaletti’s ashes home from Florida and had them in his bag in a tightly sealed jar clearly marked ‘Human Remains’.

2012 Election News

VIDEO: Ron Paul Blimp, Tampa And The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
In Dr. Seuss's famous Christmas classic, "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", the main character of the film (the Grinch) steals all the presents from the Christmas loving "Whos" in the nearby town of Whoville, on Christmas eve.... Aren't we just a bit like the Whos of Whoville? Isn't the message of liberty something beautiful we hold within our hearts? And, haven't we (largely) had our election stolen from us by the GOP establishment and the mainstream media? Please pledge now via email or Facebook below, spread the word about this important project and let's sing our song of liberty louder than we ever have before!

Exclusive: Cheating Charley ... in Maine and Massachussetts?
Daily Paul - Charley Najedly was caught by Paul supporters handing out fake ballots at the Maine convention favoring Mitt Romney under Ron Paul's name. A new video, surfacing from Massachusetts, regarding provisional voting ballots not being counted... seems to have a familiar face looming in the background. But is it Cheating Charley? You decide.

VIDEO: Supreme Court Reverses Anti-Citizens United Ruling From Montana
Huffington Post - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday struck down Montana's century-old limits on corporate political spending, putting an end to the state's resistance to Citizens United and effectively expanding that controversial ruling to the state and local elections. Young Turks related video here.


Study: Major US banks curbing loans
Press TV - Major banks in the U.S. are toning down their lending practices amid ongoing concerns about the state of the American economy, new research has established. Figures released today by Bloomberg have revealed that total loans from the country's four largest financiers declined by 4.9 per cent in the first quarter of this year when compared to the corresponding period in 2010.

Bank chiefs enjoy double–digit pay rises
Press TV - Top U.S. and European bankers, including JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon and Citigroup’s Vikram Pandit, have enjoyed double-digit annual pay rises averaging almost 12 per cent, despite widespread falls in profits and share prices, Financial Times research shows. The disclosure will stoke concern on both sides of the Atlantic over chief executive pay levels that have already led to several high-profile investor revolts, including at Citi and at Barclays. It comes as Europe’s leaders debate a cap on bank bonuses.

Baltimore to sell ads on fire engines to raise funds
RT - Three fire companies in the Baltimore area are expected to be closed later this summer because city officials have been unable to find a way to raise the funds necessary to keep them afloat. Now with the rest of the city’s stations in dangers, they plan to soon sell ad-space on engines in order to make a buck. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s office has expressed concern that their plea for corporate sponsorship won’t be enough to keep the department from going under, but for now others say it might be all they have to work with.

28% of Americans have no emergency savings
CNN Money - Most Americans don't have nearly enough money stashed away for emergencies and more than one-in-four don't even have a single penny saved. While the general rule of thumb is to have an emergency fund that will cover at least six months of expenses, only 25% of Americans have that amount saved, research released Monday by finds.

22 Statistics That Prove That The American Dream Is Being Systematically Destroyed
Activist Post - Something is fundamentally wrong with our economy. It is not working the way that it used to, and the middle class is being absolutely shredded. Most American families are finding it harder and harder to make it through each passing year, and unless a miracle happens things are going to continue to get even harder. The following are 22 statistics that prove that the American Dream is being systematically destroyed....

Energy & Environment

Blaming China for mercury pollution is not solving the problem
(NaturalNews) Eighty-seven percent of all mercury falling on the United States comes from outside the country. Two thirds of worldwide mercury contamination comes from industrial pollution from Asia as mercury in the air settles into lakes, streams, and oceans. There is a global reservoir of airborne mercury circulating worldwide and it is estimated that the annual input of mercury into this reservoir is a whopping 4,900 tons.... As much as we love to blame others for our woes, there are many local sources for mercury that we create for ourselves from car exhaust, to sulphate fertilizers, power plants, cement kilns and even toxic dental amalgams (outlawed in Sweden and Denmark for health reasons).

VIDEO: Colorado wildfires: C-130 air tankers called in for "surge capability"
Denver Post - The battle to contain devastating wildfires across Colorado reached a new and more aggressive stage Monday as C-130 military tankers joined the fight to bombard the Waldo Canyon blaze with thousands of gallons of fire retardant.


CDC’s revised swine flu death estimates a fairy tale scare story
(Natural News) | In my years as an investigative medical reporter, I’ve developed a rule of thumb when dealing with the US Centers for Disease Control: If they’re not lying, they’re lying. I’ve found this guideline works out well. It’s almost magic.... A new CDC study, published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal, states that the final global figure for Swine Flu deaths, 18,500, was grossly underestimated. The new and far more precise figure is… 25,000? No. 50,000? No. 100,000? No. 250,000! But wait. It actually might be as high as 575,400, say the CDC wizards.

Health Basics - What's really behind the ingredient 'Natural Flavors?'
(NaturalNews) What does the term "natural flavors" really mean? Could it be that the term "natural flavors" includes genetically modified, pesticide-laden food? There are also plenty of "food products" on the shelves that read "all natural" on the label, but they still contain large amounts of synthetic, laboratory-concocted food agents, many of which cause diseases and disorders. So how much more confusing can it get to simply shop for food that doesn't kill you slowly?

Apple peel compound may help fight obesity
(NaturalNews) Those who peel an apple before eating it may be discarding a helpful tool for fighting obesity. A study involving mice finds that a compound in apple peel called ursolic acid may curtail obesity by increasing muscle mass and boosting calorie burning. In addition to the weight control benefit, it may also deter fatty liver disease and pre-diabetes.

Lady Gaga's new perfume created using blend of human blood, semen, and poisonous extract
(NaturalNews) If you have ever doubted the truly satanic essence of the infamous Lady Gaga, then you need look no further than her new perfume, which is expected to debut this fall. According to the Boston Globe and various other sources, the new Gaga scent, known as "Fame," was created using a sample of Gaga's own blood, as well as semen from another unknown donor. The blend apparently also contains a highly-toxic plant extract that is known to kill humans.

Study: Radiation Therapy Can Make Cancers 30x More Malignant
Green Med Info - Newly published research from the journal cancer indicates that conventional radiation-based cancer treatments may actually be driving the cancer into greater malignancy. Irradiated breast cancer cells were found to be 30 times more capable of forming new tumors than nonirradiated breast cancer cells.

Is US government setting stage to outlaw Vitamin D like raw milk?
(NaturalNews) The United States government has just crossed the threshold of nutritional insanity with an announcement that postmenopausal women should avoid taking vitamin D. This announcement, made by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, is tantamount to declaring war on nutrition. In a nation where 90+ percent of the population is chronically deficient in vitamin D, any government edict that encourages people to avoid this lifesaving vitamin will only result in more cancer, more Alzheimer’s disease, more bone fractures, more diabetes and more kidney disease.

Coming Soon: New Technology to Help 'Persuade' You to Vaccinate
Dr. Mercola - Faster than a speeding bullet, closer to the speed of sound―in the very near future your next vaccine may be injected into your body quicker than the blink of your eye.... The mechanism consists of a tiny, high-pressured jet that eliminates needles and delivers drugs directly into the skin. Traveling at around 340 meters per second, the device works similarly to a mosquito's proboscis. If it works the way researchers plan, it may very well spell the end of needles used for injections.

Federal task force wants obese Americans placed into counseling
RT - If you’re a US citizen, there’s a one-in-three chance that you’re also obese. Now after failed attempt after failed attempt at slimming down citizens, a federal panel is pushing to force overweight Americans into counseling. The US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) introduced their latest plans to help push down the obesity rate in America this week, and their newest effort calls for more than just urging people to exercise. The federal panel of medical experts is asking primary care physicians to put obese Americans into intensive counseling programs in order to combat the epidemic.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Mysterious Baltic Sea Object Raises More Questions
Ocean X team returns from their first expedition investigating the mysterious object they discovered in the Baltic Sea.... The team were completely dwarfed by the mysterious object, which is about 60 meters in diameter and lying almost 80 meters down on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. There are visible formations on top of the object, which are set at a 90 degree angle and look like passageways or walls, as well as something that looks like it could be a staircase. The divers also found a hole about 25 centimeters in diameter, though it is not yet known where it leads. Related Video: Explorers Return to Mystery Disc

New Intelligent Biometric Security Program Can Adapt to Human Behavior
Activist Post - It has recently been announced by Homeland Security News Wire that researchers at the Biometric Technologies Laboratory at the University of Calgary have improved upon current commercially available biometric identification technologies to the point of creating a form of artificial intelligence capable of making decisions regarding biometric information received from a variety of different sources. The new biometric security program works by simulating the “learning patterns and cognitive processes of the brain.” The system was developed by the research and application of “neural network-based models for information fusion.”

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Syngenta corporation faces criminal charges for covering up livestock deaths from GM corn
(NaturalNews) Biotechnology giant Syngenta has officially been outed for deliberately hiding data that proves the company's genetically-modified (GM) Bt 176 corn is directly responsible for killing livestock. Dr. Eva Sirinathsinghji writing for QW Magazine explains that Syngenta is now facing criminal charges for willfully concealing the results of an internal, company-run study on Bt 176 corn from 1996 that was abruptly ended when four cows died after just two days of consuming the "Frankencorn."

Pet News

Things Your Pets Do While You’re Away
Have you ever wondered what your pets get up to while you’re at work?
Well, here is an example…


120 Powerful Pieces of Advice for Preppers
RBN - Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and millions of Americans are feverishly preparing for what they consider to be "the end of the world as we know it". In fact, it is estimated that there are now approximately 3 million "preppers" in the United States. But for people that have never done much prepping before, getting started can be both confusing and intimidating. In fact, I get more questions about prepping than anything else. People are constantly asking me how they can prepare for the difficult times that are coming.

VIDEO: Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan
Daily Paul - Published on Jun 26, 2012 by tradgedyandhope - Carl Sagan delivering an important message every person on earth should hear.. Please share this message in anyway possible.

Today in History - Tuesday - June 26, 2012
1794 - The French defeated an Austrian army at the Battle of Fleurus.
1804 - The Lewis and Clark Expedition reached the mouth of the Kansas River after completing a westward trek of nearly 400 river miles.
1819 - The bicycle was patented by W.K. Clarkson, Jr.
1844 - John Tyler took Julia Gardiner as his bride, thus becoming the first U.S. President to marry while in office.
1870 - The first section of the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ, was opened to the public.
1894 - The American Railway Union called a general strike in sympathy with Pullman workers.
1900 - A commission that included Dr. Walter Reed began the fight against the deadly disease yellow fever.
1926 - A memorial to the first U.S. troops in France was unveiled at St. Nazaire.
1924 - After eight years of occupation, American troops left the Dominican Republic.
1942 - The Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter was flown for the first time.
1945 - The U.N. Charter was signed by 50 nations in San Francisco, CA.
1948 - The Berlin Airlift began as the U.S., Britain and France started ferrying supplies to the isolated western sector of Berlin.
1951 - The Soviet Union proposed a cease-fire in the Korean War.
1959 - CBS journalist Edward R. Murrow interviewed Lee Remick. It was his 500th and final guest on "Person to Person."
1959 - U.S. President Eisenhower joined Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in ceremonies officially opening the St. Lawrence Seaway.
1961 - A Kuwaiti vote opposed Iraq's annexation plans.
1963 - U.S. President John Kennedy announced "Ich bin ein Berliner" (I am a Berliner) at the Berlin Wall.
1971 - The U.S. Justice Department issued a warrant for Daniel Ellsberg, accusing him of giving away the Pentagon Papers.
1981 - In Mountain Home, Idaho, Virginia Campbell took her coupons and rebates and bought $26,460 worth of groceries. She only paid 67 cents after all the discounts.
1996 - The U.S. Supreme Court ordered the Virginia Military Institute to admit women or forgo state support.
1997 - The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Communications Decency Act of 1996 that made it illegal to distribute indecent material on the Internet.
1997 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld state laws that allow for a ban on doctor-assisted suicides.
1998 - The U.S. and Peru open school to train commandos to patrol Peru's rivers for drug traffickers.
1998 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employers are always potentially liable for supervisor's sexual misconduct toward an employee.
2000 - The Human Genome Project and Celera Genomics Corp. jointly announced that they had created a working draft of the human genome.
2000 - Indonesia's President Abdurrahman Wahid declared a state of emergency in the Moluccas due to the escalation of fighting between Christians and Muslims.
2002 - WorldCom Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

World News

Moody's cuts ratings of 28 Spanish banks
RT - Ratings agency Moody's has cut the ratings of 28 Spanish banks following a June 13 downgrade of Spain's sovereign rating by three notches. The banks' long-term debt and deposit ratings have been downgraded by one to four notches. The rating of Bankia, one the country’s largest banks, has been cut to junk status.

YouTube: Exclusive: Undercover Reporter Infiltrates Security Firm to Expose London Olympics
Highlights: Foreign troops drafted in; drug deals in training classroom; ineffective screening processes and detection technology; photographs of sensitive mock-up screening areas taken by un-screened trainees; 200k 'casket linings' delivered [believed to be from America]; uniforms being stolen; plan for an evacuation of London; drones on-line (incl. armed); poor standard of security recruits -- cant speak English....

VIDEO: Radioactive “Dirt” Hits Tokyo
Washington's Blog - Tokyo Residents: Don’t Touch the Black or Blue Dirt.... Tokyo soil has been blanketed by Fukushima radiation, even though the Japanese capital is 170 miles from the Fukushima nuclear complex. Indeed, officials just found “high levels” of radiation at 13 of 14 areas tested in a Tokyo public park. Now, substances with even higher levels of radiation are showing up around Tokyo.

Up to 20,000 Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Released in Australian Towns
Natural Society - Two towns in Northern Australia have recently been gifted with 10-20 thousand genetically modified mosquitoes – almost completely replacing mosquitoes naturally occurring in the outdoors. Although the mosquitoes released are still GM, they aren’t exactly the same as the more well-known mosquitoes developed my Oxitec. Oxitec is a British company responsible for the creation of the genetically engineered mosquitoes containing a gene designed to kill themselves unless given an antibiotic known as tetracycline.

Enviro Groups Fear "Dangerously Misguided" Plan to Unleash Genetically Modified Mosquitoes
Common Dreams - Statement from Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch: “We are also aware that Oxitec is hoping to conduct a similar outdoor experiment in the UK next year with their GE version of the diamondback moth, which attacks crops like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and rapeseed (canola). What impacts will such an experiment have on the birds that eat the moth? What happens to people if they inadvertently eat eggs this GE insect lays on the crop? How will they get the insects back if something goes wrong?"

Turkey Might Use Jet Downing as Excuse for NATO Intervention
Kurt Nimmo - It looks like NATO and Obama’s international coalition might have the excuse they need to intervene in Syria and depose Bashar al-Assad and his regime. From the New York Times on Sunday: Turkey’s foreign minister said Sunday that his country would discuss the downing of one of its military jets by Syria with its NATO allies next week. As a NATO member, Turkey could ask for concerted action by the alliance.

US and Israel to hold largest ever joint military exercise
Times of Israel - Israel and the US are set to hold their largest ever joint military exercise in October, featuring thousands of soldiers and advanced anti-missile defense systems, and simulating simultaneous fire from Iran and Syria. News of the drill comes amid ongoing violence in Syria, and with Israel and the US closely discussing the means to thwart Iran’s nuclear drive.

YouTube: US deploys 4 minesweepers to Iranian Hormuz oil shipping lane
RT - Four US minesweepers have arrived in the Persian Gulf - the vital shipping route for the global economy. It comes after an Iranian military chief said the Islamic State might try to block the Strait of Hormuz to defend its interests. To discuss the situation RT talks to Ali Rizk, who is an expert on Middle East affairs.

'Islamic Awakening': Morsi’s Egypt turns to Iran, as Israel frets
RT - Newly-elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi sent a clear signal about the thrust of his future foreign policy by promising to rekindle dormant ties between Egypt and Iran and to re-consider his country’s peace accord with Israel.

Confirmed: Iraq orders closure of BBC and 43 other media outlets
RT was one of the first to publish reports of the potential closures – and can now confirm that Iraqi officials from the media commission have forwarded the list of 44 outlets to the Interior Ministry. They will be the ones responsible for the actual closures once they begin. Only offices without an operating license will be closed down, the commission’s chairman Safaa Rabie told journalists.... However, one broadcaster targeted for closure – US-funded Radio Sawa – says it does have a license.

Italian Court Reignites MMR Vaccine Debate After Award Over Child with Autism
Dr. Mercola - The Italian Health Ministry recently conceded that the MMR vaccine caused autism in a now nine-year-old boy. The Bocca family has subsequently been awarded a 15-year annuity totaling 174,000 Euros (just under $220,000), plus reimbursement for court costs. The judge ruled the boy “has been damaged by irreversible complications due to vaccination (prophylaxis trivalent MMR”

Supermarket spies: How the Government plans to use loyalty card data to snoop on the eating habits of 25million shoppers
Daily Mail - The shopping habits of Britain's 25 million supermarket loyalty card holders could be grabbed by the Government in an attempt to halt the UK's dangerous obesity crisis, it was claimed today. People who buy too much alcohol, fatty foods or sugary drinks would be targeted with 'tailored' health advice under plans being considered by the Coalition.

British queen gets pay rise despite recession
Press TV - The Queen's annual pay is about to jump by 20 percent from 30 to 36 million pounds, at a time when Britain is in recession and many families are feeling the pinch of higher household costs and taxes.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Master Sgt. says no to Chinese-made boots
Air Force Times - Master Sgt. Steve Adachi is willing to fight for his country, but not in the Chinese-made boots his unit gave him. “I’m troubled that the military continues to downsize because of the budget deficits — budget deficits which are in part a result of millions of unemployed American workers,” Adachi wrote in a letter to Air Force Times. “How many American workers are unemployed because military clothing is being produced in foreign countries?”

U.S. expanding military efforts in Africa
The U.S. is carefully expanding efforts to provide intelligence, training and at times small numbers of forces to African nations, to help counter terrorist activities in the region, the top American military commander for Africa said Monday.

FBI eyes over 100 suspected extremists in US military
RT - The FBI reportedly probed more than 100 people within the US military, who were suspected of Islamic extremist sympathies. About a dozen of those are considered serious “insider threats” demonstrating a strong intent to attack military targets. The latter cases require full formal investigation, says National Public Radio. The probe covered active and reserve military personnel as well as civilians with access to military sites, including contractors and family members of servicemen, the report says.

New Research: Drones Can Easily Be Hijacked
Steve Watson - Professor Todd Humphreys and his team at the University of Texas at Austin’s Radionavigation Laboratory are warning that the drones could be “spoofed” and taken over by anyone with the right readily available equipment. Fox News reports that Humphreys built an advanced spoofer at a cost of just $1000, and has successfully infiltrated the GPS systems of several drones. All he has to do is send a more powerful signal to the drone than it is receiving from an orbiting satellite and he can make the vehicle do anything he commands.

VIDEO: Media Promotes Troops On Streets to “Cut Down on Crime”
Paul Joseph Watson - According to a Fox 2 St. Louis report, “people who live and work in the area think the army training is a good idea.” Indeed, the report features interviews with two residents, one of whom states, “I think it’s the same way when you go to other countries…they don’t have police officers they have troops, and I think it kind of scares a lot of people…it might cut down on a whole lot of crime because they don’t know if they’re military or the police.”

VIDEO: Supreme Court to rule Thursday on health care
CNN - The U.S. Supreme Court will rule Thursday on the constitutionality of the sweeping health care law championed by President Barack Obama.

Show-stopper: Supreme Court upholds controversial AZ immigration law
RT - The high court ruled that Arizona’s policy of imprisoning undocumented immigrants for not possessing federal registration cards was unconstitutional. It also declared that the state could not make it a crime for illegal immigrants to seek work, while it prohibited state and local law enforcement agenciesfrom arresting immigrants without a warrant. But the court decided that one highly contentious part of the law could go forward — a provision requiring police to check the status of someone they suspect is in the United States illegally. Related Video: Joe Arpaio talks to Cavuto

Drills of the dead: Maine prepares for zombie attack
RT - Emergency officials in Maine have taken part in a training exercise in preparation for a zombie apocalypse. This comes just weeks after the federal government publicly denied the existence of zombies. Around 100 emergency responders from eight different counties participated in the event in the quiet city of Bangor. The premise: an unknown virus originating from Jamaica has reached Maine, turning the infected into zombies. Once infected, the virus quickly spreads to the brain, and turns the host into a full-fledged zombie, who has only one thing on its mind: biting other people.

2012 Election News

AUDIO: Daily Paul Exclusive with Jerry Doyle
Daily Paul Radio - Jerry Doyle host of nationally syndicated talk radio show The Jerry Doyle Show and author of Have You Seen My Country Lately?: America's Wake-Up Call joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Daily Paul Exclusive with Jerry Doyle’ to discuss his endorsement of Ron Paul, the liberty movement and his direct criticisms of 'conservative' media pundits - Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.

YouTube: Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 6/25/12
Get the Government Out of Healthcare!

YouTube: Ron Paul delegates disqualified from the RNC
RT June 25, 2012 - Ron Paul supporters are known for the refusal to give up and the GOP has taken note. Now, 17 Ron Paul delegates were disqualified from representing the state of Massachusetts for not signing an affidavit that swears their allegiance to Mitt Romney. In the past, the Republican Party has never required delegates to go through the affidavit process. Tim Cavanaugh, managing editor for, joins us to find out why now.


VIDEO: Sugar Hill, New Hampshire Post Office Cuts Hours To 30 Minutes A Day
Huffington Post - CONCORD, N.H. -- Express service might be all you have time for at one New Hampshire post office. The hours at the post office in Sugar Hill have recently been cut back to 30 minutes a day, down from a few hours. The post office is open from 10:15 to 10:45 each morning.

Audit The Fed to be Voted on Wednesday June 27
Daily Paul - The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has scheduled a vote on Ron Paul's HR 459 for Wednesday, June 27. The bill MUST pass the committee before it heads to the House floor for a full vote. 14 of the 40 members HAVE NOT YET cosponsored HR 459. Please call these 14 members and urge them to support HR 459 at the House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday.

Ron Paul Subcommittee to Examine Fractional Reserve Banking and High-Powered Money
Daily Paul - Congressman Ron Paul, Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee, announced today that the subcommittee will hold a hearing this week to examine fractional reserve banking.... The hearing, entitled “Fractional Reserve Banking and the Federal Reserve: The Economic Consequences of High-Powered Money,” will be held on Thursday, June 28, at 2:00 p.m.

TOP SECRET: $80b a year for food stamps, but feds won't reveal what's purchased
Washington Times - “We can’t release it based on federal rules. If it were up to us, I wouldn’t have a problem releasing the information. It’s taxpayer money,” said Tom Steinhauser with the division of benefit programs for the Virginia Department of Social Services. The District said it would be illegal to tell the newspaper how many food stamp dollars were flowing to each local vendor, but first offered to sell The Washington Times the information for $125,000.

Housing Market

Chinese in Talks to Fund U.S. Homes
WSJ - Lennar Corp., one of the U.S.'s largest home builders, is in talks with the China Development Bank for approximately $1.7 billion in capital to jump-start two long-delayed San Francisco projects that would transform two former naval bases into large-scale housing developments, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: Cesium 137 Detected in Virginia Rain
Published by antiprotons June 24, 2012 - As you all know, I have always maintained that there is Fukushima fallout in the rain… but that the levels (even if they are unsafe) are too low for a Geiger counter to detect. My sensitive Gamma Spectrometer has now (I believe) detected Cs137 in a rain water collection bucket which concentrates, or so it seems, the Cs137.

Levels of electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to today are billions of times higher than our ancestors
(NaturalNews) This is the claim of Dr. Kerry Crofton, PhD. She goes on to say, "We don't have to give up all electronic devices, but we do need to use them differently. First, we need to understand that the government standards we assume are protecting us are thousands of times too lenient, and there are biological effects from these 'safe' levels." The effects of these exposures are particularly an issue for concern for our children.


Ten home remedies for relieving eczema
(NaturalNews) Eczema is often attributed to some sort of food or airborne allergy and can be minimized by determining the allergens and adjusting accordingly. Most eczema sufferers resort to using pharmaceuticals pills, creams, or steroids. Of course, what many tend to ignore is that improving life style choices of diet and exercise does more to curb skin problems than topical or oral pharmaceuticals.

Use Native American favorite bee balm plants for healing and cooking
(NaturalNews) Bee balm plants are a showy and fragrant group of plants indigenous to northeastern North America which have long been prized for their medicinal and culinary properties as well as showy flowers which attract hummingbirds and butterflies.... The Blackfoot Indians recognized the plants' strong antiseptic properties and used bee balm poultices for skin infections and minor wounds. Bee balm tea was used to treat mouth and throat infections caused by dental caries and gingivitis.... Bee balm is a member of the mint family with fragrant minty leaves and flower buds which taste like a mix of spearmint and peppermint with oregano.

Stress vaccines - Big pharma's addition to "brave new world"
(NaturalNews) Unbelievably, a stress protection vaccine is in the works. A Stanford University medical research group led by Robert Sapolsky has been working on it. Of course, this development is heralded in the mainstream media (MSM) as yet another modern medical miracle.

Plastics Chemical Linked to Obesity in Kids
HealthDay News - It's hard to imagine a pacifier or a rubber ducky making your child fat. But new research suggests that chemicals called phthalates, which are found in the plastics that pacifiers and toys are typically made of, may be linked to higher rates of obesity in children. The chemical, called di-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), is suspected of being able to alter biological functions involved in fat metabolism. In the study, children with the highest DEHP levels had nearly five times the chance of being obese compared with those who had the lowest DEHP levels.

The Champion of Painkillers - The news about narcotic painkillers is increasingly dire: Overdoses now kill nearly 15,000 people a year -- more than heroin and cocaine combined. In some states, the painkiller death toll exceeds that of car crashes. The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared the overdoses from opioid drugs like OxyContin an "epidemic." And a growing group of experts doubts that they work for long-term pain. But the pills continue to have an influential champion in the American Pain Foundation, which describes itself as the nation's largest advocacy group for pain patients. Its message: The risk of addiction is overblown, and the drugs are underused.

7 Trivia Facts About Polio - It’s called the “Gold Standard of Medicine.” I’m referring to the current vaccine schedule. But is there an apparent hidden catch? Can justification for the aggressive vaccine schedule arguably be traced back to the polio vaccine that is trotted out as proof vaccines work?

Science & Technology

VIDEO: 'Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website
Paul Joseph Watson - A political website that contained stinging criticism of the Obama administration and its handling of the Fast and Furious scandal was ordered to be shut down by the Obama campaign’s ‘Truth Team’, according to private investigator Douglas Hagmann, who was told by ISP GoDaddy his site contained information that was “maliciously harmful to individuals in the government.” Hagmann, CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc., a private investigative agency serving a roster of Fortune 500 clients, was given 48 hours by GoDaddy to find a new home for his website before it was deleted.

Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle
Before It's News - A gigantic structure, perhaps larger than the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, and initially identified by a doctor in the 1960s, has been independently verified by diving teams from France and the U.S.... The pyramid could confirm some engineers' contentions that pyramids were originally created as massive power sources, support the claim that the ancient city-state of Atlantis did exist, or even provide answers to the mysterious goings-on that have been recorded since the 19th Century in the region of the Atlantic dubbed the Bermuda Triangle.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Health Ranger investigates cyanide-producing Tifton grass on cattle ranch in Elgin, Texas
(NaturalNews) Today I visited the ranch of Jerry Abel in Elgin, Texas, site of the mysterious death of 15 cattle after exposure to cyanide gas spontaneously produced by hybridized Bermuda - Tifton-85 forage grasses. This is a story with nationwide interest, having also been covered by CBS News and others. There are some mysterious facts surrounding this incident, including the sudden disappearance of a document by Dr. Larry Redmon, entitled, "Potential Toxicity Issues with Tifton 85 Bermuda grass." Earlier this morning, that document was suddenly pulled from the Hays County Agriculture & Natural Resources web page. It originally appeared here. [A copy of Dr. Larry Redmon article can be found here.]

GMO food: Hybrid poison grass that kills Texas cattle not genetically modified
Examiner - Reports that GMO grass suddenly started producing cyanide and killed almost an entire herd of cattle in Texas are only partially true. CBS News reported June 23, 2012 that rancher Jerry Abel of Elgin, near Austin, Texas had been growing Tifton 85, a GMO version of Bermuda grass, for 15 years when the grass suddenly started emitting poisonous cyanide. However, Tifton 85 is not GMO grass, but a hybrid.

Pet News

VIDEO: Would You Recognize Signs of Heart Disease in Your Dog?
Dr Becker - Dilated cardiomyopathy is a type of canine heart disease that often has no symptoms early on. But as the condition worsens, a number of signs of potential heart problems can surface. Learn what to look for, whether your dog is prone to this disease, and how it is treated.

Today in History - Monday - June 25, 2012
1788 - Virginia ratified the U.S. Constitution and became the 10th state of the United States.
1864 - Union troops surrounding Petersburg, VA, began building a mine tunnel underneath the Confederate lines.
1867 - Lucien B. Smith patented the first barbed wire.
1868 - The U.S. Congress enacted legislation granting an eight-hour day to workers employed by the Federal government.
1868 - Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina were readmitted to the Union.
1876 - Lt. Col. Custer and the 210 men of U.S. 7th Cavalry were killed by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians at Little Big Horn in Montana. The event is known as "Custer's Last Stand."
1917 - The first American fighting troops landed in France.
1941 - Finland declared war on the Soviet Union.
1946 - Ho Chi Minh traveled to France for talks on Vietnamese independence.
1950 - North Korea invaded South Korea initiating the Korean War.
1959 - The Cuban government seized 2.35 million acres under a new agrarian reform law.
1962 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the use of unofficial non-denominational prayer in public schools was unconstitutional.
1964 - U.S. President Lyndon Johnson ordered 200 naval personnel to Mississippi to assist in finding three missing civil rights workers.
1973 - White House Counsel John Dean admitted that U.S. President Nixon took part in the Watergate cover-up.
1981 - The U.S. Supreme Court decided that male-only draft registration was constitutional.
1986 - The U.S. Congress approved $100 million in aid to the Contras fighting in Nicaragua.
1990 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of an individual, whose wishes are clearly made, to refuse life-sustaining medical treatment. "The right to die" decision was made in the Curzan vs. Missouri case.
1991 - The last Soviet troops left Czechoslovakia 23 years after the Warsaw Pact invasion.
1991 - The Yugoslav republics of Slovenia and Croatia declared their independence from Yugoslavia.
1997 - The Russian space station Mir was hit by an unmanned cargo vessel. Much of the power supply was knocked out and the station's Spektr module was severely damaged.
1998 - The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the line-item veto thereby striking down presidential power to cancel specific items in tax and spending legislation.
1998 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that those infected with HIV are protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act.
1999 - Germany's parliament approved a national Holocaust memorial to be built in Berlin.
2000 - U.S. and British researchers announced that they had completed a rough draft of a map of the genetic makeup of human beings. The project was 10 years old at the time of the announcement.
2000 - A Florida judge approved a class-action lawsuit to be filed against American Online (AOL) on behalf of hourly subscribers who were forced to view "pop-up" advertisements.

World News

Turkish jet clearly violated Syria's sovereignty – Damascus
RT - The downing of a Turkish plane by Syria was an act of self-defense against a violation of its sovereignty, the Syrian foreign ministry has said. Damascus insists it was within its right to open fire on unidentified aircraft violating its airspace. The statement by the Syrian foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Magdissi comes a day after Ankara accused Damascus of violating international law in last Friday’s incident.

World stocks fall on skepticism over Europe summit
AP - World stocks fell Monday amid concern that a critical European summit later this week will not yield a deal that might restore confidence in the future of the 17-country euro currency. Investors already worried about an economic slowdown in the U.S. and China were preparing for the European leaders to disappoint at their June 28-29 gathering in Brussels. "Various summits and official meetings, including the G-20 meeting, have failed to deliver," said Mitul Kotecha, strategist at Credit Agricole CIB, so "markets are likely to remain relatively range bound ahead of the summit."

Obama Administration Accused of Blocking UN Report on Congo Rebels to Protect Dictator Ally
All Gov -A United Nations Group of Experts has uncovered information revealing Rwanda’s support for a Congolese rebel leader who is wanted internationally for using child soldiers. But the UN report, completed earlier this month, has not been released because of the section about the Rwandan involvement. U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice has been accused of applying pressure at the Security Council in order to protect the United States’ Rwandan ally, President Paul Kagame. Kagame was reelected president in 2010 with 93% of the vote.

VIDEO: Syria Shoots Down Turkish Jet Fighter Jet Over Its Territory
Kurt Nimmo - Syria has shot down a Turkish aircraft, according to Lebanon’s Hezbollah-owned al-Manar television station. “Syrian security sources confirmed to a Manar correspondent in Damascus that Syrian defense forces shot down the Turkish fighter jet,” the Beirut-based station reported on Friday. The report said the F-4 fighter went down in the Mediterranean with two pilots onboard.... Turkey’s lack of explanation on why a fighter jet was shot down over Syria leaves the door open for speculation that Turkey is providing air cover for FSA troops inside the country.

Clinton Says Iran Wants to Be Attacked - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed on Wednesday the top priorities of US diplomacy around the world, saying that Iran wants to be attacked by somebody because it would unify the Iranian public and legitimize the Islamic regime. However, Clinton clarified in an interview with Charlie Rose and Former Secretary of State James Baker, that the US is “serious that they (Iran) cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.”

VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood candidate declared winner in Egypt elections
Al Jazeera - Morsi picked up 13.2 million votes out of just over 26 million, giving him about 51 per cent of the vote. His competitor, Ahmed Shafik, the final prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, received 12.3 million. More than 800,000 ballots were invalidated. Related RT video/article here.

Finland will lose ‘sovereignty’ if joins NATO - Putin
RT - Saying that Finland will surrender its right to act independently in the event it joins the western military alliance, Putin added that Moscow will respond to deployment of any NATO attack missiles based in the Nordic country. "The involvement of any country in a military bloc deprives it of a certain degree of sovereignty, and some decisions are made at a different level," the Russian president said at a meeting on Friday with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto.

VIDEO: Nukes away: Thousands protest Japan’s return to atomic energy
RT - Around 20,000 people gathered in Tokyo to protest the Japanese government’s unilateral decision to restart two nuclear reactors. Many in Japan are wary of nuclear power, as memories of last year’s devastating Fukushima disaster as still fresh.... Opposition to the government’s decision to restart the reactors just a month after the country’s last nuclear power plants were shut down has been on the rise. Activists managed to gather some 7.5 million signatures through an online petition.

Rio+20, the unhappy environmental summit
AP - It was hard to find a happy soul at the end of the Rio+20 environmental summit. Not within the legion of bleary-eyed government negotiators from 188 nations who met in a failed attempt to find a breakthrough at the United Nations conference on sustainable development.... "We've sunk so low in our expectations that reaffirming what we did 20 years ago is now considered a success," said Martin Khor, executive director of the Geneva-based South Centre and a member of the U.N. Committee on Development Policy.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Data Mining: Big Corporations Are Gathering Every Shred Of Information About You That They Can And Selling It For Profit
Economic Collapse - When most people think of "Big Brother", they think of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the Department of Homeland Security and other shadowy government agencies. Yes, they are definitely watching you, but so are many big corporations. In fact, there are some companies that are making tens of millions of dollars by gathering every shred of information about all of us that they can and selling it for profit to anyone willing to pay the price.

VIDEO: "Don’t Be Alarmed”: Army Trains MPs To Drive Tanks On U.S. Streets
Paul Joseph Watson - St Louis City residents have been warned to not be alarmed at the sight of U.S. Army tanks.... The exercise is part of a U.S. Army program run by military police from Fort Meade, Maryland focused around training MPs from St. Louis how to drive heavily armored tanks “on highways and on city streets.” Sightings of the tanks prompted hundreds of residents to flood news channel KSDK’s Facebook page, with some expressing fears that martial law had arrived with others promising to “stop and salute” the tanks as they rolled by.

VIDEO: Military Rolls Tanks On To St. Louis Streets...But Why?
Zero Hedge - I have to say that this event, which is being labeled a "training exercise", makes very little sense to me. U.S. Army troops all the way from Maryland running open exercises in armored personnel carriers on the busy streets of St. Louis? I know Maryland is a small state, but is there really not enough room at Ft. Detrick to accommodate a tank column and some troops? Are there not entire fake neighborhood and town complexes built with taxpayer dollars on military bases across the country meant to facilitate a realistic urban environment for troops to train in? And why travel hundreds of miles to Missouri? At the very least, this is a massive waste of funds.

VIDEO: Drone Controllers executing Hellfire strike simulation!
Live Leak - We have all seen the UAV drone videos, but you never get to see who is behind the control and what is going on. All of it is controlled from Nevada. In this simulation they demonstrate their ability to control dozens of these units at the same time. The video looks almost all real except for the explosion at the end, I always though the military video simulation looked pretty weak compared to modern PC games but this one looks good.

U.S. plans more drone flights over Caribbean
Boston Herald - After quietly testing Predator drones over the Bahamas for more than 18 months, the Department of Homeland Security plans to expand the unmanned surveillance flights into the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico to fight drug smuggling, according to U.S. officials. The move would dramatically increase U.S. drone flights in the Western Hemisphere, more than doubling the number of square miles now covered by the department’s fleet of nine surveillance drones, which are used primarily on the northern and southwestern U.S. borders.

US Army to smite enemies with lightning bolts?
RT - In the era of remote-controlled drones, invisible planes and microwave guns, no military innovation should come as a surprise. But among the array of new weapons none are more satisfying than a cannon that allows you to unleash bolts of lightning. The Laser-Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC) cannon is currently being tested at Picatinny Arsenal, a key US Army research complex in New Jersey. "We never got tired of the lightning bolts zapping our simulated targets," says George Fischer, who heads the research team. The charge is created by emitting a laser pulse that charges the air, and forms a hugely destructive bolt of lighting.

Unplugged metal detector causes evacuation at JFK airport
NY Post - The TSA’s bungling reached a new low yesterday when a JFK Airport terminal had to be evacuated and hundreds of passengers marched back through security screening all because one dimwitted agent failed to realize his metal detector had been unplugged, sources told The Post. The stunning error led to hours of delays, two planes called back from the runway and infinite frustration for furious passengers.

Here’s How US And Israel Are Preparing For A Possible Attack On Iran
Business Insider - Israel continues to “prepare all other options” for a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, as diplomatic talks go nowhere, according to Reuters. Talk of a joint U.S.-Israeli military strike on Iran has waned recently, but talk of U.S.-Israel cyberattacks has taken its place. U.S. defense contracts, Israel’s new submarine acquisitions and Iranian military exercises suggest that all sides are getting ready for the possibility of military conflict.

House bill extends TSA intel sharing to mass transit - The Transportation Security Administration already shares intelligence it collects with airports. Now a House bill would expand TSA's intel sharing to local mass transit systems as well. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), the bill's sponsor, said the legislation is a "common sense approach" to fighting terrorism. The House passed the bill May 30 and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs is now considering the bill.

Does MAP-21 Bill Revoke Second Amendment for Unpaid Taxes?
Kurt Nimmo - A post on the Franklin County Va. Patriots blog reports that gun rights activists are also concerned the government will use additional legalese in the bill to deny the Second Amendment to gun owners also behind taxes the IRS claims they owe. According to the blog, activists are worried about pages 1320-1324 in the MAP-21 bill: This subsection is entitled, “Firearms.” While the wording is in obscure legalese, it seems to be saying that the person designated as “the Secretary” is given broad powers over permits and the revocation of permits. And this power is described under the section that specifically deals with firearms.

Dying for tickets? Contest rewards Morrissey fans for their best suicide note
RT - Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before: a DC-based website has pulled the plug on a promotion that had them asking readers to write their best original suicide notes for a chance to win tickets to see British rock singer Morrissey.

Arkansas Supreme Court rules that execution is unconstitutional
RT - Death row inmates in Arkansas were awarded a major victory on Friday after the state’s Supreme Court threw out the 2009 law that established policies for executing prisoners, calling it unconstitutional.

Jerry Sandusky Guilty On 45 Counts
BELLEFONTE, Pa. (CBS/AP) —Jerry Sandusky showed little emotion as the jury in child sex abuse trial read the verdict finding him “guilty” on 45 counts and “not guilty” on three. The judge immediately revoked his bail and he was handcuffed and sent to the Centre County Correctional Facility.
Related Article:
Jerry Sandusky on Suicide Watch...

2012 Election News

Bernanke Bails Out Europe
Solon - Warning that America’s sputtering economic recovery was grinding down, this week the Federal Reserve noted in classic Fed-speak that “strains in global financial markets continue to pose significant downside risks to the economic outlook.” But the Fed and its soft-spoken chairman Ben Bernanke announced nothing new to fix those strains. And they said even less about the steps they were already taking to prop up the staggering banks in Europe.

Mass. Republicans oust Ron Paul delegates
Boston Globe - They did not deliver affidavit in support of Mitt Romney on time.... A spokesman for the Massachusetts Republican Party would not say why the affidavits were required of delegates this year, and the chairman of the Allocations Committee would not agree to an interview. Instead, the chairman offered an e-mailed statement saying that the Romney campaign, through its representative on his committee, had the right to reject delegates for “just cause.”

YouTube: Oregon Convention shut down prematurely
Oregon Congressional District 4, Sat 23 Jun 2012, Approx 5:45 PM, Roseburg, OR. After the Ron Paul slate of "at large" delegates were elected in, Oregon Republican Party leadership shut down district conventions 1,2,3,and 5 before alternate delegates were elected...

Next in Line: UTAH Semi-Closed Primary There's more than just Ron Paul to vote for on Tuesday June 26th
Daily Paul - The Republican Presidential Primary shall be open to registered Republicans, and unaffiliated voters requesting a Republican ballot who affiliate at the polls as a Republican. All 40 of Utah's delegates to the Republican National Convention are bound to the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes statewide in today's Presidential Primary.

YouTube: Ron Paul to John McCain: Syria is none of our business!
CNN June 20, 2012 - We're in 130 countries, 900 bases. Iran is surrounded by 45 of our bases. They're no threat to anybody. That's all a concocted scheme to take over their oil. And they have to get you know, they have to take over Syria in order to go on to Iran. So this is just the plan of those who love intervention and love our empire. And the American people have fallen for this before. And I'm just trying to wake up the American people and say don't fall for these lies again. Iraq, it's a big shambles right now. ~ Dr. Ron Paul

VIDEO: Doug Wead: There’s A Reason We’ve Been Collecting Delegates, And We’re Not Going To Announce It!
Liberty Crier - At about minute 8:20 Doug Wead states that there is a reason the Ron Paul campaign has been collecting delegates and that they are not going to announce it. This is a recording of a live Video Chat with Doug Wead on 6-23-12 He was interviewed by Tracy Diaz & Josh Tolley on RonPaulTribune.

YouTube: Maddow: Ron Paul Loyalist Are Taking Over The Republican Party!
MSNBC News June 21, 2012.


VIDEO: CNBC: We Are Slaves to the Central Banks
CNBC - At the 3:20 mark of the video, you will hear the question “Do we all work for the Central Bankers?” Don’t be surprised to learn what the answer to that question will be.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

Occupy movement plans California foreclosure rally
Press TV - A coalition of homeowners, Occupy groups, unions, clergy, community groups and others from throughout California will hold a major rally at the State Capitol June 25 to demand the governor, the attorney general and the legislature declare an immediate foreclosure moratorium.

