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MARCH 2013 

Today in History - Friday -  March 29, 2013
1847 - U.S. troops under General Winfield Scott took possession of the Mexican stronghold at Vera Cruz.
1848 - Niagara Falls stopped flowing for one day due to an ice jam.
1867 - The British Parliament passed the North America Act to create the Dominion of Canada.
1882 - The Knights of Columbus organization was granted a charter by the State of Connecticut.
1903 - A regular news service began between New York and London on Marconi's wireless.
1913 - The Reichstag announced a raise in taxes in order to finance the new military budget.
1941 - The British sank five Italian warships off the Peloponnesus coast in the Mediterranean.
1943 - In the U.S. rationing of meat, butter and cheese began during World War II.
1951 - The Chinese reject MacArthur's offer for a truce in Korea.
1951 - In the United States, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage. They were executed in June 19, 1953.
1961 - The 23rd amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. The amendment allowed residents of Washington, DC, to vote for president.
1962 - Cuba opened the trial of the Bay of Pigs invaders.
1967 - France launched its first nuclear submarine.
1971 - Lt. William Calley Jr., of the U.S. Army, was found guilty of the premeditated murder of at least 22 Vietnamese civilians. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. The trial was the result of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam on March 16, 1968.
1971 - A jury in Los Angeles recommended the death penalty for Charles Manson and three female followers for the 1969 Tate-La Bianca murders. The death sentences were later commuted to live in prison.
1973 - The last U.S. troops left South Vietnam.
1974 - Mariner 10, the U.S. space probe became the first spacecraft to reach the planet Mercury. It had been launched on November 3, 1973.
1974 - Eight Ohio National Guardsmen were indicted on charges stemming from the shooting deaths of four students at Kent State University on May 4, 1970. All the guardsmen were later acquitted.
1975 - Egyptian president Anwar Sadat declared that he would reopen the Suez Canal on June 5, 1975.
1986 - A court in Rome acquitted six men in a plot to kill the Pope.
1992 - Democratic presidential front-runner Bill Clinton said "I didn't inhale and I didn't try it again" in reference to when he had experimented with marijuana.
1993 - The South Korean government agreed to pay financial support to women who had been forced to have sex with Japanese troops during World War II.
1995 - The U.S. House of Representatives rejected a constitutional amendment that would have limited terms to 12 years in the U.S. House and Senate.
2004 - Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia became members of NATO.

World News

EU sells deal at too high a price: Cyprus
Press TV - “Europe is pretending to help us but the price to pay is too high: nothing less than the brutal destruction of our economic model which will cause enormous, long term difficulties for the Cypriot people,” said Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides... “We need to start from scratch, as in 1974, when our economy was leveled to the ground after the Turkish invasion,” Kasoulides added.

UN approves combat force in Congo
Press TV - The United Nations Security Council has approved the creation of a new combat force to conduct “targeted offensive operations” against armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Russian president orders unscheduled military drill in Black Sea
Press TV - Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that Putin issued the order for the large-scale maneuvers overnight as he flew back from the South African city of Durban after a two-day summit of the BRICS group of emerging powers. Peskov further said the drill is aimed at testing the battle-readiness of Russia’s Black Sea units.

Human Tissue Found in Meats - but eating it is "no threat"
Activist Post - The horse meat fiasco in Europe has prodded scientists to look a bit deeper into what else we might be consuming. A team of South African scientists have just found traces of human tissue in meat meant for public consumption from 9 provinces.

Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Are Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget!
Economic Collapse - The politicians of the western world are coming after your bank accounts. In fact, Cyprus-style "bail-ins" are actually proposed in the new Canadian government budget.... It is right there in black and white on pages 144 and 145 of "Economic Action Plan 2013" which the Harper government has already submitted to the House of Commons.

Iran, NKorea, Syria block UN arms trade treaty
Huffington Post - - Iran, North Korea and Syria blocked adoption of a U.N. treaty that would regulate the multibillion-dollar international arms trade for the first time, saying it fails to ban sales to terrorists, but other countries refused to let the treaty die.

Climate Gets 20 Percent of Seven-Year European Budget
ENS February 8, 2013 - European heads of state and government have agreed to commit at least 20 percent of the entire European Union budget over the next seven years to climate-related spending.... The seven-year budget was agreed at 960 billion euros ($1.28 trillion). By comparison, the budget for the years 2007-2013 was 975.777 billion euros.

Emergency Motion: US Denying Gitmo Detainees Water - An emergency motion has been filed in a DC court by lawyers for the detainees, claiming that the military is now denying the detainees clean drinking water to punish them for refusing to eat provided meals. The military has so far refused to respond to the motion, but insists that the claims of insufficient water are untrue.

Food Fraud Hits a New Low with the Potential Emergence of Dog Meat in the UK - A mystery meat, which has defied the best efforts of scientists to identify it, has been found in a lamb curry as part of an investigation into food fraud.... All of the many tests to date by the lab used by the programme have failed to identify exactly which animal was the source of the meat. The revelation raises many grim possibilities. There is evidence from Spain, for example, of meat from dog carcasses being processed for use in pet food.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Navy Wants Lasers on Marines’ Trucks to Shoot Down Drones
Wired - It’s all part of a new Office of Naval Research program, formally unveiled Thursday, with the clunky name of Ground-Based Air Defense Directed Energy on the Move. For the time being, it’s just a research effort, but the office expects to award grants and contracts for it worth up to $400,000. And it’s doable.

VIDEO: 'Skynet’ Drones Work Together for “Homeland Security”
Paul Joseph Watson - Professor Raffaello D’Andrea demonstrates the amazing capability of drones that can communicate with each other, technology he admits could be open to “abuse” and is “incredibly dangerous.” Aviation expert David Cenciotti expects the drones to be used for “hunting terrorists” and other “homeland security” purposes.

Arizona city mulling free shotguns in crimestopping bid
RT - An Arizona ex-politician has announced plans to distribute free shotguns to Tucson residents living in high-crime areas. Shaun McClusky said he has begun efforts to purchase guns and ammunition, which he’ll give to anyone who can pass a background check.

Reality Check: Should Elmwood Place officials face criminal charges over speed cameras? - The fight over the speed cameras in Elmwood Place continues tonight. As of right now, those cameras are off and a class action lawsuit on behalf of those who were ticketed by the robo-cams is moving forward. But based on the judge's blistering ruling on these cameras, is that enough?

VIDEO: Ron Paul on Lew Rockwell's Pod Cast: Empire, Blood, and Banking
Daily Paul - Ron Paul takes Lew Rockwell on a tour of our troubles.

Cover-Up of Adam Lanza Link to Psychotropic Drugs?
Paul Joseph Watson - Books about Asperger syndrome and autism were found in the home of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, although search warrants released today made no mention of any medication being discovered despite reports that Lanza was taking pharmaceutical drugs.... The search warrant documents can be read here (PDF). Some sections have been redacted.

Sandy Hook shooter had 12 gauge shotgun in glove compartment? - According to Fox News, Adam Lanza had a shotgun that fits inside a glove compartment and it has 35 round clips. See the link here. Quote from Fox News Article: "A loaded 12-gauge shotgun was found in the glove compartment of the Honda Civic Lanza drove to the school with two magazines containing 70 rounds of Winchester 12-gauge shotgun rounds."

VIDEO: Biden: Senate Gun Bill Vote Only the Beginning
Kurt Nimmo - Biden said he believes Congress will ultimately force the American people to report their gun purchases to the federal government. “I think we’re on the verge of getting a serious thorough universal background check system in place,” he added.

