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Week of JUNE 12 - JUNE 16, 2017:

MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017:

2nd Hour Open Lines

Joining this morning if DAN JOHNSON of The Tax Revolution Institute to discuss a clever new strategy to put the government in direct competition with private non-profits to deliver social services.

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Today's Show is Audio Archived at:

June 12, 2017 (hour 1) - News LIVE with Daniel Brigman
June 12, 2017 (hour 2) - Open Lines
June 12, 2017 (hour 3) - Daniel Brigman interviews Dan Johnson

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TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017:

Teacher, author, and radio host JAMES McCANNEY joins to discuss all things science.

DR. SHERRI TENPENNY, D.O​. discusses the latest threats to our health and critical vaccine
information every parent should know.

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Today's Show is Audio Archived at:

June 13, 2017 (hour 1) - News LIVE with Daniel Brigman & Sam
June 13, 2017 (hour 2) - Daniel Brigman & Sam interviews James McCanney
June 13, 2017 (hour 3) - Daniel Brigman & Sam interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.


1st Hour Replay:
Health researcher DR. EDWARD GROUP III joins the show today to discuss the health dangers of eating GMO foods.
Check out the 7 Things You Should Know About GMOs & The Top 10 GMO Foods to Avoid (Video)

2nd Hour Replay:
Telecommunications technician CLINTON OBER shares his journey and unique health discovery that is not anything scientists think it is. It is something right beneath your feet - the Earth itself! The Earth's natural energy has been documented and it is extraordinary. Clint's motto is Connect to the Earth and Heal.
Website: &

3rd Hour Replay:
GERALD CELENTE, Publisher of Trends Journal joins to discuss the economy under President Trump, Bitcoin, and other market trends.

Daniel interviews PAUL PRESTON on new revelations about the Oroville Dam and the events of February 12, 2017 when Butte County Sheriff KORY HONEA made the decision to evacuate 200,000 people downstream from the dam. Paul explains Honea's actions in light of evidence that indicates the actual intent of the events leading up to his decision were planned out to destroy the dam which would kill as many as million people down stream and destroyed one of the worlds most valuable agricultural regions. Paul reveals there were nuclear devices that were removed from the dam following the decision to evacuate. The nuclear devices were A.D.M.s 'Atomic Demolition Munitions". A.D.M.s are used for destroying dams.

THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017:

JOHN KIRIAKOU joins to discuss Doing Time Like A Spy. Kiriakou is considered the first US intelligence officer to reveal information about the US intelligence community’s use of torture techniques.

Joining the show this morning is STEVEN ALTEN, New York Times best-selling author as well as the co-author, editor and publisher of Dr. Steven Greer’s Unacknowledged.
New Book: Undisclosed - June 6, 2017 by Steve Alten
Dr Steven Greer (Disclosure) - "Unacknowledged" Trailer - The Campaign That Ends Illegal Secrecy
The Disclosure Project, Steven Greer:

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FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017:

2nd Hour Open Lines

SHARRY EDWARDS, recognized pioneer of Human BioAcoustics will share some of her research in the field involving the use of Vocal Profiling.

To call the show live: 1-855-995-6923 - International Callers: 00+ 1+ 612-465-7370


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