Energy & Environment

Vicious Wildfires Spread to Colo. Tourist Centers
AP - A wildfire near Colorado Springs erupted Saturday and grew out of control to more than 3 square miles early Sunday, prompting the evacuation of more than 11,000 residents and an unknown number of tourists. On Saturday, a blaze destroyed structures near the mountain community of Estes Park, where many visitors stay while visiting the park. The Larimer County Sheriff's Office said Sunday that 22 homes and 2 outbuildings had been burned. Photos.


Nature offers safe and effective blood thinning alternatives to mainstream drugs
(NaturalNews) Millions of people in the United States take either prescription medications, aspirin or a combination of those drugs to thin their blood. The problem with prescription blood thinners and aspirin is that they all have a number of side effects associated with them, some of which can be fatal. The good news is that nature offers several effective options that are effective and far safer.

The Brain-Damaging Food that Almost Everyone Eats
Dr. Mercola - A new UCLA study shows that fructose impairs your memory and learning; this is the first study to demonstrate that excess fructose consumption can directly damage your brain. The research also indicates that omega-3 fats, specifically DHA, can mitigate fructose’s damaging effects on brain function.

Rekindle a zest for life with adrenal health
(NaturalNews) A silent and little known epidemic is causing fatigue, weight-gain, and chronic illness in fast-paced America. This pervasive syndrome is linked with two small glands known as the adrenals. Responsible for producing more than 50 crucial hormones, the health of the adrenal glands is imperative for well-being. By tending to the adrenals through diet, supplementation, and stress reduction, vibrancy and health are restored.

Natural Energy Boosters to Amp up Your Day
Natural Society - While a lack of energy is almost always a symptom of another much deeper issue, there are ways you can naturally boost energy levels. Instead of buying a 5-hour energy or another energy drink at your local supermarket or pharmacy, try implementing some natural energy boosters to amp up your day.

History shows polio caused by pesticide exposure, then was eradicated by decline in DDT use
(NaturalNews) One of the most common arguments people often use to defend vaccinations alleges that vaccines are responsible for eradicating epidemic diseases of the past such as polio and smallpox. But a recent investigative review put together by Jeffry John Aufderheide over at explains not only why this claim is untrue, but also why pesticides may have been responsible for spurring these disease outbreaks in the first place.

Experts 30 years later - Intestinal fungi like Candida can contribute to disease
(NaturalNews) Certain biologists and "alternative" practitioners have long been supporting the notion that intestinal fungi can contribute to disease. When we take antibiotics or eat a western diet, yeasts like Candida Albicans gets a chance to flourish in the intestinal tract. Healthy gut flora is vital in maintaining our immune system, and severe alterations lead to poor health and disease.

Top seven vegan sources of protein
(NaturalNews) It's a great time to be a vegan. As the numbers of vegans grows, the demand for vegan products increases. There are lots of nutrient dense foods with a decent protein content. Even meat eaters ought to vary their protein sources, and try some of these..;

Here's a great idea: Restrict calories and take 20 years off the age of your heart
(NaturalNews) Publishing in the journal Aging Cell, researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown that people who restrict their caloric intake in an effort to live longer have hearts that function more like those in people who are 20 years younger. As heart disease is the leading cause of death in western cultures, this is a finding of critical importance. Would you be willing to cut calories by 400 to 600 each day to dramatically lower your risk of dying from heart disease or a heart attack?

Learn the art of fermented foods for gut health
(NaturalNews) The importance of probiotic supplements and foods cannot be exaggerated. Antibiotics have a way of getting into us through commercial foods even if we don't take pharmaceutical antibiotics.... Stress, GMOs, and other toxins that abound and surround also disturb the delicate balance of probiotic intestinal flora. Probiotic "friendly bacteria" are vital to more than digestion. They also are involved with activating killer cells in other parts of the body. In other words, they're 60 to 80 percent of our total immune system.

FDA Approves Meningitis Vaccine After Big Pharma Conducts Human Experiments
Susanne Posel - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given GlaxoSmithKilne (GSK) their approval of the MenHibrix vaccine (MHV), which is meant for infants between the ages of 6 weeks to 18 months. This vaccine is a dangerous mixture of the meningococcal disease and Hib disease.

FDA urges stores to remove Korean shellfish - After evaluating Korea's shellfish sanitation program, the FDA said it found significant deficiencies, including inadequate sanitary controls, ineffective management of land-based pollution sources and the presence of norovirus in shellfish growing areas. The agency said all fresh, frozen, canned and processed oysters, clams, mussels and whole and roe-on scallops - known as molluscan shellfish - that entered the country from Korea should not be sold.

WATCHDOGS: Solons worry Medicare billions going to Castro, Cuba
Washington Examiner - Two U.S. senators and a representative worry that billions of tax dollars could be going to Cuba and other foreign countries via criminal schemes designed to defraud Medicare and Medicaid. The schemes often involve the use of “nominees,” individuals who are paid to be fronts for the actual owners of corporate entities being used in the fraudulent operation. By concealing the identities of true owners, the approach invites its use to funnel tax dollars out of the country.

Science & Technology

Weaponized Bird Flu Research Published as Virus ‘Just Mutations’ Away from Pandemic
Elizabeth Renter - Currently, H5N1 can only be transmitted to humans from birds. It cannot pass from human to human like the cold virus or other influenza viruses. According to The Times of India, scientists say there are already some strains of the bird flu that are three mutations away from being passable by humans.... In order for H5N1 to become highly transmissible in humans, five different mutations would have to be present. Two of those five already exist. The other three were created by scientists and studied in the ferrets. Ferrets were used because they transmit the same influenza viruses as humans.

Scientists have come up with a blue strawberry by splicing them with fish genes
Natural News Buzz - Scientists are genetically modifying strawberries in order to allow them to resist freezing temperatures better. They're doing it by artificial transfer of genes from a species of fish called the Arctic Flounder Fish.... They isolated the gene that produces this anti-freeze and introduced it to the strawberry. The result is a strawberry that looks blue and doesn't turn to mush or degrade after being placed in the freezer. While they're not in production, research is ongoing.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

GM Grass Kills Cows In Texas: Cyanide Gas! - A mysterious mass death of a herd of cattle has prompted a federal investigation in Central Texas. Mysterious Mass Cattle Deaths May Be Caused By Random Grass Mutation. We are Austin news video and article here. “Preliminary tests revealed the Tifton 85 grass, which has been here for years, had suddenly started producing cyanide gas, poisoning the cattle.”... What is even more worrisome - other farmers have tested their Tifton 85 grass, and several in Bastrop County have found their fields are also toxic with cyanide, although no other cattle have died.

Even The AMA Recommends Pre-Market Safety Testing of GMO Foods
Elizabeth Renter - This week the American Medical Association (AMA) voted to revise policy, recommending that foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have mandatory pre-market safety testing.... The AMA held a meeting in Chicago to discuss the change, according to the Chicago Tribune. It was there that they voted on the policy, sending a clear signal to the Food and Drug Administration that more needs to be done to answer the calls of concerned consumers when it comes to GMO foods. Previously, the AMA has also voiced potential support for the labeling of GMOs.

Rand Paul Votes NO on GMO Labeling
Farm Wars - Thought that endorsing Romney was bad enough? In another turn of events that exposes the corporatist leanings of Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky, he has voted NO on a GMO labeling amendment to the farm bill “to permit States to require that any food, beverage, or other edible product offered for sale have a label on indicating that the food, beverage, or other edible product contains a genetically engineered ingredient.” The following is taken from the United States Senate Website.

Pet News

Pet Food Manufacturing Inspection Grades
Susan Thixton - A suggestion...just as restaurants receive 'grades' of their Health Department inspections, and the grades are public information, pet food manufacturing inspections need to be graded and made public. Grading could be the only way to motivate pet food manufacturers to clean up their plants and follow proper Good Manufacturing Practices.

More Reasons for Need to Disclose GMO Pet Food Ingredients
Susan Thixton - Perfectly questioned in a article, "Aren’t critics of genetically engineered food anti-science? Isn’t the debate over GMOs (genetically modified organisms) a spat between emotional but ignorant activists on one hand and rational GM-supporting scientists on the other?" A new peer-reviewed report (from genetic engineers) looked over the evidence and determined "there are good scientific reasons to be wary of GM foods and crops."

Today in History - Friday - June 22, 2012
1772 - Slavery was outlawed in England.
1807 - British seamen board the USS Chesapeake, a provocation leading to the War of 1812.
1868 - Arkansas was re-admitted to the Union.
1870 - The U.S. Congress created the Department of Justice.
1874 - Dr. Andrew Taylor Still began the first known practice of osteopathy.
1909 - The first transcontinental auto race ended in Seattle, WA.
1911 - King George V of England was crowned.
1915 - Austro-German forces occupied Lemberg on the Eastern Front as the Russians retreat.
1925 - France and Spain agreed to join forces against Abd el Krim in Morocco.
1933 - Germany became a one political party country when Hitler banned parties other than the Nazis.
1940 - France and Germany signed an armistice at Compiegne, on terms dictated by the Nazis.
1941 - Under the codename Barbarossa, Germany invaded the Soviet Union.
1942 - A Japanese submarine shelled Fort Stevens at the mouth of the Columbia River.
1942 - V-Mail, or Victory-Mail, was sent for the first time.
1944 - U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt signed the "GI Bill of Rights" to provide broad benefits for veterans of the war.
1945 - During World War II, the battle for Okinawa officially ended after 81 days.
1946 - Jet airplanes were used to transport mail for the first time.
1956 - The battle for Algiers began as three buildings in Casbah were blown up.
1964 - The U.S. Supreme Court voted that Henry Miller’s book, "Tropic of Cancer", could not be banned.
1970 - U.S. President Richard Nixon signed 26th amendment, lowering the voting age to 18.
1973 - Skylab astronauts splashed down safely in the Pacific after a record 28 days in space.
1978 - James W. Christy and Robert S. Harrington discovered the only known moon of Pluto. The moon is named Charon.
1980 - The Soviet Union announced a partial withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan.
1989 - The government of Angola and the anti-Communist rebels of the UNITA movement agreed to a formal truce in their 14-year-old civil war.
1992 - The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that hate-crime laws that ban cross-burning and similar expressions of racial bias violated free-speech rights.
1998 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that evidence illegally obtained by authorities could be used at revocation hearings for a convicted criminal's parole.
1999 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that persons with remediable handicaps cannot claim discrimination in employment under the Americans with Disability Act.

World News

AP sources: U.S. mulls new covert raids in Pakistan
U.S. military and intelligence officials are so frustrated with Pakistan's failure to stop local militant groups from attacking Americans in neighboring Afghanistan that they have considered launching secret joint U.S.-Afghan commando raids into Pakistan to hunt them down, officials told The Associated Press.

Greek healthcare system collapses, hospital workers now working without pay
(NaturalNews) The economic situation in Greece is only continuing to worsen, as reports indicate that hospitals and care centers throughout the nation are running completely out of medicines, and many healthcare workers are now voluntarily providing care services without pay.

Spanish Activists Seek Arrest of Banksters - Juan Moreno Yague, the lawyer of the activists said in a statement:
“This is only the beginning,” claiming to have “inside information” that also implicates the Bank of Spain and its former governer, Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordonez, in the fraud. Citizens have come together to let the Government know that they’re not “all in this together”; the fault is not theirs and the debt burden should be on the doorstep of the banksters not hardworking citizens. Over 19,000 euros was raised through an online campaign, which helped fund the legal proceedings.

VIDEO: Inhofe: Why Isn’t Obama in Rio?
National Review Online - “The bottom line is simple: President Obama is running for reelection and is too busy trying to tell American voters that he is the new fossil-fuels President and that he actually supports the development of oil, gas, and coal,” Inhofe said in the video. “I don’t think that message would sell too well with his friends in the U.N.... “As you know, I had considered making the trip myself but realized that no one in Washington even knows the conference is taking place! President Obama is avoiding it like the plague, and his allies in Congress haven’t made a single speech on the conference."

Christ Turns ‘Green’ at U.N. Earth Summit — Literally
National Review Online - Green guru James Lovelock was right. He warned last week that “the green religion is now taking over from the Christian religion.” Now at the U.N. Earth Summit, even the image of Christ has been made a forcible convert to the eco-faith, as the city of Rio is bathing the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer (Christo Redentor) in green light.

YouTube: 17 yr old Brittany Trilford addresses world leaders at the UN Earth Summit
On Wednesday 20 June, 2012 17-year-old Brittany Trilford of Wellington, New Zealand addressed 130 heads of state at the opening plenary of the Rio+20 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is her speech.

New red threat? Virus stole, sent thousands of blueprints to China
RT - A previously unknown cyber worm preying on machinery blueprints has been exposed in Latin America. The new virus steals the blueprints and sends them to e-mail accounts registered in China. A number of machines in the US have been infected. The worm dubbed ACAD/Medre.A targets the AutoCAD program used by architects, engineers, project managers and designers to create blueprints, including machines, buildings, household appliances and other inventions.

US, Japan begin naval drills near China
Press TV - The U.S., Japan and South Korea began joint naval exercises in waters near China and the Korean Peninsula on Thursday, underscoring efforts to tighten military cooperation between the three nations. The drills, which are certain to irk Beijing, are seen by the Chinese government and military as attempts to contain their country’s rise.
Related article:
S. Korea, Japan, US begin drill amid N. Korea protest.

VIDEO: Ship bound for Syria was carrying 3 old helicopters repaired in Russia - Lavrov
RT - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has confirmed in an exclusive interview to RT that a Russian ship bound for Syria was carrying 3 Syrian helicopters that had been repaired in Russia.... The ship which is being discussed these days was indeed carrying air defense systems. It was carrying three helicopters which had been repaired in Russia under contracts signed in 2008. Those are Soviet helicopters. They have been in Syria from Soviet days. In 2008 there was a contract to repair them.

UK Follows America's Lead by Testing Drones in Civilian Airspace
Activist Post - It is no secret that America and Britain are tightly joined at the hip in all manner of surveillance and war. So, naturally, the UK has announced its own test flight of an unmanned vehicle over British soil, which will likely pave the way for a full-scale drone presence.

British school calls police to remove pupil 'obsessed' with studying
Fox News - The school accused Gagliardi, who is predicted to be an A-grade student, of being "obsessed" with after-school tuition and said that it called the police because the pupil was causing a "nuisance."... The student went to the library despite being banned from the premises for the day as a punishment for interrupting the school principal during a meeting --- to request extra revision sessions.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

N. Carolina refuses to compensate hundreds sterilized under eugenics program
RT - North Carolina has voted down the first attempt to compensate the victims of its eugenics program, one of 32 such programs that sterilized tens of thousands without their knowledge or consent across the US from the 1930s to the 1970s. Opponents cited budgetary restraints and concerns of setting an unfair precedent for other groups that claim to have been victimized as the main reasons for their vote, according to the Associated Press.

NAPOLITANO: Can Obama rewrite federal law?
Washington Times - Here we go again. Is the Constitution merely a guideline to be consulted by those it purports to regulate, or is it really the supreme law of the land? If it is just a guideline, then it is meaningless, as it only will be followed by those in government when it is not an obstacle to their purposes. If it is the supreme law of the land, what do we do when one branch of government seizes power from another and the branch that had its power stolen does nothing about it?

VIDEO: The Judge has some new thoughts on Obama\'s executive privilege - Judge Andrew Napolitano has had the night to digest the decision that Obama sprung on the nation yesterday, The Judge thinks there is something nefarious in the granting of Executive Privilege to documents related to Eric Holder and the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

VIDEO: Fox News Got An ‘Angry Phone Call’ From The White House After Airing An Attack Ad On President Obama
Business Insider - Last month, “Fox & Friends” produced this four-minute piece that came across as a hit piece on President Barack Obama and earned the network a ton of criticism — even from conservatives. Turns out the White House also wasn’t a fan of the piece. The New York Times reports this morning that the “Fox & Friends” piece earned the network an “angry phone call” from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Obama Hides Behind "Executive Privilege" In Damage Control Over "Fast and Furious"
Global Research - The federal government’s diabolical plan to "create crime" along the US border and then ride in as the savior with new gun restrictions – is now in retreat...
The House Oversight Committee hearings have put both Eric Holder and the White House on their back heels this morning, further fueling a scandal which has now forced the White House into a rear-guard action.

'Checkpoint of the future' takes shape at Texas airport
USA Today - At a terminal being renovated here at Love Field, contractors are installing 500 high-definition security cameras sharp enough to read an auto license plate or a logo on a shirt. The cameras, capable of tracking passengers from the parking garage to gates to the tarmac, are a key first step in creating what the airline industry would like to see at airports worldwide.... It's part of what the International Air Transport Association, or IATA, which represents airlines globally, calls "the checkpoint of the future."

YouTube: DEA head Michele Leonhart wins the coveted "Dumbest American" award
"I'm Just Asking You As An Expert Is Heroin Worse For Someone's Health Than Marijuana?"

VIDEO: Newly Released Footage Proves TSA Body Scanners Are Useless
Paul Joseph Watson - Newly released video shows engineer Jon Corbett passing through a TSA body scanner with a metal object sown inside his clothing, illustrating how the federal agency’s $1 billion dollar fleet of scanning machines are completely useless. Corbett performed the same stunt at both Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Cleveland-Hopkins, after which the TSA ordered both airports not to release footage of the incidents.

Miami law will ban "bath salts" zombie-drugs
RT - Zombie fears will soon be a thing of the past, Floridians! Commissioners in Miami, FL have approved a ban that will bar the selling of the synthetic “bath salt” drugs that are believed to turn users into flesh-starved psychopaths.

2012 Election News

VIDEO: Help stop election fraud and voting fraud to restore integrity in America
ToolsForJustice is working in partnership with Lawyers for Ron Paul,,, and acting as a private, secure, centralized clearinghouse to support all concerned citizens to enforce our voting rights and restore integrity to the election process by gathering evidence of election fraud and voting fraud through our members in our private forum.... We invite all concerned organizations to join us. Be part of this effort.

VIDEO: Mitt Romney Says He Could Wage War on Iran Without Congress’ Approval
Liberty Crier - On Face the Nation on Sunday, Mitt Romney said that if elected president he wouldn’t have to get congressional permission for a military strike on Iran.

YouTube: Ron Paul 2012: We the People Have the Power
Published on Jun 18, 2012 by RonPaul2008dotcom


Moody's downgrades 15 of the world's biggest banks
Press TV - Banks such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America were among the firms downgraded by the rating agency - a move that could require the banks to pony up billions in additional collateral to cover their derivatives transactions, and also make it more expensive for them to borrow.

Will Toledo, Ohio Be The First Major American City To Be Owned By China?
Economic Collapse - By running a gigantic trade deficit with us, China has been able to become incredibly wealthy. We have begged them to lend us back some of the money that we have sent them and this has made them even wealthier. Now China is gobbling up U.S. real estate and U.S. assets at an astounding pace. In fact, some cities are in danger of becoming completely dominated by Chinese ownership. One of those cities is Toledo, Ohio.

Housing Market

Woman Forcibly Removed From Home, In Spite Of Restraining Order Against Citibank
Consumerist - A woman in El Paso has been fighting foreclosure for several months, saying she was making payments and that Citibank was crediting them to an escrow account without telling her or explaining why. A federal court recently issued a temporary restraining order preventing the bank from foreclosing while the case is litigated, but that didn't stop county constables from forcibly removing her from her home last week. Related article/video here.

Energy & Environment

Experts find 30 trillion tons of toxic liquid injected into earth poisons ground water
Press TV - Over the past several decades, U.S. industries have injected more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquid deep into the earth, using broad expanses of the nation's geology as an invisible dumping ground. No company would be allowed to pour such dangerous chemicals into the rivers or onto the soil. But until recently, scientists and environmental officials have assumed that deep layers of rock beneath the earth would safely entomb the waste for millennia. There are growing signs they were mistaken.

US opens new areas of Gulf of Mexico to drilling
Raw Story - The US government offered up new areas of the central Gulf of Mexico for drilling for the first time since the 2010 BP oil spill and received $1.7 billion in winning bids, officials said Wednesday. Environmental groups tried to block the long-awaited sale by filing a lawsuit Tuesday arguing that it will endanger the already damaged ecosystem.


High intake of cholesterol shown to actually repair damaged brains
(NaturalNews) Including high-cholesterol foods as part of a healthy diet may not be the poor dietary choice we have all been told it is, suggests a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine. It turns out that cholesterol actually helps increase production of an important component of the nervous system that facilitates proper nerve cell communication, and prevents the onset of brain diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

MMR causes autism, proven in Italian court case
(NaturalNews) Whilst the mainstream medical profession deny the link between autism and the triple shot of measles, mumps and rubella, there have been many who have argued to the contrary. Statistics show the increases in autism correlate alarmingly with the introduction and uptake of the MMR vaccine. And Now in an Italian court, there has been a landmark ruling for a child whose parents claim that his autism was triggered by MMR.

The medicalization of childbirth
(NaturalNews) The assault on the infant begins with the invasive ultrasound. The FDA warned in 2004, "ultrasound is a form of energy, and even at low levels, laboratory studies have shown it can produce physical effect in tissue, such as jarring vibrations and a rise in temperature." These temperature increases can cause birth defects and result in central nervous system damage. A large randomized trial conducted by the RADIUS Study Group found the use of ultrasound did not result in improved outcome in pregnancies.

Samsonite luggage handles found to contain cancer chemical; company voluntarily recalls inventory
(NaturalNews)The world's largest luggage maker said recently it planned to replace handles on its American Tourister brand's Tokyo Chic inventory after claims some of the products contained excessive levels of potentially carcinogenic chemicals.

Pennsylvania residents beg to be poisoned with fluoride
(NaturalNews) A small Pennsylvania town that was in the process of ending its water fluoridation program appears to be reversing course, all because of a few local, and very vocal, residents that literally begged township supervisors to keep poisoning their water with toxic fluoride. According to the York Daily Record, a 4-1 vote by West Manheim Township supervisors to end water fluoridation has now been reversed, which means West Manheim Township could remain the only municipality in York Water Company's entire service area that fluoridates its water supply.

The Top 5 Toxic Home Cleaning Products and their Natural Alternatives
Activist Post - Home cleaning products are often overlooked when it comes to examining the toxic substances that may be currently present in your lifestyle. While food and water are more ‘obvious’ factors, toxic home cleaning products may also be taking a toll on your health. The EPA has even stated on record that indoor air pollution (with a shocking 12 different chemicals with irritant properties in the air at all times) is contributing to sickness and ill health.

New Hampshire Passes First State-Wide Fluoride Warning Law
Intel Hub - Beginning August 4, 2012, New Hampshire will require notification that 6-month-olds should not be routinely fed infant formula mixed with fluoridated water to avoid discoloring babies’ unerupted teeth (fluorosis), reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

12.8 Million Americans To Get Health Insurance Rebates
Consumerist - Good news for 12.8 million Americans — insurers will start doling out $1.1 billion in rebates to reimburse consumers for spending too much of premiums on overhead, instead of mostly on medical care. Today the Department of Health and Human Services announced the final refund amounts that health insurers will have to hand over, with the average family receiving $151 back as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Fidelity Investments Funding ‘Synthetic Biology’ Takeover of Life
Aaron Dykes - Lab-created artificial species will outnumber natural life 50-to-1, financial firm claims. In its latest effort, Fidelity Investments is aiming to drive billions of dollars of global finance capital into the emerging field of “synthetic biology”, using promotions and social media (as in its “Follow the Green Line” ad campaign) to raise interest. Fidelity is also trying to take on water shortage issues, “personalized medicine” and has partnered with the TED Talks (along with dozens of other firms) that have become a self-proclaimed authority on where technology is going. For Fidelity, it is part of an effort to bolster the firm’s image as responsible and innovative. But is it?

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Nature fights back - bugs devour GM Monsanto corn with a vengeance
(NaturalNews) Corn genetically engineered by Monsanto to kill western corn rootworm is reportedly being devoured by those pests with a vengeance.... The GM corn, launched in 2003, is engineered to produce a protein, known as Cry3Bb1, derived from a bacterium known as Bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt. In theory, rootworms ingest Bt corn roots and the protein is fatal. However, recent reports indicate that pesticide-resistant rootworms are showing up weeks earlier and more voraciously than ever.

Scotts Miracle-Gro sold bird seed contaminated with toxic poisons, class-action lawsuit seeks damages
(NaturalNews) Scotts Miracle-Gro, a popular household name in gardening and lawn care products, is the subject of a new class-action lawsuit that is seeking damages for the company's willful distribution and sale of bird seed products contaminated with toxic, unapproved insecticides. Courthouse News Service (CNS) reports that plaintiffs from Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Arkansas, Kentucky, and New Mexico have jointly filed the new suit, which follows an earlier suit in which Scotts Miracle-Gro pleaded guilty to knowingly selling poisoned bird seed to customers for over two years.

Pesticides Hit Bumblebee Reproduction
Zen Haven - Scientists already knew that neonicotinoid pesticides, which affect insects’ nervous systems, can alter bee behaviour, putting these vital pollinators, already threatened by habitat loss and disease, further at risk. This new piece of research shows that bumblebees with diets contaminated with levels of neonicotinoid pesticide typically found in the environment produce up to a third fewer offspring.


Today in History - Thursday - June 21, 2012

- The U.S. Constitution went into effect when New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify it.
1834 - Cyrus McCormick patented the first practical mechanical reaper for farming. His invention allowed farmers to more than double their crop size.
1859 - Andrew Lanergan received the first rocket patent.
1938 - In Washington, U.S. President Roosevelt signed the $3.75 billion Emergency Relief Appropriation Act.
1939 - Lou Gehrig quit baseball due to illness.
1941 - German troops entered Russia on a front from the Arctic to Black Sea.
1945 - Pan Am announced an 88-hour round-the-world flight at a cost of $700.
1954 - The American Cancer Society reported significantly higher death rates among cigarette smokers than among non-smokers.
1958 - In Arkansas, a federal judge let Little Rock delay school integration.
1963 - France announced that they were withdrawing from the North Atlantic NATO fleet.
1974 - The U.S. Supreme Court decided that pregnant teachers could no longer be forced to take long leaves of absence.
1985 - Scientists announced that skeletal remains exhumed in Brazil were those of Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele.
1989 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that burning the American flag as a form of political protest was protected by the First Amendment.
2001 - Former Haitian Army colonel Carl Dorelien taken into custody in Port St. Lucie. Dorelien had been in exile since 1994 when he was sentenced to life in prison for his role in a 1994 massacre.
2003 - The fifth Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," was published by J.K. Rowling. shipped out more than one million copies on this day making the day the largest distribution day of a single item in e-commerce history. The book set sales records around the world with an estimated 5 million copies were sold on the first day.
2004 - SpaceShipOne, designed by Burt Rutan and piloted by Mike Melvill, reached 328,491 feet above Earth in a 90 minute flight. The height is about 400 feet above the distance scientists consider to be the boundary of space.

World News

Palestinian village faces demolition by Israel - Palestinians in this hamlet have clung to their arid acres for decades, living without proper electricity or water while Israel provides both to Jewish settlers on nearby hills. But the end now seems near for Susiya: Demolition orders distributed last week by the Israelis aim to destroy virtually the entire village. Before it does, Israel could encounter an international complication: Several European countries, with traditional Israel ally Germany in the lead, have funded solar panels, wind turbines and wells to make life in area villages more bearable. A diplomatic incident may loom.

Top UK doctor’s chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year
Daily Mail - NHS doctors are prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they are difficult to manage or to free up beds, a senior consultant claimed yesterday. Professor Patrick Pullicino said doctors had turned the use of a controversial ‘death pathway’ into the equivalent of euthanasia of the elderly. He claimed there was often a lack of clear evidence for initiating the Liverpool Care Pathway, a method of looking after terminally ill patients that is used in hospitals across the country. It is designed to come into force when doctors believe it is impossible for a patient to recover and death is imminent.

Sweden on nuclear facility alert as explosives found at plant
RT - Sweden has raised the alert at all its nuclear facilities after bomb sniffer dogs discovered an explosive device in the back of a truck near Stockholm’s Ringhals atomic power station. Police are investigating the incident. Although the device lacked a detonator, officers have evacuated the area around the truck and are questioning the driver. Initial reports point to sabotage, with no immediate suspects.

Assad could be given clemency if he agrees for a UN-backed political transition in Syria
Guardian - Britain and America are willing to offer the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, safe passage – and even clemency – as part of a diplomatic push to convene a UN-sponsored conference in Geneva on political transition in Syria.

Syria denies war games with Russia, China, Iran-Ifax
MOSCOW, June 19 (Reuters) - An adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has denied an Iranian media report that Syria would host Russian, Chinese and Iranian military forces for joint exercises, the Russian news agency Interfax reported on Tuesday.... "There will be nothing like that. This is one of those (pieces of) false information that are distributed about (Syria)," Interfax quoted Bouthaina Shabaan, an adviser to Assad who was in Moscow on Tuesday, as saying.

Russian ship carrying helicopters to Syria turns back
Washington Post - A Russian ship carrying attack helicopters to the Syrian government turned back toward home Tuesday after its London-based insurance carrier canceled coverage, following a warning from the British government that the delivery would violate European Union sanctions.

Hosni Mubarak in coma, but off life support
RT - Egyptian security officials report former president Hosni Mubarak remains in a coma but has been taken off life support systems he was on after heart failure Tuesday night. His heart and other vital organs are said to be functioning properly.

Starving Greeks queue for food handouts amid economic crisis
Press TV - This comes as the recession-bound country is hit hard by rising unemployment and crippling austerity measures. Native Greeks, immigrants, the elderly and children stood in a queue on Wednesday to receive vegetable handout from a coalition of farmers in Athens. “We won’t solve any feeding problems, but we’re starting to show solidarity, a display of Greek solidarity that shows we’re united in these tough times,” Euronews quoted one charity worker as saying on Wednesday.

'Germany still owes Greece wartime reparations'
ATHENS - Reuters - Greece's new leaders may want to renegotiate the country's 130 billion euro bailout package with Germany and other lenders but a veteran icon of Greek resistance is pursuing a more ambitious goal with Berlin. Manolis Glezos, an 89-year-old leftist politicians famed for climbing up to the Acropolis in May 1941 and tearing down the Nazi occupiers' swastika flag, says Germany still owes Greece more in wartime reparations than the entire cost of the bailout.

More Icelandic bankers arrested
Ice News - Iceland’s special prosecutor into the banking crisis has confirmed that raids have taken place today and that arrests have been made. The Central Bank of Iceland is among the institutions under investigation. Special Prosecutor, Olafur Thor Hauksson told that house searches are taking place in at least three places today as part of investigations into the central bank, MP Bank and Straumur Bank.

90 Million Workers Won't Be Needed By 2020, Study Says
Huffington Post - Between 90 and 95 million low-skill workers -- or 2.6 percent of the global workforce -- will not be needed by employers by 2020 and will be vulnerable to permanent joblessness, according to a report released Thursday by the McKinsey Global Institute.

Humanity at the Height of Folly: Nuclear Power and Earthquake Zones
Activist Post - We have heard much about Japan’s Fukushima Unit 4 nuclear spent fuel pool and the huge amount of radioactivity that could be released if that pool were to go dry, crack, fall apart or collapse (1; 2). As former Japanese diplomat to the United Nations, Akio Matsumura, recently warned the world.... If political leaders understand the situation and the potential catastrophe, I find it difficult to understand why they remain silent. The following leaves little to question...

U.S. News, Politics & Government

WH rejects requests for 'targeted killing' papers
AP - The Obama administration has rejected requests from The New York Times and the American Civil Liberties Union seeking information about its "targeted killing" program against suspected terrorists, saying the release of the requested documents would harm national security. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Times and the ACLU sought records regarding the legal justifications for the alleged U.S. government killing of U.S. citizens and others associated with al-Qaida and other terrorist groups.

VIDEO: House Bill Introduced to Ban EPA Spy Flights
Kurt Nimmo - Legislation introduced as establishment media claims drone report is “bogus.” House Republicans have introduced legislation that would prevent the EPA from conducting aerial drone surveillance of American farms under the guise of enforcing the Clean Water Act. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito’s bill would force the EPA to get written consent, give public notice, and provide evidence that the Clean Water Act is being violated, according to The Hill.

New NSA docs contradict 9/11 claims
Salon - Over 120 CIA documents concerning 9/11, Osama bin Laden and counterterrorism were published today for the first time, having been newly declassified and released to the National Security Archive. The material contains much new information about the hunt before and after 9/11 for bin Laden, the development of the drone campaign in AfPak, and al-Qaida’s relationship with America’s ally, Pakistan. Perhaps most damning are the documents showing that the CIA had bin Laden in its cross hairs a full year before 9/11 — but didn’t get the funding from the Bush administration White House to take him out or even continue monitoring him.

Obama bars Congress from obtaining Fast and Furious papers
RT - In the midst of an investigation being spearheaded by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, President Obama once more departed from his campaign promise of a transparent presidency by granting executive privilege on behalf of Holder early Wednesday to keep Congress from obtaining documents involved in the gunwalking scheme. The House committee was considering charging Holder with being in contempt of Congress for refusing to release documents to the panel, to which the White House responded on Wednesday by allowing the attorney general to go ahead with his refusal.

VIDEO: Fast and Furious scandal: House panel votes to hold Eric Holder in contempt
Washington Post - The panel’s actions will be reported to the full House, where Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and GOP leaders have scheduled a floor vote for next week unless Holder hands over the documents before then. If passed by the House, the matter would then move to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, Ronald C. Machen Jr., who is an employee of the Justice Department.

2012 Election News

Ron Paul's Route To Convention Chaos: The Vice Presidential Nomination
Huffington Post - An obscure rule change made four years ago by the Republican Party has opened the door for Paul forces to cause a major headache for Mitt Romney... The Republican National Committee could change Rule 40 in the week leading up to the convention, but that would risk the appearance of jamming Romney's nominee through, and likely cause a subsequent backlash. Republican officials are still waking up to the fact that Paul loyalists -- who control the majority of delegates in Maine, Minnesota and Iowa, and have sizable contingents in a number of other states -- could very likely enter Paul's name into nomination for vice president.

Jesse Benton Keeps Ron Paul from Attending Another Grassroots Event
Liberty Chat - Jesse Benton, the man famous for his work in Borat & Bruno, has made another genius decision. This one will keep Ron Paul away from yet another major grassroots event. When asked about Ron Paul events in Tampa, Jesse says “Ron Paul will avoid events where his campaign doesn’t set the tone and message. The event at the fairgrounds is being held by Paul supporters who aren’t affiliated with the campaign”. Jesse will instead help to divide the movement by holding a separate event the same weekend as PaulFest , an event grassroots supporters have been working on since March.

YouTube: Ron Paul on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe'
MSNBC News June 20, 2012.

IDAHO and OREGON State and District Conventions June 21st-23rd
Daily Paul - Important information for Idaho and Oregon delegates.

VIDEO: Ron Paul Short Film "Elektable" World Premiere Thursday, June 28th, 7PM
Daily Paul - This is the first of several promotional videos that are being shared to get the word out about this world class piece. I hope you guys love this broader glimpse. Please help me up the subscribers to my channel, as that will be the easiest way to get the word out over the next few weeks. Many more details coming soon.

Corporations Have Feelings (A Short Story by the GOP)
Press TV - In the upside-down world of regressive Republicanism, McConnell thinks proposed legislation requiring companies to disclose their campaign spending would stifle their free speech. He describes the current push to disclose the sources behind campaign contributions as a “political weapon,” used by the Democrats, “to expose its critics to harassment and intimidation.” Harassment and intimidation? It used to be called accountability to shareholders and consumers.

Veteran News

The Economic Abuse Of Veterans In America
Activist Post - The mistreatment of veterans is often examined with shock and dismay, primarily because the general public cannot fathom why federal, state, and local governments would work against men and women who once served their interests. However, when one understands that the establishment system views veterans as a political and social threat, a cultural base that is respected by average citizens and carries weight when exposing corruption, the abusive actions of the oligarchy make perfect sense.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

VIDEO: Occupy activists protest genetically modified foods
Press TV - Dressed in contamination suits and waving around boxes of children’s cereal they say are pumped with Genetically Modified Organisms, protesters planted themselves outside of the International BIO Convention in Boston to fight against a week-long meeting of mega-companies and biotechnology firms.


SocGen: Gold Could Surge Over 500%
Business Insider - In the report, SocGen discusses the historical relationship between the price of gold and the U.S. monetary base. The SocGen team writes that “if gold catches up with the increase in the monetary base since 1920 (as it did in the early 80s), its price would rise to USD 8500/Oz,” adding that just “to close the gap with the monetary base increase since July 2007, gold would have to rise to $1,900/oz, assuming full transmission from the monetary base increase to the gold price.”

Who Destroyed the Middle Class
The Burning Platform - The Federal Reserve released its Survey of Consumer Finances last week. It’s a fact filled 80 page report they issue every three years to provide a financial snapshot of American households. ...the impact of the worldwide financial collapse has been catastrophic to most of the households in the U.S. A 39% decline in median net worth over a three year time frame is almost incomprehensible. Even worse, the decline has surely continued for the average American household through 2012 as home prices have continued to fall.

Housing Market

For Billionaires Only: Uncle Sam's Real Estate Fire Sale
New American June 14, 2012 - “The largest transfer of wealth from the public to private sector is about to begin. The federal government will be bulk-selling the massive portfolio of foreclosed homes now owned by HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to private investors — vulture funds.” So warned Roger Arnold, chief economist for ALM Advisors of Pasadena, California, in a column for RealMoney on August 11, 2011, that first lifted the lid on this latest colossal scandal to come out of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. “These homes,” wrote Arnold, “which are now the property of the U.S. government, the U.S. taxpayer, U.S. citizens collectively, are going to be sold to private investor conglomerates at extraordinarily large discounts to real value. You and I will not be allowed to participate...”

Energy & Environment

Fraudulent Normalization of Chemtrails Continues
Before It's News - Here’s the latest installment of an escalating disinformation campaign to “acclimate” the populace to the aerial spraying program under way for years in many parts of the world. An increasing number of articles with supposed scientists conjecturing “what if” scenarios where a whited sky by metallic particles “might” help mitigate global warming have appeared lately. This is also the second time the Daily Mail has published a chemtrail admission article claiming these spreading consistent chemical trails are some kind of natural phenomenon due to commercial jets and atmospheric conditions.


Health Basics; how the media lies about supplements
(NaturalNews) How does the Media lie? How do the major networks mislead you into buying things you normally wouldn't buy, or NOT buying things you would regularly buy? How does the media convince you so well, to change your mind and spend money supporting the wrong causes, the wrong "cures," and worst of all, the wrong food and medicine?

Top four causes of degenerative disease
(NaturalNews) Some people might say that the greatest threat to human health is fear, an inability to forgive and a lack of love in our heart. In addition, many health experts simply warn us about the dangers of genetically-engineered foods, chemtrails and over-exposure to radioactive isotopes. Today, let's look at four (basic) areas that could be putting you at risk for disease

Medicaid on brink of financial collapse in Illinois and other states
(NaturalNews) A recent Reuters report explains that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, for instance, has signed into law a string of new bills that will supposedly trim roughly $2.7 billion from his state's Medicaid's expenditures in order to keep the program going. Representing a whopping 39 percent of the entire state's general budget, Medicaid in Illinois is currently an enormous drain on the system, especially because hospitals and healthcare providers often, greatly over-bill for services and drugs dispensed under the program.

Sun exposure reduces pancreatic cancer risk by nearly 50 percent
(NaturalNews) The health benefits of vitamin D are almost becoming too numerous to count, with yet another new study presented at the recent American Association for Cancer Research Pancreatic Cancer Conference in Lake Tahoe, Nev., shedding light on the hormone's specific anti-cancer benefits. According to the groundbreaking research, individuals exposed to natural sunlight, which is the most abundant source of natural vitamin D, are nearly 50 percent less likely to develop pancreatic cancer than others who are not exposed.

Use Native American favorite bee balm plants for healing and cooking
(NaturalNews) Bee balm plants are a showy and fragrant group of plants indigenous to northeastern North America which have long been prized for their medicinal and culinary properties as well as showy flowers which attract hummingbirds and butterflies.... The Blackfoot Indians recognized the plants' strong antiseptic properties and used bee balm poultices for skin infections and minor wounds. Bee balm tea was used to treat mouth and throat infections caused by dental caries and gingivitis. The Winnebago used a tea made from bee balm as a general stimulant. Bee balm was also used as a carminative herb and an infusion of crushed bee balm leaves in boiling water has been used to treat headaches and fevers.

Research: Foods/Spices Slow, Perhaps Reverse Alzheimer's
Green Med Info - Did you know that so-called “incurable” neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed, if not also partially reversed?

Helpful Tips For Healing A Gluten-Ravaged Body
Green Med Info - Many of us ate wheat and gluten-containing products from infanthood into adulthood, unaware of the many adverse health effects that came with this socially–sanctioned dietary practice, until our bodies forced us to fully appreciate the darker side of wheat. Now, having thrust a baguette into the glutinous heart of the wheat monster, many of us have bodies that are still recovering from its ravages.

Aspirin's Mostly Unrecognized Connection to Serious Medical Problems
Dr. Mercola - Nearly ten years ago, Dr. John G. F. Cleland, a cardiologist from the University of Hull in the U.K., wrote an excellent article published in the British Journal of Medicinei casting doubt upon the efficacy of aspirin therapy for prevention of heart attacks. Based on a series of meta-analyses from the Antithrombotic Trialists' Collaborationii, which is an enormous body of research following more than 100,000 patients at high risk for cardiac events, Dr. Cleland concluded aspirin therapy was NOT shown to save lives. He made the following main points...

Breaking News: We Win Major Concession on New Supplement Guidance
ANH - After adamantly digging in its heals and refusing to reconsider, FDA has now at last agreed that the draft NDI guidance requires substantial revision. This follows a meeting between FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg and Mike Taylor, Deputy Commissioner of Foods, with Senators Harkin and Hatch, longtime champions of natural health. According to our sources, the FDA stated in the meeting that the guidance would be revised to account for the numerous comments and concerns, and released in draft form once again, which will then be open for public comment. This is exactly what we asked for!

PLU Codes Do Not Indicate Genetically Modified Produce
Huffington Post - Let's put a rumor to rest. No, the 5-digit PLU codes on produce do not tell you what is genetically modified or natural. This urban legend has circulated long enough, even on the best of websites. It's time to take it down.

MSG Hidden in Variety of Foods and Contributing To Illness
Green Med Info - Despite common perception, the toxic food additive MSG is everywhere - not just in Chinese food! This taste enhancer is actually hidden under dozens of ingredient names in all sorts of processed foods, restaurant foods, beverages, chewing gums, vitamins and supplements. It is added to foods in higher dosages than ever before, and more and more people are experiencing symptoms.

Science & Technology

CISPA sponsor: Obama will back down from his veto promise
Daily Dot - Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), the U.S. Representative responsible for introducing the Cyber Intelligence Security Protection Act to Congress, said that President Obama will sign the bill if it passes the Senate, despite an earlier White House promise to veto.