Gun Store Owners: Ammo Shipments Are Not Even Making It To Shelves
Steve Watson - Owners at Blue Steel Guns & Ammunition in Raytown, Miami told The Miami Herald that customers were so hungry for ammo that they couldn’t even stack shelves with fresh supplies before they had all been bought.... The shop sold 60 boxes of .22-caliber and 9 mm ammunition, totaling thousands of rounds, in just 18 minutes.

VIDEO: Officer Convicted In Shooting Death Becomes Police Chief - When Coleman Brackney took over as Sulphur Springs’ chief, it was the first time Coleman put on a police uniform since he was fired from the Bella Vista Police Department in 2010. Coleman was convicted that year of negligent homicide and served about one month in jail.

Texas Senate passes legislation allowing state supported colleges to conduct background checks for student housing
Your Houston News - Texas colleges and universities would gain access to Department of Public Safety files for criminal background checks of students who apply for on-campus housing under legislation adopted unanimously by the state Senate Wednesday, March 27.


E-Gov Link Enables Local Governments to Accept Bitcoin
Activist Post - E-Gov Link announced today integration of Bitcoin payments into its popular E-Gov suite of products. Bitcoin, a global digital currency, is gaining in popularity, and provides citizens and municipalities a more cost effective solution for payments.

Metals Dealers Shut Down Sales As Silver Globex Market Price Feeds Fluctuating By Over $1 - Silver gapped up vertically on tonight’s Globex open, as the entire day’s paper raid was erased in the opening tick in Asia… Meanwhile according to other live metals feeds, silver has gapped-down to $27.88.

Housing Market

More than 300,000 homes are foreclosed "zombies," study says
Press TV - A national survey found 301,874 "zombie" properties dotting the U.S. landscape in which homeowners in foreclosure have moved out, leaving vacant property susceptible to vandalism and degradation. Florida tops the list of zombie properties with 90,556 vacant homes in foreclosure, according to a foreclosure inventory released on Thursday by RealtyTrac, a real estate information company in Irvine, California.

Energy & Environment

Officials: ‘Code 2’ alert at giant sinkhole -- "Elevated subsurface activity" -- Access ramp has sloughed in
ENENews March 28, 2013 - Office of Conservation, in consultation with Assumption Parish Incident Command, is advising the public that the Oxy 3/sinkhole monitoring alert status has been raised to Code 2 – requiring all work directly in and over the sinkhole to cease until further notice. Related video: New flyover during ‘Code 2’ at giant sinkhole...

Fracking chemicals to stay 'trade secrets'
RT - A district judge in Wyoming has shot down a group of environmentalists who tried to gather information about the long-term effects of fracking, ruling that they do not have the right to know what ingredients are used in hydraulic fracturing fluids.

VIDEO: EPA Forces Man to Spend $200,000 To Expand Lake, Then Doesn’t Grant Permit
CNS News - Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has launched a new campaign called "Victims of Government" that details how onerous government has destroyed people's lives. To launch the effort Senator Johnson posted a video yesterday in which he describes the plight of Stephen Lathrop from Granite City, Illinois.


Use these six amazing spices to burn fat fast
(NaturalNews) Spices can turn mundane bland foods into culinary delights, and that's there primary use in our modern world. Some "foodies" recognize how they support health as well, sometimes as an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, or a combination of any or all of those attributes.

How to prevent kidney stones with everyday foods
(NaturalNews) Passing them is described by those who have experienced their terror as one of the worst pains known to man, exceeding even the pain of childbirth. But kidney stones do not have to be a constant worry on your mind, especially if you are taking proactive nutritional steps on a daily basis to dissolve and eliminate any that might be cropping up.

Researchers discover natural protein in fish that inhibits prostate cancer cell spread
(NaturalNews) University of Maryland School of Medicine scientists have identified a peptide, or protein, derived from Pacific cod which appears to inhibit prostate cancer and possibly other cancers from spreading -- a process known as metastasis.

Dangers of high blood sugar can be alleviated with cinnamon, chromium and bitter melon
(NaturalNews) Blood sugar causes degenerative disease. Not only diabetes is a concern, but also high blood sugar affects the eyes, kidneys, brain, the heart, and also speeds the aging process. Sugar creates inflammation in the body, and burns the burns the cells by inflammatory oxidation.

Six common causes of bloating and how to fix them
(NaturalNews) Abdominal bloat. It can come immediately following a meal, a few hours after a meal, or even seemingly out of the blue. But one thing is for sure -- bloat is not normal, and it can negatively affect your energy levels, your mood, and even your ability to effectively absorb nutrients. Here are six common causes of bloating and ways to fix them...

3 Tips for Treating and Preventing Diabetes
Natural Society - For those suffering from Type 2 diabetes, lifestyle and diet are everything. Whether you are insulin dependent or not, there are numerous dietary changes you can implement to treat and possibly even reverse your condition. Here are 3 tips for the treatment and prevention.

Science & Technology

More Government Waste: $880,000 to Study Benefits of Snail Sex - While Obama shuts down White House tours, supposedly because of lack of money due to the sequester ... the Feds awarded a grant for $876,752 to the University of Iowa to study whether there is any benefit to sex among New Zealand mud snails and whether that explains why any organism has sex.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

VIDEO: Kentucky Legislature Passes Hemp Bill, Rand Paul Vows Support From D.C.
Liberty Crier - “I commend the Kentucky General Assembly for final passage of Senate Bill 50. I want to thank Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Paul Hornback and the members of the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission for their leadership and hard work in passing this legislation,” Sen. Paul said.

Montana ‘raw milk’ Bill Stirs Debate
KBZK - Some diary farmers think it should be up to you, not the government. It's a debate, and it's a bill, that's moving forward in the state legislature in Helena. Supporters of House Bill 574 say the measure would mean less government regulation and more opportunity for consumers, as well as for local farmers.

‘Monsanto Protection Act’: 5 Terrifying Things To Know About The HR 933 Provision - There's a lot being said about it, but here are five terrifying facts about the Farmer Assurance Provision -- Section 735 of the spending bill -- to get you acquainted with the reasons behind the ongoing uproar...

Today in History - Thursday -  March 28, 2013
1774 - Britain passed the Coercive Act against Massachusetts.
1797 - Nathaniel Briggs patented a washing machine.
1834 - The U.S. Senate voted to censure President Jackson for the removal of federal deposits from the Bank of the United States.
1885 - The Salvation Army was officially organized in the U.S.
1908 - Automobile owners lobbied the U.S. Congress, supporting a bill that called for vehicle licensing and federal registration.
1917 - During World War I the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) was founded.
1921 - U.S. President Warren Harding named William Howard Taft as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court.
1933 - In Germany, the Nazis ordered a ban on all Jews in businesses, professions and schools.
1938 - In Italy, psychiatrists demonstrated the use of electric-shock therapy for treatment of certain mental illnesses.
1939 - The Spanish Civil War ended as Madrid fell to Francisco Franco.
1942 - British naval forces raided the Nazi occupied French port of St. Nazaire.
1945 - Germany launched the last of the V-2 rockets against England.
1968 - The U.S. lost its first F-111 aircraft in Vietnam when it vanished while on a combat mission. North Vietnam claimed that they had shot it down.
1974 - A streaker ran onto the set of "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson."
1979 - A major accident occurred at Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. A nuclear power reactor overheated and suffered a partial meltdown.
1981 - In Bangkok, Thailand, Indonesian terrorists hijacked an airplane. Four of the five terrorists were killed on March 31.
1986 - The U.S. Senate passed $100 million aid package for the Nicaraguan contras.
1986 - More than 6,000 radio stations of all format varieties played "We are the World" simultaneously at 10:15 a.m. EST.
1990 - Jesse Owens received the Congressional Gold Medal from U.S. President George H.W. Bush.
1990 - In Britain, a joint Anglo-U.S. "sting" operation ended with the seizure of 40 capacitors, which can be used in the trigger mechanism of a nuclear weapon.
1991 - The U.S. embassy in Moscow was severely damaged by fire.
1994 - Violence between Zulus and African National Congress supporters took the lives of 18 in Johannesburg.
1999 - Paraguay's President Raúl Cubas Grau resigned after protests inspired by the assassination of Vice-President Luis María Argaña on March 23. The nation's Congress had accused Cubas and his political associate, Gen. Lino César Oviedo, for Cubas' murder. Senate President Luis González Macchi took office as Paraguay's new chief executive.
2010 - China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. signed a deal to buy Ford Motor Co.'s Volvo car unit.

