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A great 24 hour Markets Watch Website  MORE Real Time Streaming Futures Quotes Website
Video: MARINE STUNS A TEA PARTY WITH THE FOURTH VERSE OF THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER  MORE **Here is the link to the complete lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner By Francis Scott Key 1814   MORE
Vaccine Injury Reporting Website
Vaccine Injury Reporting Website
Download and Print The Power Hour Business Card   MORE Good to hand out to family and friends!
Amazing Pet Links     MORE Send us your amazing pet links!
The Full Original Copy of the Serenity Prayer
by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)
Trucker Website  MORE Everything Trucking!
Click Here For Updates on Pete Hendrickson Updates on Pete Hendrickson
End The Federal Reserve Bank Website End The Federal Reserve Website.
Click Here to view the beautiful plaque created for The Power Hour by Listeners John and James Howard Click Here to view the beautiful plaque created for The Power Hour by Listeners John and James Howard.
VIDEO: Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura
Season 2 Episode 7
VIDEO: Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura
Season 2 Episode 7
Safe Plastic Guide This is a report on which plastics are safe to use and which to avoid! The information on MSG TRUTH is a culmination of the important independent research regarding the food additive Monosodium Glutamate.
The Power Hour Film Clips and Photos   MORE See a few of The Power Hour Film Clips & Photos TEXANS UNITING FOR REFORM & FREEDOM (TURF)
Defending citizens’ concerns about Toll Roads & the TTC Current news on toll roads, turnpikes, toll bridges, toll tunnels and road pricing.
A Tribute and THANK YOU to all our aging veterans
Dedicated to the veterans of WWII. When you go to this website, click on the "Play Now" button on the lower right hand side.
Mike Tawse's Serrapeptase Adventure The amazing story of how Serrapeptase has been improving my health since January 2006 from Mike Tawse. Be sure to check out Mike's websites:
Morgellons Disease: Managing a mysterious skin condition
Morgellons disease is mysterious and controversial. Here you'll find answers to common questions about Morgellons disease — and suggestions for coping with it.
Virtual Citizens Website Virtual Citizens provides free content to global media and engages in legal activism in order to reverse the tide of homegrown tyranny and empire.
The Sunshine Project Oversight of Research Involving Biological Weapons Agents Regulation, Committees, Safety, and the Law (and Lack Thereof)
Emergency and Disaster Information Service Website Up to Date showing any hazard occurring the world whether it be hazardous materials, volcano activity, earthquakes, plane crashes, bird flu, storms, etc., etc., etc.
Dangers of Mercury Fillings This video is startling to anyone who has a mouth full of mercury amalgam fillings!!
Vaccination Liberation - Information A national grassroots network dedicated to providing information on vaccinations not often made available to the public so that one can make the only informed choice, complete avoidance and refusal. The Meatrix -- Interesting video on where meat and animal products come sure to check out the links on this page (click on the little red pill icon under the video). A brand new website 'Military and Biodefense Vaccine Project'. The Military and Biodefense Vaccine Project is sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center and is dedicated to increasing awareness about the benefits and risks of military and biodefense vaccines, as well as federal and state legislation which authorize mandatory use of experimental bioterrorism vaccines in military and civilian settings without voluntary, informed consent. This website is designed for anyone doing research on the United Nations.
Dennis Morrisseau Website A candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Vermont who believes we must impeach Bush and Cheney, and we must remove the neoconservative cabal from power.
INTEGRATION OF MEXICO, CANADA, US The Trans Texas Corridor is an all-Texas superhighway that is planned to include tollways for passenger vehicles and trucks, passenger bullet trains, commuters trains, high-speed freight trains, pipelines of all types, and electrical transmission towers. Read More...
Commonwealth Institute An independent, non-profit, non-governmental public policy research center doing critical studies in the fields of international security, progressive strategy, climate change, and inequality and poverty.
Link to check your individual State Pandemic Information
Check out your states pandemic plan.
Educating Instead of Medicating
Multinational force in Iraq
List of nations in the Coalition.
Buy American Products Websites
"UN Blue & Orange Watch"
Submit your sightings of verifiable UN Blue & Orange colors!