Malware Wars: Software Vendor Claims CIA and NSA Infiltrated Microsoft
Kurt Nimmo - Discounts possibility Microsoft worked with intelligence agencies to attack Iran’s oil and nuclear industries. According to Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of antivirus and security software vendor F-Secure, U.S. intelligence infiltrated Microsoft’s core Windows and application development programming teams in order to spread the Stuxnet, Dugu, and Flame viruses.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Is GMO Farming Poisoning The World's Drinking Water?
Green Med Info - GMO farming practices heavily dependent upon glyphosate herbicide formulations such as Roundup have serious, unintended adverse effects on human and environmental health. New research indicates glyphosate does not break down rapidly, as the manufacturer claimed, but is accumulating in the groundwater -the source for most of the world's drinking water.

Today in History - Wednesday - June 20, 2012
1793 - Eli Whitney applied for a cotton gin patent. He received the patent on March 14. The cotton gin initiated the American mass-production concept.
1837 - Queen Victoria ascended the British throne following the death of her uncle, King William IV.
1863 - West Virginia became the 35th state to join the U.S.
1863 - The National Bank of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA, became the first bank to receive a charter from the U.S. Congress.
1898 - The U.S. Navy seized the island of Guam enroute to the Phillipines to fight the Spanish.
1910 - Mexican President Porfirio Diaz proclaimed martial law and arrested hundreds.
1923 - France announced it would seize the Rhineland to assist Germany in paying its war debts.
1941 - The U.S. Army Air Force was established, replacing the Army Air Corps.
1943 - Race-related rioting erupted in Detroit. Federal troops were sent in two days later to end the violence that left more than 30 dead.
1947 - Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was murdered in Beverly Hills, CA, at the order of mob associates angered over the soaring costs of his project, the Flamingo resort in Las Vegas, NV.
1955 - The AFL and CIO agreed to combine names and a merge into a single group.
1963 - The United States and Soviet Union signed an agreement to set up a hot line communication link between the two countries.
1977 - The Trans-Alaska Pipeline began operation.
1979 - ABC News correspondent Bill Stewart was shot to death in Managua, Nicaragua, by a member of President Anastasio Somoza's national guard.
1983 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employers must treat male and female workers equally in providing health benefits for their spouses.
1997 - The tobacco industry agreed to a massive settlement in exchange for major relief from mounting lawsuits and legal bills.
2002 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the execution of mentally retarded murderers was unconstitutionally cruel. The vote was 6 in favor and 3 against.

World News

‘Kuwait court declares parliament polls illegal’
Press TV - Kuwait’s constitutional court has declared legislative elections illegal, reinstating last parliament dissolved by Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah in December, according to reports. "The court declared that the Emir decree that called for the 2012 election was unconstitutional and ordered reinstating the previous assembly," AFP quoted Kuwait’s state-run news agency, KUNA, as reporting. Related article here.

Report: 15,000 American forces stationed in Kuwait: Senate account
Press TV - A US Senate report indicates that the United States has now nearly 15,000 troops in three bases across Kuwait- - triple the average number of American forces in the Middle Eastern country before the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee released the report on Tuesday, considering how to promote the US interests in the Persian Gulf region after the American forces left Iraq last year.

Olympic sponsor scraps ‘slave shoes’
Press TV - London Olympics sponsor Adidas has been forced to scrap Olympic-time ‘slave shoes’ that could add to the shame from explosive revelations that the clothing it is producing for the games are prepared in near-slavery conditions in Indonesian sweatshops.

Armed groups in Syria receive weapons from Israel: Reports
Press TV - Armed gangs in Syria have been receiving Israel-made weapons found in Latakia Province near the border with Turkey, Press TV has learned. The revelation comes days after the Syrian army regained control over the northwestern Syrian village of al-Haffeh in Latakia, at the request of the local residents.

Syria, Iran, Russia and China Reportedly Plan War Game
Kurt Nimmo - Media outlets in Iran are reporting that Iran plans to participate in a war game with Russia, China and Syria in the near future and preparations will be carried out in the next few days. Syria’s Arabic language ShamLife website added that the preparations are progressing at an “accelerated pace” and will likely occur within a month. ShamLife reported that 90,000 troops from the four countries will participate in the exercise along with 400 aircraft, 1,000 tanks and a large number of rockets. Syria will test its air and coastal defenses during the exercise.

Unjustified killing: UN wants US drone attacks explained
RT - A UN investigator has called on Washington to provide justification for the increasingly widespread use of military drones to carry out targeted killings. He says drone attacks, which take innocent civilian lives, may be violating international law.... Washington should clarify the legal basis for the policy of killing suspected Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders and associates rather than trying to capture them, Christof Heyns, Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, said in a report. The 28-page document addressed to the UN Human Rights Council was released ahead of the body’s debate on the issue in Geneva.

U.S., Israel developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say
Washington Post - The United States and Israel jointly developed a sophisticated computer virus nicknamed Flame that collected critical intelligence in preparation for cyber-sabotage attacks aimed at slowing Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon, according to Western officials with knowledge of the effort. The massive piece of malware was designed to secretly map Iran’s computer networks and monitor the computers of Iranian officials, sending back a steady stream of intelligence used to enable an ongoing cyberwarfare campaign, according to the officials.

Tahrir Square fills again as protesters contest Egypt's military rule
CS Monitor June 19, 2012 - Thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square Tuesday to protest a move by Egypt’s military rulers to limit the authority of the incoming president and extend their own power past the end of this month, when they had promised a full handover to a civilian government.... Protesters decried the military's power grab. "This is a military coup against the people," said protester Galal Osman. "We want the president that we elected to have all the powers of his office. We want to write a constitution without the military interfering. You can't have 19 unelected men subverting the will of the people."

Debt crisis: Greek government will be forced to seek third bail-out
Telegraph - Greece is expected to ask for a third international bail-out agreement as soon as a government is formed, ramping up the pressure on Germany and Brussels to back the eurozone or break it.

Debt crisis: Spain and Italy to be bailed out in £600bn deal
Telegraph - European leaders are poised to announce a £600?billion deal to bail out Spain and Italy, it emerged at the G20 summit on Tuesday night. Two rescue funds are to be used to buy the debts of the troubled economies, the cost of which have reached record highs in recent weeks. It is hoped that the move, which represents a substantial shift in policy for Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, will send a strong signal to financial markets that Europe’s biggest economy is finally prepared to back its weaker neighbours.

Globalist Control Freaks Worried About European Secessionist Movements
Kurt Nimmo - Business Insider posted an article the other day breaking down the various secessionist movements in the United Kingdom and Europe. If Scotland manages to get out of the United Kingdom, it will serve as an example for potential breakaways in Spain, Belgium, Serbia and even France, according to the website. Sovereign and political independence represents a big problem for the EU centralization scheme and the bureaucrats are freaking out. If Scotland is allowed out of the UK, dozens of other ethnic and political factions around Europe may try to get out from under the globalist arrangement.

GLOBAL ELITES THROWN OUT OF ICELAND: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers - Last week 9 people were arrested in London and Reykjavik for their possible responsibility for Iceland’s financial collapse in 2008, a deep crisis which developed into an unprecedented public reaction that is changing the country’s direction.

WHO Declares American Weight Problem Draining World’s Resources
Activist Post - Researchers at the BMC Public Health have published a study regarding the increasing levels of “fatness” worldwide and the impact such weight gain has on global resources. They contend that over-weight people are likening to an extra billion humans born on the planet.

UN Official Declares: Western Nations 'Don't Need More Cars, More TVs'
CNS News - United Nations Development Programme head Helen Clark told AFP in an interview: “So the issue is how to get human development that will see it continue to rise for the world’s poorest people and people in developing countries. Because frankly human development in the West – we don’t need more cars, more TV, whatever. Our needs are by and large satisfied, although the recession has put a lot of strains on that.”

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Obama Extends National Emergency Over Russian Nuke Material
RIA Novosti - U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered a one-year extension of the U.S. national emergency over Russian atomic material suitable for use in nuclear weapons. Obama submitted a notice of the extension for publication in the U.S. Federal Register on Monday. “The accumulation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material in the territory of the Russian Federation continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States,” Obama said in a message to the U.S. Congress accompanying the notice.

This Chart Shows The Terrifying Power Of Modern Nuclear Bombs
Business Insider - This infographic designed by Maximilian Bode and posted on illustrates the terrifying power of today's nuclear bombs. Each red block represents a ton of TNT. It breaks down the difference between bombs of the past, such as the Little Boy dropped at Hiroshima, and ones more recently detonated by the U.S., like the Castle Bravo.

Call to Action: NDAA Resolution Presented to OH Sheriff; Immediate Support Needed
Activist Post - On June 1st, the largest anti NDAA organization, PANDA, mobilized in over 25 states across the nation. This showed that We the People will not stand idly by and watch as our country is torn apart by unconstitutional legislation, tyrannical government, and the swift slide towards an American Police State. It is now time for our first major action. The Wood County, OH Sheriff, Mark Wasylyshyn, has been presented with a resolution (PDF) on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

NC Senator Phil Berger Refuses to Take Action on Nullify-NDAA, Betrays His Constituents!
Intel Hub - Note: We Are Change NC and USWGO are going to confront Sen. Berger on July 9th 2012 and have his remarks on video as to why he betrayed his 216+ constituents. 221 signatures are on the petition with 3-5 found to not be actual constituents but still Americans against the NDAA.

NSA: It Would Violate Your Privacy to Say if We Spied on You
Wired News - The surveillance experts at the National Security Agency won’t tell two powerful United States Senators how many Americans have had their communications picked up by the agency as part of its sweeping new counterterrorism powers. The reason: it would violate your privacy to say so. That claim comes in a short letter sent Monday to civil libertarian Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall.

Father Accuses Texas Teachers Of Ordering A “Code Red” On His Six-Year-Old Son
Smoking Gun - Two Texas elementary school teachers are under criminal investigation for disciplining a six-year-old “bully” by making the boy’s fellow kindergarten students strike him in a gauntlet as an educator instructed the children to “hit him” and “hit him harder,” police allege.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul insurgents seize control of state Republican parties
Published on Jun 19, 2012 by RonPaulFriends.

VIDEO: Rachel Maddow: Mitt Romney Is Using His Ex-Contenders Against Ron Paul to Neutralize Paul Factor - The Rachel Maddow show explains how Ron Paul is still a factor in the presidential race. Will there be a showdown in Tampa at the RNC?

YouTube: Ron Paul CNN Interview 06/19/12
CNN Wolf Blitzer interviews Ron Paul on the RNC lawsuit, Romney endorsement, RNC convention...

YouTube: Ron Paul floor speech on Syria
Published on Jun 19, 2012 by Congressman Ron Paul. Full text: included.

Veteran News

VIDEO: WWII Veteran Being Forced Out of Home and Forced to Exhume Wife’s Body: Needs Your Help
Oath Keepers - "This is the most disgusting, callous, brutal, and unjust treatment of a WWII veteran by the “justice” system we have ever heard of." Warren C. Bodeker is an 89 year old World War II Army Airborne combat veteran and war hero, living in Montana, who is being thrown off of his own land and thrown out of his own house, by Montana Federal Bankruptcy Trustee, Christy Brandon, with the approval of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Montana. And to make matters worse, Warren’s wife Lorna just died of cancer this past year, and is buried there on their land, right next to the house.


Young households ‘crushed’ by recession
NY Post - Young US households — those aged 35-to-44 — lost a stunning 59 percent of their wealth during the recession, a government report released yesterday revealed. That’s the stiffest hit of any age group, said the report from the US Census Bureau. The age group — typically struggling with mortgages, tuition bills and rising tax bills — makes up the backbone of America’s middle class.

19 Reasons to Start Preparing for a Global Economic Collapse
Activist Post - The European financial system is falling apart and it is going to go down hard. If Europe was going to be saved it would have happened by now. The big money insiders have already pulled their funds from vulnerable positions and they are ready to ride out the coming chaos. Over the next few months the slow motion train wreck currently unfolding in Europe will continue to play out and things will likely really start really heating up in the fall once summer vacations are over.

What credit card firm attracts the most complaints? New consumer agency launches tell-all website
Bob Sullivan - Despite vocal opposition from the financial industry, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday launched a website that allows consumers to browse through complaints filed against large financial companies. Website users can see the name of the company targeted by each complaint, the nature of the issue, the company response -- including timeliness -- and the zip code of the complainer.

YouTube: Man Calls JPMorgan Chase CEO A Crook To His Face
CNN June 13, 2012 - JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is confronted by angry protesters at a Senate Banking Committee hearing.


Eating This Feeds Bacteria That Can Poke Holes Through Your Gut
Dr. Mercola - Azithromycin (Zithromax) is a macrolide antibiotic used in the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections, and sexually transmitted diseases. It's known for having unpleasant side effects such as skin rashes, itching, allergic or anaphylactic reactions, and severe, watery diarrhea.... Most recently, research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that azithromycin increases your chances of dying from a cardiovascular event by a whopping 250 percent within the first five days of usage, compared to those who took amoxicillin. This is nearly the same as that for Vioxx, which killed 60,000 people and was voluntarily removed from the market nearly eight years ago.

Folic acid supplementation improves arterial elasticity to lower heart attack risk
(NaturalNews) Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of ten studies that included 2,052 people set to determine the effect of folic acid on heart health. Past meta-analysis studies found in the journal Clinical Nutrition determined that folic acid lowers stroke risk by 12 percent, again by lowering homocysteine levels in the blood and reducing artery wall thickening.

The invisible threat that pulls apart DNA, causing genetic disorders and cancer
(NaturalNews) We are all exposed to electromagnetic radiation constantly on a daily basis from mobile phones, Wifi hot spots, power lines and electrical appliances. The sources of this pollution are many and varied, each having its own range of wavelength, frequency and intensity. How does the artificial electromagnetic soup that we bathe in every day affect our most precious gift, our DNA?

Mediterranean diet not only prevents heart disease and diabetes and improves quality of life
(NaturalNews) Spanish researchers from the University of Las Palmas have published the result of a study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that shows how the Mediterranean diet with healthy protein sources including fish, olive oil and nuts can improve mental and physical health, as well as overall quality of life. The lead study author, Dr. Patricia Henriquez-Sanchez commented "The progressive aging of the population in developed countries makes it even more interesting to find out those factors that can increase quality of life and the health of the population."

Healthy oils suppress Breast Cancer
(NaturalNews) The healthiest oils for Breast Cancer suppression are Omega 6's and the proper source of Omega 3's. The World Health Organization recommends a healthy ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 to be between 5:1 to 10:1. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a research paper about the effects of the improper ratio on Breast Cancer. They found that diets that were high in Omega 6 actually stimulated the growth and spread of Breast Cancer cells.

Updated EWG's 2012 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce
EWG - This year we have expanded the Dirty Dozen with a Plus category to highlight two crops -- green beans and leafy greens, meaning, kale and collard greens - that did not meet traditional Dirty Dozen criteria but were commonly contaminated with highly toxic organophosphate insecticides. These insecticides are toxic to the nervous system and have been largely removed from agriculture over the past decade. But they are not banned and still show up on some food crops.

Calif. gov. urges flammability standards changes
AP - Gov. Jerry Brown is calling for changes to state flammability standards for upholstered furniture in an effort to reduce the use of what he says are toxic flame retardants.... Supporters of the governor's move say in addition to harming human health, the retardants are ineffective at preventing fires.

Science & Technology

If you sell your used iPad, you may be a copyright criminal, says U.S. Supreme Court
(NaturalNews) There is another copyright battle emerging over intellectual property, and this time you, John or Jane Q. Citizen, could be smack-dab in the middle of it, for one of the most innocuous acts you could imagine - selling your used iPad. At present the U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to rule on a case that will affect whether you can sell that iPad of yours, or any of dozens of other products, without first getting permission from scores of "copyright holders," The Atlantic magazine reported.

Scientists Genetically Engineered Cows to Produce Human Breast Milk
Susanne Posel - A new level of genetically modified food has been successfully created, as scientists have revealed their calf whose milk can be consumed by lactose intolerant humans, and another genetically engineered cow whose milk contains a synthetic “healthy” fat found in fish. Chinese scientists injected human genes into over 300 dairy cows to control the properties of the milk produced. Those modified cows produced milk with similar properties to human breast milk.

FBI wants to ban new Internet protocol
RT - According to report filed this week by Cnet’s Declan McCullagh, the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and Royal Canadian Mounted Police officials have jointly asked Internet representatives that traceability features be enabled with IPv6 that will allow federal agents to identify suspected cybercriminals with the same kind of ease evident with IPv4.

Facebook Buys Facial Recognition Startup
Reuters - makes technology that can identify people in photos and even guess a person’s age. The company makes mobile-friendly products such as a developer API and an iOS camera application called KLIK that uses facial recognition technology to help users automatically tag Facebook friends in photos. KLIK, according to third-party Facebook app tracking service AppData, has 40,000 monthly active Facebook users.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, destroys woman's edible landscaping with over 100 varieties of medicinal plants
(NaturalNews) Denise Morrison was in full compliance with local laws concerning her garden, and yet city officials proceeded to both violate a court order, and willfully deny Denise of her legal right to grow food on her own property by illegally destroying it.... Denise has since filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city for tyrannizing her and destroying her personal property. Some of her supporters have also set up a petition demanding that the City of Tulsa replant her garden, compensate her for all losses, and apologize to her for their illegal activities against her (

Pet News

Threats of Lawsuit to Pet Food Blogger in Spain
Susan Thixton - A fellow pet food safety advocate in Spain sent me a disturbing email this morning. She shared she was threatened with lawsuit (attorney for pet food importer in Spain) if she didn't remove the posts on her blog mentioning the Taste of the Wild pet food recall.

Today in History - Tuesday - June 19, 2012
1862 - U.S. President Abraham Lincoln outlined his Emancipation Proclamation, which outlawed slavery in U.S. territories.
1865 - The emancipation of slaves was proclaimed in Texas.
1867 - In New York, the Belmont Stakes was run for the first time.
1910 - The first Father's Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington.
1912 - The U.S. government established the 8-hour work day.
1934 - The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration was established.
1934 - The U.S. Congress established the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The commission was to regulate radio and TV broadcasting (later).
1939 - In Atlanta, GA, legislation was enacted that disallowed pinball machines in the city.
1942 - British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrived in Washington, DC, to discuss the invasion of North Africa with U.S. President Roosevelt.
1943 - Henry Kissinger became a naturalized United States citizen.
1944 - The U.S. won the battle of the Philippine Sea against the Imperial Japanese fleet.
1951 - U.S. President Harry S. Truman signed the Universal Military Training and Service Act, which extended Selective Service until July 1, 1955 and lowered the draft age to 18.
1958 - In Washington, DC, nine entertainers refused to answer a congressional committee's questions on communism.
1961 - Kuwait regained complete independence from Britain.
1964 - The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was approved after surviving an 83-day filibuster in the U.S. Senate.
1968 - 50,000 people marched on Washington, DC. to support the Poor People's Campaign.
1973 - The Case-Church Amendment prevented further U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia.
1981 - The European Space Agency sent two satellites into orbit from Kourou, French Guiana.
1983 - Lixian-nian was chosen to be China's first president since 1969.
1987 - The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Louisiana law that required that schools teach creationism.
1998 - Gateway was fined more than $400,000 for illegally shipping personal computers to 16 countries subject to U.S. export controls.
1998 - A study released said that smoking more than doubles risks of developing dementia and Alzheimer's.
1998 - Switzerland's three largest banks offered $600 million to settle claims they'd stolen the assets of Holocaust victims during World War II. Jewish leaders called the offer insultingly low.
2000 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a group prayer led by students at public-school football games violated the 1st Amendment's principle that called for the separation of church and state.

World News

Back for seconds: School dinner blog gets a million hits as nine-year-old Scottish author is inundated with global meal pictures
Daily Mail - Nine-year-old Martha Payne started posting photographs of the pathetic plates of food she was offered at school and rated them as part of a writing project she and her father started. It sparked a media storm and over the past few weeks her blog NeverSeconds has attracted a million hits, while children from America to Taiwan, Japan and Spain have emailed shots of the food they have to endure. Related article here.

Israel deploys tanks near Egypt border violating Camp David accord
Press TV - Two Israeli tanks have been spotted moving toward the border fence on Monday. Both Egypt and Israel are obliged to keep the area demilitarized under the Camp David Accord. The move comes just hours after an Israeli man was killed in a cross-border attack, after which Israel launched an airstrike on the Gaza strip, killing two Palestinians.

MAP: Big Powers Move In On Syria: WW3 Set To Blow?
WRH - As we saw in Iceland, and Egypt, and historically in the French, Russian, and American revolutions, popular uprisings start in the core of the nation, in the big cities. The millions of Egyptians in Tahrir square have no parallel in Damascus. As the "activity map" shows, the so-called Free Syria army are infiltrating from outside Syria, along the paths indicated by the blue arrows. This map proves that the conflict in Syria is not a popular uprising but an attempted overthrow by outside parties.

Proposed international trade rules would give corporations the power to overrule governments
(NaturalNews) According to a report from the Citizens Trade Campaign (CTC), a "national coalition of environmental, labor, consumer, family farm, religious, and other civil society groups founded in 1992 to improve the North American Free Trade Agreement," transnational corporations would be given unprecedented authority to resolve trade disputes.

UK soldiers sacked days before pension date
London Telegraph They have raised suspicions that the Army, which has just axed 3,000 personnel, targeted a number who were within touching distance of generous lifelong pay outs. One 40-year-old sergeant serving in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was only three days away from serving 22 years and qualifying for an immediate pension pot worth £108,000. He will now have to wait until he is 65 to receive the pension.

UK protesters to face corporate Olympic
Press TV - British campaigners are to hold a demonstration on the doorstep of the 2012 Olympic Games to protest the government’s turning of the games into a showcase for corporate, financial and military power at a time people are crushed by sweeping austerity measures.... CON [Counter Olympics Network] said the games have been organized by “an arrogant elite of career politicians and millionaires” who have spent £12 billion of the taxpayer money to “broadcast their vision of a neoliberal world run by the corporations and the rich.”

Iceland economy grows at fastest pace since crash
Ice News - Increases in domestic consumption, tourism and exports have seen the Icelandic economy expand in the year’s first quarter at its fastest pace since the 2008 banking crisis. According to statistics released on Friday June 8, annual economic growth for the first three months of 2012 was at 4.5 percent while GDP grew 2.4 percent, the highest rate since the first quarter of 2008. Annual growth for 2011 was also up 2.7 percent, while the fourth quarter was up 1.9 percent on the same period of 2010.

Super Typhoon Sets Aim at Japan
Accuweather - Guchol, a tropical cyclone in the western Pacific, has its sights set on Japan. Winds currently are 120 mph, with even higher gusts. If Guchol were an Atlantic hurricane, it would be considered a Category 3 storm. Guchol is expected to make a landfall near Shikoku and southern Honshu Tuesday afternoon. The strongest winds usually occur on the right side of the storm track, meaning the most damaging winds are expected across southeastern Honshu.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Minnesota Man Brutalized by SWAT Executive Officer for Talking Loud on Cell Phone (Updated)
An epidemic of police brutality and outright crazy behavior from law enforcement was illustrated once again, as an executive officer of the Minneapolis SWAT team "Superman punched" Brian Vander Lee for talking too loud on his cell phone while standing on the patio of a restaurant. The account given by Brian Vander Lee's friend in the video below perfectly captures the disbelief when those who are sworn to protect the public become predators. An interesting background note is mentioned about the assailant, Sgt. David Clifford, in the Raw Story article about the incident...

New York court rules bodily fluids are not deadly weapons
(NaturalNews) A 48-year-old, HIV-positive New York man who is currently serving a ten-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer has officially been vindicated of these charges. Setting a shocking new precedent in the state of New York, a top court in the Empire State has ruled that even though the infected man bit a police officer's finger, exposing him to a potentially deadly virus, neither body parts nor bodily fluids can be considered "dangerous instruments" in aggravated assault charges, even when they are used during a crime.

VIDEO: Clinton N.C. third-grader strip-searched after being accused of stealing
WRAL- The mother of a Clinton third-grader says a school administrator went too far when she strip-searched her child after accusations that he stole from another student. Clarinda Cox says her 10-year-old son, Justin, a student at Union Elementary School, was ordered to take off everything but his T-shirt and boxer shorts on June 1 after a girl and several other students accused him of taking $20.

Cambridge Mayor: Should we ban soda and sugared drinks from restaurants completely? (update)
Cambridge Day - [Mayor Henrietta] Davis said that despite the language she used in the policy order — “the matter of a ban on soda and sugar-sweetened beverages in restaurants,” as opposed to New York’s “plan to limit the serving size of soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages” — she intended her policy order only to mirror New York’s proposal. [emphasis added]

VIDEO: In His Own Words: Obama Says He is a Constitution Violating Dictator
Kurt Nimmo - Last week we reported on the increasingly dictatorial trend of the Obama administration. Now we feature a video highlighting this disturbing trend in Obama’s own words. In the video, Obama laments that he cannot rule by authoritative fiat and bypass Congress and the American people. He states that despite laws enacted by Congress and the American people, he will do what he wants – or rather, what his globalist handlers want.

10 Things That Will Happen If Barack Obama Continues To Systematically Legalize Illegal Immigration
American Dream - Right now it is already costing us tens of billions of dollars a year to provide welfare for illegal immigrants and to educate their children in our public schools. Right now illegal immigrants are already working millions of jobs that should belong to American workers. Right now Mexican drug cartels are already active in more than 1,000 U.S. cities. But apparently that is not good enough for Barack Obama. He wants to roll out the red carpet and give the green light to tens of millions more illegal immigrants.

VIDEO: New Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuit Heads to Court
Huffington Post - The suit was filed by Michael Voeltz, a car salesman and self-proclaimed registered Democrat in Florida. Voeltz was represented by conservative activist Larry Klayman, who presented the quintessential conspiratorial claim that he had proof Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, despite the White House's release of a long-form birth certificate that indicates Honolulu as his birthplace. Birther champion and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has also submitted an affidavit on Voeltz's behalf.

17,000 border agents: Holder must resign
WND - The National Border Patrol Council, which represents all 17,000 of the agency’s nonsupervisory agents, called Monday for the resignation of Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. for his role in the botched “Fast and Furious” gunrunning operation that resulted in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Anthrax alert system at risk as cost estimate hits $5.7 billion
Washington Post - Funding for BioWatch, an early warning system to detect deadly pathogens in 30 U.S. cities, may be in jeopardy after cost estimates surged to $5.7 billion, six times the initial assessment. The Department of Homeland Security wants to open bidding before October on the next phase of the program, which monitors the air for pathogens such as anthrax and smallpox. The five-year contract for as much as $3.1 billion would upgrade the system to automatically transmit collected data to laboratories, eliminating the present manual handling.

Chicago more dangerous than Afghanistan?
RT - Barely six months into 2012, Chicago has already hosted 228 homicides this year; overseas in Afghanistan, the body count for US troops has reached a comparably meager 144. Matched up against other major cities, Chicago’s murder rate exceeds four-times what residents of New York have experienced this year, reports The Daily. What’s worse, however, is that death toll isn’t expected to teeter off anytime soon.

VIDEO: Silent march against NYPD’s stop-and-frisk turns chaotic
Press TV - It appears that the trouble began as the tail end of the march, which has been estimated as at least 50,000 people, reached the destination point of Fifth Avenue and 78th Street.... Police tried to kettle the march with netting and then split the crowd, pushing some down Fifth Avenue and others onto a side street. They then began wielding batons and Newyorkist tweeted, “Crowd control measures turning super aggressive and dangerous. Crowd tremendously agitated".

Adidas Sparks Outrage with ‘Shackle’ Sneakers
NY Daily News - A new shoe unveiled by Adidas last week has kicked off a chain reaction, as sneaker fans around the world slammed the company for creating a racist design. The post was "liked" by more than 36,000 people by Monday morning and had received more than 2,000 comments — but the reaction was mainly negative. “These shoes are the WORST idea EVER! Really, we’re supposed to voluntarily buy shackles now?!” wrote one commenter. “Who ever wears this is openly saying they are a slave,” said another.

2012 Election News

VIDEO: Lawyers for Ron Paul on The Power Hour – 6/18/12 - Porter Davis, one of the Lawyers for Ron Paul, discusses the Ron Paul Campaign and the lawsuit filed against the GOP with Joyce Riley on The Power Hour

GOP nomination could hinge on court ruling
Examiner - A week of chaos in the Republican party culminated Friday as updated reports that hundreds of elected delegates are already on board with a class-action, civil rights lawsuit, filed against the RNC and various state GOP parties, with many more delegates sure to follow.

YouTube: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/18/12: Unconstitutional Uses of Drones Must Stop
Ron Paul: "The use of drones overseas may have become so convenient, operated as they are from a great distance, that far more "collateral damage" has become acceptable. Collateral damage is a polite way of saying killing innocent civilians. Is the ease of drone use a slippery slope to disregard for justice, and if so what might that mean for us as they become more widely used on American soil against American citizens?"


‘Made in the USA’ Label Will Disappear If the World Trade Organization Plan Succeeds - “Made in the USA” labels may be disappearing more quickly than most consumers realize. As if buying American made goods was not difficult enough, shoppers may soon not even be able to determine where a prospective purchase is manufactured. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is pushing for an elimination of country-of-origin labels on all consumer products, the World News Daily (WND) reports. The organization wants to replace the current labeling policy of identifying the nation where items are manufactured with a “Made in the World” tag.

Energy & Environment

Uranium mining panel meeting in Southside Va.
Press TV - The examination is being driven by a proposal by Virginia Uranium Inc. to tap one of the largest known uranium deposits in the world.... A coalition of environmental groups maintains the wet East Coast is a risky climate to mine uranium, most of which has been produced in mines in the arid southwest. They fear radioactive tailings - waste rock and ore from the processing of uranium - could be released into public drinking supplies during a hurricane packing torrential rains.

Radioactive buckyballs from Fukushima invade California beaches
(NaturalNews) As the fallout... scientists are now concerned about another related phenomenon that appears to be invading the U.S. West Coast - buckyballs.... According to a recent University of California - Davis study, in this case the term refers to uranium-filled nanospheres which were "created from the millions of tons of fresh and salt water used to try to cool down the three molten cores of the stricken reactors," said Michael Collins, of - not the small, magnetic balls that cling to each other.


Associated Press caught lying about water fluoridation
(NaturalNews) In a recent piece published at the Associated Press (AP) bemoans the fact that Pevely, Missouri, a local community near St. Louis, has decided to stop adding fluoride to its water supply in order to conserve much-needed funds. And in memorializing the great loss of its beloved fluoride in Pevely, the AP makes false insinuations that added fluoride chemicals are exactly the same as naturally occurring fluoride minerals.

Watermelon extract lowers blood pressure better than dangerous pharmaceuticals
(NaturalNews) atural methods of lowering high blood pressure can allow the body to heal damaged vessels and arteries, dramatically lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. Researchers from Florida State University have published the result of a study in the American Journal of Hypertension that explains how natural watermelon extract helps reduce moderately elevated blood pressure by providing a rich source of the amino acids, citrulline and arginine, both known to relax vascular pressure.

What's New and Beneficial about Summer Squash
World's Healthiest Foods - Although summer squash has long been recognized as an important food source of carotenoids, only recently have research studies documented just how fantastic summer squash can be when it comes to these key antioxidants. For some groups of study participants, summer squash turns out to be the primary food source of alpha-carotene and beta-carotene in the entire diet! For lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-cryptoxanthin (three other health-supportive carotenoids) summer squash also comes out among the top three food sources in several studies.

Natural antibacterial alternatives to triclosan & other toxic chemicals
(NaturalNews) There are several chemicals used today in "antibacterial" personal care and hygiene products which are toxic to the human body. Perhaps the most toxic is one named triclosan. Triclosan is a controversial chemical linked to hormonal disruption and various types of cancer.... The good news is there are many natural alternatives to these chemicals that work just as well if not better as antiseptic cleansers. Most of these naturally antibacterial ingredients are essential oils.

Vaccinated children have up to 500% more disease than unvaccinated children
(NaturalNews) Suspicions have been confirmed for those wary of vaccinating their children. A recent large study corroborates other independent study surveys comparing unvaccinated children to vaccinated children. They all show that vaccinated children have two to five times more childhood diseases, illnesses, and allergies than unvaccinated children.

Safe and effective natural remedies for acne
(NaturalNews) Instead of opting for potentially harmful mainstream acne medications, try safe and effective natural remedies for acne problems. You may find your acne and associated problems such as redness and light scarring completely gone or greatly improved in as little as two weeks or less.

Government report: Many vaccines are expired or improperly stored, putting children at serious risk
(NaturalNews) A recent report issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) Office of the Inspector General contains some shocking new information about vaccines. It turns out that millions of vaccines administered to children every single year are being improperly stored at temperatures that are either too high or too low, or are simply past their expiration dates, which could render them ineffective or even dangerous.

Water Extinguishes Stomach Acid 175x Faster Than Some Drugs
Green Med Info - Could the water people swallow their acid reflux pills with be more therapeutic than the drugs themselves? In 2008, a remarkable study took place comparing a glass of water to an antacid and "acid blocking" drugs, in their overall effect in increasing gastric pH (i.e. making it more alkaline) in healthy subjects.

Doctors, patients rarely hear about important drug recalls
(NaturalNews) Dozens, if not hundreds, of pharmaceutical drugs are recalled every single year because of contamination or adverse side effects, but many pharmacists and healthcare providers never get the memo. According to a new study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fails to effectively report as many as 40 percent or more of all Class I drug recalls, which are the most serious type.

New Study Shows Chewing Gum Actually Hinders Short-Term Memory
Intel Hub - Researchers from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom have linked what many would consider an annoying habit of gum chewing to something much more troublesome: short-term memory problems.Unlike high-fructose corn syrup which has been linked to decreased learning ability and memory function (on top of the inherent dangers of genetically modified foods), it appears that chewing gum actually lessens one’s ability to memorize lists of letters and numbers compared to someone who avoids gum.

Licorice root extract proven to decrease liver enzymes
(NaturalNews) Licorice root has been used by traditional medical practices for centuries to treat several diseases, including liver problems. The extracted main active compound of licorice root, glycyrrhizin (glis-i-rye-sen) is getting serious attention from the randomized, double-blind crowd lately. It's not enough that herbalism, Ayruveda, and Chinese Medicine have used licorice or the extract glycyrrhizin for liver ailments for some time. Modern science must prove it works while keeping lab technicians working.

26 Natural Alternatives for Allergies
Green Med Info - There are a broad range of evidence-based natural allergy remedies available today. Pat Robinson, of Heal Thyself, has done a great job of summarizing a few of the many studies found on on the topic.

How to treat asthma with diet and herbs
(NaturalNews) Diet and asthma may seem like a strange correlation. Asthma has to do with constriction of the bronchial tubes that pass through the lungs, not the digestive system. Inflammation of the airways and mucus production contribute to asthma, which is why anti-inflammatory medications are a large part of conventional asthma treatment. However, foods can decrease inflammation too. Turmeric and ginger have anti-inflammatory properties.

Modern-day America spends most of its grocery money on processed foods
(NaturalNews) One thing that has also occurred over the past three decades, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, is that more Americans are spending less on groceries. In 1982, Americans spent about 13 percent of their income on groceries. Today that figure has fallen to less than 9 percent. But we're spending more of our grocery money on genetically modified and processed foods, according to government figures.

Science & Technology

YouTube: Consciousness Drives The Universe
Outstanding video which depicts that consciousness is what drives and shapes everything. This means ultimately everything in the universe and that even matter is consciousness in the most subtlest and dense form. This video has Grant Morrisson, David Lynch, David Icke, Gregg Braden, Michael Talbot, David Wilcock, Wayne Dyer, Neil Kramer and Bill Hicks in it.

'Web Page Censored' Code Proposed
PC World A high-profile Google developer has proposed that the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that it endorse a new HTTP Status Code to warn readers the page they're looking for has been censored by authorities, according to TheVerge. Tim Bray, who co-invented XML and works as Android Developer Advocate at Google, is submitting a proposal that pages censored by someone other than the owner of the site or of the user's local network display the error code "451 Unavailable for Legal Reasons."

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Food freedom alert: City authorities in Ferguson, Mo., threaten to tear down another fully legal front yard garden
(NaturalNews) The city of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, is trying to intimidate local resident Karl Tricamo into removing his organic, front-yard produce garden for what it says are numerous violations of local zoning laws. However, Ferguson's zoning laws do not, in fact, prohibit the type of garden Tricamo cultivates in any way, which means the city is illegally harassing him without reason or justification.

VIDEO: All Over America Government Agents Are Forcing Preppers Back On To The Grid
Activist Post - In many areas of the country, government control freaks have essentially declared war on preppers and are attempting to force them back on to the grid. In some states, "nuisance abatement teams" are conducting armed raids on off the grid properties. Property owners are being cited for "code violations" and are being told that they are "bothering the neighbors". In some cases, trees and gardens are being forcibly removed. In other cases, entire structures are being relocated or torn down.

Today in History - Monday - June 18, 2012
1778 - Britain evacuated Philadelphia during the U.S. Revolutionary War.
1812 - The War of 1812 began as the U.S. declared war against Great Britain. The conflict began over trade restrictions.
1815 - At the Battle of Waterloo Napoleon was defeated by an international army under the Duke of Wellington. Napoleon abdicated on June 22.
1817 - London's Waterloo Bridge opened. The bridge, designed by John Rennie, was built over the River Thames.
1873 - Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for attempting to vote for a U.S. President.
1915 - During World War I, the second battle of Artois ended.
1918 - Allied forces on the Western Front began their largest counter-attack against the German army.
1927 - The U.S. Post Office offered a special 10-cent postage stamp for sale. The stamp was of Charles Lindbergh’s "Spirit of St. Louis."
1928 - Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean as she completed a flight from Newfoundland to Wales.
1942 - The U.S. Navy commissioned its first black officer, Harvard University medical student Bernard Whitfield Robinson.
1951 - General Vo Nguyen Giap ended his Red River Campaign against the French in Indochina.
1953 - Egypt was proclaimed to be a republic with General Neguib as its first president.
1959 - The first telecast received from England was broadcast in the U.S. over NBC-TV.
1966 - Samuel Nabrit became the first African American to serve on the Atomic Energy Commission.
1979 - In Vienna, U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev signed the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) 2.
1982 - The U.S. Senate approved the renewal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act for an additional twenty-five years.
1983 - Dr. Sally Ride became the first American woman in space aboard the space shuttle Challenger.
2000 - In Algiers, Algeria, the foreign ministers of Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a preliminary cease-fire accord and agreed to work toward a permanent settlement of their two-year border war.
2009 - NASA launched the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter/LCROSS probes to the Moon. It was the first American lunar mission since Lunar Prospector in 1998.
2009 - Greenland assumed control over its law enforcement, judicial affairs, and natural resources from the Kingdom of Denmark. Greenlandic became the official language.

World News

Pro-austerity party wins Greek election
RT - The pro-bailout New Democracy party has come out on top in Greece’s parliamentary elections, having gained 29.6 per cent of the votes. With nearly all the votes counted, the anti-austerity leftist Syriza party is trailing on 26.9 per cent. The results have kept fears of Greece’s imminent exit from the eurozone at bay for the time being. “The Greek people today voted for Greece to remain on its European path and in the eurozone,” New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras said after his party had won, AP reports.

Israel’s strategy for Iran nuclear talks: ‘Comply...or else’
RT - Israel is calling on its allies to convincingly threaten Iran with military action during the current talks in Moscow, media reports say. Tehran, it seems, should be clearly given to understand that “all options are on the table”. “Our position is that the international community needs to do three things for the talks to be successful,” an unnamed Israeli official told Jerusalem Post newspaper on Sunday. “Make its demands crystal clear and tied to a clear timeline for implementation, ratchet up the economic and diplomatic pressure, and augment that pressure by making clear there is a credible military option.”

Anti-protest law lands Canada on UN human rights watch list
RT - The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is set to criticize Canada for the controversial law passed by the province of Quebec to clamp down on student tuition protests. Navi Pillay, the United Nations’ highest human rights official, is expected to lash out at the country, seen as one of the freest in the world, in a Monday address to the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council, reports the Geneva-based monitoring group UN Watch, which obtained an advance copy of her speech.

BP Announces that Venezuela Now Have the Largest Oil Reserves in the World - BP has just released its annual Statistical Review of World Energy in which it claims that Venezuela now holds the largest proven oil reserves in the world, overtaking the original leader Saudi Arabia. The South American nation’s oil deposits were increased from last year’s figure to an estimated at 296.5 billion barrels, more than Saudi Arabia’s 265.4 billion barrels.

Russia Announces It Will Send Warships to Syria
Kurt Nimmo - On Friday, the Russian General Staff announced it will send warships from the Black Sea Fleet to the Syrian coast. The deployment will protect the Russian logistics base in Tartus, Syria. Russia has historically maintained a strong bilateral relationship with Syria. Its only Mediterranean naval base for the Black Sea Fleet is located in the port of Tartus.

Not ‘if’ but ‘when’: US intervention in Syria on countdown
RT - A delegation from Syrian opposition is reportedly in talks with US officials over the targets they want to attack to weaken the Syrian government and the arms they want America to provide to do it. A “Libya lite” operation in Syria may be imminent. The unnamed US official reportedly said that “the intervention will happen. It is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.”

US senators take aggressive stance ahead of Iran nuclear talks
RT - As Moscow braces to host the third round of talks on Iranian nuclear program the US Senators are urging President Obama to ramp up pressure against Tehran and show that “credible military option” exists should Iran fail to curb its nuclear program. Forty-four senators, both Republicans and Democrats, have addressed Barack Obama in a letter stating that Iran must immediately take steps to shut down the Fordow facility, freeze the enrichment of uranium above 5 per cent and ship uranium already enriched above 5 per cent out of the country.

At Earth Summit Royal Society and WWF: Humanity is an Unsustainable Danger to Earth’s Eco-System
Activist Post - Humanity is a viable threat to the eco-system and future of planet Earth, say scientists from the UK’s Royal Society. “The overall message is that we need a renewed focus on both population and consumption – it’s not enough to look at one or the other,” said Prof Charles Godray from the Martin School at the University of Oxford, who chaired the process of writing the declaration. “We need to look at both, because together they determine the footprint on the world.”

Japan Proposes Next Phase of Centralized Surveillance
Activist Post - Although moving slower in some areas than others, there is little doubt that the plan to number, track, and trace every human being on the planet via biometric data and other digital means is moving forward in every country in the world.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

The Insects Are Watching: The Future of Government Surveillance Technology
Activist Post - In June of 2011, the US military admitted to having drone technology so sophisticated that it could be the size of a bug.... While the US military would have the American public believe that these new “fly drones” are used for overseas missions, insect drones have been spotted surveilling streets right here in the US. It is believed that these insect-like drones are high-tech surveillance tools used by the Department of Homeland Security.

Thousands protest NYPD's stop-and-frisk tactics
Press TV - Thousands of protesters from civil rights groups walked down New York City's Fifth Avenue in total silence Sunday, marching in defiance of "stop-and-frisk" tactics employed by city police.... Critics say the NYPD's practice of stopping, questioning and searching people who police consider suspicious is illegal and humiliating to thousands of law-abiding blacks and Hispanics. Last year, the NYPD stopped more than 600,000 people, up from more than 90,000 a decade ago. The Express Times

VIDEO: Breaking: Massive Nuclear Secret Uncovered In Austin, Texas
The Infowars crew investigates a nuclear secret buried in Austin, Texas. A nuclear reactor started in the 60s is hidden beneath the monolith of the LBJ Library on the University of Texas campus, even as the nearby J.J. Pickle Research Center admittedly runs two research reactors. Meanwhile, nuclear waste is said to be dumped and sealed in limestone caves located in what was once the outskirts of Austin, according to an inside source.