World News

‘More arms being sent to Syria militants’
Press TV - A senior Arab official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a carefully prepared covert operation involving Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and Qatar was arming the foreign-backed militants in Syria, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

French war creates crisis in Mali
Press TV - The French-led war in Mali has caused a serious humanitarian crisis and has displaced tens of thousands of people, many of whom reside in refugee camps in neighboring countries in deplorable conditions.

British troops arrive in Mali
Press TV - Forty British soldiers, which are part of a team of 500 troops from European countries, will help develop the Malian Army's infantry and artillery skills, the ministry said on Wednesday, AFP reported.

US deploys nuclear jets to South Korea
Press TV - The US military has deployed two nuclear-capable B2 stealth bombers over South Korea to conduct “deterrence” mission amid escalating tension in the Korean peninsula over North Korea’s threats of attacking its neighbor and the US.

China willing to mediate Korean conflict
Press TV - China says it is willing to help a ‘reconciliation and cooperation’ process between North Korea and South Korea, amid rising tension in the Korean Peninsula.

VIDEO: Cyprus banks open after 12-day lockdown
Aljazeera - Banks in Cyprus have opened their doorsfor the first time in almost two weeks, with tight controls on transactions to prevent a run on deposits after the island was forced to accept a stringent EU rescue package to avert bankruptcy.

Chinese supertanker gets oil at Iran port
Press TV - A Chinese supertanker with the capacity to carry two million barrels of crude has docked and embarked at an Iranian port, the first such move since the European Union imposed sanctions on Iran’s oil in July.

UN’s Ban Recommends Putting 11,200 Peacekeepers in Mali
Bloomberg - United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon recommended that as many as 11,200 United Nations peacekeepers and a special counterterrorist unit be deployed to Mali to take over the fight against Islamic insurgents in the land-locked African nation, relieving France.

VIDEO: Western-Backed “Arab Spring” Leads to Persecution of Christians
Paul Joseph Watson - Whereas Christians were relatively free to practice their faith and preach under the rule of leaders like Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar Al-Assad, the new regimes that have emerged in Egypt, Libya and now Syria have made the subjugation of Christians a centerpiece of their agenda.

Banks are ordered to stockpile an extra £25billion to prepare for another financial crisis
Daily Mail - Britain’s banks have been told to stockpile £25billions by the end of the year to prepare for future financial crises. In a major blow to borrowers, the Bank of England warned banks they face a potential £50 billion hit over the next three years from eurozone shocks, bad debts and mis-selling scandals.

Firm Is Accused of Sending Spam, and Fight Jams Internet
NY Times - A squabble between a group fighting spam and a Dutch company that hosts Web sites said to be sending spam has escalated into one of the largest computer attacks on the Internet, causing widespread congestion and jamming crucial infrastructure around the world.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Law would fire sheriffs for defying gun control measures
Washington Examiner - Supporters of the 380 sheriffs in 15 states who so far have vowed to defy new state and federal gun control laws claim that legislation is starting to pop up around the nation to fire any state elected or appointed law enforcement official who doesn't obey federal orders.

Biometric National ID Card could be mandated on all American workers
(NaturalNews) Control - this is what fuels many Congressmen and women. Recently, two U.S. senators met with President Obama, vouching for a biometric national ID card that would force workers to submit to a fingerprint, hand, or iris scan. Any worker failing to comply with this biometric tracking mandate, would be terminated from their job.

20 Key Ways to Defeat The New World Order
Activist Post - How does one defeat the New World Order (NWO) with their control over the banks, the military, the corporations, health care and the politicians? In short, they own it all. Is there any way to defeat the NWO?

YouTube: Children Horribly Deformed by US Chemical Weapons in Iraq (NSFW)
The Young Turks - The depleted uranium usage in Iraq left lasting effects, on our own troops and in babies born with horrifying deformities in Fallujah and Basra. Is this the legacy of the war, and should people be paying more attention to these awful consequences?

VIDEO: Gun Stores Resorting To Bullet “Rationing”
Steve Watson - Gun stores across America are resorting to bullet rationing, with store owners saying they have never seen such shortages in their lifetimes, and blaming huge ammunition purchases by the federal government.

VIDEO: Police restrain crowd from taking food after supermarket eviction - Law enforcement officials pushed back hundreds of people who were crowding around a large pile of merchandise outside an Augusta grocery store Tuesday afternoon. But the goods sitting in the parking lot of the Laney Supermarket didn't make into anyone's hands. Instead, the food people hoped to take home was tossed into the trash.

"Meet Ron Paul" is climbing Amazon's Top 100 Best Selling Children's Biography List
Daily Paul - The Ron Paul biography for kids, Meet Ron Paul, is now #65 on the Amazon Kindle Store Children's Biography list. We are just below Abraham Lincoln and "One Direction."


More than 130 arrested during Chicago schools protest
RT - Demonstrators protest school closings on March 27, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. More than 1,000 demonstrators held a rally and marched through downtown to protest a plan by the city to close more than 50 elementary schools, claiming it is necessary to rein in a looming $1 billion budget deficit.

How to Hide Your Money Where the Bankers Won’t Find it - There are a ton of options for hiding things and they are only limited to your creativity. If you are going to hide money, I would take extra precautions. Especially, if you plan on seeing this money again someday. For ideas, here are a few...

Pentagon cuts number of furlough days
AP - Defense officials say the Pentagon will sharply cut the number of unpaid furlough days civilians will have to take in the next several months from 22 to 14, reducing the financial impact of the budget cuts on as many as 700,000 workers.

STUDY: Health overhaul to raise claims cost 32% - Insurance companies will have to pay out an average of 32 percent more for medical claims on individual health policies under President Barack Obama's overhaul... By 2017, the estimated increase would be 62 percent for California, about 80 percent for Ohio, more than 20 percent for Florida and 67 percent for Maryland. Much of the reason for the higher claims costs is that sicker people are expected to join the pool, the report said.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: The Endless Recovery: Sinkholes Proving To Be Big Problem On Staten Island
CBS News - It’s gone from bad to worse for some storm-weary Staten Island residents who are trying to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. Now, they’re coping with a sinkhole nightmare. And as CBS 2’s Steve Langford reported Tuesday, not even insurance coverage may help.
ENENews -

Eco-Madness: As Earthworms Are Blamed For “Global Warming,”
Jurriaan Maessen - As the Daily Caller reported on in February of this year, a new foe has been appointed to “accelerate” global warming: earthworms.Yes, you’ve heard it right. Earthworms. Besides the fact that there is no global warming, and therefore the very premise is faulty, earthworms are now joining the growing list of evildoers who get the blame for global warming.