Kennesaw Crime Statistics and Crime Data (Kennesaw, GA)
Click on the link to see the comparison with your town. Made SITE OF THE DAY!!  (Thanks to Billy-Joe: Mauldin for sending our way!!) One-stop access to U.S. Government avian and pandemic flu information. Managed by the Department of Health and Human Services.
Your Life as a Human Test Subject
A must Read Article!
Waco Memorial Website 13 years since the massacre--"In those 13 long years, nothing much has changed. Nothing positive has happened, no headway has been made to make the guilty pay for their crimes and no justice has been served. The prisoners are still in prison, (soon some of them will be released however). Small consolation to the jury that felt they were wrongfully put there to begin with". The Mission of is to halt the implementation of the National Animal Identification System. Via a grassroots effort we will inform and educate the public about this latest degradation of our rights as big agribusiness continues to vie for complete control of our nation's food supply.
Scholars for 9/11 Truth Scholars for 9/11 Truth" (S9/11T) is a non-partisan association of faculty, students, and scholars, in fields as diverse as history, science, military affairs, psychology, and philosophy, dedicated to exposing falsehoods and to revealing truths behind 9/11. (Thanks to Joyce B. for sending our way)!
World Wide Alert Map
Data collection and monitoring: National Association of Radio-Distress Signaling and Infocommunications.
Picket the EPA Whitman Trial Jimmy Walter's website!! This page has a list of possible crimes that Christie Whitman, EPA administrator, may have committed when she lied that "...the air is safe to breathe..."; (New York Penal Code Laws Pertaining to White House, EPA, Giuliani, NY Health Department, and NYC Health Department Lies!)
Operation Storm Fury
Links to many articles on Operation Storm Fury.
Quantum Consitencies - Secret Worlds: The Universe Within
The power of 10 and how we fit in this universe from a quantum point of view.
(Thanks to Sid for sending)
The True Food Shopping List A Shopper's Guide to True Food that is not genetically engineered. (Thanks to Laurel & Jim for alerting us to this website)
Is your food genetically engineered?
 Do you know what is in your food? (Thanks to Laurel & Jim for alerting us to this website)
The Truth About Splenda
This website is part of an effort to educate consumers about the chemical artificial sweetener Splenda.
WEATHER WARS by Scott Stevens
150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns
150+ Links all found in Mainstream Media!
Synthetic terror alert red for NYC, DC subways -- this website is issuing a CODE RED SYNTHETIC TERROR ALERT through Feb. 3. Concerned citizens should be on the lookout for suspicious activities by government operatives over the next five weeks.
TWA Flight 800: The Impossible Zoom Climb Dedicated to revealing the truth by making the government records of the zoom climb available for public review.
Mind Control Forum
Archives-The amount of info here is staggering!
Arlington West Veterans Day Weekend
Events for NOV 11-13, 2005 at Arlington West at the Santa Monica Pier.
150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns Articles
150 articles relating to 9/11 found in the mainstream media!
Check out George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House - Dark History
Weather Modification, Inc. -- (Cloud Seeding, atmospheric research, rain enhancement)
Why the emphasis on orange and blue?
True Colors has been teaching people how to discover their greatest strengths and understand the strengths of others. We invite you to discover what life-changing experiences others have found with True Colors.
George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House
Human Rights and Environmental Justice International (HARE)
Excellent research by Laura R. Cuozzo including information regarding the United States government's best kept secret of continuous nuclear, biological and chemical testing. (remember Ft. Greely?)
Gulf War Syndrome - Biological Warfare Conducted on U.S. Military Members, and Corporate Bio-Genocide Levied on the Planetary Population
A Lecture By Captain Joyce Riley in January 15, 1996.
Halliburton Watch is a project of Essential Information, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, and the Center for Corporate Policy, a nonprofit, non-partisan organization working to stop corporate threats to democracy.
Wal-Mart's Business Plan
Wayne Madsen Report "From Deep Inside The Beltway". (Be sure to check out Bush's picture).