DHS claims terrorists want to attack theaters and similar venues based on 'no specific or credible information'
Intel Hub - Another day, another fear mongering report from the megalithic Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and this time it is almost more absurd than the previous laughable reports, if you can believe it. While this isn’t as insane as the bulletins which actually stated that many common bodily movements and behaviors are indicators of terrorism, it is close.

Border Control Measures Using License Plate Tracking Halted by Activists in Utah (Updated)
Activist Post - The truth of the matter is that the DEA has been working closely with the Department of Homeland Security for some time, and has implemented license plate readers at border checkpoints and key corridors... However, in addition to reading license plates, the ACLU refers to testimony where Justice Dept. officials point to the ability to take photos of drivers and compare all data collected with various databases in order to ascertain true identity.

VIDEO: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Talks to ABC15 About Illegal Immigration Change
ABC15 - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sat down at ABC15 to talk about the new changes by the Obama administration to stop deporting younger illegal immigrants.... "I think people from Mexico are now going to feel, 'Hey come on in and we'll get by with it.' But it won't happen in this county. They will still be arrested," Arpaio said. Related article: Obama to Legalize Illegal Immigration by Decree; Will Add 800,000 Voters In November.

Rodney King dead: Face of LA riots dies at age 47
Press TV - According to TMZ, King's fiancee found him dead at the bottom of a pool. CNN has confirmed his passing. King recently marked the twentieth anniversary of the Los Angeles riots -- the six-days of mayhem that took place after four police officers were acquitted of beating King in 1991. The beating, which was caught on camera, sparked national outrage and put King at the center of heated debate on the state of race relations in America. Huffington Post

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America
Business Insider - This infographic created by Jason at Frugal Dad shows that almost all media comes from the same six sources. That's consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983.

VIDEO: Parents' lawsuit: Third-grader forced to bathe at Texas school
MSNBC - A school nurse and counselor forced an 8-year-old Texas boy to bathe after telling him he "smelled badly, was dirty and had bad hygiene," according to a lawsuit filed Thursday. The boy was forced to take off his clothes one day in November and the two school officials "began violently washing his body," the parents said. Amber and Michael Tilley filed the suit against the Peaster School District on Thursday in federal court in Fort Worth.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Iowa GOP Chairman Assaults Ron Paul Supporter Jeff Shipley
District 2 Reconvening 6/15/2012. Iowa GOP Convention

YouTube: Liberty will march on the RNC
Published on Jun 16, 2012 by AdamKokesh

Ron Paul Wins Iowa - 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has won a significant majority of Iowa’s Republican delegates to the national convention in Tampa. Dr. Paul won 10 of 13 delegates elected at today’s state convention in addition to having won 11 of 12 delegates elected at last night’s district conventions, for a weekend total of 21 of 25 contestable delegates, all unbound. Dr. Paul’s victory in the Hawkeye State affirms his delegate-attainment strategy and it has the added benefit of having occurred in the first-in-nation voting state, also a swing state. Related video here

VIDEO: Ron Paul Message to Supporters
Daily Paul 6/15/2012 - Full email message and video from Ron Paul.

More Delegates Want to Join Republican Revolt
Daily Paul June 15, 2012 - "SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) - In a revolt against Romney, at least 40 more national convention delegates asked to join 123 previous plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Republican National Committee, and their attorney said hundreds more may soon follow suit.

YouTube: Paul On CNBC: More Inflation Than Our Statistics Say
Airing Date June.15, 2012 - Ron Finally appeared to discuss the dollar, fed and debt. No words on Rand. He was also introduced as Representative Paul and not Presidential candidate Paul.

YouTube: Ron Paul on CNBC's Money In Motion 06/15/2012
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul weighs in on Greece. He shares his prescription with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Money In Motion traders.

Romney Not Winning Over Ron Paul Supporters, GOP Influentials Say
Patch Network -- Mitt Romney may have won over New Hampshire Tea Party members, but the jury's still out on whether he can bring over disaffected Ron Paul supporters, according to this week's Red Granite survey of influential conservatives.

Paul's disciples seek local offices
Star Tribune - Having made their mark at the Republican state convention, Ron Paul-styled libertarians are stepping forward to stand for political office — many for the first time — in cities and counties across the state. Marianne Stebbins, chair of Paul’s Minnesota campaign, says that so far she knows of Paul supporters running for office in 11 counties and 13 cities, including several metro-area governments. That’s in addition to 26 Paul candidates for the Legislature.

YouTube: Caller Fights For Ron Paul On C-Span Live
By matlarson10 - An example of how to stand up against the establishment media.


PRECIOUS-Gold steadies after weekly drop; EU summit eyed
Gold prices held steady above $1,571 per ounce on Monday after falling more than 3 percent last week, but a firm U.S. dollar and deflation worries
triggered by a global economic slowdown were expected to keep a lid on gains.

Unemployment rates rise in 18 US states
Press TV - Unemployment rates rose in 18 U.S. states in May, the most in nine months. Increasing unemployment in more than a third of U.S. states is the latest evidence of a weaker job market. The Labor Department said that unemployment rates fell in only 14 states. That’s fewer than the previous month, when rates fell in 37 states. Rates were unchanged in 18 states.

Pay-per-mile tax is latest cash grab from greedy pols
Boston Herald - We are talking mega-bucks here. That $555 million in the first year would be when they’re giving motorists what they consider a break, by charging a mere .85 cent a mile.

VIDEO: 25 craziest things the U.S. government spends money on
Daily Paul - You are not going to believe some of the things that the U.S. government is spending money on.

Energy & Environment

Colorado wildfires destroy at least 181 homes
Press TV - Crews in northern Colorado braced for powerful fire-fanning winds as they battle a blaze that has scorched about 85 square miles of mountainous forest land and destroyed at least 181 homes, the most in state history.... More than 1,630 personnel worked on the fire Saturday, officials said in a late-night news release. That was an increase of more than 100 firefighters from a day earlier.

Reality check: When the power grid goes down, all grid-tie solar systems will go down with it
(NaturalNews) A lot of people believe they are becoming "power independent" by installing grid-tie solar systems, but what many don't realize is that virtually all such systems are designed to actively go offline when the power grid goes offline.

Obama Administration Proposes Tougher Rules on Soot Pollution
MSNBC - In another case of environmental rules becoming election fodder, the Obama administration on Friday proposed tighter restrictions on soot, a pollutant caused mainly by smokestacks and diesel engines.... The EPA had delayed its required review of the Clean Air Act's soot provision, leading New York, California and nine other states to sue. Under a court order, the EPA agreed to unveil its proposal this week.


4 Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Natural Society - Foods can be used as great natural treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis is caused by inflammation, and therefore anyone with arthritis or trying to prevent arthritis should consume anti-inflammatory foods. Some of these foods can be ginger, turmeric, and many fruit and vegetables.

If you only choose one remedy for survival and pain relief, grab some Arnica
(NaturalNews) If you've ever driven by a field of yellow daisy-like flowers and felt a sense of calm, you've experienced the embrace from Arnica, soothing your earthly and invisible aches and pains. Arnica montana, or Leopard's bane has been in use medicinally since the 1500s, and is both an herbal medicine and a homeopathic remedy made from these lovely flowers. Many natural practitioners believe it is one of the most useful remedies in the medicine chest for a multiplicity of conditions.

Discover the gateway to remarkable health with a diet rich in color
(NaturalNews) The color in fruits and vegetables contain an astonishing 25,000 bioactive chemicals that are found to be beneficial for optimum health. Phytochemicals are compounds that help to protect plants from various dangers such as UV rays and damaging pests. These same compounds are the very elements that help to protect us too.

10 Healthy Reasons To Enjoy Real Butter
Green Med Info - Butter has gotten a bad rap for many years, starting in the last century with the rise of margarine, which we now recognize as a deadly trans fat. More recently, butter has been shunned in favor of olive oil and canola oil. But here’s why we should reserve a place at the table for good old-fashioned butter.

Beat the heat with these dairy-free chocolate pudding pops
(NaturalNews) This summer, try making your own. It's a great way to control the quality of your ingredients! Even a novice in the kitchen can easily whip up the simple homemade recipe included here. This dairy-free version of chocolate pudding pops contains natural ingredients and a raw healthy fat that you may not expect to find in a dessert!

Cure poison ivy naturally with jewelweed
(NaturalNews) Jewelweed, or Impatiens capensis, has long been used as a remedy for skin disorders by indigenous North Americans. It apparently contains chemicals that neutralize the components responsible for the skin-irritating effects of poison oak, poison ivy and other irritants including stinging nettle, insect bites and ringworm. Folk remedies also recommend jewelweed poultices as treatment for minor injuries such as bruises, cuts, burns, sores, sprains and warts.

Science & Technology

FCC to consider changing cellphone radiation standards
The Hill - John Walls, vice president of public affairs for wireless trade group CTIA, said he welcomes the commission's continued oversight of the issue. "We fully expect that the FCC’s review will confirm, as it has in the past, that the scientific evidence establishes no reason for concern about the safety of cellphones," he said in a statement.... CTIA sued San Francisco last year when the city tried to require warnings on cellphones about the risks of radiation. A federal court sided with CTIA, and blocked the warnings.

Neurogeneticists Use Personality Genes to Further Eugenics Agenda
Activist Post - Researchers are on the hunt for the personality gene. They hope it will lead them to screen tests that can predict which pharmaceuticals patients would respond most positively to, as well as what life choices may lead certain individuals to become who they are. They even want to know how to proactively vaccinate the human population to discriminate against undesired genetic traits.

10 Terrible Tech Laws That Have You in Their Bull's-Eye
PC World - You may think what your state capital or what Capitol Hill is up to is boring and not worth keeping tabs on. But see if you don't get your juices flowing after reading how your tech freedoms could be reined in by some of the dumb bills we've pinpointed in this story.

Phones gain ability to learn by touching
AP - There's a form of extra-sensory perception called psychometry, whose practitioners claim to learn things about objects by touching them. Smartphones set to be released this month by Samsung and Sony will have some of that ability: they'll learn things when you touch them to pre-programmed "tags."

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

VIDEO: Woman Sues City of Tulsa For Cutting Down Her Edible Garden - Denise Morrison said she has more than 100 plant varieties in her front and back yards and all of them are edible and have a purpose.... She got a letter from the city saying there had been a complaint about her yard.... "Everything, everything needs to go," Morrison said they told her.... Morrison said she had a problem at her last property with code enforcement, so this time, she read the ordinance, which says plants can't be over 12-inches tall unless they're used for human consumption. She made sure everything she grew could be eaten, which she told the inspectors.

Earthships, the future of self-sustainable living
(NaturalNews) Imagine living in a house that produces its own energy, generates its own water supply, grows and sustains its own food supply, and continuously maintains interior climate conditions at proper and desirable temperatures. Such a house might seem like some kind of science fiction dwelling place of the future, but it might surprise you to know that this type of sustainable living system actually exists right now, and is probably a lot more accessible and less expensive than you might think.

Pet News

Rye: Another Ingredient You Don't Want in Your Pet's Food
Dr. Becker - The nutritional composition of rye is comparable to wheat in terms of protein, crude fiber, ash, crude fat and starch. However, when it comes to non-starch polysaccharides that are indigestible in the stomach and small intestine, but fermentable in the colon, rye contains a higher percentage than wheat. These polysaccharides are agents in grain that interfere with nutrient utilization.

Today in History - Friday - June 15, 2012
1775 - George Washington was appointed head of the Continental Army by the Second Continental Congress.
1836 - Arkansas became the 25th U.S. state.
1844 - Charles Goodyear was granted a patent for the process that strengthens rubber.
1846 - The United States and Britain settled a boundary dispute concerning the boundary between the U.S. and Canada, by signing a treaty.
1864 - An order to establish a military burial ground was signed by Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton. The location later became known as Arlington National Cemetery.
1877 - Henry O. Flipper became the first African American to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
1898 - The U.S. House of representatives approved the annexation of Hawaii.
1911 - The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. was incorporated in the state of New York. The company was later renamed International Business Machines (IBM) Corp.
1916 - U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill incorporating the Boy Scouts of America.
1944 - American forces began their successful invasion of Saipan during World War II.
1947 - The All-Indian Congress accepted a British plan for the partition of India.
1958 - Greece severed military ties to Turkey because of the Cypress issue.
1978 - King Hussein of Jordan married 26-year-old American Lisa Halaby, who became Queen Noor.
1981 - The U.S. agreed to provide Pakistan with $3 billion in military and economic aid from October 1982 to October 1987.
1983 - The U.S. Supreme Court reinforced its position on abortion by striking down state and local restriction on abortions.
1986 - Pravda, the Communist Party newspaper, reported that the chief engineer of the Chernobyl nuclear plant was dismissed for mishandling the incident at the plant.
1992 - It was ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court that the government could kidnap criminal suspects from foreign countries for prosecution.
1992 - U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle instructed a student to spell "potato" with an "e" on the end during a spelling bee. He had relied on a faulty flash card that had been written by the student's teacher.
1994 - Israel and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations.
1998 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that state prison inmates are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
1999 - South Korean naval forces sank a North Korean torpedo boat during an exchange in the disputed Yellow Sea.
2006 - The U.S. Supreme Court said that judges cannot throw out evidence collected by police who have search warrants but do not properly announced their arrival.

World News

Obama War Machine Announces Invasion of Syria - CNN reports this afternoon that the Pentagon has finalized plans to attack Syria and forcefully depose its leader, Bashar al-Assad, under the cover of securing weapons of mass destruction and preventing “sectarian violence” it has fomented by supporting and training the Free Syrian Army. “The U.S. military has completed its own planning for how American troops would conduct a variety of operations against Syria, or to assist neighboring countries in the event action was ordered, officials tell CNN.”

U.S. Military Wants More Drones In Latin America
Huffington Post - As US forces come home from Afghanistan, the US military seems to have a surplus of predator drones -- remotely operated unmanned aircraft vehicles often used to carry out attacks and intelligence gathering missions. Drones previously used in Afghanistan will be given to "operational missions by previously undeserved" commands, including those in the Pacific and in Southern America, according to Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Norton Schwartz.

Ocupa Rio+20: Occupy the Earth Summit
The Occupy/15M movement in Rio de Janeiro, along with allies from across Brazil and the world, are planning to Occupy the coming Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (the Earth Summit) on June 20-22. Tens of thousands are expected to gather in Rio during the conference, many to attend the Rio+20 Peoples Summit.

VIDEO: Call for Solidarity from Mexico - More than 90,000 protesters, including the indignad@s and supporters of the #YoSoy132 student movement, took park in nonviolent, nonpartisan marches against political and media corruption in Mexico during the presidential debates last Sunday.

Barack Obama honors Israeli president with Medal of Freedom
Press TV - US President Barack Obama has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Israeli President Shimon Peres, the man who has overseen the killing of Palestinian women and children by Israeli forces in the occupied territories for decades. Obama awarded the 88-year-old Israeli president the highest civilian honor in the United States during a dinner ceremony in the White House on Wednesday.

2,000 dead Americans: the toll of the Afghan War (so far)
RT - The United States’ war in Afghanistan reached a new milestone this week when the death toll of Americans killed in the decade-long Operation Enduring Freedom reached 2,000. The US Department of Defense reports this week thatCpl. Taylor J. Baune, 21, of Andover, Minnesota lost his life in Helmand province, Afghanistan on Wednesday. The marine wed his high-school sweetheart earlier this year, only to be deployed overseas by the military and killed just three months later. The Pentagon has not released information about the cause of death.

VIDEO: Farage: “The Euro Titanic Has Now Hit The Iceberg”
Zero Hedge - In an epic rant, trumping Biderman, UKIP’s Nigel Farage appears to have reached the limit of his frustration with his ‘peers’ in the European Parliament after the Spanish bailout. Rajoy’s proclamation that this bailout shows what a success the euro-zone has been, sends Farage over the edge as he sees the Spaniard as just about the most incompetent leader in the whole of Europe (up there with favorites like Van Rompuy and Barroso).

US expands secret spy operations in Africa
Press TV - The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the US military has established some small air bases across Africa and trained many army personnel in a bid to keep crucial African regions under surveillance. The report, obtained from documents and people involved in the US military project, said that the US has kept small, unarmed turboprop aircraft in the bases which are disguised as private planes.

Egypt restores powers created by expired emergency law
Press TV - The Egyptian Justice Ministry has issued a decree, extending the powers of the country’s military police and intelligence forces to detain peaceful protesters and civilians suspected of a wide range of crimes. Related article here.

Targeted by Opposition Terror Campaign: Christian Exodus from Syria
Global Research - The Christian minority in Syria is facing a growing threat and thousands are being forced to flee their homes as they face harassment and discrimination from radial Islamist factions of the opposition. There have been reports last week that some mosques in the city have announced from the minarets: "Christians must leave Qusayr within six days, which expires this Friday."

Greeks withdraw money ahead of key election
Press TV - Greeks are withdrawing money out of the banks and stockpiling foodstuff ahead of a key parliamentary election on Sunday that many think will force the country out of the eurozone. According to Greek bankers, some 800 million euros (1 billion dollars) were being drawn out from major banks daily, Reuters reported on Wednesday. Retailers said people are buying pasta and canned goods in case of shortages as concerns of returning to the drachma were fueled by rumors that Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the leftist SYRIZA party, may win the election.

What Is the United States Government Waiting for?
Akio Matsumura - We continue to post the opinions of many international scientists on the potential global catastrophe that would result from the collapse of Reactor 4 at Fukushima Dai-ichi. The message now is simple and clear—Japan’s government will not act; it is the United States who must step forward—yet no action has been taken.

Syngenta Charged for Covering up Livestock Deaths from GM Corn
Farm Wars - Biotech giant Syngenta has been criminally charged with denying knowledge that its genetically modified (GM) Bt corn kills livestock during a civil court case that ended in 2007.... EU cultivation of Bt 176 was discontinued in 2007. Similar varieties however, including Bt 11 sweet corn are currently cultivated for human and animal consumption in the EU.

London parking boom: Cops blow up car at Westminster
RT - Parking offences are subject to punishment everywhere, but only in London might one find his vehicle destroyed by a controlled explosion by an anti-terror police squad. While in London, never park your car in front of the Houses of Parliament! Illegal parking on the streets of London is punished – as in most capitals – by compulsory and expensive relocation of the vehicle. But in London only, police have been instructed to blow up suspicious cars – and make no bones about doing so.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

US Congressmen demand justification for drone strikes
Express Tribune News - Twenty-six US Congressmen have sent a letter to President Barack Obama “demanding a legal justification from the White House for signature drone strikes.” According to a press release, Congressman Dennis Kucinich and 25 other members of the Congress said that drone strikes “could significantly increase risks of killing innocent civilians or those with no relationship to a potential attack on the US and further inflame anti-American sentiment abroad”.

U.S. and Multinational Military Forces Train in South Dakota’s Black Hills - The Rapid City Journal reports today that the Golden Coyote training exercise is underway in the Black Hills of South Dakota: Here for the Golden Coyote training exercise, military units are working to re-create the stress of combat and mixture of civilian, tourist and wildlife populations soldiers encounter in war theaters such as Iraq and Afghanistan, all while training with foreign soldiers. In addition to military units from six countries and 17 states, the exercise includes units from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Suriname.

U.S. Government blocks sales of fuel-efficient cars
(NaturalNews) The development of affordable "green" cars and trucks - electric vehicles or hybrids designed to dramatically curb the nation's reliance on fossil fuels - is supposed to be a primary goal for the Obama administration and a number of government and industry leaders. But what about diesel-burning vehicles that already get more than 70 miles a gallon?

More false prophets? Texas couple sues psychic, mainstream media over untrue claims of a mass grave at their home
(NaturalNews) A Texas couple has filed a lawsuit against several parties after a convoy of local law enforcement officers, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and various media outlets showed up at their house one day in search of a mass grave filled with dead bodies.

Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil
Wired News - Public Intelligence, a non-profit that advocates for free access to information, released a map of military UAV activities in the United States on Tuesday. Assembled from military sources — especially this little-known June 2011 Air Force presentation (.pdf) – it is arguably the most comprehensive map so far of the spread of the Pentagon’s unmanned fleet.

VIDEO: Military drone mistaken for ‘UFO’ along DC highways
The spotting took place around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday when drivers first saw the craft being hauled on a flatbed truck on I-270, then on I-495. Maryland State Police confirmed that the strange craft was actually a drone aircraft made by Northrup Grumman that was being transported from West Virginia to Patuxent Naval Air Station in Maryland.

U.S. targets landlords in fight against medical pot
Reuters - The authorities are pressuring landlords to shut down the shops or face possible loss of the real estate through the unconventional and low-key use of a civil statute designed primarily to seize the assets of drug-trafficking organizations. While some states, including California, have legalized medical marijuana businesses, the federal government does not recognize their authority to do so and has targeted the shops for violations of the 40-year-old Controlled Substances Act.

Court says Scouts 'perversion files' public record
Anchorage Daily News - The Oregon Supreme Court has approved the release of 20,000 pages of so-called perversion files compiled by the Boy Scouts of America on suspected child molesters within the organization for more than 20 years, giving the public its first chance to review the records. The files gathered from 1965 to 1985 came to light when they were used as evidence in a landmark Oregon lawsuit that ended in 2010 with a jury ruling that the Scouts had failed to protect a plaintiff who had been molested by an assistant scoutmaster in the early 1980s.

Zombies, Deniers, Sociopaths, Schemers and Protectors: The five dominant personalities you'll encounter in a world gone mad
(NaturalNews) What the heck is going on with our world? Why are people such lying betrayers? Why do the most evil people (like Eric Holder) rise to the top of the corporate-run fascist government? Why are homeless zombies eating human flesh? In answering those questions, I've assembled the five archetypes of a society in collapse. These are the five dominant personalities we all see around us right now.

2012 Election News

Ron Paul has been invigorating liberty supporters by the thousands in state GOP conventions and at his massive rallies. Join the Revolution! Spread the word! Now is the time for action if you care about the welfare of your country and its citizens.

VIDEO: Revealed: Yahoo and Microsoft sell personal user data to political campaigns
RT - If you have an account with Yahoo or Microsoft, you should ask either of the two Silicon Valley titans for compensation. Both corporations have been selling sensitive personal user information to political campaigns to target specific audiences.

VIDEO: Want to Help the Cause? Know Your Stuff
Daily Paul - If we don’t know our stuff – really know it – we can’t win. We’re up against more than just Romney and Obama. The schools and the media feed the public a phony version of U.S. history and a diet of pro-government propaganda. We have to be able to counter that propaganda with the truth.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

VIDEO: Press non-freedom in the US
RT - With Occupy Wall Street shedding light on police brutality and arrests that the US has not seen in a while, America has also seen journalists getting arrested – for simply having a press pass that the police doesn’t deem appropriate.


Currency Trading To Be Suspended Sunday – Analysts Forsee ‘Major Market Event’
Alexander Higgins - Due to the extreme volatility some market analysts foresee could result in the coming days, OANDA fxTrade will not accept any trading activity from 6:00 AM EST until approximately 3:00 PM EST, on Sunday, June 17, 2012. OANDA believes the convergence of a major market event during off-market hours represents a potential trading risk and has taken this rare step to protect traders from excessive rate fluctuations.

Poll: More Americans blame Bush than Obama for bad economy
Press TV - Americans continue to place more blame for the nation's economic problems on George W. Bush than on Barack Obama, even though Bush left office more than three years ago. Indeed 68% of Americans say former President Bush should be given a great deal or a moderate amount of blame for the nation's economic woes -- substantially more than say the same about Obama.

Housing Market

Illinois foreclosures rise 29 percent in May
Illinois home foreclosure activity rose 29 percent in May compared to the previous month and is 54 percent higher than May of 2011. A report released Thursday by Irvine, Calif.-based RealtyTrac shows Illinois with 16,318 foreclosure filings last month. Filings include default notices, auction-sale notices and bank repossessions.

VIDEO: LA activists protest home foreclosures
Press TV - According to the protesters, thousands of bank-owned foreclosed homes litter Los Angeles neighborhoods which attract crime, decrease property values, and create blight across the populous city in the state of California.


Evening primrose oil: The king's cure-all
(NaturalNews) Evening primrose oil (EPO) comes from the seed of the evening primrose plant and is great for skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. EPO is used in pregnancy for preventing preeclampsia, starting and shortening labor and preventing late deliveries. Women use evening primrose oil to fight PMS, breast pain, endometriosis, symptoms of menopause and hot flashes.

CDC says fluoride has no evidence of benefit for infants
(NaturalNews) In a letter to California senator Barbara Boxer the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director Thomas Frieden responded to questions about fluoride and infants. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1997 set the adequate amount of fluoride for infants 0 to 6 months of age at .01 milligrams per day, which is the amount of fluoride found in breast milk. The CDC was asked if more fluoride than the adequate amount was beneficial.

10,000 germ species live in and on healthy people
AP - They live on your skin, up your nose, in your gut - enough bacteria, fungi and other microbes that collected together could weigh, amazingly, a few pounds. Now scientists have mapped just which critters normally live in or on us and where, calculating that healthy people can share their bodies with more than 10,000 species of microbes. Don't say "eeew" just yet. Many of these organisms work to keep humans healthy, and results reported Wednesday from the government's Human Microbiome Project define what's normal in this mysterious netherworld.

Science & Technology

CDC Bioterror Lab Airflow System Threatens to Release Deadly Microbes - A $214 million bioterror germ lab at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has had repeated problems with airflow systems designed to help prevent the release of infectious agents, government documents and internal e-mails show. While the agency says no one has been infected, a biosafety expert says the problems appear to be major violations of laboratory operating standards.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

VIDEO: Sen. Wyden pushes to repeal ‘outrageous’ ban on industrial hemp
Raw Story - Wyden has offered an amendment to the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012 that would legalize hemp farming in the United States. “The only thing standing in the way of taking advantage of this very profitable crop is a lingering misunderstanding about its use,

USDA: Farmers Need to Feed Americans More Sugar
Rodale - On June 1st, the agency decided to allow the unregulated planting of genetically modified (GMO) sugar beets on the grounds that, if they were banned from U.S. farms, Americans would face a sugar shortage! And that would be unthinkable.... GMO seeds have overtaken the sugar-beet seed market, and supplies of non-GMO sugar beet seeds have become very hard for farmers to get.

The End of Organic Tomatoes?
Rodale - The once-rare disease annihilated tomato crops in 2009 and is once again spreading along the Eastern seaboard, with verified occurrences in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.... Organic tomatoes are more at risk, since conventional farmers and gardeners are able to use more potent fungicide chemicals to prevent the disease from taking hold in their plants... While certain copper products are approved for use in organic production, copper can build up to unhealthy levels in your soil, cause eye damage, and kill beneficial insects that help create biodiversity in the garden.

Pet News

CRP Guidelines for Cats and Dogs Released
Susan Thixton - Veterinary researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University have published "evidence-based guidelines" for resuscitating dogs and cats with stopped hearts.

Today in History - Thursday - June 14, 2012 - Flag Day
1775 - The Continental Army was founded by the Second Continental Congress for purposes of common defense. This event is considered to be the birth of the United States Army. On June 15, George Washington was appointed commander-in-chief.
1777 - The Continental Congress in Philadelphia adopted the "Stars and Stripes" as the national flag of the United States. The Flag Resolution stated "Resolved: that the flag of the United States be made of thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation."
1841 - The first Canadian parliament opened in Kingston.
1846 - A group of U.S. settlers in Sonoma proclaimed the Republic of California.
1893 - Philadelphia observed the first Flag Day.
1900 - Hawaii became a U.S. territory.
1917 - General John Pershing arrived in Paris during World War I.
1922 - Warren G. Harding became the first U.S. president to be heard on radio. The event was the dedication of the Francis Scott Key memorial at Fort McHenry.
1927 - Nicaraguan President Adolfo Diaz signed a treaty with the U.S. allowing American intervention in his country.
1940 - The Nazis opened their concentration camp at Auschwitz in German-occupied Poland.
1940 - German troops entered Paris. As Paris became occupied loud speakers announced the implementation of a curfew being imposed for 8 p.m.
1943 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schoolchildren could not be made to salute the U.S. flag if doing so conflicted with their religious beliefs
1944 - Sixty U.S. B-29 Superfortress' attacked an iron and steel works factory on Honshu Island. It was the first U.S. raid against mainland Japan.
1949 - The state of Vietnam was formed.
1951 - "Univac I" was unveiled. It was a computer designed for the U.S. Census Bureau and billed as the world's first commercial computer.
1952 - The Nautilus was dedicated. It was the first nuclear powered submarine.
1954 - U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an order adding the words "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance.
1954 - Americans took part in the first nation-wide civil defense test against atomic attack.
1965 - A military triumvirate took control in Saigon, South Vietnam.
1967 - Mariner 5 was launched from Cape Kennedy, FL. The space probe's flight took it past Venus.
1989 - Former U.S. President Reagan received an honorary knighthood from Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. .
1995 - Chechen rebels took 2,000 people hostage in a hospital in Russia.
1996 - The FBI released that the White House had done bureau background reports on at least 408 people without justification.

World News

Up to 65 killed during Iraq pilgrimage
Sky News - A wave of car bombs have struck Shi'ite pilgrims in several cities across Iraq, killing at least 65 people and wounding more than 200. The bloodshed that started at dawn on Wednesday was a stark reminder of the political tensions threatening to provoke a new round of sectarian violence that once pushed Iraq to the brink of civil war.

VIDEO: CNN Floats Idea Of US Assassinating Syria's President Assad
Alexander Higgins - Now, America’s most “trusted” news network is openly floating the idea that the United States should once again ignore the foundation of liberty that our great nation was built upon and planting seeds into the psyche of the masses that we should murder Assad with no evidence of crimes and no due process. Whether you agree with killing him or not this kind of reporting still is outright propaganda to build the support for a military invasion.

UN warns of global collapse due to pesticides; Agenda 21 is pushed as solution
(NaturalNews) The United Nations (U.N.) Environment Program has released a 525-page report in conjunction with its upcoming Rio+20 conference on sustainable development that warns about "sudden, irreversible and potentially catastrophic changes" that will occur in the world if drastic measures are not taken to stop them. In correctly identifying pesticides and other chemicals as one of the primary causes, however, the U.N. also tacks on the global warming myth in an attempt to push for a centralized, world government.

Flame virus forced to commit suicide
RT - The Flame virus is believed to have already infected at least 600 computer systems across Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Palestine, but machines infiltrated by the malicious program are expected to have the corrupt entity eliminated after its developers have sent out a “suicide” command that extinguishes the malware.

MMR vaccine kills another baby in Belgium
(NaturalNews) The combination measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, which both the U.S. government and health authorities insist is completely safe for young children, has killed yet another child in the European nation of Belgium. Christina England over at reports that Xandro Sanspuer, an 18-month-old boy from Renaix, Belgium, died recently after receiving the MMR vaccine from Kind & Gezin (K&G) Child and Family Health Center.

UPDATE: NHK Scrubs Article On Japan Apologizing For Setting High Fukushima Radiation Limits For Children
Alexander Higgins - Japan apologizes for setting safety limits that allowed high radiation doses for children despite parental objections and warnings from nuclear experts.... Update – Article And Video Have Been Scrubbed. For the record, this article and this video have been scrubbed from the NHK website and that is sad because the video was even more damning than the article. Here’s a screen shot showing it in Google’s Cache. Note the next time Google crawls the article and finds it missing it will be removed from Google’s cache as well.

VIDEO: Russia Denies Sending Helicopters to Syria, Says West Arming Rebels
Kurt Nimmo - Responding to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the establishment media on
Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said his country is not arming the al-Assad regime in Syria with attack helicopters.... “We are not delivering to Syria, or anywhere else, items that could be used against peaceful demonstrators,” Lavrov said. “In this we differ from the United States, which regularly delivers riot control equipment to the region, including a recent delivery to a Persian Gulf country. But for some reason the Americans consider this to be fine.”

VIDEO: Taliban Patsy Sentenced to Life for Dealing CIA Heroin
Kurt Nimmo - Fall guy Haji Bagcho was sentenced to life in prison today for trafficking heroin in Afghanistan. U.S. officialdom characterized Bagcho as “one of the largest heroin traffickers in the world and who used proceeds of his drug sales to support the Taliban insurgency,” according to the Washington Post. Bagcho’s heroin business, however, paled in comparison to the one set-up by the CIA in Afghanistan and he was likely thrown in the slammer for life because the agency does not like competition.

Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation
Reuters - Israel said on Monday it had started rounding up African migrants in the first stage of a controversial "emergency plan" to intern and deport thousands deemed a threat to the Jewish character of the state.

Vatican and Israel to Sign Economic Agreement
Times of India - The Vatican is about to “indirectly recognize” Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, seen by many Palestinians as the future capital of their independent state, a media report today on Monday. This would be done if the draft of an economic agreement between the Jewish state and the Holy See, containing no distinction between sovereign Israel and the territories occupied by it in 1967, is approved by the two sides, Ha’aretz online reported.

80% in UK Demand to Vote on Quitting EU
London Express - DEMANDS for the British people to have a say on our role in Europe got a huge boost yesterday. A new poll showed more than 80 per cent of voters are crying out for a referendum. Nearly half of voters – 49 per cent – want their voices heard straight away, according to the survey. A further third, 33 per cent, believe that there should be a vote “in the next few years”.

Online privacy: Home Office to write blank cheque for 'snoopers' charter'
UK Guardian - The government is to offer a blank cheque to internet and phone firms that will be required to track everyone's email, Twitter, Facebook and other internet use under legislation to be published on Thursday. The Home Office has confirmed it will foot the bill, thought to run into tens and possibly hundreds of millions, for collecting and storing the extra social media and web browsing records needed to implement the scheme, which critics have dubbed an "online snooper's charter".

Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group’s Connection To Everything In The World
Business Insider - A chart found on Facebook illustrates most Bilderberg attendees’ close ties with the major corporations that run the world. This graph we found on Facebook shows the members’ connections to a ton of corporations, charities, policy groups and media. Everyone from Eric Schmidt to George Soros is a member. There are tons of conspiracy theories about the group, including that they control the world economy.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

The Untold Story of The Star-Spangled Banner
Fox News - This year is the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Around the country there are celebrations to mark this historic event that's called the true end of British rule, including Baltimore's upcoming Star-Spangled Sailabration, an international parade of more than 40 tall ships and naval vessels. Related video: Sailabration: Original Star-Spangled Banner flag honors Baltimore

Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group’s Connection To Everything In The World
The Bilderberg Group is 120-140 powerful people who meet each year to discuss policy. The meetings are closed to the public. This graph shows the members’ connections to a ton of corporations, charities, policy groups and media. Everyone from Eric Schmidt to George Soros is a member. There are tons of conspiracy theories about the group, including that they control the world economy.We took the findings with a grain of salt–after all, it’s easy to trace an individual to a corporation and the graph doesn’t specify what influence the member wielded.
But perhaps it’s a compelling argument for why the meetings should be public.

Poll: U.S. Citizens Approve of Drone Killings
Kurt Nimmo - If we are to believe the Pew Research Center, more than half of the American public support targeted assassinations (including innocent women and children) with drones. “Americans are the clear outliers on this issue,” the pollster reports today. “62% approve of the drone campaign, including most Republicans (74%), independents (60%) and Democrats (58%).” In other words, most Americans – again, if we can believe this poll or any poll conducted by an establishment organization – support the high-tech execution of suspected terrorists without trial.

USDA Wants RFID Tracking Technology To Be Mandatory In US Food Stamp Program - The USDA is now considering biometric identification for all individuals who will want to benefit from their Food and Nutrition Services. The RFID chip may just soon be a must for everyone who does not want to starve!

Springdale, Utah Police Stop Cash-for-tickets Practice - About a month ago, we reported on cops in Tennessee legally “stealing” $20,000 cash from a New Jersey man who was driving through the state to purchase a vehicle. It seems that “policing-for-profit” has taken a new form in Springdale, Utah where the AP reports that cops outside of Zion National Park have been stopping foreign tourists and accepting cash for citations.

TPP secrets: Obama covertly granting more power to multinational corporations
RT - The United States has been engaged in discussion with eight Pacific nations to come to agreement on the terms of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade contract that would allow for a more open system of exchange between the US and less developed nations. Critics have been concerned, however, over how provisions of the project could drive up the price of medications and other goods across the world.

U.S. Navy Will Spend $34 Million to Switch Drones to Linux - According to a new contract announced last Wednesday, the U.S. Navy will use Linux as the foundation for its drone fleet. The endeavor will cost about $34 million for the entire fleet of MQ-8B Firescouts.... The Navy has not disclosed its reasoning behind the switch to Linux, but the Register theorizes that it might have something to do with the malware issues that have popped up with other drone programs.

Rand Paul takes on drone surveillance
RT - Sen. Paul, the son of Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) introduced legislation before Congress on Tuesday that aims to ensure that Americans aren’t unlawfully spied on by unmanned drone aircraft. n explaining his reasoning behind the creation of the bill, the Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2012, the senator says that he isn’t adamantly opposed to drones themselves, but instead is concerned over how the government may use the unmanned vehicles to conduct clandestine surveillance of law-abiding citizens.

NY Mayor Bloomberg's Health panel talks about wider food ban
Fox News - The board hand-picked by Mayor Michael Bloomberg that must approve his ban of selling large sugar-filled drinks at restaurants might be looking at other targets.... At the meeting, some of the members of board said they should be considering other limits on high-calorie foods. One member, Bruce Vladeck, thinks limiting the sizes for movie theater popcorn should be considered.... Another board member thinks milk drinks should fall under the size limits.

VIDEO: North Dakota votes 'no' on ending property tax
CNN Money - Voters in North Dakota, where the economy is swelling with money from the oil boom, have voted against abolishing property taxes in the state. More than 76% voted "no" in Tuesday's initiative to get rid of the property tax, according to returns from the North Dakota Secretary of State.

The Elite Are Attempting To Convince Us That Killing Off The Elderly Is Good For America
Activist Post - What should be done with elderly Americans when they become very seriously ill? Should we try to save their lives or should we just let them die? Unfortunately, there is a growing consensus among the "intellectual elite" that most elderly people are not going to have a high enough "quality of life" to justify the expense of costly life saving procedures. This philosophy is now being promoted very heavily through mainstream news outlets, in our television shows and in big Hollywood movies.

YouTube: "There Will Be Blood" How People Can Regain their Power
Published on Jun 11, 2012 by TruthNeverTold. “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” ~ Albert Einstein

2012 Election News

Ron Paul supporters now working on two pre-RNC festivals
Tampa Bay Times - There are now two groups of Ron Paul supporters working to organize big festivals just before the Republican National Convention. Paul Festival 2012 is being planned for the Florida State Fairgrounds to celebrate Paul’s life, philosophy and service. Thirty-five miles to the east on Interstate 4, Freedom Festival 2012 is being planned for Fantasy of Flight in Polk County. There the main focus is expected to be less on Paul himself and more on the U.S. Constitution.

Texas town elects officials with dice
RT - Choosing a new city council member for Webster, Texas recently came down to a decision that more closely resembles a move out of the game Risk than a direct Democracy. After an open election ended in a tie that was then confirmed by a subsequent recount, officials in Webster relied on rolling dice to determine the next city councilperson.

YouTube: Carol Paul Speaks about Rands Endorsement of Romney and Ron Paul 6-13-12
This is a recording of Carol Paul being interviewed 6-13-12 on Ron Paul Radio, Rand apparently didn't consult his family before endorsing Mitt...

VIDEO: "I’m Supporting The Party That I Belong To”: Rand Paul Speaks About Romney Endorsement
Steve Watson - “There are definitely things in between good and evil”. In an interview that will likely not convince many within the liberty movement, Rand Paul has attempted to explain his official endorsement of Mitt Romney last week by suggesting that he can only affect change by working from within the system.

Veteran News

Pentagon Suspends Program That Gives Military Weapons To Cops
The Pentagon has temporarily put the brakes on a popular program started in 1994 that transfers surplus military equipment to local police departments.

Brain injury tied to malaria drug, doctor says
An Army physician who spent his career studying the malaria drug mefloquine, also known as Lariam, asked Congress on June 6 to support research on brain injuries he says can be caused by the medication.


Federal Reserve Directors' Banks and Businesses Took $4 Trillion in Bailouts: Report
Common Dreams - A report released today by US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has revealed the names of 18 former and current directors from Federal Reserve Banks who directly benefited from financial bailouts after the 2008 crisis. The Reserve directors worked in banks and corporations that collectively received over $4 trillion in bailout money allocated by the Federal Reserve.

Postal chief: If we do nothing, we’re Greece
CNNMoney - Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe drew chuckles from a group of postal policy conference attendees by comparing the beleaguered, indebted Postal Service to the beleaguered, indebted nation. He said that Greece’s ratio of debt compared to gross domestic product is 1.61 and the U.S. Postal Service’s ratio of debt compared to revenue is 1.51.

Energy & Environment

EPA in huge power grab to control all ditches and gullies on private land
(NaturalNews) The latest power-mad grab can be attributed to the not-so-illustrious Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is using (misusing, actually) the Clean Water Act (CWA) to control all ditches, gullies and other ephemeral areas by trying to say they are navigable waterways... Lawmakers who oppose the grab said the ridiculous "waterways" claim made by the EPA are temporary sites at best, created by rain or melting snow, but if controlled would prohibit private property owners from utilizing their own land for raising crops, grazing livestock or any number of other uses.


B vitamins lower homocysteine levels and provide significant stroke risk reduction
(NaturalNews) Stroke remains the third leading cause of death in the US, taking the lives of more than 140,000 people each year, and is the leading cause of serious, long-term disability. Three-quarters of those suffering from a stroke are aged 65 or older, often the result of decades of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Past studies have shown that suffering from a stroke is preventable by lowering the circulating levels of the non-protein amino acid known as homocysteine.

Sulphite preservatives in wine and food can cause significant health issues
(NaturalNews) Sulfites are present in many foods such as ready meals, pizza, wine and beer. Whilst it acts as a preservative, it also has health implications for 10 percent of all consumers. Many have minor irritations, however asthmatics and those who are sensitive to the irritant effect of sulfites can have severe reactions.

Quit Smoking Naturally by Consuming More of These Foods
Natural Society - While smokers try everything from hypnosis to electronic cigarettes, research is showing that if you simply eat more of these foods, you may have an easier time staying tobacco-free for longer. The research should be of even greater interest to those who want to quit smoking naturally.

GMO labeling victory! Measure accepted onto California ballot; now the real battle begins
(NaturalNews) In this breaking news for the food-conscious community, the California Secretary of State has just announced that the GMO labeling ballot measure has met and exceeded the requirements to be placed on the November ballot.

Plan to Use Highly Addictive Drug to Replace Alcohol Effects
Gaia Health - Testing is about to begin on a drug that’s expected to prevent alcohol intoxication by replacing it with a different high. The replacement drug, iomazenil, is a benzodiazepine, a class of drugs noted for their rapid inducement of addiction and coincident decrease in the positive sensations.

Vaccination Madness: Anti-Stress Vaccine Would Create Compliant Populace
Gaia Health - Science has truly gone mad when it sets out to create a compliant populace through a vaccine. Yet that’s precisely what’s in development and promoted as an anti-stress vaccine. What tyrannical government wouldn’t want to make its citizens so malleable?