Researchers develop vaccine jab for newborn babies right out of the womb
(NaturalNews) According to a new study published in the open-access journal PLoS ONE, scientists have already concocted a synthetic substance they say is capable of effectively triggering an immune response in newborn babies... Previously, the vaccine industry has been unable to come up with a plausible way to administer vaccines to newborn babies because the freshly-born infants' immune systems typically do not respond well to foreign immune stimulators.

Apple extract kills colon cancer cells better than chemo drug in latest study
(NaturalNews) Oligosaccharides from apples killed up to 46 percent of human colon cancer cells in vitro, and outperformed the most commonly used chemo drug by a wide margin at every dose level tested. And unlike toxic chemo drugs, oligosaccharides are natural, health-promoting compounds widely present in fruits and vegetables.

Four research-proven benefits of omega-3 fatty acids
(NaturalNews) Ongoing research continues to support the effectiveness of fish oil and omega-3 fatty acid supplements in boosting heart health, lowering blood pressure, easing inflammation and decreasing pain in sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis.

Fructose interferes with brain's appetite regulation
(NaturalNews) Fructose fails to trigger activity in regions of the brain associated with feelings of fullness and satiety, according to a preliminary study conducted by researchers from Yale University and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In contrast, consumption of glucose leads directly to stimulation of those areas.

Pepsi to begin using unlabeled, sweetness-enhancing 'mystery' ingredients developed by 'aborted fetal cells' company
(NaturalNews) According to reports, Pepsi has already paid Senomyx $30 million as part of the deal to develop new flavor chemicals, and this was after a previous arrangement between Senomyx and Coca-Cola fell through.

10 Tips to Start a Raw Food Diet
Green Med Info - "Want to start a raw food diet? Now is the time! Here are 10 easy ways that you can start succeeding in living a FullyRaw lifestyle!" Connect with Kristina: See also on The Amazing Healing Properties of Fermented Foods.

Why You Should Consume more Vitamin C
Natural Society - It’s estimated that vitamin C may be one of the most widely used single-nutrient supplement in the United States, ranking it among vitamin D, fish oil, and CoQ10. But, do we know why we need it and the consequences of not having enough?

VIDEO: Electronic Health Records: Doctors Want to Keep Patients Out - According to a new Harris Poll survey, conducted on behalf of the management consulting firm Accenture, less than one-third of U.S. doctors think patients should have full access to their own electronic health records.

Current Status of Aluminum Adjuvant Research
Gaia Health - This is the second Keele Conference report. Aluminum is used as an adjuvant in many vaccines, but it’s a known neurotoxin. Dr. Christopher Shaw has been doing research on its effects, demonstrating that it crosses the blood-brain barrier, that it is strongly associated with autism, & that it has adverse effects on lab animals.

Science & Technology

FBI Pursuing Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as “Top Priority” for 2013 - Despite the pervasiveness of law enforcement surveillance of digital communication, the FBI still has a difficult time monitoring Gmail, Google Voice, and Dropbox in real time. But that may change soon, because the bureau says it has made gaining more powers to wiretap all forms of Internet conversation and cloud storage a “top priority” this year.

Facial recognition and GPS tracking: TrapWire company conducting even more surveillance
RT - An internationally-spread Orwellian surveillance system uncovered by RT has been linked to a software company that collects the GPS coordinates of cell phone users in over 100 major cities. The discovery of the TrapWire risk mitigation program last year and its ability to match human faces caught on camera against massive databases of intelligence led to an outcry from privacy advocates around the world.

VIDEO: Robo-Reporters to Replace Mainstream Journalists?
Paul Joseph Watson - Computer algorithms are already being used to manufacture news stories about earthquakes and other data-rich issues and this same process could soon be employed for sports games and eventually more complicated news stories – rendering many journalists obsolete.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Furor Growing Against Obama Over 'Monsanto Protection Act' - The protests come on the heels of a massive petition campaign organized by the advocacy group Food Democracy Now, which gathered the signatures of more than 200,000 people who wanted Obama to veto HR 933 in order to stop Section 735... from being codified into law. But Obama ignored it [...] and those who are angry at Obama for signing the bill are also incensed with Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D- Md., who is accused of failing to give the amendment that inserted the language a proper hearing.

Surprised? Monsanto Openly Wrote Own Monsanto Protection Act
Natural Society - Quite frankly I think it’s important to understand that the entire Senate passed the bill containing the Protection Act, but the politician who actually gave Monsanto the pen in order to write their very own legislation is no others than Roy Blunt — a Republican Senator from Missouri.

Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act Into Law After Promising GMO Labeling in 2007
Natural Society - President Obama has signed into law the notorious Monsanto Protection Act legislation hidden inside of the Continuing Resolution.... Contained in the rider (Farmer Assurance Provision, Sec. 735) of HR 933, Monsanto is now even protected (at least under this law) from the United States government.

USDA census program is covert surveillance operation to compile database of food & farm assets
(NaturalNews) The USDA "census of agriculture" is a government-run farm surveillance program designed to register and inventory detailed private data on farm assets, operations and personnel. A census form is mailed to each farmer in the United States, accompanied by threats of compliance and a warning that farmers who do not comply will be visited in person by government agents.

Today in History - Wednesday -  March 27, 2013
1794 - The U.S. Congress and President Washington authorized the creation of the U.S. Navy.
1802 - The Treaty of Amiens was signed ending the French Revolutionary War.
1836 - The first Mormon temple was dedicated in Kirtland, OH.
1866 - U.S. President Andrew Johnson vetoed the civil rights bill, which later became the 14th amendment.
1884 - The first long-distance telephone call was made from Boston to New York.
1900 - The Russian army mobilized 250,000 troops for active duty.
1901 - Filipino rebel leader Emilio Aguinaldo was captured by the U.S.
1912 - The first cherry blossom trees were planted in Washington, DC. The trees were a gift from Japan.
1933 - About 55,000 people staged a protest against Hitler in New York City.
1933 - In the U.S., the Farm Credit Administration was authorized.
1941 - Tokeo Yoshikawa arrived in Oahu, HI, and began spying for Japan on the U.S. Fleet at Pearl Harbor.
1944 - One-thousand Jews left Drancy, France, for the Auschwitz concentration camp.
1944 - Thousands of Jews were murdered in Kaunas, Lithuania.
1952 - The U.S. Eighth Army reached the 38th parallel in Korea, the original dividing line between the two Koreas.
1976 - Washington, DC, opened its subway system.
1989 - The U.S. anti-missile satellite failed the first test in space.
1998 - In the U.S., the FDA approved the prescription drug Viagra. It was the first pill for male impotence.
1998 - Top civilian aircraft makers in France, Spain, Germany and Britain agreed to create single European aerospace and defense company.
2004 - NASA successfully launched an unpiloted X-43A jet that hit Mach 7 (about 5,000 mph).
2006 - Zacarias Moussaoui testified in his federal trail that he was the supposed to hijack a fifth airplane on September 11, 2001, and fly it into the White House.

World News

US-led airstrike kills 20 in Afghanistan'
Press TV - Local residents in Afghanistan’s Logar Province say at least 20 people, including many women and children, have been killed in a US-led airstrike in the province’s Barak-e Barak village, with Afghan officials confirming the death of at least three people.