Veterans For Peace Road Trips The Mission of the Veterans For Peace Impeachment Tour is to raise awareness regarding the false and purposely misleading statements the president, vice president and their staff told congress, the United Nations, and the American people.
The Bush administration's Top 40 Lies about war and terrorism.
Massive dust cloud heads to U.S.  An enormous, hazy cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert is blowing toward the southern United States, but meteorologists do not expect much effect beyond colorful sunsets.
Brainwashing America
The puppet Bush regime is using new, aggressive forms of brainwashing to change the very way Americans think and feel.
Thanks to Kathy for sending!
Bill 2934 ..Sec. 2339D
Terrorist offenses resulting in death.
The Book of Enoch
Learn all about The Book of Enoch.  (Thanks to Roland for sending) 
Excellent site for everything from preparedness to Earthquake, Volcanic or Storm Activity.
The United States is no longer a Country; it is a Corporation. Read the other 2 claims. Thanks to Robert!
Latest DU article by Dennis Kyne
Titled: What happened to the test tube paradigm?
World Tribunal On Iraq - credit goes to Veterans for Peace!
International Tribunal against the invasion of Iraq.
Launch Alternative Press Association - Credit goes to APFN. Raw Story editors, along with several other independent progressive journalists and publications, will be launching the Open Source Press Association (OSPA) as an alternative to media agencies such as the Associated Press.
Thanks to Jay Harder for the link
Senate Bill 3
Complete Senate Bill 3.
Tommy Thompson & Anthrax Order - Credit goes to Subgun.
PDF document signed by Tommy Thompson in January 2005.
Police State of America - Credit goes to Kelly!
William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson on the illegal conviction of Logan Young. Credit goes to Ted!
Research into BSE/TSE Mad cow and CJD all over the world.
The Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11 The Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11 is the 24-page result of reviewing hundreds of pages of government findings and details of independent investigation and analysis.
Environmental Working Group - Credit to DR. PAUL BECK!
Website with studies of pollution in people. Excellent website!
Larry King Bumps Military Mom From Show - Credit goes to Jeani from Canada.
Are The "News" Networks Afraid Of The Truth?
Legal News Watch
Major Stories that impact your life!
Credit goes to Chris Schuh!
This website features photographs of aerosol clouds interacting with electromagnetic forces and related information.
Check out the IRS educational research on this site.
Credit goes to DJ!
A free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions.
A Big Mistake by Rep. Ron Paul
Credit to Joyce from Wisconsin
Transcript before the US House of Representatives, January 26, 2005 -- Please listen to this transcript!
Credit goes to Phil Jayhan! 
New website of Phil Jayhan!
Alliance for Human Research Protection (  Credit goes to Annie Armen, J.D.
This website is a must for parents with public school children!
New Freedom Commission on Mental Health: State Implementation Activities - Credit goes to Al Burns and Namaste Publishing!
Scroll down through this report and check on just what has been happening, VERY quietly in YOUR OWN STATE regarding mandatory drugs and mental health screening!
Weather as a Force Multiplier -Credit goes to Paul Walter at News With! 
A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025.
Chemtrails-spraying in our sky!
(A Big "Thank You" goes out to Martin Smith for sending us this excellent information)
Close-up photos of chemtrails being laid down. These photos were taken by a pilot through the windows of his airplane!
Defense Technical Information Center THE premier provider of DoD technical information. DTIC serves as a vital link in the transfer of information among DoD personnel, DoD contractors and potential contractors and other U.S. Government agency personnel and their contractors.
BREAKING NEWS CONCERNING the Chemical and Biological Testing that took place at FT. Greely, Alaska!!  A MUST SEE!!! Article just published Jan. 2005 titled "Feds Whitewash US Bio-Chemical Tests in Alaska" By Greg Szymanski ALSO  the News Release back from 1998 from the AGWVA PLUS the Original Document concerning Ft. Greely!!
Follow the link to the NASA website to view the actual map!!
Fight the Fingerprint! Welcome to the "Fight the Fingerprint" Web Site! "We Stand Firmly Opposed to All Government Sanctioned Biometrics and Social Security Number Identification Schemes"!
Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of the right choice. Anonymous
The Gerson Miracle
91-minute documentary about the Gerson Therapy for Cancer and Degenerative Diseases.