Major Yeast Infection Drug Causes Birth Defects: Natural Remedies Better
Gaia Health - The FDA admits Diflucan causes birth defects. When you consider that natural fungal treatments are often more effective and always safer, why would you use the drug? (Includes natural solutions for fungal/candida infections.)

Doctor Fighting Gag Rule in Pennsylvania -- Action Alert!
ANH - A Pennsylvania law signed earlier this year allows physicians to access information about the proprietary chemicals being used (which are protected by trade secrets) so they can help their patients who are sick from the chemicals. But here’s the catch: they have to sign a confidentiality agreement that they won’t tell anyone else—not you the i“doctor gag rule.”

The AND/ADA Responds to Our Article
ANH - A letter to its members from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, formerly the American Dietetic Association (AND/ADA), took us to task for our article last week. It accused us of making “erroneous accusations” and spreading “false information,” noted that the professional dietitian who had called them to account in Israel was not a Registered Dietician, a term AND/ADA has trademarked and controls, and denied that their affiliate, the American Overseas Dietetic Association, had had a hand in organizing or getting sponsors for the conference supported by McDonald’s.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Your Cell Phone Is Threatening Your Privacy
How to Vanish - The issue of camera cell phone privacy is extremely important in today’s age and far-reaching. Many cell phone cameras by default and automatically reveal tremendous amounts of information such as the physical location of a picture, time, date, cell phone model, etc. Additionally, a number of phone companies and facilities along with laws and implementations have increased so much in recent times that it is often difficult to keep up on what privacy protections you have.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Lifting the Veil on a Corporate/Governmental Conspiracy: “The Organic Watergate” White Paper
Cornucopia - An in-depth investigation by The Cornucopia Institute has found a number of gimmicky, unproven and even dangerous synthetic additives in organic food. An unholy alliance between corporate agribusiness and the USDA has corrupted the regulatory system, which Congress created, to protect organic consumers and ethical farmers and business people.

Two New Critical Senate Bill Amendments—Action Alerts!
ANH - Of the over eighty amendments being offered to this year’s Farm Bill, there are two of particular interest to supporters of natural health. One is very, very bad, while the other is very, very good. The first amendment, offered by Sen. Patrick Leahy, is a revival of Leahy’s disastrous anti-supplement bill... the second amendment, offered by Sen. Rand Paul, would allow for the interstate transport and sale of unpasteurized milk.

Tell EPA: No on 2,4-D
Center for Food Safety - EPA is currently considering Dow’s request to permit use of 2,4-D on its “Enlist” genetically engineered (GE) corn and soybeans resistant to this toxic herbicide. While USDA directly controls the fate of these GE cropping systems, EPA is also assessing whether and how 2,4-D should be sprayed if these new crops are approved by USDA.

Today in History - Wednesday - June 13, 2012
1789 - Ice cream was served to General George Washington by Mrs. Alexander Hamilton.
1825 - Walter Hunt patented the safety pin. Hunt then then sold the rights for $400.
1866 - The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed by the U.S. Congress. It was ratified on July 9, 1868. The amendment was designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves. It did this by prohibiting states from denying or abridging the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, depriving any person of his life, liberty, or property without due process of law, or denying to any person within their jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
1888 - The U.S. Congress created the Department of Labor.
1898 - The Canadian Yukon Territory was organized.
1912 - Captain Albert Berry made the first successful parachute jump from an airplane in Jefferson, Mississippi.
1920 - The U.S. Post Office Department ruled that children may not be sent by parcel post.
1923 - The French set a trade barrier between the occupied Ruhr and the rest of Germany.
1927 - For the first time, an American Flag was displayed from the right hand of the Statue of Liberty.
1940 - Paris was evacuated before the German advance on the city.
1943 - German spies landed on Long Island, New York. They were soon captured.
1944 - Germany launched 10 of its new V1 rockets against Britain from a position near the Channel coast. Of the 10 rockets only 5 landed in Britain and only one managed to kill 6 people in London.
1951 - U.N. troops seized Pyongyang, North Korea.
1967 - Solicitor General Thurgood Marshall was nominated by President Lyndon B. Johnson to become the first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.
1971 - The New York Times began publishing the "Pentagon Papers". The articles were a secret study of America's involvement in Vietnam.
1978 - Israelis withdrew the last of their invading forces from Lebanon.
1979 - Sioux Indians were awarded $105 million in compensation for the U.S. seizure in 1877 of their Black Hills in South Dakota.
1981 - At a parade in London a teen-ager fired six-blank shots at Queen Elizabeth II.
1983 - The unmanned U.S. space probe Pioneer 10 became the first spacecraft to leave the solar system. It was launched in March 1972. The first up-close images of the planet Jupiter were provided by Pioneer 10.
1988 - The Liggett Group, a cigarette manufacturer, was found liable for a lung-cancer death. They were, however, found innocent by the federal jury of misrepresenting the risks of smoking.
1989 - U.S. President George H.W. Bush exercised his first Presidential veto on a bill dealing with minimum wage.
1994 - A jury in Anchorage, Alaska, found Exxon Corp. and Captain Joseph Hazelwood to be reckless in the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
1995 - France announced that they would conduct eight more nuclear tests in the South Pacific.
2000 - In Pyongyang, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il welcomed South Korea's President Kim Dae for a three-day summit. It was the first such meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea.

World News

Clinton accuses Russia of arming Syria with attack helicopters
FOX News - The Obama administration says Russia is sending attack helicopters to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime and is warning about a dramatic escalation in the Arab country’s 15-month conflict. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the delivery represents the “latest information.” She says the U.S. is concerned as the helicopters “will escalate the conflict quite dramatically.”

British Think-Tank Warns Smart Meters Susceptible to Terrorist Attacks
Activist Post - The Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR), a think-tank for Internet policy in Britain that facilitates “understanding and dialogue between business, government and NGOs across Europe”, is warning the UK government that their ability to tap into homes via smart meters is allowing the possibility for that information to be seized by hackers, and used against the energy corporations during fuel shortages that may happen in the future.

What might be the final major U.S. offensive of the Afghanistan war has begun
Press TV - Lt. Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, the outgoing operational commander in Afghanistan, said that U.S. and Afghan troops recently began a push in the eastern province of Ghazni to reduce the potency of the Taliban in an area neglected by the 2010 troop surge. “In some areas there in the east, south of Kabul, we needed to insert greater combat power, and we’ve needed to do that for quite some time,” Scaparotti told Pentagon reporters via videoconference, contradicting remarks made by the general in charge of east Afghanistan last year.

US Withdraws Negotiators After Pakistan Border Deal Talks Stall - The Obama Administration has withdrawn its negotiators from Pakistan after failing to reach a deal with the Pakistani government on reopening the border to occupied Afghanistan. The border has been closed since November, when US warplanes attacked Pakistani border outposts, killing 24 soldiers.

Iran set to build nuclear-powered submarines: Commander
Press TV - n a Tuesday interview with Fars news agency, Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini pointed to the Iranian Navy’s plan to build super-heavy nuclear-fueled submarines, saying, “Since we
possess peaceful nuclear technology, therefore we can also put on our agenda the construction of propulsion systems for nuclear submarines.”

YouTube: Fed Up with Euro? Irish Town Cashes in Old Currency
RT - Spain is on the edge of a financial abyss, as EU sources claim it could ask for a bailout as early as this evening. Madrid's credit score has been slashed, while it's borrowing costs soared close to the level that forced Greece, Portugal and Ireland to seek rescue. But as Eurozone powerhouses try to keep the single currency afloat, one Irish town is banking on the past, to turn a profit.

$28 cabbage, $65 chicken, and other insane food prices in Northern Canada
It’s not just food, either — necessary sundries like diapers and sanitary napkins are also outrageously expensive. According to one comment on the Facebook group, it’s often more
cost-effective to fly to Edmonton, Alberta, do your shopping there, and fly home. (That alone is a pretty good indication that shipping costs are not exclusively to blame.) Nunavut residents protested outside their local stores on Saturday, and some are reporting price changes as stores have been shamed into cutting back on their price gouging — at least temporarily.

Australian Government Begins Testing Three-Year-Old Children for Mental Illness
Activist Post - In an another attempt by Big Brother to intrude on the development of our children, the Australian Federal Government has begun to systematically test three-year-old children for signs of mental illness via a national program aptly named “healthy kids check”. The Australian Federal Government claims that the aim of the program is to improve the health and well-being of Australian children by identifying lifestyle risk factors that three-year-old children may be exposed to (for example, sleeping with the light on, having temper tantrums and being shy).

Japan Apologizes For Setting High Radiation Limits For Children
Alexander Higgins - Last year Japan set the Fukushima fallout radiation limit safety limit to 20 millisieverts per year which in effectively forced school children to be subjected to high levels of radiation. If the government set radiation limit was lower steps would have been taken to assure school children not be subjected to the high dose. Instead parents who objected were treated as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and social outcasts even as the government ignored warnings from many nuclear experts who pointed out the limit was too high.
Related video/article:
Japan Lied About Fukushima Radiation...

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Hawaii goes radioactive on Obama's eligibility
WND - Even though Barack Obama posted on the White House website an image of a Hawaiian birth certificate, and many, many reporters around the nation have declared the dispute “over” and “closed,” asking Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s office about Obama’s eligibility, which Abercrombie himself presented as a major issue to resolve, still is radioactive.

Sheriff Joe challenges eligibility in Florida
WND - Judge also wants White House to back its definition of natural-born citizen. Significantly, Judge Terry Lewis in Leon County – known for his rulings in the Bush v. Gore case at the center of the 2000 contested election – has confronted the White House for failing to support its claim that the term “natural born citizen” in the U.S. Constitution means something other than the offspring of two American citizens. Lewis has scheduled a hearing for Monday at 9 a.m. at the Leon County Courthouse in Tallahassee to hear the Obama team’s motion to dismiss the case and determine whether it should go forward with discovery.

VIDEO: DHS Agencies to Buy Up to 7,000 New 5.56x45mm NATO Personal Defense Weapons”
Intel Hub - The newest weapons order – which was originally posted on June 7, 2012 and has a response date of July 9, 2012 – is for so-called personal defense weapons which would be used in close quarters combat situations when maximum concealment is required. I find that last part quite interesting, as requiring maximum concealment for a 5.56x45mm NATO weapon is not really a run of the mill request.

Eric Holder Seeks Deal On Fast And Furious Docs To Avoid Contempt Charge
Huffington Post - Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday morning, Holder said he believed that a deal over the documents could be reached. "I myself am offering to sit down with the speaker, the chairman, whoever, to try to work out a way through this in an attempt to avoid a constitutional crisis," Holder said. "We can come up with ways, creative ways perhaps, in which we can make this material available. I've got to have a willing partner. I've extended my hand, and I'm waiting to hear back."

24-Year-Old Gets 3 Life Terms in Prison for Witnessing a Drug Deal
This is a simple truth: the United States is the only country in the first world that imposes life sentences to teenagers for small-time, non-violent drug offenses. In fact, the American legal system does so with alarming regularity, spending $40 billion a year to lock up hundreds of thousands of low-level dealers.

Illegals Pass Bar, Demand Law Licenses
WND - Sergio Garcia, a 35-year-old Mexican-born illegal alien, was brought to the U.S. by his parents when he was 17 months old, according to the Daily Journal.... There are no citizenship or residency requirements for admission to the bar, [Garcia’s lawyer] Fishkin noted. In fact, he claims illegal-alien attorneys are currently practicing in California because they received their licenses before bar examiners inquired about citizenship.

Stephanopoulos, ABC Sink to New Lows on 'This Week'
Perhaps we need not explain how ludicrous it is to invite Coulter onto a supposedly traditional news network. Her off-the-wall statements are so abundant that they are quantified by the dozens. Coulter has suggested in the Middle East, "We should invade these countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity," enacting "torture as a televised spectator sport (and) dropping daisy cutters wantonly."  Related video: Ann Coulter Says Radiation Is Good For You.

Wall Street Journal: New JapanRealTime Feature: Fukushima Watch
WSJ - We’ve noticed that JRT readers have an intense interest in things Fukushima. By “Fukushima,” we mean the March 2011 nuclear accident, and Japan’s ever-broadening concerns over radiation, health and safety... Fukushima Watch will be an outlet for geeky and juicy details lurking in JRT’s notebooks, culled from first-hand conversations with regulators, utilities and experts, as we report on the big issues of the day. ENENews comments: "They have already deleted all of the previous comments that were there an hour ago. I was hoping they would leave them there."

Residents Of NY Town Face $1,000 Fines If They Fail To Mow Lawns
Consumerist - According to 880-AM out of New York City, the village board of Massapequa Park village board passed a law yesterday that first-time offenders could be hit with $1,000 fines. If they continue to let their yards be overgrown, those fines could get as high as $10,000.

2012 Election News

Ron Paul Festival Set For Fairgrounds In Tampa August 24-26
By Thomas Mullen June 12 2012 - The rollercoaster ride for Ron Paul’s supporters continues amidst more delegate wins and Senator Rand Paul’s controversial endorsement of Romney. Liberty Unleashed, the nonprofit group incorporated in Florida by Paul supporters specifically to organize Paul Festival, announced today that it had signed a contract with the in Tampa to hold the event there August 24-26. The RNC starts August 27.

AUDIO: Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview
Senator Rand Paul joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview’ to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answers the questions submitted by The Daily Paul community.

YouTube: Schiff Radio Exclusive: Rand's Romney Strategy
The Peter Schiff Show 6/12/12.

What has changed?
Daily Paul - Dr. Paul always compares the campaign to this track days, "I never worried about the finish line, I just ran as fast and as hard as I can." The race isn't over, it doesn't matter how far back we are, or how ahead we may actually be, we have no idea, but we can't worry about the finish line regardless of the bumps and bruises we hit on the way on the obstacles we face everyday. We have to run as fast and as hard as we can! The revolution won't be won over night, it happens day by day, convention by convention, and election by election.

Fraud confirmed in Texas. Election judge says votes were switched
Daily Paul - Could Ron Paul have gotten 72% of the vote instead of 12%? Anne Beckett, election judge for Austin (Travis County), says it is so. In fact, she did an entrance poll of Republican voters for their party preference and says that a minimum of 66% offered on their own that they came to vote for Ron Paul. As she polled them she wrote a line on her hand, then, counted the total voters. A minimum of 66% and as high as 72% of all the votes went for Paul, NOT Romney (she wishes to be conservative, but says that at the bare minimum 66%, not 12%, of the votes went to Paul).

Ron Paul scores surprise delegates in New Mexico!
Doug Wead: There is a report that six of the newly elected delegates to the RNC from New Mexico are Ron Paul supporters. This happened last Saturday at the GOP State Convention. Nine other Ron Paul supporters were elected as alternate delegates. Amazing. According to the Romney campaign they will still have to vote for Mitt Romney in Tampa. New Mexico will be represented by only 20 delegates, so this is a significant haul. Related Article: Federal Law Proves All Delegates Are UNBOUND!

VIDEO: Sen. Levin Tells Current TV’s War Room He’s Worried About Hidden Money in Romney Campaign
Raw Story - Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) said Monday that he was anxious about the influence of secret money in the 2012 elections. “The thing that worries me frankly the most is the huge amount of hidden money which is going to get into — it already is in — the Romney campaign,” he said on Current TV’s War Room.

Minority rules: Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas - Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.... The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals.

YouTube: V is for Victory!!!
V for Vendetta tells us that this November our options are Obama, Romney and Silver. If we buy Silver, we will bring down all the banking Ponzi schemes and their governments. This is a real choice with real consequences for our oppressors.

Veteran News

23 Markers Missing from DC Civil War era Cemetary
Recently, 23 historic gravestones have gone missing under the stewardship of the federal government, a rate an audit said is too high — and one massive granite marker was found in the home of an employee of the D.C. government.


The Economic Collapse Is Not A Single Event
Activist Post - Well, despite what you may have read, the economic collapse is not going to be a single event. It is going to play out over quite a few years. In some ways we are experiencing an economic collapse right now. When the next major financial crisis occurs, many will be calling that "an economic collapse". But if you really want to grasp what is happening to us, you need to think long-term. We are heading for a complete and total nightmare, but it is going to take some time to get to the end of the story.

Signs of economic chaos: Repo men tow car with owner, daughter inside
(NaturalNews) A federal judge has partially affirmed that both a repossession company and the vehicle loan group that hired it are responsible for terrorizing a mother and her child back in 2010. According to Courthouse News Service (CNS), repo men "breached the peace" when they proceeded to tow away Rosalind Smith's vehicle with herself and her daughter still inside, and the doors wide open.

Housing Market

VIDEO: Citibank Refuses to Accept Minneapolis Mom’s Mortgage Payments; Home to be Auctioned Wednesday - For months, Colleen McKee Espinosa, a single mother of three—including Nick Espinosa, a volunteer organizer who has helped other homeowners fight foreclosure—has repeatedly asked Citibank officials to allow her to catch up on her mortgage and keep her home.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: NASA embraces 'moral' climate-change agenda
WND - Ex-astronauts, scientists worry 'reputations ruined' by space-agency claims. Several weeks ago, a group of former NASA astronauts, engineers and other scientists sent a letter to the agency to rebuke the current leadership for its active embrace of the climate-change agenda. Now NASA officials have responded to those concerns but have only served to infuriate their former employees even more.

North Dakota Landowners Fight State Over Oil Rights
Bloomberg - North Dakota landowners claiming the state is usurping their subterranean oil and mineral rights and costing them millions of dollars are asking a state court judge to let them proceed with a lawsuit.... “The defendants in this action have engaged in a course of conduct deliberately designed to procure mineral rights belonging to private individuals -- without compensation, due process or even any notice.” the owners said in an April court filing.


Magnesium is the Underrated Master Mineral
Magnesium is a very underrated, virtually ignored mineral for our diets, yet it is the most crucial and essential to over 300 bodily biochemical and cellular metabolic processes. It has been called the "Master Mineral" because of its central importance to so many cellular functions and proper body glucose balance. Because of poor topsoil conditions and poor eating habits, almost everyone is magnesium deficient to some extent.

Dark chocolate shown to protect against heart attack and stroke in at-risk individuals
(NaturalNews) Heart disease and stroke continues to rank as the leading, preventable cause of death in most Western societies, killing three-quarters of a million people combined. Any natural compound that can significantly lower the death rate from vascular diseases should be embraced by natural health advocates and the medical profession alike. Yet allopathic physicians continue to prescribe a host of ineffective and dangerous prescription medications that do little to combat this epidemic.

Coconut Oil - Here's what you need to know about this amazing rejuvenation and healing oil
(NaturalNews) Coconut oil is a popular nutritional oil derived from the meat of matured coconuts. Coconut has long been a primary source of food throughout the tropics. Its various industrial and cosmetic applications have made it a very viable commodity. Coconut oil is heat stable, making it suitable for cooking at high temperatures. It is slow to oxidize, resists rancidity and has a shelf life of approximately two years or more; virgin coco creme created through a wet-milling process has an indefinite shelf life.

Discover the amazing ability of curcumin (turmeric) to fight chronic disease
(NaturalNews) For thousands of years, ancient cultures throughout Asia have been using turmeric, also known as curcumin, to spice up food -- and today, curcumin is used throughout the world. But this relative of ginger is hardly just a flavor enhancer, as studies continue to show that curcumin contains powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and even anti-cancer properties that render it a powerful, disease-fighting medicine in addition to being a culinary spice.

The Spice that Is Better than Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dr. Mercola - If you're looking for a way to help fight rheumatoid arthritis (RA) without drugs, then you need look no further than the spice shelf at your local market. New research published in the spring of 2012 showed that curcumin, the active ingredient in the curry spice turmeric, possesses potent anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties.

Rihanna's vitamin drip may be trendy, but fresh juice delivers nutrients without the needle
(NaturalNews) Intravenous drips that inject mega-doses of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream are gaining national attention as several high-profile celebrities, including pop singer Rihanna and television personality Simon Cowell, reportedly use the drips to increase energy levels and cure fatigue.

Ridiculous Lancet study sets stage for pushing 'pre-diabetes' drugs on entire world
(NaturalNews) Concocted by a research team from the so-called Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), the study makes the painfully obvious claim that individuals with normal blood sugar levels are far less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than individuals with elevated blood sugar levels. But rather than have pre-diabetic patients exclusively follow proper dietary and exercise protocols to keep their blood sugar levels in check, the researchers make the implication that "preventative" drugs may be the preferred option.

If depression isn't a chemical imbalance, then what is it?
(NaturalNews) Contemporary scientific culture has fed us the mantra that depression is the result of a chemical imbalance for so long now that the premise is rarely questioned by the general public. On the other hand, there are many in the alternative health community who have been aware of this for a long time.

‘Strawberry Flavor’ Consists of 50 Different Chemicals
Natural Society - What goes into mimicking the flavor a strawberry? Well, instead of simply using real strawberry, food manufacturers have decided to opt for a much cheaper (and toxic) method of creating what has come to be known as ‘strawberry flavor‘. The chemical concoction consists of 50 different chemical ingredients, many of which could be threatening to your health.

How to prevent Osteoporosis – naturally
(NaturalHealth365) The numbers are staggering! Globally, osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures per year – resulting in a fracture every 3 seconds. Approximately 75 million people in Europe, USA and Japan are diagnosed with this preventable health crisis. The truth is osteoporosis is avoidable without drugs or expensive treatments by bringing the body chemistry back into balance.

Omega-3 and Vascular Disease
Green Med Info - Omega-3 fatty acids have a wide range of researched therapeutic properties, many of which are applicable to vascular disease. Omega-3 research is cited in its connection to cardiac mortality risk, peripheral artery disease and hypertension.

Science & Technology

SOPA opponents release Digital Bill of Rights
RT - “I believe that individuals possess certain fundamental rights,” Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) writes on his website this week. “Government should exist to protect those rights against those who would violate them. That is the revolutionary principle at the heart of the American Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. No one should trample our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That's why the Bill of Rights is an American citizen's first line of defense against all forms of tyranny.”

U.S. Secret Service buys 26 devices to identify and collect wireless communication data
Activist Post - An electronics company out of Victor, New York has been awarded a $32,540 contract by the U.S. Secret Service to provide 26 shielded test enclosures known as “RF [Radio Frequency] isolation test products” in order to help the Secret Service identify and collect data from wireless communication devices.


Old blue jeans have multiple uses in survival kits
American Preppers Network - Most preppers and survivalists have a waste-not, want-not philosophy, and tossing or throwing away a pair of jeans with some wear left in them just goes against the grain! Here’s how to make the best use of these materials in your survival gear.

Today in History - Tuesday - June 12, 2012
1812 - Napoleon's invasion of Russia began.
1838 - The Iowa Territory was organized.
1849 - The gas mask was patented by L.P. Haslett.
1897 - Carl Elsener patented his penknife. It later became known as the Swiss army knife.
1898 - Philippine nationalists declared their independence from Spain.
1900 - The Reichstag approved a 2nd law that would allow the expansion of the German navy.
1918 - The first airplane bombing raid by an American unit occurred on World War I's Western Front in France.
1921 - U.S. President Warren Harding urged every young man to attend military training camp.
1935 - U.S. Senator Huey Long of Louisiana made the longest speech on Senate record. The speech took 15 1/2 hours and was
filled by 150,000 words.
1937 - The Soviet Union executed eight army leaders under Joseph Stalin.
1939 - The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum was dedicated in Cooperstown, New York. This was exactly 100 years to the day which the game was invented by Abner Doubleday.
1941 - In London, the Inter-Allied Declaration was signed. It was the first step towards the establishment of the United Nations.
1944 - Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse-tung announced that he would support Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek in the war against Japan.
1963 - Civil rights leader Medgar Evers was fatally shot in front of his home in Jackson, MS.
1967 - State laws which prohibited interracial marriages were ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.
1985 - The U.S. House of Representatives approved $27 million in aid to the Nicaraguan contras.
1986 - South Africa declared a national state of emergency. Virtually unlimited power was given to security forces and restrictions were put on news coverage of the unrest.
1987 - U.S. President Reagan publicly challenged Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.
1991 - Russians went to the polls and elected Boris Yeltsin as the president of their republic.
1992 - In a letter to the U.S. Senate, Russian Boris Yeltsin stated that in the early 1950's the Soviet Union had shot down nine U.S. planes and held 12 American survivors.
1996 - In Philadelphia a panel of federal judges blocked a law against indecency on the internet. The panel said that the 1996 Communications Decency Act would infringe upon the free speech rights of adults.
1997 - The U.S. Treasury Department unveiled a new $50 bill meant to be more counterfeit-resistant.
1998 - Compaq Computer paid $9 billion for Digital Equipment Corp. in largest high-tech acquisition.
1999 - NATO peacekeeping forces entered the province of Kosovo in Yugoslavia.
2003 - In Arkansas, Terry Wallis spoke for the first time in nearly 19 years. Wallis had been in a coma since July 13, 1984, after being injured in a car accident.
2009 - In the U.S., The switch from analog TV transmission to digital was completed.

World News

US predicts another Houla-style massacre in Syria
Press TV - US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Monday that the Syrian government “may be organizing another massacre, this time in the village of al-Haffa, in Latakia province, as well as in the towns Deir el-Zour, in Daraa, in Homs, in Hama, and in suburbs of Damascus.”

Israel considering military attack on Syria
Press TV - Israel is apparently laying the groundwork for a possible military attack on Syria by alleging that Damascus could be using chemical weapons against the Syrian people.

China’s Iranian crude imports remain in US firing line
RT - Washington has granted waivers to sanctions on Iranian oil imports to several countries, leaving China the only major oil importer subject to US penalties. Chinese oil giant Sinopec announced it will not raise imports in an effort to allay sanctions. The US government added India, South Korea and four more nations to the list of countries exempt from the sanctions on Monday.

Japan mulls countering bans on Iran oil
Press TV - In an attempt to counter US-led EU insurance bans against Iran, Japan's cabinet has submitted a bill to the country’s parliament that allows the government to provide insurance cover for tankers importing Iranian crude, instead of seeking such cover from the EU.

VIDEO: Tens of thousands in 'March of millions' Moscow protest
RT - The Russian opposition is gathering in Moscow for an anti-government rally. It will be the first so-called “March of Millions” demonstration since mass protests on May 6 were marred by violence and hundreds of arrests.

US Ousts Israel From Counterterrorism Forum
Israel National News - The United States blocked Israel's participation in the Global Counterterrorism Forum's (GCTF) first meeting in Istanbul on Friday, despite Israel's having one of the most extensive counterterrorism experiences in the world. Israel was excluded from the meeting due to fierce objections by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Washington-based source told Globes news.

VIDEO: Obama speeds up limited air strike, no-fly zones preparations for Syria - US President Barack Obama has ordered the US Navy and Air Force to accelerate preparations for a limited air offensive against the Assad regime and the imposition of no-fly zones over Syria, debkafile reports. Their mission will be to knock out Assad’s central regime and military command centers so as to shake regime stability and restrict Syrian army and air force activity for subduing rebel action and wreaking violence on civilian populations.

Somali “Terrorists” Offer Bounty on Obama: 10 Camels for Obama, 20 Chickens for Clinton
ABC News - The al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia has mocked the new $33 million bounty on its top leaders heads by offering its own bounty for President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – 10 camels for Obama and 20 chickens for Clinton.... Earlier this week, the U.S. offered a total of $33 million through the State Department's Rewards for Justice program for information leading to the capture of seven different Shabaab leaders, including Khalaf.

South Korea warns of tough military response to the North
South Korea has warned it would immediately retaliate against the North and has held unscheduled military exercises after series of threats from Pyongyang. A week ago the North threatened to launch rocket attacks on media offices in the South. Seoul’s armed forces held the exercise on Monday because of a "series of peculiar activities", a Defense ministry spokesman told AFP.

Europe Planning Bank Withdrawal Restrictions To Deal With Greece Exit
Alexander Higgins - European officials have announced plans to implement bank capital controls as part of a contingency plan to deal with the worst case scenario of Greece leaving the Eurozone which include imposing border checks and limiting ATM withdrawals. The announcement of plans to limit bank and ATM withdrawals comes as many Italians are just learning their accounts have been ‘temporarily frozen’ for the next month to deal with the ‘difficult situation’ in Europe.

Standard & Poor's warns India of a downgrade to junk category
Times of India - International rating agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) has warned that India risks a sovereign downgrade which would result in the country dropping off the list of countries with an investment-grade rating. The statement comes less then two months after the agency revised the outlook on India's rating to negative from stable and said that the country has a one-in-three chances of being downgraded in the next two years. India presently enjoys a BBB- which is the lowest investment grade rating.

The Turin Shroud is Fake: One of 40 Linen Cloths Produced 1,300 Years After Crucifixion
Mail Online - Not only is the Turin Shroud probably a medieval fake but it is just one of an astonishing 40 so-called burial cloths of Jesus, according to an eminent church historian. Antonio Lombatti said the false shrouds circulated in the Middle Ages, but most of them were later destroyed. He said the Turin Shroud itself – showing an image of a bearded man and venerated for centuries as Christ’s burial cloth – appears to have originated in Turkey some 1,300 years after the Crucifixion.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Military movie censorship ‘makes Americans warlike’
RT - Pentagon sanitizing of war movies to protect the image of US soldiers is illegal and makes Americans more war-like, says David L. Robb, author of a book on the issue. He says even James Bond films fell victim to over-harsh US military censorship.

$1.1 million-plus Gates grants: ‘Galvanic’ bracelets that measure student engagement
Washington Post - In the ‘you-can’t-make-up-this-stuff’ category, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is spending about $1.1 million to develop a way to physiologically measure how engaged students are by their teachers’ lessons. This involves “galvanic skin response” bracelets that kids would wear so their engagement levels could be measured.

North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax
NY Times - Since Californians shrank their property taxes more than three decades ago by
passing Proposition 13, people around the nation have echoed their dismay over such levies, putting forth plans to even them, simplify them, cap them, slash them. In an election here on Tuesday, residents of North Dakota will consider a measure that reaches far beyond any of that — one that abolishes the property tax entirely.

US Commerce secretary investigated for felony hit-and-run
RT - US Secretary of Commerce John Bryson, 68, has been cited for felony hit-and-run after
his automobile was linked to a pair of crashes in Southern California Saturday afternoon. A spokeswoman for the Department of Commerce tells reporters on Monday that Mr. Bryson suffered a seizure behind the wheel which triggered the crashes, although witnesses claim that the secretary was indeed quite conscious during at least the first half of this weekend’s events.

House GOP Plans First Vote on Holding Eric Holder in Contempt
WSJ - California Republican Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who has helped lead the congressional investigation into Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ Operation Fast and Furious, announced Monday that his committee will take up a contempt report on June 20.

Supreme Court rejects case on alleged torture of US citizen
Press TV - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday announced that it would not review a lawsuit against former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other government officials for their alleged roles in the detention and torture of a U.S. citizen. "The Supreme Court's refusal to consider Jose Padilla's case leaves in place a blank check for government officials to commit any abuse in the name of national security, even the brutal torture of an American citizen in an American prison," said Ben Wizner, the ACLU's lead counsel on the case.

Pentagon stops giving out free guns to police
RT - A Pentagon-led program that equipped more than 17,000 police and sheriff’s departments across the country with military-grade surplus weaponry will be put on hold while auditors try to account for $2.6 billion worth of handouts. The US Department of Defense made a surprise move on Friday when they announced that the Pentagon program responsible for supplying local law enforcement agencies across America with armored cars, automatic weapons and even aircraft is being temporarily halted while an investigation tries to locate items issued during the last few years of the initiative.

Jesse Ventura Gets Backing Of Former SEALs In Lawsuit Over “Punch” Hoax
Paul Joseph Watson - Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit against Navy SEAL Chris Kyle over Kyle’s claims that he punched Ventura in a bar for insulting a dead U.S. soldier has gone to court, with Ventura receiving the backing of several prominent former SEALs who affirm the incident never happened.

VIDEO: Navy drone crashed in a marsh near Salisbury, Maryland
The RQ-4A Global Hawk drone crashed during a routine training flight from Naval Air Station Patuxent River, according to Jamie Cosgrove, a spokeswoman for the Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons Program at the base. There were no injuries to civilians and no property damage, said the Navy, which said it is investigating the cause. Video from CNN affiliate WBOC showed smoke rising from brush fires in the unpopulated area. Related article: Attack of The Drones.

Indiana legalizes shooting cops
RT - Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican, has authorized changes to a 2006 legislation that legalizes the use of deadly force on a public servant — including an officer of the law — in cases of “unlawful intrusion.” Proponents of both the Second and Fourth Amendments — those that allow for the ownership of firearms and the security against unlawful searches, respectively — are celebrating the update by saying it ensures that residents are protected from authorities that abuse the powers of the badge.

Lawsuit: Architect In Diabetic Shock Beaten, Pepper Sprayed, and Repeatedly Tasered Before Dying
Jonathan Turley - A disturbing lawsuit has been filed against the Baltimore County Police Department by Linda Johnson over the death of her husband, Architect Carl D. Johnson on May 27, 2010. Johnson was pepper sprayed, tasered, and beaten before his death on the way home from Bible study class. Linda Johnson is suing the Maryland State Police, Baltimore County Police, individual commanders and six officers. Her lawsuit claims that her husband suffered a diabetic attack after calling a friend and crashing on I-795.

2012 Election News

VIDEO: Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 6/11/12: The CBO Sees the Economic Cliff Ahead
Last week the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued its annual long-term budget outlook report, and the 2012 numbers are not promising. In fact, the CBO estimates that federal debt will rise to 70% of GDP by the end of the year– the highest percentage since World War II. The report also paints a stark picture of entitlement spending, as retiring Baby Boomers will cause government spending on health care, Social Security, and Medicare to explode as a percentage of GDP in coming years.

Arizona special election: About Giffords or Obama?
Christian Science Monitor - n a closely-watched race, Arizona voters will choose a candidate to complete the remainder of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’s term nearly 18 months after a gunshot wound to the head, which forced her to resign in January.

YouTube: Tom Woods: My Appeal To Ron Paul
Ron Paul changed the world in 2007. Spurn those who would have him change it back. Related article: Ron and Rom.

Exclusive Daily Paul interview scheduled with Rand Paul
Daily Paul - Kurt Wallace: I contacted the Senate office over the weekend to request an interview with Rand Paul for Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace. I promptly got a call this morning that Senator Paul has agreed to do the interview. I asked that they give me at least 24 hours to get your questions for Senator Rand Paul, submit your questions below. Read full article about the upcoming interview here.

YouTube: Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ
Published on Jun 11, 2012 by matlarson10 - This video explains a basic overview of the Civil Rights (Voting Rights/Election Fraud) Lawsuit being filed in Federal Court by Lawyers For Ron Paul on behalf of American voters.

The Revolution is NOT About Ron Paul
Activist Post - Like many of you, I sat in disbelief as I watched Rand Paul publicly endorse a gun-grabbing, healthcare-socializing, flip-flopping, border-opening, war-mongering, banker-controlled statist puppet.... I scoured the Internet looking for answers to some burning questions. Why did Rand Paul endorse Romney? Have they made some shady backroom deal? Was Ron Paul in on it? Had I been played for a fool? Have I been wrong all along? Although I haven't found the answers to those specific questions, I've found something far more valuable. I've found that the liberty movement is still going strong.


Cities' homeless crackdown: Could it be compassion fatigue?
Philadelphia recently banned outdoor feeding of people in city parks. Denver has begun enforcing a ban on eating and sleeping on property without permission. And this month,  lawmakers in Ashland, Ore., will consider strengthening the town's ban on camping and making
noise in public. And the list goes on... The ordinances are pitting city officials against homeless advocates. City leaders say they want to improve the lives of homeless people and ensure public safety, while supporters of the homeless argue that such regulations criminalize homelessness and make it harder to live on the nation's streets.

Family net worth plummets nearly 40%
CNN Money - The average American family’s net worth dropped almost 40% between 2007 and 2010, according to a triennial study released Monday by the Federal Reserve. The Fed study, called the Survey of Consumer Finances, offers details on savings, income, debt, as well as assets and investments owned by American families. The results, though more than a year old, highlight the marked deterioration in household finances brought on by the financial crisis and ensuing recession.

Energy & Environment

Investigation Continues Into Source of Strange Michigan Area 'Explosions' and Radiation

Activist Post - It appears that questions regarding the strange “explosions” which occurred all over the state of Michigan days ago are only continuing to grow. With a puzzling lack of interest even from the local media, complete silence by law enforcement/military outlets, and activist investigators being arrested for attempting to obtain a statement at a U.S. military base, one would clearly be justified in wondering if there is not a cover up in the works. Related video/article: Reporter Detained/Arrested...


Infographic - Ten ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar
(NaturalNews) You may not think of apple cider vinegar as something that is a boon to your overall health, but it can be, and here are 10 ways you can use it to help pave the way to a better you.

Diabetes Drugs Avandia, Actos Linked to Vision Woes
HealthDay News - British researchers report that thiazolidinediones, diabetes medications that are used to help control blood sugar levels, may cause eye problems in those who take them. The drugs that fall into this group include Avandia and Actos, which have been tied to increased risk of heart attack in the case of Avandia and bladder cancer in the case of Actos. Now it is possible that these drugs may also cause diabetic macular edema, the study authors said.

Diabetes Rising Rapidly Among U.S. Kids
HealthDay News - Diabetes is increasing among U.S. children at an alarming rate, say  researchers who report jumps of more than 20 percent since 2001 for type 2 disease, which is linked to excessive weight and sedentary lifestyles, and type 1 diabetes, which is an autoimmune disease.

Home remedies help restore your health after eating GMO foods
(NaturalNews) There have been various reports on NaturalNews and in the mainstream media concerning the side effects of consuming food that has been genetically modified. Symptoms ranging from digestive and reproductive disorders to liver failure, internal bleeding and immune system dysfunction are being reported. A combination of home remedies, nutrition and homeopathic medicines may help restore your health.

The Truth about Canned Soup
Organic Gardening - Your soup could be canned up in a chemical stew. Often sold under a healthy halo, processed soups are full of a lot of ingredients that won't be listed on the label—such as industrial chemicals, pesticides, and weird food additives.

Arm yourself against disease with these anti-cancer foods
(NaturalNews) Most of us know the "War on Cancer" is a bad joke that churns revenue for the
cancer industry while per capita cancer rates continue to surge. Based on the premise that food should be our first medicine, the cruciferous family of vegetables is the food choice for resisting cancer.

Rep. Markey to FDA: Why are lindane shampoos still allowed?
PANNA - Lice shampoos containing lindane continue to be allowed in the U.S., despite being slated for a global ban due to the organochlorine pesticide's persistence and toxicity. Last week, Representative Edward J. Markey (D-MA) urged the Obama Administration to pull these products from the U.S. market once and for all.

Students now snorting ADHD drugs before taking academic tests
(NaturalNews) n schools all across the country, students bent on getting better scores on SAT exams and others are snorting ADHD amphetamines like Adderall before tests to help them focus, as well as during late-night study sessions and other times when they are preparing for a test. The drug does more than just help jolt them awake in the mornings as they got ready to take the make-or-break marathon college preparatory tests; it gives them a laser-like focusing ability that is just right for that kind of situation. And worse, Big Pharma and the nation's healthcare industry is playing right along.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: New York Is Trying To Outlaw Anonymous Internet Use
Alexander Higgins - New York is trying to use cyber-bullying as an excuse to ban online anonymity by making illegal to use the Internet without being personally identifiable....Proposed legislation in both chambers would require New York-based websites, such as blogs and newspapers, to “remove any comments posted on his or her website by an anonymous poster unless such anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post.”

Computer Experts Discover Flame and Stuxnet Related
Kurt Nimmo - If research conducted by Kaspersky Labs is correct, the Flame virus is related to a previous malware virus developed by Israel and the United States.... Stuxnet was developed collaboratively between Israel and the United States for the explicit purpose of disabling computer networks in Iran, although Israeli intelligence denies this, according to Mossad agents who say they created the malware and Obama is taking credit for unleashing it against Iran’s fledgling nuclear program as propaganda in his re-election bid.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Vertical Farms Sprout into Reality - Seven billion humans need farms that cover a land mass equal to South America, but tomorrow's farmers may need even more space to grow food for hungry mouths.
Such urgency has given root to a new agricultural idea in the past few years — building vertical farms that climb toward the sky or burrow beneath the Earth.

Gardener’s To-Do List for June
Organic Gardening - Here’s a zone-by-zone to-do list for the month of June.

Today in History - Monday - June 11, 2012
1776 - In America, the Continental Congress formed a committee to draft a Declaration of Independence from Britain.
1798 - Napoleon Bonaparte took the island of Malta.
1889 - The Washington Business High School opened in Washington, DC. It was the first school devoted to business in the U.S.
1895 - Charles E. Duryea received the first U.S. patent granted to an American inventor for a gasoline-driven automobile.
1927 - Charles A. Lindberg was presented the first Distinguished Flying Cross.
1934 - The Disarmament Conference in Geneva ended in failure.
1936 - The Presbyterian Church of America was formed in Philadelphia, PA.
1937 - Soviet leader Josef Stalin began a purge of Red Army generals.
1940 - The Italian Air Force bombed the British fortress at Malta in the Mediterranean.
1942 - The U.S. and the Soviet Union signed a lend lease agreement to aid the Soviets in their effort in World War II.
1943 - During World War II, the Italian island of Pantelleria surrendered after a heavy air bombardment.
1947 - The U.S. government announced an end to sugar rationing.
1963 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested in Florida for trying to integrate restaurants.
1963 - Alabama Gov. George Wallace allowed two black students to enroll at the University of Alabama.
1967 - Israel and Syria accepted a U.N. cease-fire.
1973 - After a ruling by the Justice Department of the State of Pennsylvania, women were licensed to box or wrestle.
1981 - The first major league baseball player's strike began. It would last for two months.
1987 - Margaret Thatcher became the first British prime minister in 160 years to win a third consecutive term of office.
1990 - The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a law that would prohibit the desecration of the American Flag.
1991 - Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted. The eruption of ash and gas could be seen for more than 60 miles.
1993 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that people who commit "hate crimes" could be sentenced to extra punishment. The court also ruled in favor of religious groups saying that they indeed had a constitutional right to sacrifice animals during worship services.
1998 - Mitsubishi of America agreed to pay $34 million to end the largest sexual harassment case filed by the U.S. government. The federal lawsuit claimed that hundreds of women at a plant in Normal, IL, had endured groping and crude jokes from male workers.
1998 - Pakistan announced moratorium on nuclear testing and offered to talk with India over disputed Kashmir.

World News

US plotting a military return to Vietnam
From the Trenches - On Sunday, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta flew in to Cam Ranh Bay, the first Pentagon chief to come to this deepwater port 200 miles northeast of Ho Chi Minh City since the war. He recalled “the great deal of blood that was spilled in this war on all sides – by Americans and by Vietnamese.” He also made clear that the U.S. is hoping that hard history will not stand in the way of a U.S. return to the sheltered anchorage off the strategically-important South China Sea.

$125 Billion Bank Bailout Announcement Sparks Massive Protests In Spain
Alexander Higgins - Within hours of the announcement a massive number of citizens are now flooding the streets of the capital city of Madrid to protest the bailout. As the sovereign debt crisis has made it infeasible to access funding from the markets Spain is being forced to borrow money from other European nations to pay for the bailout. The additional debt will add to the overwhelming debt load Spanish citizens are being forced to pay as they face harsh austerity measure in the midst of raging unemployment in a depression-like economy.