Pyongyang warns of nuclear war due to South Korea-US provocations
Press TV - "Our people and army are entering the final stage of preparations for war against the United States to defend their country's dignity and sovereignty," the North Korean foreign ministry said in a Tuesday statement carried by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

49,000 killed in Pakistan since 9/11
Press TV - At least 49,000 people, including 15,000 security personnel, have been killed in violence in Pakistan since the 9/11 attacks in the United States, a security report says.

Iran sanctions could force BP to shut down North Sea gas field
Press TV - Dow Jones reported on Tuesday that without gas from the adjoining Rhum field, of which the National Iranian Oil Company is a joint owner, BP might have to close down the Bruce field.

Final Push for a Canada-EU CETA and the Coming NAFTA-EU Free Trade Zone
Activist Post - Pressure is mounting on Canada to finish up a long-delayed trade deal with the EU. Despite outstanding issues that still must be settled, there is a final push to try and complete an agreement this summer. If both sides are able to secure a deal, it would lay the groundwork for the proposed U.S.-EU trade pact.

'US training Syria militants in Jordan'
Press TV - American and foreign officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press that "the training has been taking place since late last year at an unspecified location" in Jordan. Officials added that the training is being conducted by US intelligence officers. Other countries such as Britain and France are also involved in the operation, officials said, adding "the effort is ongoing."

Syrian rebels ask US to shoot down Assad warplanes with Patriot missiles
NBC News - Syrian opposition leader Mouaz al-Khatib — who appeared Tuesday as the representative of Syria at an Arab League summit meeting following the Assad regime's suspension — said that he had asked Secretary of State John Kerry "to extend the umbrella of the Patriot missiles to cover the Syrian north and he promised to study the subject," Reuters reported.

New BRICS bank to rival World Bank, IMF
Press TV - The BRICS group of emerging economies has unveiled a new development bank, which is aimed at breaking the monopoly held by Western-backed institutions.... Finance ministers of the BRICS countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - met in Durban, South Africa for the opening of the fifth BRICS summit this week as leaders are expected to make an official announcement on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Cyprus bail-out: savers will be raided to save euro in future crises, says eurozone chief
Telegraph - Savings accounts in Spain, Italy and other European countries will be raided if needed to preserve Europe's single currency by propping up failing banks, a senior eurozone official has announced.

US Jails Chinese Engineer for Exporting Trade Secrets
BBC - A US court has sentenced a Chinese national to more than five years in prison for illegally exporting military trade secrets to China. Liu Sixing, who formerly worked in US company L-3 Communications, was accused of taking information on US missile, rocket and drone technology to China.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Anti-Israel ads to appear at US train stations
Press TV - The American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) started its campaign on Tuesday by unveiling some of the ads that will appear for four weeks at 25 stations on the Metro North train line near New York City. The advertisements call for an end to the Israeli apartheid and the financial aid that the US provides to the Israeli regime every year in a show of public anger.

One Man Stands in the Way of Arizona Anti-NDAA Bill
Activist Post - Representative Andy Tobin is currently blocking HB 2573 from receiving a full House vote. He is willing to kill protection for the people of Arizona, and allow the Federal government to trample the rights of his constituents.

Texas Anti-NDAA Bill Heads to House Floor: Action Needed
Activist Post - Rep. Larson's bill, once amended, will protect the people of Texas from indefinite military detention and extrajudicial assassination without charge or trial. However, we have to get it through Committee first. It's time to bring the pressure. One call, and taking 30 seconds to tell your legislator what you think, can make all the difference.

V1DEO: Teen Gets 30 Months in Federal Prison for Laser Pointer
Activist Post - The FAA says that laser pointers are dangerous to pilots because it may temporarily blind them. They claim that over 3600 laser incidents occurred in 2011. Below is a compelling video of the FBI catching a laser pointer criminal in the act in 2011. This 2-year-old video shows the FBI's incredibly advanced surveillance technology...

18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children - The face of homeschooling is changing. We are not all religious extremists or farmers, and our kids are not all overachieving academic nerds without social skills. An estimated 2.04 million k12 children are home educated in the United States, a 75% increase since 1999.

VIDEO: Weapons Manufacturer: Big Sis Attempting to Exhaust Ammo Supplies
Paul Joseph Watson - A weapons manufacturer who supplies the federal government with ammunition told the nationally syndicated Savage Nation radio show that the Department of Homeland Security’s huge ammo purchases were an attempt to dry up supplies as part of an end run around the second amendment.

Gun store rescinds Mark Kelly's [Gabby Gifford's husband] rifle purchase, questions his 'intent'
Fox News - A Tucson gun store owner has decided to rescind the sale of a military-style rifle to Mark Kelly, the husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, after Kelly said he had intended the purchase to make a political point about how easy it is to obtain the kind of firearms he's lobbying Congress to ban.

VIDEO: Albany Police: SWAT Used Poor Black Neighborhood For Training Because It’s ‘Realistic’
Raw Story - On Thursday, Albany’s SWAT team shocked nearby residents when it stormed a public housing complex that was scheduled to be demolished, according to the Times Union. Photos circulated on Facebook over the weekend showed police in tactical gear, spent shell casings and fake blood.
* Related Article: Albany Cops Threaten to Arrest Citizens During Training Exercise

Police Need Warrant for Dogs Sniffing Homes, High Court Says
SFGate - Drug-sniffing police dogs have their place, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled. And it’s not on a suspect’s front porch. The court today said officers typically need a warrant before taking an animal to the door of a house in the hope of detecting narcotics.


USMint Sells Another 1 Million Silver Eagles, Set to Place 3rd Consecutive Monthly Sales Record! - In the wake of the Cyprus banking collapse, the US Mint has sold nearly 1 million ounces of silver in 4 days!

VIDEO: Rand Paul Wants Illegal's Turned into Taxpayers
WND - “What I’m saying is let’s get them work visas, normalize them, tax them, make them taxpayers,” the senator said in an exclusive interview with WND reporter Taylor Rose.

Your Tax Dollars at Work: More Than a Vacation a Month for Obamas in 2013
Weekly Standard - In the first three months of the year, members of the first family have been on three vacations, averaging a vacation a month. And now it's being reported that the first daughters are on a spring break vacation in the Bahamas.

JPMorgan Chase Still Going Strong Despite Paying Billions for Long List of Misdeeds
AllGov - JPMorgan Chase has paid $16 billion in fines, settlements and other litigation expenses in just the last four years. But the troubles have not substantially weakened the bank, still the nation’s largest financial holding company.

Indebted California county grants its administrator $400k salary for life
RT - With millions of dollars in debt and a $3 million projected deficit for 2013 alone, Alameda County is struggling to stay afloat. But rather than pay off its dues, the city is shelling out a $423,664 annual salary for a county administrator.

Veteran News

VA uses tranquilizers on over 30 percent of veterans with PTSD despite clinical warnings against their use
(NaturalNews) Doctors and medical professionals at the Veterans Affairs are handing out dangerous tranquilizers such as Xanax and Valium to military service members diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder though they have been repeatedly advised not to do so because of the potential the drugs could cause more harm than good.

Energy & Environment

Louisiana sinkhole swallows more land - Officials: New crack observed, dozens of trees lost
ENENews - The Office of Conservation, in consultation with Assumption Parish Incident Command, is advising the public that a slough-in occurred last night along the southeastern side of the sinkhole – approximately 25 trees fell into the sinkhole along the southeastern side and a new crack, running parallel to the sinkhole edge, was observed on the Oxy 3 well pad access ramp to the sinkhole.