Braveheart411 Yahoo Group
Please take a look at this group. Consider joining!!!
How to fold a shirt CORRECTLY.
Watch the video on how to properly fold your shirts!
The 2004 October Surprise Video is fake!
Check it out!!
Arnold Exposed 2008
Alex Jones launches website to to keep Arnold from running for president!
Propaganda Site of the Day
Scroll down to the Rubic's cube story.
"Nonlethal Weapons: Terms and References" 1997 report from the Institute for National Security Studies - part of the US Air Force Academy.
Is the MONDEX card just around the corner?  Are you ready to "Get Chipped"?
The World Health Organization's Pandemic (fear) Plan!!
WHO has developed an Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan!
THE REVOLUTION IN MILITARY AFFAIRS AND CONFLICT SHORT OF WAR Read the complete summary here!! (Technology designed specifically for conflict short of war, especially psychological, biological, and defensive technology).
Stanley Hilton Lawsuit Lawsuit filed against high officials in the current Bush administration for complicity in aiding and abetting and facilitating the Sep. 11, 2001 attacks. The Official US Army Game providing young Americans with a virtual web-based environment in which they can explore Army career options.
Crop circle of the year!
The DOOMSDAY Crop Circle? Be sure to read the entire article!
The October Plan
Check out what is in store for us in October!
New Iraq War Crimes Tribunal
The People will Judge George W. Bush - Hear the testimony - The people will judge...
More Psychiatric Fraud-Patch Adams says Prez should be evaluated first.
A Few ANTI-Draft Sites
Anti-Draft Resources and Movements
Wal-Mart News In hundreds of communities, we have helped citizens groups strategize and carry out a plan to stop the superstores.
Check Out The Amazing Penta-Lawn! A Must See!
Tested at the Pentagon on 9/11/01, this lawn was shown to resist fire, skid marks, explosions and planes crashing into it!
Check it out!
Is this a missile? 
Get the latest draft info!
Stands for the security and privacy for ALL U.S. Citizens as it pertains to the outsourcing of jobs overseas. 
ANTHRAX VACCINE LITIGATION-For those interested in reading the anthrax vaccine lawsuits on the site.
List of Clean & Unclean Foods
Read the Products...surprising!
URGENT ALERT: The Codex Issue!
Protect Your Right to Obtain Dietary Supplements
Facts about MSG
How propaganda is conducted
Propaganda Techiques, Disinformation, & Logical Fallacies
The Need For Speed Video program details. Video available by calling The Power Hour at 877-817-9829.
Deep Black Lies
Bringing in-depth reporting of crime and corruption in high places
How to see Propaganda in the Media (website was taken down)
This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the techniques used by the news organizations to propagandize and indoctrinate the masses.
Vaccination News
Excellent website with Breaking News Top Stories - updated throughout the day!
Iraqi Freedom memorial

SHIRBRIG is a multinational initiative to provide a rapidly deployable peacekeeping force for the United Nations as part of the United Nations Standby Arrangements System.

Laura Bush Christmas Card Why did Laura Bush send out Christmas Cards featuring the Egyption Satanic Phoenix Bird?
Scott Speicher
The Official Scott Speicher web site
Conspiracy Theories:
Uncovering the facts behind the myths of 9-11
Army War College Criticizes Iraq War
The U.S. Army War College in Carlisle has published a report critical of the war in Iraq.
Military Vaccine Education Center This web site is a resource directory for active-duty troops, veterans, and others who are concerned about the military's mandatory bio-terrorism vaccines.
Cointelpro COINTELPRO was an acronym for a series of FBI counterintelligence programs from 1956-1971 designed to "neutralize" political dissidents.
Buy American Remember to buy American
Terri's Fight Terri's Fight is dedicated to keeping you up to date on Terri's situation and how you can you can help to save the life of an innocent, disabled woman.
National Vaccine Information Center

State Exemptions RECOMMENDATIONS VS. LAWS: It is important for you to know the legal requirements of the vaccination laws in your state and to understand the difference between a legal requirement and a recommendation.




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