You Tube: Coast to Coast AM - 6/9/2012 - Fukushima Special / Arnie Gundersen Part 1
John B. Wells welcomed various experts in nuclear power, energy, and health, including Arnie Gundersen, David Blume, Dr. John Apsley, Theresa Dale, for a discussion on the situation in Fukushima, and what the possible outcomes are for containing the crippled reactor, as well as how the situation may affect our health and environment.

NATO apologizes for civilian deaths in airstrike that killed 18 Afghans
RT - Marine Gen. John Allen, who is currently in Logar province told the locals they "have my apology and we will do the right thing by the families." This is the first time NATO publicly confirmed that civilians died in the strike.

Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus – report
RT - The armed Syrian opposition has got their hands on chemical weapons, which they  acquired from Libya, a media report claims. They allegedly plan to use it against civilians and pin the atrocity on the Bashar al-Assad regime. The report by DamPress claims the opposition group in possession of the weapons is being trained in its use inside Turkey. No further detail on the alleged conspiracy is given.

U.S. And Israel Enlist Jihadist Terrorists To Bring Down Syria
Saman Mohammadi - The U.S. and Israeli governments cannot be taken seriously when they try to sell to the world the lie that Islamic terrorism is a threat to Western civilization while it is secretly funding and arming Sunni terrorists to wage war against governments that they don’t like.

Here They Come: Ireland Demands Renegotiation Of Its Bailout Terms To Match Spain
Zero hedge - Recall that mere hours ago we asked: "We also wonder how will Ireland feel knowing that it has to suffer under backbreaking austerity in exchange for Troika generosity, while Spain gets away scott free." We now know. From the AFP: "Ireland wants to renegotiate its rescue plan to benefit from the same treatment as Spain, which looks set to win a bailout for its banks without any broader economic reforms in return, European sources said on Saturday." And with Ireland on the renegotiation train, next comes Greece.

Argentina loses a third of its dollar deposits
Reuters - Argentine banks have seen a third of their U.S. dollar deposits withdrawn since November as savers chase greenbacks in response to stiffening foreign exchange restrictions, local banking sources said on Friday. Depositors withdrew a total of about $100 million per day over the last month in a safe-haven bid fueled by uncertainty over policies that might be adopted as pressure grows to keep U.S. currency in the country.

Shuttlecock machine-gun Russia’s new anti-riot weapon
RT - Russian law enforcement is ready to test a shuttlecock machine-gun that will easily knock down any professional tennis player. Like their colleagues abroad, Russian riot police units are well equipped with water cannon, tear gas grenades and electric stunning devices. But international experience shows that so-called “non-lethal weapons” can be deadly after all.... So, Russian police are reluctant to use “non-lethal” ammunition.

LOST is Centralized Control of the World by the UN
Activist Post - The UN’s Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) will deliver American sovereignty and seven-tenths of the world’s surface through allocation of oceans and seas to the UN by way of the entanglement of global bureaucracy. Over three decades ago, then President Ronald Regan rejected LOST, saying “no national interest of the United States could justify handing sovereign control of two-thirds of the Earth’s surface over to the Third World.”

Gates and WHO Partner to Create the Global Vaccine Action Plan
Activist Post - The World Health Organization (WHO) has devised a scheme to vaccinate people living in over 194 countries. They joined forces with the Decade of Vaccine Collaboration (DVC) and published their plan last month. The Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) is pushing governments worldwide with the power of the UN to back them to coerce the increase of global vaccinations through strategic programs.

UFO Expert for UK Ministry of Defense Claims Alien Attack at the Olympic Games in London
Activist Post - Nick Pope, a former UFO expert at the UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD), warns that aliens could take advantage of the Olympic Games to strike an invasion against humanity. Pope asserts that the international community, meaning the UN, should be ready to respond.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: California grad student on no-fly list gets home after stranding
MSN - An American student who discovered he was included on the government’s no-fly list and
was barred from a U.S.-bound flight from Costa Rica was reunited with family and friends
after he flew to Mexico and then walked across the U.S.-Mexico border Thursday evening.

Ray Bradbury: An Obituary For My Friend
Daily Paul - On June 6th 2012, I lost a very personal friend. A friend whom served as my
inspiration, my keeper of sanity, my glass of truth, and my teacher in the school of living
life.... Somewhere a band is well my friend. “Everyone must leave something
behind when he dies, my grandfather said. A child or a book or a painting or a house or a
wall built or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted. Something your hand touched some
way so your soul has somewhere to go when you die, and when people look at that tree or that
flower you planted, you're there. - Ray Bradbury

How Many Americans Are Killed by Terrorism?
CFR - According to the report, the number of U.S. citizens who died in terrorist attacks increased by two between 2010 and 2011; overall, a comparable number of Americans are crushed to death by their televisions or furniture each year. This is not to diminish the real—albeit shrinking—threat of terrorism, or to minimize the loss and suffering of the 13,000 killed and over 45,000 injured around the world. For Americans, however, it should emphasize that an irrational fear of terrorism is both unwarranted and a poor basis for public policy decisions.

Brilliant English teacher dares tell high school grads the truth: You are NOT special!
(NaturalNews) NaturalNews salutes Wellesley High School English teacher David McCullough, Jr., now made famous by his uncensored, brilliantly-stated, totally politically incorrect graduation speech entitled, "You are not special!"

VIDEO: Courage is Being Scared to Death But Saddling Up Anyway
Washington's Blog - Great men and women throughout history have understood courage: I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

2012 Election News

Doug Wead Blog: Ron Paul Surprise in Arkansas!
Monica Serrano June 10, 2012 - Today was a most amazing day and for so many reasons. Where do I begin? Arkansas held their district conventions. We have 4 districts. We elected 3 delegates and 3 alternates from each district. And they will be going to Tampa. On June 23 we will elect 21 “at large” delegates and alternatives who will also go to Tampa with the top 3 State GOP officials.

VIDEO: UPDATE: Final Day Of Texas State Conventions
June 9, 2012 by matlarson10

YouTube: Lew Rockwell on RT Abby Martin: Ron Paul and Rand Paul are different!
RT - Senator Rand Paul shocked many supporters yesterday when he endorsed Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate for the upcoming November election. Even though the Kentucky senator said his father, Congressman Ron Paul, would have been his "number one" choice if he won the GOP nomination, many Libertarian leaning conservatives feel betrayed by this endorsement. Lew Rockwell, chairman/CEO of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, joins Abby Martin to find out what stands behind this surprising announcement.

The Trouble with Rand Paul
Zero Hedge - Rand Paul just endorsed a man who is deeply hostile to human liberty. Perhaps that’s Rand’s idea of playing politics? Come to the table, strike a deal, get what you can. Trouble is, it’s tough striking a good deal when the guy on the other side of the table believes that the government should be allowed to claim — without having to produce any evidence whatsoever — that certain people are terrorists, and therefore should be detained indefinitely without any kind of due process. That’s textbook tyranny.

Ron Paul Says He Won’t Have Enough Delegates To Win GOP Nomination
In an email sent to supporters late last night, the Texas congressman said by the time the Republican National Convention comes around, he won’t have sufficient delegates to secure the nomination. “When it is all said and done, we will likely have as many as 500 supporters as delegates on the Convention floor,” Paul wrote, according to CNN. “That is just over 20 percent! And while this total is not enough to win the nomination, it puts us in a tremendous position to grow our movement and shape the future of the GOP!”

Linguistic analysis of Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney contradicts his words: Rand Paul is disgusted with him!
(NaturalNews) In the aftermath of the shock and the overwhelming feeling of betrayal following Sen. Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney for president, most people are trying to understand WHY it happened. But to my knowledge no one has yet analyzed the linguistics, the intonation and the micro-expressions that Rand Paul delivered as part of his announcement, because they may provide even more information than his words.

YouTube: What a Waste of Energy and Activism!
Published on June 9, 2012 by TruthNeverTold.

VIDEO: Mitt Romney: The King of Flip Floppers/Ron Paul Don't Destroy Yourself
The You Tube video shows just how un-sure ‘Mitt Romney’ is about almost everything in the world.

Veteran News

One death-a-day: Military suicides reach terrifying rate
More US soldiers are losing their lives to suicide than from enemy forces, the Pentagon reports this week. According to findings released on Thursday by the US Department of Defense, the suicide rate for active duty soldiers so far in 2012 is around one per day. In just the first 155 days of the year, 154 soldiers have committed suicide, a statistic only made more ghastly by comparing it to the number of American troops killed by insurgency this year — the website reports that only 139 US soldiers died in battle this year.


City officials: Detroit will go broke in a week if consent deal lawsuit isn't withdrawn
Detroit will run out of cash a week from today if a lawsuit challenging the validity of the city's consent agreement with the state is not withdrawn, city officials said this morning. Jack Martin, the city’s new chief financial officer, said the city will be broke by June 15 but should be able to make payroll for its employees. He said the city will be operating in a deficit situation if the state withholds payments on a portion of the $80 million in bond money needed to help keep the city afloat.

Bernanke warning: Taxmaggedon is real
RT - Bernanke’s warning centered on a call for Congress to quickly address the issue of $1.2 trillion scheduled spending cuts and tax breaks entered during the George W. Bush administration that are slated to expire at the end of the year. Should Congress not figure out a way to handle the problem, American taxpayers are expected to pay around $310 billion more in 2012.

The U.S. Economy By The Numbers: 70 Amazing Facts That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To See
Activist Post - Why is the economy going to collapse? Have you ever been asked that question? If so, what did you say?

Energy & Environment

A Radioactive Nightmare
VC Reporter - As fallout from Fukushima heads our way, the government turns a blind eye....
High radiation readings in Santa Monica and Los Angeles air during a 42-day period from late
December to late January strongly suggest that radiation is increasing in the region including along the coast in Ventura County.... Southern California is still getting hit by Fukushima radiation at alarmingly high levels that will inevitably increase as the main bulk of polluted Pacific Ocean water reaches North America over the next two years.

VIDEO: Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone
Natural Society - Eyewitnesses on the ground near the media-blacked-out elevated radiation zone near the border of Indiana and Michigan, where radiation levels hundreds of times higher than normal were quickly removed from public viewing by the EPA, are now sending in a large number of photos and videos documenting massive explosions accompanied by unmarked helicopters, A-10 Thunderbolts, and military personnel.


Home Remedies for Sinus Infection – Natural Sinus Infection Treatment
Natural Society - Not surprisingly, antibiotics are prescribed all too often for this condition – with around 20% of all antibiotic prescriptions going toward sinus infection treatment. In addition, antibiotics have been prescribed for roughly 80 percent of acute sinus infections and nearly 70 percent of chronic sinus infections in past years. Not only has research shown some antibiotics to be ineffective at treating sinus infections, but this quick fix is also causing numerous antibiotic-related health issues to surface.

Effective alternative treatments for Lyme disease and protection from tick bites
(NaturalNews) No tests can confirm Lyme disease; rather, a diagnosis is made from the constellation of symptoms. Antibiotic therapy is the conventional treatment; often suppressing symptoms, driving them deep into the tissue, to surface years later in a wide range of troubling diseases. This article is a is a brief overview of several of the many effective alternative medicines known to prevent and treat Lyme disease.

Vitamin D Guide' infographic explains importance of vitamin D for optimal health
(NaturalNews) The vital importance of getting plenty of vitamin D as part of a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated, and a newly released NaturalNews infographic explains some of the many reasons why vitamin D is crucial to health, as well as how much of it you should be getting.

100 percent false labeling - and it's legal!
(NaturalNews) In yet another wave of "truth in advertising" lawsuits, embattled Tropicana is
now fending off approximately 20 lawsuits at once because of blatant truth-slanting labeling
that misleads consumers to think that they are buying fresh, unadulterated, good-for-you OJ.

Coca Cola: Protecting profits at all costs (opinion)
(NaturalNews) Coca Cola, in their efforts to save their profits, has taken the offensive by saying that Mayor Bloomberg's proposal has no scientific evidence proving a connection between obesity and consuming sodas. A spokesperson (aka "hooker") for Coca Cola, said that Coca Cola is combating the obesity epidemic through "Diet Coke".... The reality is that aspartame promotes, among many other things, weight gain. When people switch from Coke to Diet Coke a strange event occurs - addiction.

How X-Ray Mammography Is Accelerating The Epidemic of Cancer
Green Med Info - Recent radiobiological studies have provided compelling evidence that the low energy X-rays as used in mammography are approximately four times - but possibly as much as six times - more effective in causing mutational damage than higher energy X-rays. Since current radiation risk estimates are based on the effects of high energy gamma radiation, this implies that the risks of radiation-induced breast cancers for mammography X-rays are underestimated by the same factor.

How to create a natural first-aid kit for travel
(NaturalNews) All of the products listed below are available at health food stores, by mail-order, or off the internet. Wrap glass bottles in cloth such as flannel to protect from breakage. These products are safe for use on children and pets as well. A small padded lunchbox makes a nice place to keep your stuff.

Science & Technology

Beware the spy in the sky: After those Street View snoopers, Google and Apple use planes that can film you sunbathing in your back garden
Daily Mail - The U.S. technology giants are racing to produce aerial maps so detailed they can show up objects just four inches wide. But campaigners say the technology is a sinister development that brings the surveillance society a step closer. Google admits it has already sent planes over cities while Apple has acquired a firm using spy-in-the-sky technology that has been tested on at least 20 locations, including London. Apple’s military-grade cameras are understood to be so powerful they could potentially see into homes through skylights and windows. The technology is similar to that used by intelligence agencies in identifying terrorist targets in Afghanistan.

UN to tax American Internet companies?
RT - A recently leaked document reveals that a European-based lobby group has asked the United Nations to tax American websites that provide services abroad. In December, the leak reveals, the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association (ETNO) approached the United Nations with a proposal that would outline a restructuring of the Internet’s business model when taking into account Web entities with an international presence. If approved, the legislation would tax American-based content providers — such as Apple, Google and Netflix — for offering services to customers overseas.

The Cybersecurity Act (S. 2105) Threatens Online Rights - a Handout for Your Senator
Activist Post - Worried about the Lieberman-Collins Cybersecurity Act? You should be. As we've explained before, it poses serious threats to online rights. Here's a one-page handout you can use as a reference. It's great for sharing with friends, handing to Senate staffers, publishing online, or using as talking points when explaining the issue to someone for the first time. Download it here and please spread it around!

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

NYT distorts GMO labeling issue, tries to make it a debate about crop yields
(NaturalNews) In one such distraction piece, the New York Times (NYT) completely bypasses
the issue of honest labeling and how it is vital in any free republic, and instead focuses its readers' attention on the fact that some industry scientists and farmers believe GMOs to be superior for meeting the world's growing food needs. The same piece also claims that "farmers and scientists" are opposed to labeling because consumers will refuse to purchase labeled food.

10 Tips That Will Guarantee You Have Food if SHTF
Activist Post - Today I would like to share ten tips for securing your food supply so that in the event of a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or civil disobedience on a massive scale, you will be able to eat and to thrive – no matter what.

Pet News

No Surveillance Network Tracking Pet Food
Susan Thixton - A recent article by Marc Selinger on VIN News, provides a glimpse of the destruction a pet food recall can cause. When you read the FDA reports of pet deaths provided through a Freedom of Information Act request taken by VIN News, the startling reality of an FDA statement smacks you in the face..."there's no surveillance network tracking cases" of pet food related illness.

Today in History - Friday - June 8, 2012 - USS Liberty (June 8, 1967) - Day of Remembrance:
1786 - In New York City, commercial ice cream was manufactured for the first time.
1790 - The first loan for the U.S. was repaid. The Temporary Loan of 1789 was negotiated and secured on September 18, 1789 by Alexander Hamilton.
1861 - Tennessee voted to secede from the Union and joined the Confederacy.
1869 - Ives W. McGaffey received a U.S. patent for the suction vacuum cleaner.
1872 - The penny postcard was authorized by the U.S. Congress.
1904 - U.S. Marines landed in Tangiers, Morocco, to protect U.S. citizens.
1915 - U.S. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigned in a disagreement over U.S. handling of the sinking of the Lusitania.
1953 - The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed segregated restaurants in Washington, DC.
1961 - The Milwaukee Braves set a major league baseball record when four consecutive home runs in the seventh inning.
1965 - U.S. troops in South Vietnam were given orders to begin fighting offensively.
1967 - Israeli airplanes attacked the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean during the 6-Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors. 34 U.S. Navy crewmen were killed. Israel later called the incident a tragic mistake due to the mis-identification of the ship. The U.S. has never publicly investigated the incident.
1969 - U.S. President Richard Nixon met with President Thieu of South Vietnam to tell him 25,000 U.S. troops would pull out by August.
1982 - U.S. President Reagan became the first American chief executive to address a joint session of the British Parliament.
1987 - Fawn Hill began testifying in the Iran-Contra hearings. She said that she had helped to shred some documents.
1988 - The judge in the Iran-Contra conspiracy case ruled that Oliver North, John Poindexter, Richard Secord and Albert Hakim had to be tried separately.
1991 - A victory parade was held in Washington, DC, to honor veterans of the Persian Gulf War.
1994 - The warring factions in Bosnia agreed to a one-month cease-fire.
1995 - U.S. Air Force pilot Captain Scott O'Grady was rescued by the Marines after surviving alone in Bosnia after his F-16 fighter was shot down on June 2.
1996 - China set off an underground nuclear test blast.
1998 - The National Rifle Association elected Charlton Heston to be its president.
1998 - In the U.S., the FTC brought an antitrust complaint against Intel Corp., alleging its policies punished other developers of microprocessor chips.
1998 - Honda agreed to pay $17.1 million for disconnecting anti-pollution devices in 1.6 million cars.
1998 - The space shuttle Discovery pulled away from Mir, ending America's three-year partnership with Russia.
2001 - Marc Chagall's painting "Study for 'Over Vitebsk" was stolen from the Jewish Museum in New York City. The 8x10 painting was valued at about $1 million. A group called the International Committee for Art and Peace later announced that they would return the painting after the Israelis and Palestinians made peace.
2004 - Nate Olive and Sarah Jones began the first known continuous hike of the 1,800-mile trail down the U.S. Pacific Coast. They completed the trek at the U.S.-Mexico border on September 28.

World News

Russia' test-fires intercontinental ballistic missile - Russian military announced Thursday they have successfully test-fired a new version of the Topol-M series codenamed RS-12M. The rocket, an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), was fired from a military base in southeast Russia, Interfax news agency quoted military sources as saying. The missile hit its target in Kazakhstan republic in central Asia precisely. The new generation of the Topol-M family aims to counter the US-developed missile shield system being deployed in Western countries. Related article/video: Was UFO a Russian ballistic missile?

Innocent, but still locked-up: Guantanamo prisoners stay behind bars years after being cleared for release
RT - President Obama didn't keep his promise of closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison, but has the White House even tried? A new report reveals that more than half of the detainees cleared for release from Gitmo are still imprisoned there. Of the 169 international terror suspects still stuck behind bars at one of the world’s most notorious jails, 87 have been
long-approved for release, some as far back as during the George W Bush administration.

World’s largest, most advanced underground hospital opens in Haifa
Times of Israel - The world’s largest and most advanced “fortified hospital” was unveiled this week at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. The 2,000 bed underground hospital is designed to keep patients and staff safe dozens of meters below ground even if missiles and rockets are falling above ground – in case the city ever faces the kind of attack it did during the Second Lebanon War in 2006. It is also designed to keep out chemical or biological weapons.

Russia supports Iran's right to civil nuclear energy – Putin
RT - President Vladimir Putin stressed at negotiations with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday that Russia has always supported Tehran's right to develop a civilian nuclear industry. ­The Russian leader pointed out, however, that Iran’s atomic program must be strictly for peaceful purposes.

Last warning? Panetta threatens Pakistan
RT - Only days after US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta admitted that American troops are engaged in a war in rural northwest Pakistan, the Pentagon’s top-dog says that the United States is losing patience with their once amiable ally. Secretary Panetta tells reporters and military leaders from Kabul, Afghanistan on Thursday that the United States’ relationship with Pakistan is being put to the test because he feels like officials there are all too willing to take in insurgents from neighboring Afghanistan.

Fitch cuts Spain’s rating three notches to BBB
RT - Fitch Ratings moved to cut Spain’s sovereign credit rating from A to BBB, a three-notch downgrade that has put the country a mere two notches above junk status. The agency further predicts a negative outlook for Spanish debt's creditworthiness.

Rockefeller Foundation Predicts 13,000 Dead at London 2012 Olympics
James Britpod - A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” outlines a scenario which results in the death of 13,000 during the 2012 Olympics. The first worrying prediction begins in 2012 when ‘the pandemic the world had been anticipating for years’, finally hits, infecting nearly 20 percent of world population and claiming 8 million lives.

Icelanders Force Accountability for Banks – Why Can’t We?
Waking Times - Ever since Iceland’s economy collapsed in 2008, the country has been busy reinventing itself. The first step was to restore democracy through a turbulent nonviolent struggle, then to force resignations in the financial sector and secure a criminal conviction of their prime minister for dereliction of duty. Now they are exploring getting a new currency: the Canadian dollar.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Classic False Flag: 45th Anniversary Of The Attack On USS Liberty
Gilad Atzmon - Back in 2009, in Houston Texas, Mimi Adams, a distinguished Palestinian solidarity and human rights activist, gave me a present- a USS Liberty baseball cap. She put it on my head and said: “Gilad, in the next two weeks, make sure you have it on your head everywhere you go in America. You will see what happens.”

NDAA unconstitutional: Federal judge bans Obama from indefinitely detaining Americans
RT - Judge Katherine B. Forrest has answered a request made by US President Barack Obama last month to more carefully explain a May 16 ruling made in a Southern District of New York courtroom regarding the National Defense Authorization Act. Clarifying the meaning behind her injunction, Judge Forrest confirms in an eight-page memorandum opinion this week that the NDAA’s controversial provision that permits indefinite detention cannot be used on any of America's own citizens.

Holder ducks questions on who highest-ranking official with Fast and Furious knowledge was
Daily Caller - Attorney General Eric Holder again today would not answer who the highest-ranking Obama administration official was that had knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious and the gunwalking tactics it employed before Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered. Instead, when House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith pressed him directly during a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday, Holder dodged giving a response.

June 8, 1967: Israel Attacks USS Liberty
Maritime Executive - Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats attacked the USS Liberty in international waters off Egypt’s Gaza Strip. Israeli aircraft fired napalm and rockets at the intelligence ship that was well marked as a U.S. vessel. The Liberty called for assistance but radio transmissions were blocked by Israel. The lightly armed vessel was eventually able to make contact with the U.S. carrier, Saratoga, whose 12 fighter jets and four tanker planes were launched to defend the Liberty.

The TSA’s Number One Enemy: Rand Paul
Intel Hub - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could be permanently grounded if freshman libertarian-minded Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has his way. While Rand’s legislation is not yet complete, his bills will included a passenger’s bill of rights as well as a bill to privatize the TSA.

2012 Election News

I'll Never Quit For Ron Paul
Daily Paul - Hi friends, I have been meaning to write this for some time. Michael at the Daily Paul keeps asking me, so here it is. My name is Erik Petroni and I wanted to open up on who I am and what motivated me to create the Super Brochure...and, the NEVER QUIT story.

VIDEO: LIVE Stream: Ron Paul’s Speech at TX GOP Convention. Join us now 4:35pm EST
Courtesy of Suriyahfish channel, we will be providing Live Stream with Dr. Paul’s speech in breakout session as well as coverage of “General Assembly” events at the Texas State Republican convention in Forth Worth Texas.

VIDEO: Hannity / Politico: Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney!
Daily Paul - Mitt Romney today made the following statement on receiving the endorsement of Sen. Rand Paul: “I am honored to have earned the endorsement of Rand Paul. Senator Paul has been a leading voice in the effort to scale back the size and reach of government and promote liberty....
*** Rand Paul's contact info...
*** His DC Office # 202-224-4343

Live Stream: Ron Paul Speech - Texas Convention - Concert, June 7-9
Daily Paul - Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 3:30PM, Central Standard Time, LIVE from the Texas State republican convention in Fort Worth, Texas.

VIDEO: MSNBC: In College Mitt Romney Would Dress In Police Officer Uniform & Pull People Over
MSNBC News June 6, 2012.

Veteran News

VIDEO: Anti-War Activist Refuses To Rent Apartment To Iraq-Afghanistan Vet
BOSTON (CBS) - A Massachusetts veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has filed a civil rights lawsuit against an anti-war activist who declined to rent him an apartment.


VIDEO: Today’s economic slavery = human nature betrayed
Activist Post - The good news is that our economic problems exist literally only on paper, and solutions of monetary and credit reform can be easily understood... The bad news is that we’ll continue to have the tragic-comic economic slavery poignantly communicated in the video below until the 99% sufficiently recognize the “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes of the 1% and demand their arrests.

VIDEO: Fed chairman on debt: 'Trillion there, a trillion here... doesn't make much difference'
Daily Caller - Trillions of dollars appear to be a pittance to Ben Bernanke, President Barack Obama’s Federal Reserve chairman. At a Thursday Joint Economic Committee hearing, South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint pointed out that the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates artificially low and, by extension, also keeping payments on U.S. debt low — allowing Congress to potentially over-borrow.

Gold falls sharply as Fed gives no QE clues
Reuters - Gold fell by as much as 1 percent on Thursday after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the central bank was prepared to shield the economy if financial strains worsened but offered few hints that additional policy stimulus would be forthcoming.

Energy & Environment

Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone
Anthony Gucciardi - Eyewitnesses on the ground near the media-blacked-out elevated radiation zone near the border of Indiana and Michigan, where radiation levels hundreds of times higher than normal were quickly removed from public viewing by the EPA, are now sending in a large number of photos and videos documenting massive explosions accompanied by unmarked
helicopters, A-10 Thunderbolts, and military personnel. These reports come after a Department of Homeland Security hazmat fleet was sent out to the location after ‘years’ of inactivity.

YouTube: 6/7/2012 -- RADIATION ALERT on multiple systems -- North Indiana - South Michigan
dutchsinse - Last night a THIRD site recorded the radiation event in indiana.. NOT just radiation network and Related video: RAD ALERT 7000 CPM S. Bend IN - This is either a malfunction, or this is a local plant or local event."The winds appear to be coming from the Palisades plant..."

Palisades Nuclear Power Plant listed among the five lowest-performing plants of the nation’s 104 commercial reactors
Holland Sentinel May 22, 2012 - The facility’s status was downgraded in February as the result of a Nuclear Regulatory Commission investigation of an electrical fault at the site in September. The incident resulted in a reactor trip and the loss of half of the control room indicators. Radioactive steam was released into the environment, though the radiation levels were within acceptable levels. Related article: NRC issues violation notice to Palisades nuclear power plant

Carnegie Institute Calls For Spraying Aerosols To Block The Sun
Paul Joseph Watson - “Blue skies would fade to hazy white if geoengineers inject light-scattering aerosols into the upper atmosphere to offset global warming. Critics have already warned that this might happen, but now the effect has been quantified,” reports New Scientist.

Green Police: Miami Beach To Make Recycling Compulsory
Paul Joseph Watson - Audi’s infamous ‘Green Police’ Superbowl commercial may not be far off coming to fruition. Miami Beach has passed an ordinance that makes recycling compulsory from July 2013, with those who fail to comply under threat of fines up to $2500 dollars.


Vitamins more effective at Type 2 Diabetes treatment than pharmaceuticals
(NaturalNews) A dramatic rise in obesity rates across the country in recent years has led to a parallel increase in new cases of diabetes, but not everyone who develops the chronic illness will need medication to deal with it. Some diabetes can be better controlled through the use of vitamins, contends noted pharmacist Stuart Lindsey.

Spirulina explained: Here's what you need to know about this healing superfood
(NaturalNews) One of the oldest life forms on Earth, spirulina is a blue-green microalgae that helped produce the oxygen in our atmosphere billions of years ago so that other life forms could appear ( The original 'superfood,' spirulina is so nutrient dense that you could survive on it and water alone.

Nutrition blogger files lawsuit against North Carolina for violation of free speech rights
(NaturalNews) A North Carolina man who was told by the state-run North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (NCBDN) to stop giving online dietary advice to diabetics via his personal blog has filed a federal lawsuit against the group for violating his free speech rights.

HPV vaccines: Gardasil becomes a market dud in wake of informed backlash
(NaturalNews) On the heels of the Vioxx scandal Merck & Co. has apparently manufactured another marketplace dud with Gardasil. After receiving fast-track approval from the FDA in 2006, Merck's aggressive 'One More Girl' marketing campaign catapulted HPV into the collective consciousness as a serious health issue. Almost overnight, medical consumers went from not
knowing HPV existed to fear of infection with the dreaded virus. Presto! HPV pandemonium was born.

Newest Scam to Increase Drugs If You’re Older than 50
Dr. Mercola - If you find the notion that taking medications should be construed as something for everyone, like drinking water or breathing air, as appalling as I do, then you will probably be equally taken aback by this lofty statement.

VIDEO: Cancer Causing Ingredients in Sunscreen Omitted in FDA Labeling Guidelines
Activist Post - In May of this year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made public that they were delaying their own regulations in deference to manufacturers' concerns that sunscreen would be available for summer; without concern for public safety.

Aerosol Sunscreen Can Set People On Fire!!!
Consumerist - They're two staples of a summer day in the Northeast: a backyard grill and a bottle of sunscreen. Why not reapply some sunscreen before you prepare for a long session cooking some meats? It's not such a good idea if your sunscreen is the spray-on kind. Sure, the can says "flammable," but it didn't occur to a Massachusetts man that this statement is also true after the sunscreen is on your skin, for several minutes after application. He applied some Banana Boat Sport aerosol sunscreen, walked over to his charcoal grill, and was engulfed in flames. He ended up with second-degree burns on his upper body.

Scientific Study Links Anti-depressants In Drinking Water To Autism
Steve Watson - The New Scientist reports that the study, undertaken by professor of evolutionary biology Michael Thomas of Idaho State University in Pocatello, found that just traces of selective serotonin uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as prozac... had significant effects on the neurological activity of fish.... “While others have envisioned a causal role for psychotropic drugs in idiopathic autism, we were astonished to find evidence that this might occur at very low dosages, such as those found in aquatic systems.” Thomas said.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Facebook Deletes Account, Demands My Passport - Facebook has deleted my account for no reason and is demanding my passport. Social networking websites routinely censor alternative media.

Right to copy vs. copyright: FBI accused of ‘stealing’ Megaupload evidence
RT - While the owners of the website are locked in lawsuits over illegal data sharing, the FBI is suspected of removing evidence against them without permission. The Bureau claims there was no violation: the obtained evidence is “digital.” The legal team of Kim Dotcom, the owner of the file-sharing website, has launched an offensive against the FBI. They argue the Bureau has illegally copied data from Dotcom’s computers and sent cloned information to America.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Hemp legalization added to Senate farm bill
Raw Story - In a last minute addition to the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has submitted an amendment that would legalize the production of industrial hemp, a potential new bumper crop for U.S. farmers. “Industrial hemp is used in many healthy and sustainable consumer products. However, the federal prohibition on growing industrial hemp has forced companies to needlessly import raw materials from other countries,” Wyden said in prepared text.

Feds to farmers: Grow GMO beets or face sugar shortage
Grist - This matters to us all because about 50 percent of white sugar sold here is made from sugar beets. In other words, unless that bag of sugar you just bought is labeled “Certified Organic” or “100 percent cane sugar,” it almost certainly contains sugar made from GMO crops.

Odd & Stupid News

VIDEO: Shell Oil launch party for new Arctic drilling rigs goes hilariously awry
Raw Story - Shell executives and shareholders probably heartily wish today that their send-off party of two new Arctic oil drilling rigs — the “Kulluk” and the “Noble Discovery” — hadn’t included a tiny model oil rig intended for serving drinks.

Today in History - Thursday - June 7, 2012
1712 - The Pennsylvania Assembly banned the importation of slaves.
1775 - The United Colonies changed their name to the United States.
1776 - Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed to the Continental Congress a resolution calling for a Declaration of Independence.
1863 - Mexico City was captured by French troops.
1900 - Boxer rebels cut the rail links between Peking and Tientsin in China.
1929 - The sovereign state of Vatican City came into existence as copies of the Lateran Treaty were exchanged in Rome.
1932 - Over 7,000 war veterans marched on Washington, DC, demanding their bonuses.
1935 - Pierre Laval received emergency powers to save the franc.
1939 - King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, arrived in the U.S. It was the first visit to the U.S. by a reigning British monarch.
1942 - The Battle of Midway ended. The sea and air battle lasted 4 days. Japan lost four carriers, a cruiser, and 292 aircraft, and suffered 2,500 casualties. The U.S. lost the Yorktown, the destroyer USS Hammann, 145 aircraft, and suffered 307 casualties.
1942 - Japan landed troops on the islands of Attu and Kiska in the Aleutians. The U.S. invaded and recaptured the Alutians one year later.
1944 - Off of the coast of Normandy, France, the Susan B. Anthony sank. All 2,689 people aboard survived.
1948 - The Communists completed their takeover of Czechoslovakia.
1966 - Sony Corporation unveiled its brand new consumer home videotape recorder. The black and white only unit sold for $995.
1965 - In the U.S., the Gemini 4 mission was completed. The mission featured the first spacewalk by an American.
1968 - In Operation Swift Saber, U.S. Marines swept an area 10 miles northwest of Danang in South Vietnam.
1976 - "The NBC Nightly News", with John Chancellor and David Brinkley, aired for the first time.
1981 - Israeli F-16 fighter-bombers destroyed Iraq’s only nuclear reactor.
1983 - The U.S. ordered Nicaragua to close all six of its consulates and informed 21 Nicaraguan consular officials that they could not longer remain in the U.S.
1994 - The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia declared the RMS Titanic, Inc. (RMST) salvor-in-possession of the wreck and the wreck site of the RMS Titanic.
2000 - U.S. Federal Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ordered the breakup of Microsoft Corporation.

World News

Blatant Corporate Media Propaganda Inciting Hatred of Syria to Justify Intervention
Activist Post - It's more obvious everyday that propaganda is getting more blatant, more in our face.... Take a look at this Huffington Post front page from today: This struck me for several reasons which I'll get into; but first, this is at least the third time they've plastered their front page with this propaganda in the last couple of weeks. These blood-soaked headlines always lead to an Associated Press story, or, in this case, Reuters.

VIDEO: ‘Hypocritical West ignores int'l laws when it comes to Syria’
Press TV - Western powers have frequently accused President Bashar al-Assad’s government of not abiding by the UN-brokered peace plan, while Saudi-backed armed gangs have repeatedly broken the ceasefire. Press TV has interviewed Dr. Kevin Barrett, author and Islamic studies expert to further discuss the issue.

US post-Assad Syria plan: Intervention in the cards?
RT - Hillary Clinton has put forward a new plan to remove Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from power. Echoing recent US threats to take action on Syria independently of the UN, the plan’s announcement coincides with yet another tragic massacre.

US calls for tougher sanctions on Syria
Technology World - US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Wednesday called for tougher sanctions against Syria to hasten political change in that Middle East country. Addressing the second meeting of the Friends of the Syrian People International Working Group on Sanctions, which drew representatives from 55 nations, the US official said sanctions alone could not bring about the change sought by Washington and its allies, "but sanctions can play an important role".

Syrian security forces kill up to 100 people near Hama – opposition
RT - The Syrian opposition claims that as many as 100 people have been killed by government forces in the Hama region. The Syrian government claims terrorists are responsible for the slayings.

Pentagon Finally Admits U.S. Is at War in Pakistan
Alexander Higgins - Following three years of classified top-secret drone bombings in Pakistan Defense Secretary Leon Panetta finally declared on Wednesday that we are at War in Pakistan. While it has been obscured in secrecy, with most information coming from anonymous unnamed government officials due to the top-secret classification, the US has been conducted a covert shadow war in Pakistan for the last three years.

VIDEO: US cozying up to India for military support
RT - US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is in India to encourage the country to play a more active role in the Afghanistan conflict. The US also seeks to curtail Chinese dominance in Asia by strengthening military ties with the emerging power. Panetta’s two-day tour round India is part of Washington’s initiative to further establish its influence in Asia, using the country as a key platform.

Iranian president slams US’ ferocious devouring of world
Press TV - Addressing students at Peking University in the Chinese capital on Wednesday, President Ahmadinejad added that “this wolf (America) has waged several wars across the globe, and in collaboration with the Zionists, has brought the Palestinian nation under pressure and oppression.” The president then emphasized that what we need in the world today are rulers that rise from among the people and those that possess moral values.

PHOTOS: Women, children among 18 Afghans dead in NATO wedding strike - report
RT - Afghan authorities say the pre-dawn attack aimed at militants in the area hit a wedding. An AP photographer at the scene reported seeing the bodies of five women, seven children and six men piled in vans. AFP news agency also released a photo with victims piled into the back of a vehicle. Local villagers are now reportedly driving the bodies to the capital of Logar province to protest the NATO strike which they say hit a house in the district of Baraki Barak.

VIDEO: Egyptians pour out in anger at ‘hijacked’ revolution
RT - Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians flooded Cairo’s Tahrir Square ahead of the upcoming presidential runoff as voters voice frustration with the choice of candidates. Many fear the military plans to use the disorder in the country to stay in power.

Spain Can No Longer Fund Itself, Begs For Immediate Bailout
Alexander Higgins - Spain’s budget minister has gone on the radio today begging for an immediate bailout between €40 billion and €90 billion which is between 2 to 4 times the originally estimated €20 billion amount. On the air he warned that Spain’s outstanding €1 trillion worth of debt to foreign investors and other regulatory restrictions prevent the nation from accessing alternative bailout mechanisms already in place.

Why the death of Gaddafi caused a plague of locusts in Africa as despot's pest control system disintegrates
Daily Mail - The Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN has warned that following the death of Libya's despot leader, thousands of the pests have been allowed to breed and move across the nation's poorly-monitored borders.... The effective and well-controlled pest control scheme used during Gaddafi's reign as leader is said to have disintegrated since his death.

'It's illegal!' Brazilian multinational sues Florida over Cuba, Syria sanctions law
RT - Global Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht says a new law that makes it illegal for companies doing business in Cuba or Syria to also do business in Florida is unconstitutional. Odebrecht has filed a lawsuit against the state in Miami Federal Court. Signed by Florida governor Rick Scott, the law is set to go into effect on July 1st, and prohibits state and local governments from awarding contracts of $1 million or more to any company that conducts business in Cuba or Syria, according to a Reuters report.

Massive fish kill outside Tokyo in Chiba “The sight is somewhat apocalyptic”of sardines”
RocketNews24 - According to the news, the dead fish started washing up around noon of June 3rd, and as of early afternoon on June 4th, the situation still remained pretty much out of control. The amount of dead sardines that has washed up is thought to total several dozen metrics tons.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Obama Threatens Veto of NDAA 2013: Too Many Restrictions on His "Exclusive" Authority
New American - In the SAP [Statement of Administration Policy], President Obama lays out 32 reasons why he is likely to veto the newest iteration of the NDAA. The headlines announcing the President’s promise to reject the NDAA are identical to those published early last December, just a couple of weeks before the President took time off from his Hawaiian vacation to sign the measure into law.

CNN 'birther buster' report 'perpetrates fraud'
WND - Network misrepresents microfilm birth record as Obama's. On the heels of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse’s investigative trip to Hawaii, CNN pulled out old material – including microfilm misrepresented as Barack Obama’s birth certificate – to run a report called “Busting the Birther Conspiracy Theory.”

Scorpion II – Unattended Drone Surveillance & Targeting Systems
Alexander Higgins - Coming Soon To An American Neighborhood Near You! Introducing the Military Industrial Complex’s Northrup Grumman’s Scorpion II Unattended Ground Sensor System. Tens of Thousands of these Scorpion II Unattended Drone Surveillance & Targeting Systems, along with many other sensor systems, are being installed all across the United States as part of the NDAA drone deployment. This is just one of many types of ground sensors which are being installed across the United States to create a complete surveillance gridnet in support of 30,000 drones being deployed over U.S. skies under authorization of the NDAA.

Leaked Bilderberg Documents: “Nationalism Is Dangerous”
Paul Joseph Watson - Leaked documents from the 1966 Bilderberg Group conference exclusively obtained by Infowars betray how even as far back as five decades ago U.S. Senators were being indoctrinated with the belief that “nationalism is dangerous” by Bilderberg elitists, in addition to top union heads scheming behind their members’ backs with titans of capitalism and industry.

10 Signs That The Highways Of America Are Being Transformed Into A High Tech Prison Grid
American Dream - Driving on the highways of America used to be a great joy, but now "Big Brother" is rapidly sucking all of the fun out of it. Eventually, it may get to the point where Americans simply dread having to go out on the highway. The following are 10 signs that the highways of America are being transformed into a high tech prison grid....

Driver in diabetic shock killed by cops with pepper spray and Tasers
RT - The widow of a Baltimore, Maryland man that died after being assaulted by cops and repeatedly stunned with Taser guns is hoping that a just-filed lawsuit will bring justice following the slaying of her husband. Linda Johnson is seeking more than $10 million in punitive damages stemming from a May 27, 2010 run in with the law that left her husband, a 48-year-old, dead.

VIDEO: San Francisco To Get Pre-Crime Surveillance Cameras
Paul Joseph Watson - Hundreds of pre-crime surveillance cameras are to be installed in San Francisco’s subway system that will analyze “suspicious behavior” and alert guards to potential criminal or terrorist activity – before any crime has been committed. “Manufacturers BRS Labs said it has installed the cameras at tourist attractions, government buildings and military bases in the U.S. In its latest project BRS Labs is to install its devices on the transport system in San Francisco, which includes buses, trams and subways,” reports the Daily Mail.

Virginia governor backs domestic spy drones for police use
(NaturalNews) Drones are now being endorsed in some of the highest offices, the latest to include the governor of Virginia. Republican Bob McDonnell, a former U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, not only backs the use of drones by police, he went further to say deploying them to monitor citizens of the Commonwealth is "the right thing to do."

SC mom busted at daughter’s graduation: ‘I cheered for my baby and I got the cuffs’ - Shannon Cooper told MSNBC she couldn’t contain her joy when she heard her daughter’s name over the loudspeaker: “As soon as they said ‘Christin’ I stood up, started praising, woohooing and cheering it up for my baby. I was like ‘Go baby! You did it!” Unfortunately, her excitement was short-lived. After cheering, a cop pointed her out: “The police officer pointed his finger at me and said ‘Stop right here. The lady right there in white, she’s going to jail.’”

2012 Election News

Massachusetts GOP upholds election of Ron Paul delegates in Mitt Romney’s congressional district - The Ron Paul supporters from Mitt Romney’s congressional district whose delegate selections were jeopardized by a ballot challenge are going to the Republican National Convention after all. The Massachusetts Republican Party’s Allocation Committee has upheld the election of six Paul loyalists who defeated Romney backers at a Fifth Congressional District caucus in April.

YouTube: Liberty: An American Ideal (France for Ron Paul 2012)
The restauration of a true Republic, with free market capitalism, respect of personal liberty, sound money, and non-interventionism, is what America needs the most. Therefore we support Ron Paul for president.