Zithromax and Januvia: Two Commonly-Prescribed Drugs Now Shown to Be Killing Patients
Dr. Mercola - The first featured article reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now investigating a potential link between a commonly used class of diabetes drugs and pancreatic inflammation and pre-cancerous changes to the pancreas. The FDA is also adding a heart-risk warning to the antibiotic Zithromax (azithromycin), better known as the Z-Pak.

Probiotics transform emotional response and affect your brain activity
(NaturalNews) It has often been stated that our gut flora is responsible for at least 60 percent and up to 80 percent of our immune system. More than one study has discovered that "killer cells" are increased, triggered, and unleashed by friendly gut bacteria. A strong, friendly critter colony also prevents Candida yeast overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome, which leaks digestive toxins into the blood stream before they can be eliminated through the bowels.

Study shows insulin injections more than double risk of death in Type II diabetics
(NaturalNews) According to the World Diabetes Foundation, nearly one-third of all Type II diabetics take daily insulin injections as part of their prescribed treatment protocol. But a new study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reveals that this quintessential diabetes therapy option may be responsible for more than doubling the risk of death from all causes among those with Type II diabetes.

New research: Acupressure and yoga help serious heart problems
(NaturalNews) Research just presented at the at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) EuroHeart Care Congress being held in Glasgow, Scotland, reveals medical yoga and acupressure reduce blood pressure and heart rates in patients in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF), a quivering or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other serious complications.

VIDEO: Chinese 'Organic' Contamination: How to Avoid Fake Organic Products
Natural Society - Thanks to fake organic products now certified in China, it's harder than ever to find out if you're truly eating organic. These vital tips will help.

8 of the Worst Foods for Your Body
Care2 - Many people think of healthy eating as consuming a certain number of calories per day. But the truth is, it’s not just about how much you eat but the quality of the food you eat, and how safely it’s been produced. Click through to check out some of the worst foods you can put in your body — you’ll certainly be surprised by a few!

7 Nasty Effects of BPA – The Plastic Chemical
Natural Society - BPA has been linked to numerous negative health effects in countless studies. The worst part? While the Food and Drug Administration considered banning the chemical in March of 2012, the ban was denied, and BPA continue to be ubiquitous. So what exactly does mean? It means the entire U.S. is still subjected to the chemical’s negative effects.

Depressed People Found to Have Lower Antioxidant Levels
Natural Society - There is a variety of natural options available for tackling depression, with one of the most recent entries into the world of natural depression solutions being antioxidants. We’ve said before that optimal mental health depends on optimal physical health, and the antioxidant connection further affirms this.

5 Natural Treatments and Solutions for COPD Relief
Natural Society - Managing COPD is a lifelong affair; lifestyle changes are the primary key to reducing the severity of your symptoms. Though you may always struggle with the effects of this damaging disease, it doesn’t mean you are helpless in your own treatment.

Science & Technology

High-Tech NYPD Unit Tracks Criminals Through Facebook and Instagram Photos
DNAinfo - Police are searching for suspects’ photos on Instagram and Facebook, then running them through the NYPD’s new Facial Recognition Unit to put a face to a name, DNAinfo New York has learned. Detectives are now breaking cases across the city thanks to the futuristic technology that marries mug shots of known criminals with pictures gleaned from social media, surveillance cameras and anywhere else cops can find images.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Brand new GMO food can rewire your body: more evil coming
Jon Rappoport -As GM Watch reports, an Australian company, CSIRO, has designed wheat and barley seeds that put genes to sleep, “to change the type of starch made by the plant.” Also on the way: next-generation biopesticide food crops that repel insect predators. In this case, the designer RNA can be injected or even sprayed. When a gene is silenced in the insect, it dies.

Today in History - Tuesday -  March 26, 2013
1780 - The British Gazette and Sunday Monitor was published for the first time. It was the first Sunday newspaper in Britain.
1793 - The Holy Roman Emperor formally declared war on France.
1804 - The U.S. Congress ordered the removal of Indians east of the Mississippi to Louisiana.
1804 - The Louisiana Purchase was divided into the District of Louisiana and the Territory of Orleans.
1885 - Eastman Kodak (Eastman Dry Plate and Film Co.) produced the first commercial motion picture film in Rochester, NY.
1910 - The U.S. Congress passed an amendment to the 1907 Immigration Act that barred criminals, paupers, anarchists and carriers of disease from settling in the U.S.
1917 - At the start of the battle of Gaza, the British cavalry withdrew when 17,000 Turks blocked their advance.
1937 - Spinach growers in Crystal City, TX, erected a statue of Popeye.
1938 - Herman Goering warned all Jews to leave Austria.
1942 - The Germans began sending Jews to Auschwitz in Poland.
1945 - The battle of Iwo Jima ended.
1951 - The U.S. Air Force flag was approved. The flag included the coat of arms, 13 white stars and the Air Force seal on a blue background.
1953 - Dr. Jonas Salk announced a new vaccine that would prevent poliomyelitis.
1958 - The U.S. Army launched America's third successful satellite, Explorer III.
1962 - The U.S. Supreme Court supported the 1-man-1-vote apportionment of seats in the State Legislature.
1969 - The TV movie "Marcus Welby" was seen on ABC-TV. It was later turned into a series.
1973 - Women were allowed on the floor of the London Stock Exchange for the first time.
1979 - The Camp David treaty was signed by Israel and Egypt that ended the 31-year state of war between the countries.
1981 - In Great Britain, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) gained official recognition.
1982 - Ground breaking ceremonies were held in Washington, DC, for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
1983 - The U.S. performed a nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site.
1989 - The first free elections took place in the Soviet Union. Boris Yeltsin was elected.
1998 - In the U.S., the Federal government endorses new HIV test that yields instant results.
1998 - Unisys Corp. and Lockheed Martin Corp. pay a $3.15 million fine for selling spare parts at inflated prices to the U.S. federal government.
1999 - In Michigan, Dr. Jack Kevorkian was convicted of second-degree murder for giving a terminally ill man a lethal injection and putting it all on videotape on September 17, 1998 for "60 Minutes."
2000 - In Russia, acting President Vladimir Putin was elected president outright. He won a sufficient number of votes to avoid a runoff election.
2007 - The design for the "Forever Stamp" was unveiled by the U.S. Postal Service.

World News

N Korea again threatens to strike Hawaii, Guam and the US mainland
Press TV - All artillery troops including strategic rocket units and long-range artillery units are to be placed under class-A combat readiness," the Korean People's Army (KPA) supreme command said in a Tuesday statement.... The army's announcement came days after Seoul and Washington signed a new military pact in response to what they called even low-level provocations by Pyongyang.

World's First Bitcoin ATM Is Announced - First Location: Cyprus
Activist Post - While European politicos negotiate in Brussels, deciding the fate of other people's money in Cyprus, the free market has already moved in to help Cypriots get access to their money via other means....

Alberta man to sell home for Bitcoin virtual currency - If successful, 22-year-old entrepreneur Taylor More would be the first person ever to accept the fast-rising virtual currency in exchange for property.

Food and medicine airlifted to snowbound residents
Medication and food are being delivered by helicopter to people left snowbound by the severe weather in Northern Ireland.

US, South Korea sign military pact
Press TV - The United States and South Korea have signed a military deal enabling a joint response to what they call provocations by North Korea, official sources say.... The limited acts of provocation envisaged in the pact, signed on March 22, include maritime border incursions, shelling of border islands and infiltration by low-flying fighter jets or by Special Forces units.

VIDEO: CIA Orchestrated Syrian Opposition Crumbles
Kurt Nimmo - The CIA has sent forth its potted plant to rule over Syria – but only if it can manage to defeat the Syrian army and remove Bashar al-Assad, either by Russian aircraft or in the same way Moammar Gaddafi was removed.