Eyewitnesses: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012
Paul Joseph Watson - Four separate eyewitnesses inside the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly Virginia told London Guardian writer Charlie Skelton that Mitt Romney was in attendance at Bilderberg 2012, suggesting the Republican candidate could be the elite’s pick for the upcoming U.S. presidential election. “Four eyewitnesses on the hotel staff told me Willard Mitt Romney was here at Bilderberg 2012. My four eyewitnesses place him inside. That’s one more than Woodward and Bernstein used. Romney’s office initially refused to confirm or deny his attendance as Bilderberg is “not public”. They later said it was not him,” writes Skelton.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

Violent arrests reported in NYC Quebec solidarity march
RT - Occupy Wall Street activists are tweeting that several protesters have been violently arrested by the New York City police following a rally to support the student movement in Quebec. The demonstration was held on Washington Square, but protesters were later reported to have started marching south. Police apparently responded by making arrests. Protesters reportedly continued to bang pots and pans in an act of solidarity, despite the arrests, and are now heading north.

Occupy Wall Street to rubber stamp money with anti-corporate slogans
RT - [Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben] Cohen is backing a campaign set to begin this August that’ll involve, in part, distributing rubber stamps branded with advertising anti-corporate slogans to people from coast to coast. The plan, he says, is for people in the US to get ahold of one of the stamps and ink any currency that they come into contact with a message meant for big-shots in Washington.


VIDEO: Colorado Asks Unemployed To Pay Back $128 Million In Jobless Benefits
From The Trenches - In one state, the jobless now have to pay the government. Colorado accidentally overpaid $128 million in unemployment benefits last year, and now the state is billing the jobless to get that money back, the Denver Postand Associated Press reported.

VIDEO: America In Decline: The Soul Crushing Despair Of Lowered Expectations
The Economic Collapse - All over America tonight there are people that believe that their lives are over. When you do everything that you know how to do to get a job and you still can’t get one it can be absolutely soul crushing.... Posted below is a trailer for a new HBO documentary entitled “Hard Times: Lost on Long Island”.... showing the soul crushing despair that many unemployed Americans are going through right now.

Organized Shoplifting Rises As Economy Stays Weak
Huffington Post - Organized retail crime involves shoplifting with the intent of selling the goods, according to the report. Thieves usually sell stolen goods on street corners, at flea markets, or at pawn shops; return them for fraudulent refunds; or sell them online through auction sites and other websites. Organized retail crime is most common in Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco, according to the report.

VIDEO: Walter Burien: CA CAFRs show $8 trillion in tax surpluses, what we should do
Washington Blog - Walter Burien is the pioneer for communicating that government claimed budget deficits are criminal lies of omission when compared with colossal tax surpluses revealed in their Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR). For example, California Governor Brown claims the state budget deficit of $16 billion requires austerity, when the state CAFR reveals $600 billion in cash and investments.

Housing Market

Demonstration in front of San Bernardino Courthouse - June 21st
Activist Post - This action is planned to draw attention to the breakdown of the rule of law in the courtroom of Judge Michael Welch, probate judge for SB County. The action is timed to coincide with a hearing in the Conservatorship of Lois Risse, wherein the conservator is seeking to overturn a twenty-eight-year-old deed of sale in order to return the property into the conservatorship, so that the conservator can get a reverse mortgage to pay for her services.

America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places - Princeton Battlefield: On these New Jersey fields, George Washington rallied his forces to defeat British troops, a crucial turning point in the Revolutionary War. A portion of the battle site, however, faces significant threats, including a 15-unit housing development for faculty of the Institute for Advanced Study. As proposed, the project would radically alter the integrity of a rare, intact battlefield.... The story of our country’s fight for independence is incomplete without a fully preserved Princeton Battlefield.


TIME Magazine pushes death agenda: Remove feeding tubes from the dying elderly (and get a cash bonus!)
(NaturalNews) TIME Magazine is peddling a death agenda propaganda piece with a new issue that features these words on the cover: "HOW TO DIE."Inside, the magazine promotes a cost-saving death agenda that encourages readers to literally "pull the feeding tubes" from their dying elderly parents, causing them to dehydrate and die. This is explained as a new cost-saving measure that drastically reduces return hospital visits by the elderly... yeah, because dead people don't return to the hospital, of course.

Vaccine madness: New mumps jab cultured from dog kidneys linked to canine allergies
(NaturalNews) An unlicensed vaccine being quietly shipped into the U.K. from the Czech Republic is sparking controversy as it may be linked to causing severe allergic reactions. Medi-Mumps, a single mumps vaccine cultured from dog kidney cells, is being touted by some as an alternative to the controversial combination measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, but others have major concerns about both its source and its potential for triggering severe canine allergies.

Major Journal Blasts New Code Book for Making Grief a Psychiatric Illness
Dr. Mercola - Outrageously, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is now considering characterizing bereavement as a depressive disorder, which would encourage clinicians to diagnose people with major depression if their grief-related symptoms last longer than two weeks! By making grief a certifiable mental illness, it then becomes treatable by drugs and billable through insurance companies―and morphs into a "disorder" that is likely something that will stigmatize your health records for the rest of your life.

Babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic faults
Telegraph - Scientists could soon be able to routinely screen unborn babies for thousands of genetic conditions, raising concerns the breakthrough could lead to more abortions.... At the moment the only genetic disorder routinely tested for on the NHS is Down’s syndrome. This is a large-scale genetic defect caused by having an extra copy of a bundle of DNA, called a chromosome.

Drug-resistant gonorrhoea has spread across the world, say health officials
Guardian - Gonorrhoea 'superbug', resistant to almost all antibiotics, has become global threat with cases found in countries including UK. The strain of gonorrhoea discovered in Japan in 2008 is resistant to drugs including cephalosporin antibiotics – normally the last option against the disease.

Stinging nettle health benefits for home remedies that treat just about everything
(NaturalNews) It may be a brash statement to say that one prickly green herb is the panacea for almost everything that ails you; but, in the case of stinging nettles, it's mostly true. If there's one plant to have on hand at all times that provides a cure for arthritis, an herbal treatment for allergies, relieves hair loss, treats Celiac disease, bleeding, bladder infections, skin complaints, neurological disorders and a long list of other conditions -- it's nettle leaf.

More Proof Grass-Fed Meat is Better for You
Mother Earth News - The study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition (volume 105, issue 01), not only confirmed again that red meat from animals “finished” on grass for the six weeks before slaughter contains significantly more omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids than meat from grain-fed feedlot animals, but also demonstrated for the first time that healthy consumers who ate that grass-finished meat for only four weeks showed significant increases in blood levels of omega-3s compared with those eating grain-finished red meat.

Fishy studies by Big Pharma
(NaturalNews) In a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers concluded that omega 3 supplements, like natural fish oil, "do not prevent cardiovascular disease." But these studies were on high risk patients with known heart problems and on every med from stain drugs to ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, aspirin and no telling what else. In addition, these studies were short-term with as little as 400 mg of fish oil and some were even mixed with chemical based margarine. This report was also done with the deliberate exclusion of many beneficial studies with the same risk groups.

How to fight water fluoridation in your city
(NaturalNews) Though science has never backed up this and many other claims made by the pro-fluoride lobby, fluoridation remains a blindly-accepted public health measure throughout America today. And yet at the same time, things are also starting to change as citizens, health officials, and former fluoride advocates learn the facts about fluoride and begin spreading the truth.

Fructose makes you stupid: Study
(NaturalNews) A UCLA rat study, published in May in the Journal of Physiology, suggests that a diet that maintains a high level of fructose for as little as six weeks slows the brain and hampers memory and learning. "Our findings illustrate that what you eat affects how you think," concluded Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, professor of neurosurgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. "Eating a high-fructose diet over the long term alters your brain's ability to learn and remember information. But adding omega-3 fatty acids to your meals can help minimize the damage."

Science & Technology

Ham-fisted Music Monopoly Trade Association Attacks Internet (Again)
Kurt Nimmo - Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) CEO Cary Sherman wants big internet service corporations to block content he says is destroying a fossilized music industry. Sherman made his remarks before a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on “The Future of Audio.” The hearing was held because Congress is deciding if government should allow business to put FM receivers in the next generation of smart phones.

NASA gets two spy telescopes they can’t launch
RT - The agency responsible for maintaining the US government’s spy telescopes recently gave NASA an unexpected gift: two telescopes as powerful as the Hubble. So unexpected in fact, NASA has no idea how to put its new toys into orbit.,,, “NASA does not have in its current budget the funding necessary to develop a space telescope mission using these new telescopes,” NASA Astrophysics Director Paul Hertz said. “We don’t at this point in time anticipate ever being rich enough to use both of them, but it sure would be fun, wouldn’t it?” Hertz said.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

It's Time to Grow Sweet Potatoes
Mother Earth News - Sweet potatoes are an ideal storage crop for those looking to be self-sufficient — and even if you live up north, we've got the tips to help you grow a delicious crop.

Cover crops prevent weeds and help your plants without much added labor - Although plastic barriers suppress weeds and diseases, they are costly, require effort first to lay and then to remove, divert water out of garden beds, and end up in the trash at the end of the season. They warm the soil, which can mean earlier harvests, but they can also kill the good bugs and bacteria that support a healthy organic garden. And plastic mulch is petroleum-based, energy-intensive to create, and unrecyclable. There is, however, an unexpected hero in the war on weeds, and it’s a familiar face: the cover crop.

Ask the Experts About Liability Insurance
Mother Earth News - If you'd like to sell some of the surplus garden produce and eggs from your homestead, read up on whether you first need to purchase special farm liability insurance.... We checked with insurance agents and homesteaders in several states. The answers varied widely from state to state and policy to policy.

Pet News

Cats and Dogs
Washingtons Blog - Fun pet photos.

Today in History - Wednesday - June 6, 2012 - D-Day
1813 - The U.S. invasion of Canada was halted at Stony Creek, Ontario.
1833 - Andrew Jackson became the first U.S. president to ride in a train. It was a B&O passenger train.
1844 - The Young Men's Christian Association was founded in London.
1882 - The first electric iron was patented by H.W. Seely.
1890 - The United States Polo Association was formed in New York City, NY.
1904 - The National Tuberculosis Association was formed in Atlantic City, NJ.
1925 - Chrysler Corporation was founded by Walter Percy Chrysler.
1932 - In the U.S., the first federal tax on gasoline went into effect. It was a penny per gallon.
1933 - In Camden, NJ, the first drive-in movie theater opened.
1934 - U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Securities Exchange Act, which established the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
1936 - The first helicopter was tested in a building in Berlin, Germany.
1941 - The U.S. government authorized the seizure of foreign ships in U.S. ports.
1942 - The first nylon parachute jump was made by Adeline Gray in Hartford, CT.
1942 - Japanese forces retreated in the World War II Battle of Midway. The battle had begun on June 4.
1944 - The D-Day invasion of Europe took place on the beaches of Normandy, France. 400,000 Allied American, British and Canadian troops were involved.
1946 - The Basketball Association of America was formed in New York City, NY.
1968 - U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy died at 1:44am in Los Angeles after being shot by Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy was was shot the evening before while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination.
1982 - Israel invaded southern Lebanon in an effort to drive PLO guerrillas out of Beirut.
1985 - The body of Nazi war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele was located and exhumed near Sao Paolo, Brazil. Mengele was known as the "Angel of Death."
1985 - The U.S. Senate authorized nonmilitary aid to the Contras. The vote authorized $38 million over two years.
1993 - Mongolia held its first direct presidential elections.
2005 - The United States Supreme Court ruled that federal authorities could prosecute sick people who smoke marijuana on doctor's orders. The ruling concluded that state medical marijuana laws did not protect uses from the federal ban on the drug.

World News

US-led night raid kills 17 Afghan civilians
Press TV - At least 17 Afghan civilians, including women and children, have been killed in an overnight attack by US-led forces in a village in Afghanistan's eastern Logar province,Press TV reports. The victims lost their lives in a Wednesday pre-dawn operation by US-led forces in Baraki Barak district. Maj. Martyn Crighton, a spokesman with US-led forces, claimed that there were no civilian casualties in the nighttime strike.

Israeli aircraft strike Gaza Strip
Press TV - The Israeli military frequently bombs the Gaza Strip, saying the actions are being conducted for defensive purposes. However, disproportionate force is always used, in violation of international law, and civilians are often killed or injured. Human rights organizations have called for an end to the attacks, but to no avail.

Iran taking 20 foreign firms to court
Press TV - Iran is taking legal action against 20 foreign companies that have failed to honor their contracts to supply equipment for Iranian oil refineries.

NBC News: Deputy al-Qaida leader al-Libi killed in drone strike - Alright we got another one! Wait…why are we killing random people again? MSNBC reports Deputy al-Qaida leader Abu Yahya al-Libi was killed in a drone strike in Pakistan, U.S. officials told NBC News. A U.S. drone struck a militant compound early Monday morning in North Waziristan, part of Pakistan’s northwestern tribal area. Pakistan security reports indicated the pre-dawn strike killed 15 insurgents.

Vladimir Putin begins three-day visit in China to reaffirm alliance
Technology World - Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in China on Tuesday for a three-day visit aimed at bolstering a crucial alliance that has seen the giant neighbours block further action against Syria. Both energy and foreign policy co-operation are high on the agenda, with Putin also participating in a regional summit Wednesday and Thursday where he will separately meet the presidents of Iran and Afghanistan.

Syria bans US and European diplomats
Guardian - Syria has barred a string of US and European diplomats, saying they are "no longer welcome" in the country, but has signed an agreement to admit humanitarian aid.

It was a CIA Operation: Ex-Blackwater Executives Finger CIA in Weapons Trial
Black Listed News - Five ex-Blackwater executives, facing federal firearms charges in connection with a gift of weaponry to a Middle Eastern monarch, have come up with a new explanation for how it occurred: It was a CIA operation. In court papers filed last month in Raleigh, the defendants say the gift of five guns to King Abdullah II of Jordan during a royal visit to Blackwater's Moyock, N.C., headquarters in March 2005 was requested, directed and authorized by the Central Intelligence Agency.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

~ Rest In Peace Bob Chapman and Tom Cryer ~
Daily Paul - The Liberty movement lost two great patriots yesterday. Tom Cryer – Tax Honesty Advocate: died June 4, 2012 he was 62. Tommy K. Cryer, also known as Tom Cryer (born September 11,1949 in Lake Charles, Louisiana), is an attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana who was charged with and later acquitted of willful failure to file U.S. Federal income tax returns in a timely fashion. Tom's website. Bob Chapman died Monday, June 4, 2012 Bob Chapman, editor of the International Forecaster had been fighting pancreatic cancer. We will all miss him terribly. He was a hero in his tireless efforts to educate people of the world to the plans of the globalist banking cabal. Bob's website.
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KFC to Pay $8.3M to Brain-Damaged Girl in Salmonella Case
Lawsuit determines a KFC worker's mishandling of chicken led to the Australian girl's septic shock and paralysis!

VIDEO: Rubio: “We Need To Prepare People” For War With Iran
Paul Joseph Watson - Vice-Presidential frontrunner Marco Rubio told the elitist Council on Foreign Relations during an event last week that the American people should be prepared for a war with Iran. Rubio was asked by moderator Richard Stengel, “You would sanction a strike before you would tolerate a nuclear Iran?” “Yes and I think that we need to begin to prepare people for that,” the Florida Senator responded.

What Happens To All That Military Gear?
Washington Post - What will the Pentagon do with about 6,000 excess MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles) after the major Army and Marine Corps combat elements leave Afghanistan at the end of 2014? The MRAPs are worth more than $4 billion. Perhaps just as important is where will the Army and Marines get the funds to operate, maintain and replace the roughly 20,000 they have tentatively decided to keep as standard equipment?

Soros Spends $400 Million On 'Open Society' Education, 'Social Action,' Colleges And Universities
CNS News - School is letting out around the United States, but for George Soros, education never stops. Soros has given more than $400 million to colleges and universities, including money to most prominent institutions in the United States. He also helped establish Central European University (CEU) which, in turn, uses its resources to promote his personal goal of an “open society.” Imagine that, a whole university funded by one of the most controversial figures in the world.

VIDEO: Kansas town’s drone plans caught up in controversy
KCTV 5 - A Kansas town has landed in the middle of controversy over unmanned drones due to privacy concerns. Herington, population 2,500, was looking for an economic boost. City leaders thought a project to build and launch unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, was the answer. “I got excited,” City Manager Ron Strickland said. “I was really excited because we had a nice alternate use for our airport.”

Rasmussen: 65 Percent Say No To NYC Large-Sugary Drink Ban - As Baylen Linnekin reports, not only are the usuals mocking NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to ban large-size sugary drinks, but also New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, writer and healthy-food advocate Bettina Siegel, Jon Stewart, Jake Tapper, Matt Lauer, and The New York Times' editorial page.

NaturalNews uncovers epidemic of fake doctorates and graduate degrees from online diploma mills
(NaturalNews) The diploma mill known as "Richmonds University" appears to be cited in hundreds of online resumes from people who have attained surprisingly high positions in society. For example, one man named Roy David Williams managed to acquire a fake doctorate in nuclear engineering from Richmonds University, and he went on to be awarded government contracts based on that diploma. He was later prosecuted for fraud.

Ends Justify the Means” As Cops Illegally Handcuff 40 Innocent Bystanders
Kurt Nimmo - Police detained and handcuffed forty innocent bystanders after a bank robbery in Aurora, Colorado, on June 4. Nearly two dozen cars were stopped near a Wells Fargo Bank and the occupants held without probable cause as police searched for a suspect. Police Chief Daniel Oates demonstrated his ignorance of the Fourth Amendment when he told CBS in Denver “the ends justify the means” after the illegal round-up snared a suspect. He described the mass detainment and handcuffing as lawful and necessary.

VIDEO: TSA In “Obscene” Grope Down Of Senior Citizen
Paul Joseph Watson - TSA agents have once again been accused of conducting a strip-search on an elderly traveler after airport screeners carried out an “obscene” pat down on a 73-year-old grandmother during which they touched her breasts. According to Eli Anselmany, TSA workers lifted his mother’s shirt in the middle of a public security area and proceeded to grope her private parts. “Putting their hands on her breasts, under her bra, between her thighs, in her thighs... I understand some security issues, but this bordering on obscene” said Anselmany.

YouTube: Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception - This fascinating narrative is based in part on 2 years of research, interviews, newly unearthed footage and photos, and the writings of Davis and Obama himself. Dreams of My Real Father weaves together the proven facts with reasoned logic and speculation in an attempt to fill-in the obvious gaps in Obama's history. Is this the story Barack Obama should have told, revealing his true agenda for "fundamentally transforming America?"

YouTube: Once Upon A Time In America
NewAmericaNow - A video covering the birth of the American ideal, as well as its perversion and degradation over time. The Constitution is not, in itself, an invincible document. It does not provide freedom. However, the Constitution IS a constant reminder of the responsibilities we the people must undertake in order to preserve liberty.

2012 Election News

June 5th Primary Results: South Dakota, California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana

YouTube: RNC Attempts To Block Ron Paul Fest!!!
Published on Jun 5, 2012 by matlarson10.

VIDEO: Rep. Ron Paul: This Recall Election is Very Important
Fox News - Jun 5, 2012 - Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on the Wisconsin recall election and the need to rein in spending at the state and federal level.

Walker survives recall election in Wisconsin
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker beat back a recall challenge Tuesday, winning both the right to finish his term and a voter endorsement of his strategy to curb state spending, which included the explosive measure that eliminated union rights for most public workers.

VIDEO: MSNBC Host Reacts To Walker Win: He Could 'Be Indicted In Next Few Days' - Ed Schultz, an ardent supporter of unions and the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, reacts to the Wisconsin electorate voting to keep Walker as governor.

Wisconsin Recall Election: Will Scott Walker Survive?
(CBS News) What some are calling the second biggest contest of the 2012 election cycle - behind only the presidential race - is taking place in Wisconsin today. On the surface, the election is about whether Badger State residents will recall their lightning rod of a governor, Republican Scott Walker, largely for having stripped Wisconsin public workers of their collective bargaining rights.

How Republicans Are Preventing Thousands Of Wisconsin Students From Voting Today - A year ago, Wisconsin Republicans pushed through Assembly Bill 7.... Section 12 of the new law increases the time period a citizen must live in one location in order to register there from 10 days to 28 days. Though seemingly innocuous, the problem is that the five largest colleges in Wisconsin... all had their graduations either the weekend of May 12 or the weekend of May 19, 24 days and 17 days ago, respectively.... As a result, thousands of Wisconsin students will likely be barred from taking part in today’s recall vote


Commodity prices drop on economic woes in Europe, China, U.S.
Washington Post - From the copper mines in Chile to the corn farms of North Dakota to the oil fields of the Middle East, commodity prices have started to crumble. The prices of metals, energy and agricultural goods have dropped as anxiety has ratcheted up over Europe’s currency crisis, China’s slowing growth and the stalling U.S. economy.

Verizon To Lay Off 1,700 Workers After Paying CEO $22 Million Last Year - America’s largest wireless service provider plans to cut 1,700 jobs by offering its technicians and call center employees buyouts. Verizon Communications announced last week that it would reduce its nationwide workforce by 1 percent, and if enough workers don’t accept the buyouts, it will resort to involuntary layoffs.

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Relives His Surplus Budget Lie
Kurt Nimmo - Clinton actually added $281 billion to the debt. Presidents in the modern era are known for their outlandish lies and Bill Clinton was one of the best at telling lies convincingly. On June 4, during an effort to rake in cash for the Democrats in New York City, Clinton retold one of his most infamous lies – that his administration oversaw four budget surpluses.


Chlorella 101: What you need to know about this nourishing superfood
(NaturalNews) A single-celled, water-grown micro-algae, chlorella is widely known as a powerful "superfood" supplement with extraordinary nutrient density. It is believed to have been around for eons. One of the few edible species of water-grown algae, chlorella is full of chlorophyll. It contains all of the B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, amino acids, magnesium, iron, trace minerals, carbohydrates and a higher amount of protein (more than 50%) than meat, per grams of weight. It also has a unique set of phytonutrients.

Raw, vegan diets shrink breast cancer tumors
(NaturalNews) Traditional treatments for breast cancer include chemotherapy, radiation, and invasive surgeries such as mastectomies. These harsh treatments can often lead to other diseases or even a recurrence of breast cancer since they address the symptoms of the disease, rather than the cause. However, through diet and lifestyle changes, which address the cause of the cancer, breast cancer patients can prevent and reverse this heart-wrenching disease without resorting to conventional treatments.

Radiological protection - More ways to prevent radiation sickness
(NaturalNews) With the situation in Fukushima, Japan actually being much worse than reported by the mainstream media, more and more people are concerned about the increasing possibility of a nuclear accident, terror attack or other radiation release event.... In a previous article "Radiological protection - Natural supplements prevent radiation sickness" we listed a number of supplements, vitamins and minerals to help prevent and reverse the effects of radiation sickness. In this article we'll cover some additional supplements along with dietary changes you can make now to increase your overall protection.

Vitamin C and the big 'C'
(NaturalNews) Vitamin C can curb the growth of cancer cells according to New Zealand scientists who provided hard evidence to the connection between the vitamin C and killing "the big C" (cancer). Vitamin C kills cancer because cancer cells do not have the enzyme catalase to break down hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into water and oxygen. Vitamin C tricks cancer cells into thinking it's sugar, so the cancer sucks it up. The result: the tumor is killed from the inside out by the resulting H2O2. Yet back in the good ole USA, the FDA halted a vitamin C cancer study last year "pending a determination as to the off-label status of intravenous ascorbic acid".

School children suffering painful, unnecessary procedures to help greedy dentists meet Medicaid quotas
(NaturalNews) The case of Isaac Gagnon of Camp Verde, Arizona is typical of the incidents that have raised the ire of dental health advocates. The four-year-old came home from school one day having received 10 X-rays, two steel crowns and two pulpotomies ("baby root canals"), all without parental consent. His mother, Stacy Gagnon said she had been informed that a dentist from ReachOut would be visiting his school, but had been told her son would only receive a cleaning. Instead her son, who suffers from seizures, was forcibly held down, without sedation, while dentists performed invasive procedures that an independent dentist later concluded were unnecessary, down to the "excessive" number of X-rays.

Starbucks opens chain of raw vegan juice bars
(NaturalNews) Starbucks, the coffee shop renowned for its seemingly limitless coffee varieties, is opening a new chain of juice bars in response to the growing health trend towards unprocessed and whole foods. In late 2011, the coffee giant also brought out Evolution Fresh, a juice company. Health foods now represent a $50 billion industry, and Starbucks has been very public about their intent to expand into the market and establish themselves as a major player.

High fructose corn syrup can't disguise itself as 'corn sugar,' FDA decides
(NaturalNews) The days of food and beverage makers hiding the gargantuan sugar content of high fructose corn syrup under the deceptive label of "corn sugar" are over following a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decision that prohibits the common industry practice.

Fighting fatigue - top foods, herbs, supplements and tips
(NaturalNews) A smarter and more permanent approach to beating fatigue is to determine the real cause and start making the changes there. It is safe to say that the primary reasons most people suffer from fatigue are poor diet, lack of nutrients, dehydration, lack of exercise and lack of sleep.

Bye bye insomnia - How to ensure a good night's sleep
(NaturalNews) Recent polls from the National Sleep Foundation show that most Americans are averaging just under seven hours of sleep on weeknights and seven and one-half hours on weekends. Yet sleep researcher Dr. William C. Dement, MD, claimed we live in a "sleep sick nation."... Further exploration has revealed that the quality of sleep, regardless of the quantity, is the prevailing factor for getting the sleep needed to recharge sufficiently.

Science & Technology

GOOGLE to warn users targeted by state-sponsored attacks
FP - UPDATE: A senior Senate aide confirmed that this evening he received a warning on his Gmail account that Google suspected he had been the target of a state-sponsored cyber attack. Web giant Google is about to announce a new warning informing Gmail users when a specific type of attacker is trying to hijack their accounts -- governments and their proxies.

VIDEO: Transit of Venus – as it happened
The Guardian - What's the transit of Venus? - It's Venus crossing the sun, and it is one of the most celebrated spectacles in all of astronomy. That's because a pair of such transits in the late 18th-century allowed astronomers to calculate for the first time how big the solar system is. Also it looks cool.

VIDEO: Emergency Alerts - Coming to a Cell Phone Near You - Beginning the week of June 18th, the National Weather Service will begin to send severe weather alerts directly to your cell phone. The FCC, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, the National Weather Service along with the major wireless carriers have teamed up to develop the program that will cover 97% of active mobile users.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Oregon Dairy Farmers Association planning assault on raw milk
(NaturalNews) Food freedom is under attack in the state of Oregon, where powerful industry lobbying groups are pushing for more restrictions, and maybe even a complete ban, on all raw milk sales. reports that an isolated E. coli O157:H7 outbreak potentially linked to raw milk has spurred the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association (ODFA) to schedule meetings with legislators, large milk producers, and state agriculture officials -- but not raw milk producers or consumers -- to discuss potential "crackdowns" on raw milk sales.

Health freedom victory: Organic farmers file appeal vs. Monsanto
(NaturalNews) The freedom to grow uncontaminated, non-genetically-modified (non-GMO) food in America today is under continual threat by corporate agriculture and biotechnology companies whose unscrupulous business models include suing farmers whose crops become inadvertently contaminated with patented, GMO technologies. But a band of organic farmers and food freedom advocates is moving forward, despite opposition, with a lawsuit of their own that seeks permanent, injunctive protection against this predatory practice that is driving many farmers out of business.

Humor & Satire

YouTube: My New Favorite Song: “Ask Your Doctor”
Drug commercial spoof.

Today in History - Tuesday - June 5, 2012
1794 - The U.S. Congress prohibited citizens from serving in any foreign armed forces.
1851 - Harriet Beecher Stow published the first installment of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in "The National Era."
1865 - The first safe deposit vault was opened in New York. The charge was $1.50 a year for every $1,000 that was stored.
1917 - American men began registering for the World War I draft.
1924 - Ernst F. W. Alexanderson transmitted the first facsimile message across the Atlantic Ocean.
1933 - President Roosevelt signed the bill that took the U.S. off of the gold standard.
1940 - During World War II, the Battle of France began when Germany began an offensive in Southern France.
1942 - In France, Pierre Laval congratulated French volunteers that were fighting in the U.S.S.R. with Germans.
1944 - The first B-29 bombing raid hit the Japanese rail line in Bangkok, Thailand.
1946 - The first medical sponges were first offered for sale in Detroit, MI.
1947 - U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall gave a speech at Harvard University in which he outlined the Marshall Plan.
1956 - Premier Nikita Khrushchev denounced Josef Stalin to the Soviet Communist Party Congress.
1967 - The Six Day War between Israel and Egypt, Syria and Jordan began.
1975 - Egypt reopened the Suez Canal to international shipping, eight years after it was closed because of the 1967 war with Israel.
1981 - In the U.S., the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that five men in Los Angeles were suffering from a rare pneumonia found in patients with weakened immune systems. They were the first recognized cases of what came to be known as AIDS.
1986 - A federal jury in Baltimore convicted Ronald W. Pelton of selling secrets to the Soviet Union. He was sentenced to 3 life prison terms plus 10 years.
1987 - Ted Koppel and guests discussed the topic of AIDS for four hours on ABC-TV’s "Nightline".
1998 - Volkswagen AG won approval to buy Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for $700 million, outbidding BMW's $554 million offer.
1998 - A strike at a General Motors parts factory began. It lasted for seven weeks.
2001 - announced that it would begin selling personal computers later in the year.
2004 - The U.S.S. Jimmy Carter was christened in the U.S. Navy in Groton, CT.

World News

Obama Mulling Aircraft and Sea Vessel Embargo on Iran - From a DEBKAfile exclusive report issued on June 4, 2012: Any national airline or international aircraft touching down in Iran will be barred from US and West European airports. The same rule will apply to private and government-owned vessels, including oil tankers. Calling in at an Iranian port will automatically exclude them from entry to a US or European harbor.

Israel bars activist as ‘terrorist’ for refusal to open e-mail
RT - An American peace activist entering Israel has been ordered by airport security officers to open her e-mail account. When she refused, they alleged she is a terrorist and sent her back to the US the next day. Her experience is not unique.

Syrian rebels abandon ceasefire, call on UN for no-fly zone
RT - A Syrian rebel spokesman says they are no longer committed to Annan’s ceasefire. He has called for a UN-backed “peace enforcement mission” or a no-fly zone to replace the monitoring mission, demands the UN chief has rejected. On Friday, the rebel military council had given Syrian President Bashar al-Assad an ultimatum to end violence in the country or face armed reprisals.

China expects respect after US naval shift
RT - China has expressed mild concerns with the American plans to shift most of its warships to the Pacific region by 2020. Beijing called on to Washington to respect the interests of all sides in the Asia-Pacific, including that of China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Liu Weimin said that the Asia-Pacific is the region where Chinese and the US interests overlap the most, so China expects Washington to play “a constructive role in the region.”

Western banks 'reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade'
Guardian - The vast profits made from drug production and trafficking are overwhelmingly reaped in rich "consuming" countries – principally across Europe and in the US – rather than war-torn "producing" nations such as Colombia and Mexico, new research has revealed. And its authors claim that financial regulators in the west are reluctant to go after western banks in pursuit of the massive amount of drug money being laundered through their systems.

VIDEO: AIG Chief Sees Retirement Age as High as 80 After Crisis
Bloomberg - American International Group Inc. (AIG) Chief Executive Officer Robert Benmosche said Europe’s debt crisis shows governments worldwide must accept that people will have to work more years as life expectancies increase.

UK: Is this the end of wind farms? Osborne demands Government subsidies are slashed
Daily Mail - George Osborne is demanding huge cuts in government aid for wind farms – a step which could kill plans for the construction of hundreds of turbines across the country. The Chancellor has told the Treasury to draw up plans for a reduction of 25 per cent in subsidies for onshore wind farms.

Seeds of doubt: Brazilian farmers sue Monsanto
RT - Five million Brazilian farmers are locked in a lawsuit with US-based biotech giant Monsanto, suing for as much as 6.2 billion euros. They say that the genetic-engineering company has been collecting royalties on crops it unfairly claims as its own.... Because the engineered seed is patented, Monsanto not only charges an initial royalty on the sale of the crop produced, but a continuing 2 per cent royalty on every subsequent crop, even if the farmer is using a later generation of seed.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Judge tosses WND’s suit against Esquire
WND - A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has dismissed WND’s $250 million lawsuit against Esquire magazine alleging damages for a false report that the WND Books expose “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President” by Jerome Corsi had been recalled and repudiated by the publisher. “The court’s decision is significantly flawed and intellectually dishonest,” said WND’s attorney in the case, Larry Klayman. Klayman, founder of the D.C. watchdog group Judicial Watch, plans to appeal the ruling.

Court: Christians can be ordered to violate beliefs
WND - A ruling from Judge Tim L. Garcia in the New Mexico Court of Appeals says states can require Christians to violate their faith in order to do business, affirming a penalty of nearly $7,000 for a photographer who refused to take pictures at a lesbian “commitment” ceremony in the state where same-sex “marriage” was illegal.

Secure Communities to launch in D.C. on June 5, as city leaders object
In a press conference on June 4, the city’s mayor and council members voiced their opposition to the federal program in which local law enforcement shares arrest information with ICE and the FBI. City leaders are among a cadre of municipal and state leaders, including the governors of Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, that have opposed the program aimed at finding and deporting criminal aliens. They say the program discourages crime reporting and unfairly focuses on non-criminal aliens.

Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21
New American - The Alabama Senate Bill (SB) 477 legislation, known unofficially among some supporters as the “Due Process for Property Rights” Act, was approved unanimously by both the state House and Senate. After hesitating for a few days, late last month Republican Governor Robert Bentley finally signed into law the wildly popular measure — but only after heavy pressure from activists forced his hand.

Empire State Building in blue and white
The Empire State Building was lit up in blue and white this weekend in honor of Israel's Independence Day in New York: The Empire State Building in New York will form the focal point of Manhattan’s Israel independence celebrations from June 1-3 when it will be lit up in blue and white in honour of the Israeli flag.

CFR Proposes Using Army To Enforce Domestic Law
Steve Watson - The Council On Foreign Relations, the elite think tank long associated with globalist policy making and subversion of the principles of the US Constitution, has published an article that proposes using the army to plan and carry out domestic law enforcement missions in the US. An article in the May/June issue of the CFR official journal, Foreign Affairs, calls for the army to address “challenges in the United States itself” with the justification being to protect Americans from terrorist attacks.

Water Purification Device Prompts TSA to Close Down Minneapolis Airport
Kurt Nimmo - In another stupendous incident of comical over-reaction, the TSA ordered the evacuation of two airport terminals in Minneapolis after a water purification device was found in a woman’s luggage.... The Bloomington Police Department bomb squad was called, and the airport terminal was evacuated for about two hours while authorities investigated. That’s right, they called out the bomb squad, probably because the TSA agents who discovered the water purification device have never seen one before.

2012 Election News

Tuesday June 5th Primaries: South Dakota, California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana - Checklists & Open Thread
Daily Paul - Post your news, observations & insights in the comments below. Checklists for each state below the fold...

YouTube: Federal Law Proves All Delegates Are UNBOUND!
Published on Jun 4, 2012 by matlarson10 - All delegates must see this!

In Texas, 300,000 Eligible Voters Targeted In Purge - The Houston Chronicle reports that, in a two year period, 300,000 eligible voters were warned that they may be removed from Texas voter rolls. Texas voter registration rates are already among the lowest in the nation, and one out of every 10 Texas voters’ registration is currently suspended. The almost 1.5 million voters who are suspended could be purged if they fail to vote in two consecutive general elections.

YouTube: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/4/12: On a Fast Track to War in Syria; Time to Put on the Brakes!
Ron Paul: War drums are beating again in Washington. This time Syria is in the crosshairs after a massacre there last week left more than 100 dead. As might be expected from an administration with an announced policy of "regime change" in Syria, the reaction was to blame only the Syrian government for the tragedy, expel Syrian diplomats from Washington, and announce that the US may attack Syria even without UN approval.

YouTube: Assaulted Ron Paul Chair, Henry Herford, After Release From Hospital
Henry Herford, the delegation Chairman legitimately elected according to all procedure, responds after being released from the hospital following a vicious, insensible assault by the Shreveport Police Department. Mr. Herford is a hero to all who wish to restore the Republic.

VIDEO: South Dakota Ron Paul Pro Life Ad
This is one of our ads playing on the radio in South Dakota. South Dakota for Liberty Paid for and authorized by the Conservative Republican Victory PAC. Not paid for or authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Tucker: Bilderberg Wants Mitch Daniels As Romney’s VP
Paul Joseph Watson - According to veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker’s source, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ presence at the 2012 Bilderberg Group meeting indicates that he is the elite’s choice pick to become Mitt Romney’s running mate.... Former Senior Vice President of Eli Lilly and Company, Daniels worked on a public relations campaign to downplay the side-effects of Prozac, helping the company’s profits soar during the mid to late 90′s.


10 Things That We Can Learn About Shortages And Preparation From The Economic Collapse In Greece
Activist Post - When the economy of a nation collapses, almost everything changes. Unfortunately, most people have never been through anything like that, so it can be difficult to know how to prepare. For those that are busy preparing for the coming global financial collapse, there is a lot to be learned from the economic depression that is happening right now in Greece.

Buyers' remorse for California's 'bullet train to nowhere'
Ambitious plans for a fast track linking Los Angeles and San Francisco at speeds of up to 220mph in just over two-and-a-half hours were slimly approved by 53 per cent in a statewide ballot in 2008. That allowed the state to raise $10 billion from bonds and secured an injection of $3.5 billion in stimulus money from the Obama administration. There is currently no direct train route between the two. Construction is expected to begin later this year in the middle of California's Central Valley near Merced, a town of 80,000 people known for having one of the highest home foreclosure rates in America.

VIDEO: The Income Tax: WWII Disney Propaganda - Funded and approved by the US Department of Treasury in 1943, this Disney featurette was to encourage every good American to do his \"duty\" and pay his taxes, which, at this time, were at an all time high. Those who do not wish to pay or don\'t pay it gladly are depicted as friends of Hitler and enemies of liberty and democracy. Contrary to what has been stated on other posts of this film, it was never \"banned\" by anyone. Not only was it approved by the Treasury Secretary, it received an Academy Award nomination for \"Best Documentary Feature.\" Even President Roosevelt himself had a hand in approving Donald Duck as the main character.

Energy & Environment

Mystery Sponge-Killing Disease Now Seen From Palm Beach to Lower Keys - From Sombrero Reef down in the Keys to the waters of West Palm Beach, red barrel sponges are disintegrating at worrisome rates. The culprit is unknown, and state scientists are busy trying to figure out just how widespread the disease outbreak is. "Typically, you look up-current," says Tichenor of Palm Beach County Reef Rescue. "I'm suggesting that we need to look at what's coming out of the Gulf of Mexico."

VIDEO: Texas Faces Power Shortages Over The Next Ten Years - The state is facing potential power shortages that could leave you with out electricity this summer and you might not know it, until it happens. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, also known as ERCOT, said over the next ten years state power users need to be on high alert.... If you use medical equipment at your home that has to be plugged in, you need to call your electric provider and inform them.


4 Eating Mistakes That Lead to Rapid Aging
Activist Post - Whether it be aesthetic changes, or strengthening internal arteries, there are many ways to prevent aging naturally and subsequently ensure that your age does not take a toll on your body. Here are 4 common eating mistakes that lead to negative symptoms oftentimes associated with aging.

Rutin flavonoids lower blood clot risk to help prevent stroke and heart attack
(NaturalNews) There are a number of natural compounds that help to improve the structure of the vascular system including vitamin C and the amino acids lysine and proline. Researchers publishing in The Journal of Clinical Investigation describe the effect of a compound called rutin, commonly found in fruits and vegetables and sold over the counter as a dietary supplement that has been shown to inhibit the formation of blood clots in an animal model of thrombosis.

Ibuprofen Kills More Than Pain: Here are the Top 10 Alternatives
Activist Post - Ibuprofen is, in fact, not unique in elevating cardiovascular disease risk and/or mortality. The entire category of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) appears to have this under-recognized dark side; of the 100 unintended adverse health effects associated with their use, cardiovascular disease and cardiac mortality score highest on the list.... Here is some evidence-based research on alternatives to ibuprofen, sourced from the National Library of Medicine...

Flame retardant found in common foods from Dallas supermarkets
CBS News - A new study from researchers at the University of Texas School of Public Health has revealed that flame retardant chemicals were found in many samples taken from popular food items....15 out of the 36 items tested positive. HBCD is used in polystyrene foam in the building and construction industry and can be found worldwide in the environment and wildlife, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It has been highly toxic for aquatic organisms, and shown to have troubling effects on animal populations.

75% of physicians in the world refuse chemotherapy for themselves
(NaturalNews) Research using polls and questionnaires continue to show that 3 of every 4 doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy for themselves due to its devastating effects on the entire body and the immune system, and because of its extremely low success rate. On top of that, only 2 to 4% of all cancers even respond to chemotherapy or prove to be "life extending," yet it is prescribed across the board for just about every kind of cancer.

YouTube: Chalkboard Campaign | We Need to Talk...
Chalkboard Campaign - Unprecedented rates of autoimmune and neurological issues plague our children. Why? The Chalkboard Campaign brings you important considerations and a call to action.

ADHD: Misdiagnosed and overmedicated
(NaturalNews) In one school in San Diego, 65 percent of fifth graders had been diagnosed with ADD and put on medications. Even "normal" kids are subject to random drugging so they act like the adults in charge of them want them to... dull, placid, and compliant. The fact is that up to 20% of American school-aged children are now on behavioral medications, according to child neurologist, Fred Baughman, Jr. MD. Parents are told to place their children on poisonous medications or their child will be refused attendance at school and have even been threatened with charges of "medical neglect."

Worse than a Disease Diagnosis – This Mistake Can Land You in the E.R.
Gaia Health - Medical care is actually one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., with medical errors, adverse drug reactions, and hospital-acquired infectionsv killing an unacceptable number of Americans each and every day! Drug-related ER visits jumped by more than half between 2004 and 2008, stirring health officials to look for ways to stop what has become a near-epidemic that often ends in death.

Modern-day vaccines have their roots in Nazi medical experiments
(NaturalNews) Most United States citizens would opt out of getting vaccines if they understood that natural foods, vitamins, herbs and supplements build up the immune system enough to fight off almost any disease known to mankind. For 70 plus years, the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) has succeeded at its malicious money-making schemes, despite a well-documented history full of horrific lessons.

This Everyday Outdoor Mistake Can Make You a Magnet for Melanoma
By Dr. Mercola - With the height of the sun season upon us, health officials are telling everybody to pull out their sunscreen and slather it on. But before you do that, it might be best to check the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) 2012 Sunscreen Guide to see if your sunscreen is one of the 75 percent with potentially harmful ingredients in it. Contrary to popular belief, many sunscreen products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer because they contain vitamin A and its derivatives, retinol and retinyl palmitate, as well as other hazardous ingredients.

DIY Home remedies and old wives cures using baking soda
(NaturalNews) In a world awash with pharmaceutical drugs for everything from dandruff to toenail fungus, it's refreshing to have do-it-yourself home remedies and trusted old wives cures to heal a wide range of ailments. Baking soda is a staple in most homes and is useful for cooking, cleaning and in many home remedies.