Kerry Demands Iraq Stop “Arms Flow” to Syria even as US Arms/Funds Al Qaeda
Global Research - Absurd demands were put forth by US Secretary of State John Kerry, regarding Iraqi airspace and alleged aircraft passing through it with arms and cash supposedly destined for the Syrian government.

Confirmed: US shipping weapons to Syria; Al Nusra's 'mystery' sponsors revealed
Press TV - While US President Barack Obama and the Western media lied in concert to the world regarding America's role in supporting terrorists operating in Syria, it is now revealed that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been shipping weapons to Syria via NATO-member Turkey and Jordan since at least early 2012.

'Dagger' brigade readies for AFRICOM missions - Some 4,000 soldiers of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, out of Fort Riley, Kan., are training for realignment to U.S. Africa Command, expected later this year. The 2nd BCT, or "Dagger" Brigade as it is known, will be the first brigade to be regionally aligned to U.S. Africa Command, or AFRICOM.

Cyprus' banks to remain closed until Thursday
NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) -- Cyprus ordered banks to remain closed for two more days over fears of a run by customers trying to get their money out, after striking a pre-dawn bailout deal Monday that averted the country's imminent bankruptcy.

A Letter from Cyprus: Economy Shutting Down, Going CASH ONLY! - Nowhere in Cyprus accepts credit or debit cards anymore for fear of not being paid, it is CASH ONLY. Businesses have stopped functioning because they cannot pay employees OR pay for the stock they receive because the banks are closed.

Big Five UK banks see profits for 2012 'wiped out'
The major UK banks saw a 45% rise in core profits in 2012, but that hike was wiped out by a mix of regulation and their own mistakes, a KPMG report says.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Sen. Reid Beefs up "Base Bill" to Destroy Gun Ownership
GOA - This would ban private sales of firearms, unless purchasers first get the permission from the government. If Senators can pass this de facto registration bill, they will be well on the way to confiscation (see, for example, Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York, who has a gun owner registry and has called for gun confiscation).
* Related Article: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz threaten filibuster...

VIDEO: 5 Mississippi Lawmakers Die In Months; Pro-Agenda 21 Legislator Jessica Upshaw Found Dead Of Gunshot Wound
Before It's News - 5 Mississippi state lawmakers have died within the past few months, including the recent death of Jessica Upshaw who recently took a great deal of blame for not allowing a vote to kill Agenda 21 in Mississippi. Upshaw represented a district that included the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and was said to have committed suicide.

VIDEO: Hundreds Of DHS Armored Trucks On The Move?
Steve Watson - Footage of hundreds of armored trucks, similar to ones reportedly purchased recently by the Department Of Homeland Security has appeared online, raising more questions over their intended use. The video was uploaded to YouTube last week by a user who stated that it was shot in the middle of the desert between Hackberry and Peach Springs, Arizona.

DHS To Buy 360,000 More Rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition
Paul Joseph Watson - While the Department of Homeland Security continues to ignore members of Congress demanding to know why the federal agency is engaged in an apparent arms build-up, the DHS has just announced it plans to purchase another 360,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition to add to the roughly 2 billion bullets already bought over the past year.

Are The Ammo Shortages By Design? - There’s been lots of speculation over the last several months about ammo shortages. Consumers are frustrated with long lines and the lack of availability. The most common calibers are increasingly difficult to find. 9mm, .223 cal., 5.56 NATO, .40, cal. and .45 cal. have all but dried up. Prices are up 100 to 200 percent over just two years ago.

VIDEO: McCain Gets Behind Senate Attack On Second Amendment
Kurt Nimmo - Republican Arizona Senator John McCain will work with Senate Democrats on legislation to expand background checks for private sales of firearms between individuals. “We’ve had discussions about the issue,” McCain told The Hill. He declined to provide details.

Serbu Firearms Refuses to Sell .50 Cal Sniper Rifles to NYPD - Serbu Firearms, a manufacturer of bolt-action and semi-automatic .50 caliber sniper rifles, is refusing to sell their wares to the NYPD. Their reason, of course, is that owing to unfair gun laws, they will not support law enforcement in New York.

Cuomo’s 7-Bullet Limit to Be Suspended Indefinitely, Skelos Says
Bloomberg - Governor Andrew Cuomo’s seven-round limit on magazines sold in New York will be suspended “indefinitely” by a measure in his $136.5 billion budget set to be passed this week, Dean Skelos, a Senate majority leader said.

YouTube: Dennis Kucinich: US an 'Orwellian State', Drones, GMOs, Holding Bush Accountable
RT - Abby Martin talks to US Congressman, Dennis Kucinich, about the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war and other issues that set him aside from the average establishment politician.

Austin police chief, key legislators want special driver’s permits for undocumented immigrants - Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo told a Texas House committee this month that the little-noticed measure tucked into a must-pass budget bill in 2011 is causing trouble for police. The law requires everyone in Texas to prove they are in the U.S. legally before they can renew driver licenses.

VIDEO: Two Texas state troopers indicted for roles in roadside body cavity search of two women
NY Daily News - Trooper Kelley Helleson, who was later fired after the Texas Department of Public Safety investigated, was charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression. Trooper David Farrell was charged with theft after the women said their prescription went missing following last summer’s incident.


Stikkel: Government Regulation Of Bitcoin Has Mixed Implications - Because some currency regulations now apply to Bitcoin, it is difficult to deny Bitcoin is a serious medium of exchange, which may help it gain recognition. However, the regulation itself is a new burden on some Bitcoin-based businesses. There are privacy issues, as well.

Store Combats Showrooming With $5 ‘Just Looking’ Fee
Consumerist - While some bricks-and-mortar chains are trying to curb showrooming — using a retailer to check out an item in person before buying it online — with price-matching or store-exclusive brands, one business has come up with a possible solution… charging a $5 fee for shopping without buying.


Boost your thyroid health and shift your thyroid hormone levels with zinc
(NaturalNews) Thyroid dysfunction is one of the most common hormone disorders in the world, but new research shows that supplementation with zinc can have dramatic benefits for those suffering from abnormal levels of thyroid hormones.

VIDEO: Meat from 1,000 Cows in a Big Mac
Green Med TV - “Each patty contains meat from up to 1,000 different cows from 5 different countries.”

Turmeric, Curcumin Found to Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth yet Again
Natural Society - Researchers have found that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has the power to inhibit the growth of esophageal cancer cell lines.

The #1 Gluten Free Mistake
Green Med Info - Don't make this huge mistake when you start a gluten-free diet. Learn more by reading the article below on going beyond "gluten free"…. Rice, Potato, and Tomato May Be As Inflammatory As Wheat Written by Sayer Ji, Founder In this article a key question is brought to the forefront, namely, is eating wheat and gluten free enough to obtain optimal health?

The Sudden Death of Your Child After Vaccination May Be Written Off by Researchers - Medical authorities tell parents that vaccination has been proven not to cause SIDS, and sometimes they are even told that vaccination prevents SIDS. However, the studies used do not adequately investigate the possibility that vaccination may actually increase the risk of SIDS in susceptible babies.

Urgent health warning issued over Adya Clarity detox liquid containing aluminum, sulfuric acid
NaturalNews) The non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( has issued a consumer health warning over Adya Clarity, a "detox" product that was seized by the FDA in 2012 and tested at over 1200ppm aluminum.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Lasagna gardening: A sustainable and no-till method of gardening
(NaturalNews) Lasagna gardening is a method of gardening that requires no tilling or weeding from the gardener, yet produces rich and fluffy soil. Also called 'sheet composting,' lasagna gardening involves building layers and layers of organic matter in a designated area of the garden, waiting until they compost, and then utilizing the fertile soil that is produced to grow plants.