Science & Technology

Secret mission accomplished: America's mysterious space plane to land after a YEAR in orbit - and no one knows what it did up there
Daily Mail - The experimental Boeing X37-B has been circling Earth at 17,000 miles per hour and was due to land in California in December. It is now expected to land in mid to late June. At launch, the space plane was accompanied by staff in biohazard suits, leading to speculation that there were radioactive components on board.

Artificial DNA Copies Just Like the Real Thing
Live Science - The language of life is about to expand its vocabulary. An international team of researchers discovered that the body’s copying machine for DNA works in the same way for manmade, artificial building blocks of DNA as it does for the natural kind. If scientists find artificial DNA building blocks work well and are safe to use, the extra building materials could create DNA that codes for new molecules that the body can’t make now. The artificial DNA could also form the basis of a partly synthetic organism.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Aajonus Vonderplanitz PhD, key informant in prosecution of Sharon Palmer and James Stewart, found to have faked academic credentials
(NaturalNews) I am very saddened to bring you this report today. Following the publication of our investigative story about Sharon Palmer (Healthy Family Farms), James Stewart (Rawesome Foods), Aajonus Vonderplanitz (vocal critic of Sharon Palmer) and Larry Otting (title owner of the land on which the farm operates), we received what can only be called a flood of tips (and documents) from our readers. The irrefutable conclusion from these documents, shown below, is that Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD, has been using phony academic credentials. His "doctorate in nutrition" was acquired from a diploma mill.

EPA Drones Now Spying On Midwest Farmers Livestock Activity
Alexander Higgins - In the latest escalation of the government’s all out assault on freedom and liberty in America farmers have become the latest target Uncle Sam’s multibillion dollar spy-machine. The EPA is now using the same drones the military uses to track and assassinate people overseas to spy on the livestock activities of farmers throughout the Section 7 area of the midwest United States which includes Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Today in History - Monday - June 4, 2012
1792 - Captain George Vancouver claimed Puget Sound for Britain.
1794 - British troops captured Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
1805 - Tripoli was forced to conclude peace with U.S. after conflicts over tribute.
1812 - The Louisiana Territory had its name changed to the Missouri Territory.
1816 - The Washington was launched at Wheeling, WV. It was the first stately, double-decker steamboat.
1896 - Henry Ford made a successful test drive of his new car in Detroit, MI. The vehicle was called a quadricycle.
1911 - Gold was discovered in Alaska's Indian Creek.
1919 - The U.S. Senate passed the Women's Suffrage bill.
1924 - An eternal light was dedicated at Madison Square in New York City in memory of all New York soldiers who died in World War I.
1931 - The first rocket-glider flight was made by William Swan in Atlantic City, NJ.
1939 - The first shopping cart was introduced by Sylvan Goldman in Oklahoma City, OK. It was actually a folding chair that had been mounted on wheels.
1940 - The British completed the evacuation of 300,000 troops at Dunkirk, France.
1942 - The Battle of Midway began. It was the 1st major victory for America over Japan during World War II. It ended on June 6 and ended Japanese expansion in the Pacific.
1944 - The U-505 became the first enemy submarine captured by the U.S. Navy.
1944 - During World War II, the U.S. Fifth Army entered Rome, which began the liberation of the Italian capital.
1947 - The House of Representatives approved the Taft-Hartley Act. The legislation allowed the President of the United States to intervene in labor disputes.
1954 - French Premier Joseph Laniel and Vietnamese Premier Buu Loc initialed treaties in Paris giving "complete independence" to Vietnam.
1960 - The Taiwan island of Quemoy was hit by 500 artillery shells fired from the coast of Communist China.
1974 - Sally Murphy became the first woman to qualify as an aviator with the U.S. Army.
1985 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling striking down an Alabama law that provided for a daily minute of silence in public schools.
1986 - Jonathan Jay Pollard, a former Navy intelligence analyst, pled guilty in Washington to spying for Israel. He was sentenced to life in prison.
1986 - The California Supreme Court approved a law that limited the liability of manufacturers and other wealthy defendants. It was known as the "deep pockets law."
1989 - In Beijing, Chinese army troops stormed Tiananmen Square to crush the pro-democracy movement. It is believed that hundreds, possibly thousands, of demonstrators were killed.
2003 - The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would ban "partial birth" abortions with a 282-139 vote.
2008 - The United Kingdom and Canada became the first countries to be able to buy and rent films at the iTunes Store.

World News

US assassination drones kill 30 people in Pakistan since Saturday
Press TV - As many as 16 people have been killed and several others injured in two airstrikes carried out by US assassination drones on the northwestern Pakistan tribal area of North Waziristan. Two U.S. drones targeted a house and vehicle in Mir Ali area of North Waziristan, a restive tribal area on Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Monday morning's drone strike is the third of its kind over the last 48 hours.... It was seventh such strike in two weeks as the U.S. boosts its drone campaign in the face of Pakistani demands to stop.

VIDEO: Fareed Zakaria: Starve the Syrians into Compliance
Kurt Nimmo - On a recent segment of his CNN program, Fareed Zakaria called for imposing crippling sanctions on Syria in order to force regime change on the country. Zakaria is a member of both the CFR and Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. He is also a Bilderberg attendee. In other words, his call for starving the Syrians into accepting the will of the United Nations and the globalist establishment is one of the options under consideration.

Three Months to Save the Euro: George Soros
CNBC News - Euro-zone governments have around three months to ensure the survival of the single currency, billionaire investor George Soros said in a speech on Saturday. “We are at an inflection point. After the expiration of the three months’ window, the markets will continue to demand more but the authorities will not be able to meet their demands,” he warned in a speech at the Festival of Economics in Trento, Italy.

Asia stocks tumble, Tokyo hits 28-year low amid global rout
(Reuters) - The latest sell-off followed disappointing U.S. jobs growth figures on Friday and weak Chinese manufacturing data, which stoked fears that the problems in the euro zone are causing a worldwide slowdown in business activity. Those fears caused sharp falls across Asian markets on Monday, dragging Tokyo's Topix index .TOPX to a 28-year low, and followed a fall of more than 2 percent in U.S. stocks on Friday.

Destitution and Hunger In Greek Prisons: “Not Even One Grain of Rice Left In Warehouses”
The Daily Sheeple - All indications suggest that basic services in Greece have begun to break down, with reports from several Greek prisons and military installations indicating that prisoners are malnourished and starving. Food shortages caused by austerity related spending cuts and truck stoppages are also reportedly reducing daily rations for soldiers stationed in the area of Corinth, Greece. Related article: Greek Power Regulator Calls Emergency Meeting to Avert Collapse of Power Grid...

Germany sells Israel nuke-ready submarines - report
RT - Germany is supplying the Israeli Navy with submarines that are fully capable of being fitted to carry cruise missiles with nuclear-warheads, Spiegel reports. Thus, if Israel does indeed have any such missiles, it could deploy them immediately. The extensive military deal suggests that German shipyards are to supply Israel with six Dolphin-class diesel-electric submarines, four of which have already been delivered.

Iran: Response to attack will come ‘like thunderbolt’
RT - Any Israeli “misstep” against Iran will fall on their own heads “like a thunderbolt”, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei warns. His senior military adviser earlier reminded that all Israeli and US bases in ME are within reach of Iranian missiles.

US to move the majority of its naval fleet to Asia
Telegraph - Speaking in Singapore, Mr Panetta said the shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific would take place by 2020, at the same time as military cooperation with nations including Vietnam and the Philippines was enhanced. At present, around half of all US war ships are in the Atlantic, and the shift is being seen as part of what President Barack Obama has described as a “pivot” towards Asia in American foreign policy.

Assad on Houla: ‘Not even monsters would carry out such an ugly crime’
RT - Syria’s president announced his country is facing a “real war” and blamed terrorists and outside forces for the violence. The defiant speech comes a day after the UN special envoy warned that the specter of all-out civil war grows daily in Syria.... Assad also announced his government has nothing to do with the Houla Massacre, which claimed the lives of more than 100 people, nearly half of them children.

Mubarak suffers heart attack moments after being told he will spend the rest of his life in jail for killings of protesters during Arab Spring
Daily Mail - Following a lengthy trial, the man who ruled over the country for 30 years was sentenced after being found guilty of being complicit in the killings of protesters during the country's uprising. The ruling came at a politically fraught time for Egypt, two weeks before a run-off in its first free presidential election that will pit the Muslim Brotherhood, which was banned under Mubarak, against the deposed autocrat's last prime minister.

EU tells Google to fix search or face antitrust probe
RT - The EU’s antitrust chief has set a July 2 deadline for Google to offer changes in its search engine and advertising algorithms or face investigation into alleged favoritism. The search giant is accused of abusing its market dominance.

Global organ harvesting a booming black market business; a kidney harvested every hour
(NaturalNews) WHO says wealthy patients in developed nations are paying tens of thousands of dollars for a kidney to India-, China- and Pakistan-based gangs, who harvest them from desperate people for as little as a few hundred dollars.

Edmonton teacher suspended for giving 0s - Lynden Dorval, a physics teacher at Ross Sheppard High School, has been giving the mark for work that wasn't handed in or tests not taken even though it goes against the school's "no-zero" policy. The thinking behind the policy is that failing to complete assignments is a behavioural issue and marks should reflect ability, not behaviour. Dorval said he couldn't in good conscience comply with the rule.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

PHOTO: Obama’s Chief Economist Attends Bilderberg Meeting
Intel Hub - During the Bilderberg 2012 meetings, was able to catch numerous globalists attending the meetings. We have now been able to positively identify one of Obama’s chief economics, Austan Goolsbee.

VIDEO: Bilderberg Members Discuss Killing Ron Paul
Paul Joseph Watson - During a heated conversation in the lobby of the Westfields Marriott hotel yesterday, Bilderberg members expressed their desire to see Ron Paul die in a plane crash, according to veteran journalist Jim Tucker’s inside source. The shocking exchange took place just after Bilderberg attendees started arriving yesterday morning as they were driven through crowds of hundreds of Paul-supporting demonstrators.

VIDEO: Twelve Confrontations of Bilderberg 2012
Alexander Higgins - These are 12 videos released WeAreChange released during Bilderberg 2012 confronting the media and the global elite about the Bilderberg group.

VIDEO: Round Up From Bilderberg 2012 June 3, 2012 - Highlights from the protests outside the elite gathering in Virginia.

The Pentagon isn't even bothering to prepare for the upcoming defense cuts
Business Insider - Remember after the debt ceiling debacle last summer, when Congress enacted mandatory, across the board cuts in Defense because an agreement could not be reached? Well, the DoD is so certain that none of that will happen, they're not even preparing for the cuts. Even more, [Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton] Carter told the AEI that unless the Office of Management and Budget directs them to make plans for the cuts later this summer, they really don't plan to.

National Guard Magazine Cover Story Specifies Americans as Greatest Terror Threat
Adan Salazar - The latest edition of The Guard Experience, the National Guard’s official magazine, features a cover story titled, “The Threat at Home.” While the title itself is quite shocking, the ideas presented are definitely meant to desensitize guard member readers to the idea of pursuing and capturing Americans on American soil, thus finalizing the end of posse comitatus.

Taxpayer-funded gun control gets huge foundation boost
Ron Arnold - Gun rights advocates recently discovered that the gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns has burrowed its “gun violence prevention coordinators” (read “anti -gun lobbyists”) into city payrolls from Augusta, Maine to Seattle, Washington, at taxpayer expense. MAIG is the brainchild of New York City’s zealous anti-gun billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who formed the group at a 2006 gun control summit held in Gracie Mansion and co-hosted by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

UN calls for investigation of US school's shock treatments of autistic children
Guardian - The UN's special rapporteur on torture has made a formal approach to the US government over a special-needs school near Boston that inflicts electric shocks on autistic children as a form of behavioural control. Juan Mendez has told the Guardian that he has opened discussions with the US mission to the UN in Geneva as a first step towards investigating the school.

Philadelphia Begins Enforcement Of Ban On Outdoor Feeding Programs In City's Parklands
CBS News - Mayor Michael Nutter has said the ban will protect the dignity of the homeless, cleanliness of the parks, and eliminate food health concerns. But dozens of opponents testified at a City Council Committee hearing on Thursday, calling the Mayor’s reasons for the ban misleading.

VIDEO: Eminent Domain: Ventura County Regulating Small Businesses Out Of Existence
The Blaze - Ventura County in California has found a way around this limit by using zoning regulations to make it so prohibitively difficult for businesses to exist that the owners just pack up and leave of their own volition. This video from Reason Magazine explains the extremely sleazy approach involved.

2012 Election News

VIDEO: Police Attack, Injure Handicapped Man Elected By Paul Supporters To Lead LA GOP Convention
Alexander Higgins - Police attack and injure a handicapped man, dislodging his prosthetic implant, after Ron Paul supporters elected him to lead the Louisiana State GOP convention.... As the police grappled the man to the ground they were warned he was handicapped but continued to use force without justification and dislodged the man’s prosthetic implant.

Ron Paul Is Coming To Fort Worth, Texas June 7th
Facebook Event Page: Congressman Ron Paul will speak at the Texas Liberty Concert in conjunction with his appearance at the TX State Republican Convention. The event will be held at The River Ranch in the Fort Worth Stockyards 500 NE 23rd Street Fort Worth, TX on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 ... 6:30 pm to 10 pm.

Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Convention
Daily Paul - Ron Paul sending 27 out of 46 Louisiana delegates to Tampa... 59% !!! After Convention Chairman Henry Herford’s arrest, the delegates proceeded to elect a new chair and continued with the business of the convention. They reportedly elected a slate of 27 Ron Paul supporters to fill 12 of the 18 district delegate slots and 15 of 20 at-large delegate slots, before certifying the results with the RNC.

Florida voter purge gets pushback from elections supervisors, U.S. Justice
Palm Beach News - Florida elections supervisors said Friday they will discontinue a state-directed effort to remove names from county voter rolls because they believe the state data is flawed and because the U.S. Department of Justice has said the process violates federal voting laws.

YouTube: Updated Delegate Numbers As Of 6/2/12
Published on Jun 2, 2012 by matlarson10.

Thoughts on Louisiana, Civility and Winning
Paulitical Ticker with Jack Hunter - Here’s the response to the events in Louisiana today from National Campaign Manager John Tate. ... Establishment Republicans who don’t like to see Ron Paul supporters winning seats and positions of authority—completely playing by the rules—do not have the right to turn around and disenfranchise Paul supporters simply by making up new rules. No one has the right to use some of the strong-arm tactics we saw on shameful display today in Louisiana.

Ron Paul supporter has fingers broken at contested Louisiana GOP convention
Examiner Jun 2, 2012 - Louisiana's Republican convention in Shreveport on Saturday resulted in unexpected assaults and arrests, including one man who had his fingers broken. Many were expecting disagreements over the choice of delegates, especially after the state party's executive committee issued 16 pages of new rules before the convention, but it's doubtful that many guessed the severity of the disagreements. The Ron Paul campaign team explained the conflicts in detail. Related video: Police Assault Ron Paul Delegate...

Which of you is angry enough to win South Dakota on behalf of our Louisiana revolutionaries? I'll put $1000 down
Daily Paul Jun 2, 2012 - Dr.K.Research: I have almost no money left to operate my business account, but I don't care. Am taking the last bit of change out for the win in South Dakota. They can't take business funds, so will transfer it into a Personal Money Order. The funds are promised, and the SD crew is buying the ads. Who will join me? Who can help me turn this $1000 into $2000 in matching funds?

Only 19% See Obama, Romney As Best Possible Presidential Candidates
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 64% don’t believe they're the best possible nominees. Seventeen percent (17%) are undecided.

Google's Dirty Tricks: Daily Paul Malware Alert
Daily Paul - As many regulars here have noted (here, here, here, here, and here), dialing into the Daily Paul on Chrome or Firefox results in a Google red screen that says the Daily Paul contains malware. No such warning appears when using Safari or IE. Further investigation shows that Google has classified the Daily Paul as 'suspicious', in spite of the fact that: Of the 658 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent.

Veteran News

A Long-Awaited “Welcome Home” to USS Liberty Survivors
Scott Rickard - Join the memorial service for the USS Liberty victims on June 8, 2012 at noon at the Mass Grave #1817, Section 34, in Arlington National Cemetery. Please call for an investigation to help bring closure to the sailors and their families who have suffered and felt betrayed. Related video: John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty...

Cops Gun Down Man For Legally Carrying Firearm
WND - Erik Scott was a West Point graduate who went on to serve honorably in the Army, get his MBA from Duke and establish a lucrative career in real estate and as a sales rep for a medical device company. He was 38 years old when he was gunned down in 2010 in the portico of a Las Vegas area Costco store by officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. While it was 7 bullets from the only people we’re supposed to trust with guns that snuffed out Erik Scott’s life, what really killed him was an irrational fear of firearms – hoplophobia.

Bail Denied for Veteran Arrested Twice at Bilderberg 2012 Protest
Activist Post - Update just in from Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change: A veteran who was arrested twice for what amounts to jaywalking, and who was fondled, and forcibly vaccinated has had his $1,000 bail denied until his hearing on Monday. He will miss his flight which is scheduled for tomorrow, incurring further cost for peacefully protesting in the land of the free. Intel Hub video: [explicit language] Veteran Forcefully Vaccinated...

Occupy Wall Street Protest

Occupiers Convince City Of Buffalo To Ditch JPMorgan Chase - Following concerns raised by members of the movement, the City’s Comptroller recently announced that the city would be pulling $45 million in funds from an account with JPMorgan Chase.


VIDEO: Layoffs to Begin Monday at RG Steel - Layoffs will begin on Monday for workers at RG Steel in Warren. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week in Delaware. The financial problems will idle plants in Warren, West Virginia and Maryland. Over a thousand employees are effected. RG Steel said that despite cost reductions and improvements, it has been unable to succeed in the current market. The company is looking to sell its operations.

True federal deficit unimaginably larger than official tally
(NaturalNews) "Officially," the federal deficit for fiscal year 2011 was $1.3 trillion, an incredibly huge figure in and of itself. That means, if you believe the
administration, that the government only spent $1.3 trillion more than it took in. Incredible. Only, the figure is grossly misleading because it doesn't account for the government's entire unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare. When you add those figures in, the amount of last year's true deficit rises to $5 trillion.

Report: JPMorgan returns $600 million of MF Global funds
KATU News (AP) - JPMorgan Chase has returned about $600 million that was held at the bank when securities firm MF Global Holdings Ltd. failed last fall, according to a news report. The Wall Street Journal also reported Saturday that a bankruptcy trustee representing MF Global's customers might pursue JPMorgan for several hundred million dollars in additional claims.

Energy & Environment

Congressman to FDA: Unknown how radioactive fallout in US affected marine environment - Wants ‘a listing of all instances of species found to have elevated levels’
ENENews - Congressman Edward Markey, (D-MA) letter to the FDA.

Declassified Report Debunks Media Myth Of Ocean Diluting Fukushima Radiation
Alexander Higgins - A previously secret government report debunks corporate media lies that Fukushima radiation in the Pacific heading to the US will be diluted. However, as the Washington’s Blog article below reports, a previously secret government report tells an entirely different story and the truth is… Fukushima Is Likely to Produce “Pockets” and “Streams” of Highly-Concentrated Radiation.

Scientists Push for 'Solar Geoengineering' With Nano Particles to Whiten Our Skies
Activist Post - The latest scheme to combat global warming is to increase the amount of chemtrails (aerosols) in the atmosphere. The thinking behind this endeavor is that this will scatter incoming solar energy from the Earth’s surface. The side effect is that there will be an increased whitening of the sky during the daytime.


CONSUMER ALERT: BPA-Free Goods Still Contain Toxic Bisphenol
Activist Post - Breaking new research indicates that manufacturers throughout the world who were using the toxic hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol A (BPA), have simply switched to an equally toxic analogue in the same bisphenol chemical class known as bisphenol S (BPS), to evade regulatory oversight and trick consumers with their misleading "BPA-FREE!" labels.

Magnesium - The Weight Loss Cure
(NaturalNews) Magnesium and the B-complex vitamins are energy nutrients: they activate enzymes that control digestion, absorption, and the utilization of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Lack of these necessary energy nutrients causes improper utilization of food, leading to such far-ranging symptoms as hypoglycemia, anxiety, and obesity.

Eat a gluten-free diet for type 2 diabetes and celiac disease
(NaturalNews) The Paleo diet calls for no grains, no dairy, no salt. It recommends fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood and lean meats.... The Mediterranean diet also allows fruits, vegetables, seafood and lean meats. The main difference is that the Mediterranean diet recommends unrefined grains, such as whole grain products. A little dairy is also acceptable on the diet. The results of this study found that people on the Mediterranean diet had very little, if any, improvement in diabetes symptoms. The group who followed the Paleo diet experienced a reverse in diabetes symptoms, showing a clear correlation between a gluten-free diet and diabetes.

Hemp seed oil: The new healthy oil
(NaturalNews) The seed of the hemp plant contains some of the most balanced and richest sources of oils on the planet. The ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is recommended by the World Health Organization for optimal utilization. The essential fatty acids in these oils are fundamental in restoring health and immune function. Hemp seed oil contains 80 percent essential fatty acids, the highest of any plant.

Homeopathic remedies and Herbal medicines may stop the spread of parasites causing Chagas disease - the new AIDS of the Americas
(NaturalNews) The latest health horror known as Chagas disease, or the AIDS of the Americas has appeared in both Latin and Central America, infecting over 8 million individuals.... Several homeopathic remedies and herbs may help stop the spread of parasites causing this disease before it gets deeply imbedded in the system -- if it's caught it time.

Routine liver function tests no longer required for statin drugs
(NaturalNews) Since these new monitoring recommendations proclaim the risk of statin-induced liver injury is quite low, this will likely further increase statin sales by allaying any fears doctors may have had about statin-induced liver toxicity. In fact, a 2010 study in The American Journal of Medical Sciences seems to support this notion since many general practitioners often did not prescribe statin drugs to their patients due to their perception this class of drugs could cause liver damage.

Bisphosphonate drug treatment for osteoporosis causes MORE bone fractures, not less
(NaturalNews) According to new clinical research by Raphael P.H. Meier, MD, from University Hospitals of Geneva, and colleagues, of some 477 patients hospitalized at one center, 39 had atypical fracture of the femur (the long leg bones that attach to your hips) and 438 had common fractures. Among those with atypical fractures, a staggering 82.1 percent of them were undergoing bisphosphonate therapy compared with just 6.4 percent of those with common fractures.

The healing power of oxygen (opinion)
(NaturalNews) There is no more precious element on the face of the earth more essential to life itself than oxygen. In addition to being the third most abundant element found in the sun and making up 20% of the earth's atmosphere, oxygen plays a critical...

Soldier acquitted in AIDS assault case after HIV tests shown to be completely bogus
(NaturalNews) An Army sergeant who was falsely accused of being HIV positive, and who spent 240 days in pretrial custody as a result, has officially been acquitted of the charges levied against him. Thanks to the efforts of the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ), a private investigative agency that focuses on medical and scientific fraud, Sgt. "TD," who was arrested in 2011 for HIV-related criminal charges, has been vindicated of his HIV-positive status, which has also caused the legitimacy of HIV tests to once again be called into question.

Science & Technology

Stuxnet: U.S. Can Launch Cyberattacks But Not Defend Against Them, Experts Say
Huffington Post - Since President Barack Obama took office, the United States, along with Israel, has launched a series of cyber attacks that have damaged Iran's nuclear program, according to a June 1 story in The New York Times. These attacks are apparently the first time that the United States used a cyberweapon to damage another country's infrastructure, the Times writes. But should another country launch a similar attack, experts say the United States remains woefully unprepared to defend itself. Related video here.

CERN director says LHC will find God Particle by end of the year
Telegraph - Rolf-Dieter Heuer, director of CERN where the LHC is based, said he was confident that by the end of the year it will be possible to say whether the Higgs Boson, the particle which is responsible for giving mass to the universe, exists.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Rawesome bombshell: Lab test evidence against Sharon Palmer (Healthy Family Farms) found invalid; allegations unsupportable
(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) Following our coverage of Sharon Palmer, owner of Healthy Family Farms, and James Stewart, the "raw milk man" and founder of Rawesome Foods in California, I received a tip from an anonymous source. The tip said that I was defending the wrong parties.

Pet News

New Fines In Place For Cats And Dogs That Don’t Buckle Up In New Jersey
CBS News – Click it or ticket. It’s not just for people anymore…at least in the Garden State. Police and animal control officers are authorized to cite drivers with unrestrained animals in the car. Yes, that includes the back of a pickup truck too. Violators can be fined $250 to $1,000 per offense.

Today in History - Friday - June 1, 2012
1774 - The British government ordered the Port of Boston closed.
1789 - The first U.S. congressional act on administering oaths became law.
1792 - Kentucky became the 15th state of the U.S.
1796 - Tennessee became the 16th state of the U.S.
1861 - The first skirmish of the U.S. Civil War took place at the Fairfax Court House, Virginia.
1869 - Thomas Edison received a patent for his electric voting machine.
1916 - The National Defense Act increased the strength of the U.S. National Guard by 450,000 men.
1921 - A race riot erupted in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 85 people were killed.
1935 - The Ingersoll-Waterbury Company reported that it had produced 2.5 million Mickey Mouse watches during its 2-year association with Disney.
1938 - Baseball helmets were worn for the first time.
1939 - The Douglas DC-4 made its first passenger flight from Chicago to New York.
1941 - The German Army completed the capture of Crete as the Allied evacuation ended.
1942 - The U.S. began sending Lend-Lease materials to the Soviet Union.
1943 - During World War II, Germans shot down a civilian flight from Lisbon to London.
1944 - The French resistance was warned by a coded message from the British that the D-Day invasion was imminent.
1944 - Siesta was abolished by the government of Mexico.
1958 - Charles de Gaulle became the premier of France.
1961 - Radio listeners in New York, California, and Illinois were introduced to FM multiplex stereo broadcasting. A year later the FCC made this a standard.
1963 - Governor George Wallace vowed to defy an injunction that ordered the integration of the University of Alabama.
1968 - Helen Keller died. She had been deaf and blind since the age of 18 months. During her life she learned to speak, ride horses, and the waltz.
1970 - Zimbabwe came into existence. It was formerly known as Rhodesia.
1977 - The Soviet Union formally charged Jewish human rights activist Anatoly Shcharansky with treason. He was imprisoned until 1986.
1978 - The U.S. reported the finding of wiretaps in the American embassy in Moscow.
1980 - Cable News Network (CNN) made its debut as the first all-news station.
1998 - In the U.S., the FDA approved a urine-only test for the AIDS virus.
1998 - A $124 million suit was brought against Goodyear Tire & Rubber that alleged discrimination towards black workers.
2008 - The Phoenix Mars Lander became the first NASA spacecraft to scoop Martian soil.
2009 - The first event, a George Strait concert, was held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.
2009 - General Motors filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The filing made GM the largest U.S. industrial company to enter bankruptcy protection.

World News

Russia to build second reactor for Iran
RT - Russia's state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom says it is ready to help Iran build another power generating unit at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran. Rosatom's deputy head, Nikolay Spassky said Moscow will offer Iran support on the project “if this is not prohibited, if this brings benefit and if we get a calculated project.” The UN Security Council has permitted the expansion, so there is “nothing new in raising the issue of Russia's possible role in the construction… preliminary consultations on the issue are underway,” added Spassky.

VIDEO: Covert Ops and Washington’s Contingency Plans for North Korea
Activist Post - As the long-standing tensions between Washington and Pyongyang remain inflamed, a media report accusing South Korean and US Special Forces of parachuting into North Korea to spy on underground military facilities has sparked further controversy. Journalist David Axe attended the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Florida, and claims to have heard Army Brigade General Neil Tolley discussing the difficulties of conducting human surveillance operations in North Korea, while speaking in the present tense, referring to current operations.

YouTube: ACTA could turn honest citizens into criminals by mistake'
RT - The controversial ACTA anti-piracy agreement has been dealt a blow by the European Parliament. Three key committees have voted against the treaty, citing concerns over its legality. ACTA sparked Europe-wide protests, with activists saying online freedom of speech is being put at risk.

Exclusive: Obama weighs action to prevent Al Qaeda grabbing Syrian WMD
DebkaFile - The US president is trying to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to accept his new plan for the immediate assignment by the UN Security Council of 3,000 armed monitors to Syria to take charge of the six chemical and biological stores. Another 2,000 will join the team later. To allay Putin’s suspicions of a trick to insert Western armed forces into Syria against Moscow’s will, Obama suggested that most of the monitors would be Russian or nationals of governments lining up with its support of the Assad regime.

VIDEO: Clinton and Rice: Strike On Syria in the Works
Kurt Nimmo - U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice emerged from a closed-door meeting of the United Nations Security Council Wednesday and said the Council and the United States are prepared to attack the al-Assad government in Syria. On Thursday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Houla massacre will be used to build an international consensus for military intervention. “Every day that goes by makes the argument for it stronger,” she said while addressing Danish university students.

‘Security officials oppose Iran strike’
YNet Although officially, Israel's stance on the matter is that all options are viable, political sources told Ynet on Wednesday that IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Benny Gantz, Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo and several top section chiefs in the Mossad are against a strike at this time. Such opposition has been noted within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's special nine-minister security forum.

The ultimate example of Big Government gone bad: North Korea secretly murders its own officials
(NaturalNews) Amnesty International, in a recent report on the human rights records of scores of nations, found that last year the North Korean government "purged" - that is, got rid of - at least 30 of its own government officials, while an additional 200 were rounded up by the State Security Service in January as a precaution ahead of the transfer of power from Kim Jong-il.

UN Says Agenda 21 and African Land Grabs will Save the Forests
Activist Post - The Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based out of Washington, D.C. They work alongside development agendas under the guise of supporting local livelihoods. Nations with the agenda of installing regional and global initiatives to collaborate research, advocacy and implementing strategic actions that reflect sustainability. In February of this year , RRI was involved in the land grab initiative in which 500 million residents of the sub-Saharan region of Africa was targeted for its 3.46 billion acres of farmland. Foreign governments and investors purchased this land to produce food that would not be used to feed the African people, but rather sold to countries like the US for profit.

Was Flame super-virus created in the US? Cyber weapon threatening to cripple entire nations has ‘hallmarks of the NSA’
Daily Mail - As the United Nations prepares to issue its ‘most serious warning’ to guard against the superbug, cyber experts said it carried all the markings of a U.S. espionage operation. Specifically, they have pointed the finger at the highly secretive National Security Agency. Related article: Angry Birds Code Used for Flame Cyber Weapon.

Iran 'finds fix' for sophisticated Flame malware
BBC News - Iran's National Computer Emergency Response Team (Maher) said in a statement that the detection and clean-up tool was finished in early May and is now ready for distribution to organisations at risk of infection.

Radiation Fallout Forecast for Canada, the US & Europe for the next 48 hours.

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Bilderberg Meeting is Illegal
Kurt Nimmo - On June 6, 2008, we reported on Obama and Hillary secretly attending the Bilderberg meeting held at the Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. The rendezvous was kept secret for a good reason – Obama and Hillary had committed a felony. It is illegal for “unauthorized citizens” to negotiate with foreign governments under the Logan Act, a law passed under the John Adams administration in 1799.

18 Examples Of The Nanny State Gone Wild
Activist Post - America has been overrun by control freaks. Once upon a time the United States was considered to be "the land of the free and the home of the brave", but today there are millions of laws, rules and regulations that tightly regulate our daily lives. Most of these laws, rules and regulations were established by people who believed that they had "good intentions", but at this point the nanny state has become so oppressive that it is strangling the life out of us.

VIDEO: Worried About The Soda Ban? Fear Not, Bloomberg to Support ‘National Donut Day’
Politicker 5/31/12 - At Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s press conference touting his efforts to stop the sale of large soft drinks in restaurants, one reporter in attendance brought up the interesting fact that his administration also supporting “National Donut Day” tomorrow and inquired as to whether that muddled the mayor’s message on the issue.

Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants - Editor’s note: The Bilderbergers now post the participant list on their “official” website. In the past, moles inside the organization would release the secretive list to journalists, most notably Jim Tucker of the American Free Press.

Social Media ‘Young Turk’ Takes Steering Role at Bilderberg 2012 - This year’s Bilderberg Meeting will witness the emergence of the ‘Young Turks’, top executives of social media giants, some of whom have been promoted to head steering committee status this year in Chantilly. Top among the list of these is Peter Thiel, head of Clarium Capital, who provided the financial muscle for online ventures like Facebook and Paypal, as well as LinkedIn and Friendster.

Washington Times Breaks U.S. Media Blackout On Bilderberg
Paul Joseph Watson The Times reports that a half-mile security perimeter has been set up around the Westfields Marriott hotel and that a photographer for the newspaper was told by police, “any attempt to get close to the building would result in arrest.”.... the Washington Post, which itself is routinely represented at Bilderberg via its publisher Donald Graham, has failed to even mention the event thus far.

Why Does The Mainstream Media Ignore The Bilderberg Group?
The American Dream - In the past, a number of top politicians (including future U.S. presidents) have attended Bilderberg prior to getting elected to very important positions….George H.W. Bush attended in 1985. He became president in 1988. Bill Clinton attended in 1991. He became president a year later. Tony Blair attended in 1993. He became prime minister of England in 1997. Romano Prodi attended in 1999. Later that year he became president of the European Union Commission. In 2004, Sen. John Edwards spoke to the group. He was later anointed the Democratic vice presidential nominee by presidential candidate John Kerry.It is even rumored that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton held a secret meeting at Bilderberg back in 2008.

VIDEO: Obama’s Secret Kill List "The Most Radical Power a Government Can Seize"
Democracy Now interviews Glenn Greenwald, constitutional law attorney and political and legal blogger for

AUDIO: Woman: I Was Ejected From Courthouse Lobby For Breastfeeding
CBS Chicago - A first-time mother from Skokie is suing Cook County, claiming a sheriff’s deputy violated her right to breastfeed at the Skokie Courthouse. As WBBM Newsradio’s David Roe reports, Natalie Petrovic says the deputy ordered her to move from the lobby to a public restroom – a demand she called both illegal and “degrading.”

VIDEO: Cop Who Killed Unarmed Sunday School Teacher in Church Parking Lot Indicted For Murder
NBC News - A police officer in Virginia faces a murder charge in the February shooting death of an unarmed motorist. A grand jury charged Town of Culpeper Police Officer Daniel Harmon-Wright, 32, of Gainesville, Tuesday evening with murder, malicious shooting into an occupied vehicle, malicious shooting into an occupied vehicle resulting in a death and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

5 Things That Put America to Shame - The golden door on the Statue of Liberty seems to have an invisible hand holding it shut.

2012 Election News

YouTube: 100K To Attend Ron Paul Festival!
Published on May 31, 2012 by matlarson10 - Information about Ron Paul Festival and a warning about H.R. 347 during the GOP convention. Related US News article here.

Goldman Sachs Exec Serves As Trusted Advisor To Romney Jim Donovan, a managing director at Goldman Sachs, is not only a close business associate of the presumptive Republican nominee for President; he is also Mitt Romney’s good friend and trusted advisor. Donovan, an investment banker, has handled Romney's relationship with Goldman for years.

YouTube: G. Edward Griffin on Ron Paul's Restore America Plan
G. Edward Griffin comments on Ron Paul's 'Restore America Plan', a 12-page budget that proposes to eliminate the Department of Commerce.

VIDEO: Ron Paul's 'Restore America Plan' Smashes Federal Tyranny
Activist Post - Ron Paul's Restore America Plan is a 12-page budget that cuts $1 trillion in spending the first year and balances the budget by the 3rd year. Paul proposes eliminating 5 federal executive agencies that include the following departments: Commerce, Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development and the Interior. The video below explains why it would be a tremendous benefit to get rid of the Department of Interior.

YouTube: Florida to suppress the vote?
RT - In the year 2000, Florida played a crucial role in the US presidential election after only 537 votes determined George W. Bush to be the forty-third president. In that election, many reports surfaced of voters being turned away, especially minorities that mostly vote Democrat. Twelve years later, the 2012 election could come down to the Sunshine State once again. Adam Peck, a reporter for Think Progress, joins us with how Florida may be disenfranchising voters once again.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

YouTube: Immortal Technique: Our Ignorance Affects the World
RT - Hip-hop artist Immortal Technique is a self-described social guerrilla. Felipe Coronel is the real name of the Peruvian-born, Harlem-raised political activist who raps about politics, religion and racism. Since the genesis of the OWS movement, Tech has been an active voice for the cause, and on July 10 a documentary will be released showing his everyday life. He now joins us with more on his beliefs and his work.


Dow, Nasdaq: Worst month in two years
The Dow and S&P 500 dropped more than 6% in May. In fact, the Dow only booked five positive days this month. The last time this occurred was in January 1968. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq has declined more 7%.

YouTube: Invisible Chains
Strange isn't it, that so many people would lie, cheat and literally kill for something that they don't understand at all.

Debt crisis: a $46 trillion problem comes sweeping in
The Telegraph - Just as you thought things couldn't get any worse, credit markets are about to be hit by a veritable tsunami of maturing corporate debt. Standard & Poor's estimates that companies in Europe, the US and the major Asian economies require a combination of refinancing and new money to fund growth over the next four years of between $43 trillion and $46 trillion. The wall of maturing debt is unprecedented, raising the prospect of further, extreme difficulties in credit markets.

U.S. Child Poverty Second Highest Among Developed Nations: Report
Huffington Post - Can government spending lift poor children from poverty? A new report from UNICEF suggests it's possible. The latest edition of UNICEF's report on child poverty in developed countries found that 30 million children in 35 of the world's richest countries live in poverty. Among those countries, the United States ranks second on the scale of what economists call "relative child poverty" -- above Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, and 29 others. Only Romania ranks higher, with 25.5 percent of its children living in poverty, compared with 23.1 percent in the U.S.

How The Super Rich Avoid Taxes Even As They Demand That The Rest Of Us Pay More
The Economic Collapse - The way that we tax people in the United States is fundamentally broken and should be completely discarded. The U.S. tax code is absolutely riddled with loopholes that allow the super rich to legally avoid taxes while many of the rest of us are being taxed into oblivion. In our system of taxation, middle class families that work hard and try to play by the rules are deeply penalized while those that are willing to abuse the system make out like bandits.

Energy & Environment

Sunny future: Humankind faces huge solar storms
RT - The Sun is on the ascendant phase of its 11-year cycle, with the peak due in February 2013.... Though weak, it can still pose threats to communication lines, with predictions that a strong solar storm could cause between $1 and 2 trillion in damages. The increased solar activity and following higher Geomagnetic Activity (GMA) could possibly have a significant influence on those suffering from heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. The idea that the magnetic storms have an influence on health has been confirmed by the statistical and clinical studies, said Zaitsev.


Diabetes Drug Actos May Increase Bladder Cancer Odds
HealthDay - People with type 2 diabetes taking Actos (pioglitazone) to control blood sugar may put themselves at risk for bladder cancer, according to a new Canadian study. Although the absolute risk of anyone developing bladder cancer remains very low, taking the Actos pill for two years can double the risk, the researchers said.

World cancer cases to rise by 75 percent by 2030
AFP - Worldwide cases of cancer are likely to rise by nearly 75 percent by 2030, driven by demographic and lifestyle factors, according to a study published on Friday in the journal The Lancet Oncology. A team led by Freddie Bray of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, said that in 2008 there were 12.7 million new cases of cancer, which would rise to 22.2 million by 2030, with 90 percent of the rise occurring in the poorest countries.

[Pic] Vaccinations: 1940 - 2012

More than 101 reasons to use coconut as a home remedy to improve your health naturally
(NaturalNews) Coconuts are a versatile superfood providing nutrition, health benefits, and amazing medicinal properties all wrapped in one delicious package. Coconuts are totally natural, easily available and affordable; and every part of the fruit is useful.

Ancient curry spice boosts innate immune response to fight infection and chronic disease
(NaturalNews) A research team from Oregon State University has released the result of a study in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry that demonstrates how curcumin exerts a measurable increase in levels of a protein that's known to be important in the innate immune system, helping to prevent infection in humans and other animals. Scientists found that curcumin activated the cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide, or CAMP, a critical component of our immune system that identifies previously unknown bacteria, allowing for rapid identification and removal of the invader.

One in six cancers is caused by treatable infections
(NaturalNews) Infections cause approximately 2 million cases of cancer per year and are responsible for about 1.5 million of the 7.5 million cancer deaths worldwide, according to a study published in the journal Lancet Oncology.... The researchers examined a wide variety of cancer records, including a database on incidence of 27 types of cancer in 184 countries. They found that in 2008, approximately 16 percent of all cancers diagnosed could be attributed to infection.

We knew this day would come - Deadly strain of MRSA now resistant to last-line antibiotics for infections
(NaturalNews) As more and more bacteria and organisms in the world become resistant to the things that used to kill them, which in turn has kept humanity relatively safe and healthy, there is new evidence that a deadly strain of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is now becoming resistant to last-ditch antibiotics. Scientists say this new hospital-borne superbug has not spread thus far, but anyone who follows such developments knows that can't be far away.

Hidden history of organized medicine revealed in NaturalNews investigative report
(NaturalNews) Most people who undergo chemotherapy do not realize the origin of common chemotherapy agents is found in the mustard gas chemical weapons used in World Wars I and II. That's just one of 25 stunning -- but historically accurate -- revelations found in an investigative report issued by, one of the most visited news websites in the world. The report, available as a FREE downloadable PDF, is available here.

Beat chronic back pain naturally
(NaturalNews) The first thing to consider is qualifying the type of pain you're experiencing. In many cases, back pain eases away in a few weeks.... If your back pain is chronic or extremely severe, it would be wise to screen for other maladies that would require other interventions.... For most nagging aches and pains, mainstream medicine advocates prescribe pharmaceuticals or over the counter (OTC) pain killers such as ibuprofen. But most of us know better than going that route. There are a few ways to help curb acute or temporary lower back pain without OTC or prescription drugs.

Is your cookware killing you?
(NaturalNews) Our health is greatly influenced by the food we eat and how we cook it. The nutrient density of food can be easily damaged by overheating our foods along with the damaging chemicals and heavy metals that leach into it from our cookware. Heavy metals from cookware alter enzymes and tastes and ultimately end up in the body. You can buy the very best organic food and inadvertently turn it into poison by cooking it wrong.

Science & Technology

Megaupload Lawyers Move To Kill U.S. Internet Piracy Charges
Huffington Post - Lawyers for popular file-sharing company Megaupload, accused of copyright theft and internet piracy, have moved to have the case thrown out in the United States and tens of millions of dollars of assets unfrozen, a U.S. counsel said on Thursday. Papers have been filed stating that U.S. federal authorities cannot charge the company with criminal behavior because it is Hong Kong based, and also that no papers have ever been formally served, the lawyer said.

VIDEO: Infected computers may crash in July
ABC 4 Utah The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning 76,901 computers in the United States could crash July 9 because of a potent malware called DNSChanged. It was created by hackers from Estonia to redirect internet users to sites with advertisements. The hackers get profits from these ads and so far have earned $14 million dollars from the scam. The FBI put up a safety net for U.S. computers, but that protection is coming down in July.... Most users don't know their computers are infected, which is another reason experts like Pete Ashdown who owns XMission says this is a real problem.


5 Things to Give Up to Be Happy
Huffington Post - When we think about how to create more happiness, we typically look for things to achieve and add to our lives. However, sometimes the key to happiness is actually giving up certain perspectives and behaviors. Here are a few things to give up in order to become happier individuals.



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