A Complete Guide to Heirloom Potato Varieties
Mother Earth News - Potatoes are a fantastic staple crop. In this excerpt from the classic text Heirloom Vegetable Gardening, learn all there is to know about heirloom potatoes and some great varieties you can plant this spring. Get the skinny on planting seed potatoes, warding off potato pests, gently harvesting your spuds, and storing your potatoes post-harvest.


Check out this piece of woodwork!

Today in History - Monday -  March 25, 2013
1609 - Henry Hudson left on an exploration for Dutch East India Co.
1634 - Lord Baltimore founded the Catholic colony of Maryland.
1655 - Puritans jailed Governor Stone after a military victory over Catholic forces in the colony of Maryland.
1655 - Christian Huygens discovered Titan. Titan is Saturn's largest satellite.
1807 - The first railway passenger service began in England.
1813 - The frigate USS Essex flew the first U.S. flag in battle in the Pacific.
1821 - Greece gained independence from Turkey.
1865 - During the American Civil War, Confederate forces captured Fort Stedman in Virginia.
1900 - The U.S. Socialist Party was formed in Indianapolis.
1905 - Rebel battle flags that were captured during the American Civil War were returned to the South.
1940 - The U.S. agreed to give Britain and France access to all American warplanes.
1947 - John D. Rockefeller III presented a check for $8.5 million to the United Nations for the purchase of land for the site of the U.N. center.
1953 - The USS Missouri fired on targets at Kojo, North Korea.
1954 - RCA manufactured its first color TV set and began mass production.
1957 - The European Economic Community was established with the signing of the Treaty of Rome.
1960 - A guided missile was launched from a nuclear powered submarine for the first time.
1965 - Martin Luther King Jr. led a group of 25,000 to the state capital in Montgomery, AL.
1966 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the "poll tax" was unconstitutional.
1970 - The Concorde made its first supersonic flight.
1975 - King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was shot to death by a nephew. The nephew, with a history of mental illness, was beheaded the following June.
1981 - The U.S. Embassy in San Salvador was damaged when gunmen attacked using rocket propelled grenades and machine guns.
1983 - The U.S. Congress passed legislation to rescue the U.S. social security system from bankruptcy.
1986 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan ordered emergency aid for the Honduran army. U.S. helicopters took Honduran troops to the Nicaraguan border.
1991 - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein launched a major counter-offensive to recapture key towns from Kurds in northern Iraq.
1994 - United States troops completed their withdrawal from Somalia.
1996 - An 81-day standoff by the antigovernment Freemen began at a ranch near Jordan, MT.
1996 - The U.S. issued a newly redesigned $100 bill for circulation.
1998 - A cancer patient was the first known to die under Oregon's doctor-assisted suicide law.
2004 - The U.S. Senate voted (61-38) on the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (H.R. 1997) to make it a separate crime to harm a fetus during the commission of a violent federal crime.

World News

VIDEO: Thousands march in Paris against same-sex marriage and adoption
RT - Tens of thousands of French families, activists and conservatives have marched in Paris protesting against a bill that if passed would allow same-sex marriage and adoption. Police fired teargas to prevent protesters from entering the Champs Elysees.

US Sec. of State tells Iraq to close airspace for Iranian planes ‘with Assad aid’
RT - Iraq shouldn't allow Iran to use its airspace to provide aid to the Syrian government, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, warned during his unannounced visit to Baghdad.

VIDEO: Eurozone finance ministers approve bailout deal for Cyprus
RT - The Eurogroup has approved a deal on a €10 billion bailout for Cyprus, struck early Monday in Brussels. Cyprus avoids exiting the eurozone, but will have its second largest bank closed with heavy losses expected for big depositors.

Spain Brings the Pain to Bank Investors
WSJ - The Spanish government will impose heavy losses on investors at nationalized banks and hire external advisers to help it manage these banks' assets, its latest efforts to overhaul a financial sector battered by the collapse of a decadelong housing boom.

CNPC to Start Oil Production in Afghanistan Soon
Rigzone - China's largest oil company is due to start commercial production of crude oil in Afghanistan shortly, heralding a resource boom that could transform the country's economy over the next decade, the country's mining minister said.

Syrian opposition leader resigns
RT - The president of the Syrian National Coalition Moaz Khatib has announced his resignation from office just four months after being elected. The head of the Western-backed opposition group has stepped down amid high tension in the coalition. He said in a statement that he is resigning “to be able to work with freedom that cannot be available within the official institutions.”

Israel to 'immediately' respond to all Syrian cross-border shooting
RT - Israel will “immediately” respond to Syrian gunfire on the border of Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, stated new Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon. The statement comes after Israel returned fire from over the border, wounding two Syrian soldiers.

Tel Aviv refuses to end Gaza blockade as part of Turkey-Israel reconciliation
RT - Israel did not agree to end its Gaza blockade as part of reconciliation with Turkey, and could clamp down even harder on the Palestinian enclave if security is threatened, a senior Israeli official said on Sunday.

VIDEO: US stations more troops in S Korea
Press TV - Figures released by the US Department of Defense show that over 37,000 US soldiers are stationed in South Korea, which is roughly 9,000 more than what the two countries had agreed in 2008.

France deploys troops to CAR
Press TV - France has sent some 350 troops to the Central African Republic to counter the Seleka fighters, who have allegedly taken control of the capital city of Bangui.

'French colonization of Mali cannot last'
Press TV - Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood party has called on France to pull its forces out of Mali, saying the French-led war in the African country amounts to "colonialism."

VIDEO: BBC-Guardian Exposé Uses WikiLeaks to Link Iraq Torture Centers to U.S. Col. Steele & Gen. Petraeus
Liberty Crier - A shocking new report by The Guardian and BBC Arabic [on Democracy Now!] details how the United States armed and trained Iraqi death squads that ran torture centers.

Cyprus imposes ATM withdrawal limit of €100 per day for island's two largest banks
RT - A spokesman for the country's second largest lender, Cyprus Popular Bank, told Reuters that the new measure began at 1pm local time (11am GMT) and would remain in place until the bank reopens, or until confirmation of continued emergency funding from the European Central Bank.

VIDEO: Lew Rockwell: ‘Your Money Is Safer Under The Mattress Than In A Bank’
Liberty Crier - Lew Rockwell [on RT] discusses the situation in Cyprus after the country’s Parliament gave a resounding no vote to the EU-IMF bailout package. The move could have seen the government take up to 10% of people’s savings, from private bank accounts – as a precondition to securing the much needed 10 billion euro loan.

Gold Bank Run Begins? Dutch Bank ABN Amro Halts Physical Gold Delivery! - Dutch Bank ABN Amro has sent a letter to clients this weekend informing them that they will halt extradition and physical delivery of their clients’ gold holdings effective April 1st!

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Syrian National With Suspected Ties to 9/11 Living Freely in NJ, ‘Virtually Immune From Deportation’
A Syrian national with established ties to the 9/11 hijackers is currently living in the suburbs of northern New Jersey, unworried about facing deportation by the U.S. government due to a series of mistakes made at the federal level, Fox News reports.

Senate votes 53-46 to stop US from joining UN Arms Trade Treaty
The Hill - Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced an amendment that would prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty in order to uphold the Second Amendment. His amendment passed on a 53-46 vote.

VIDEO: Retired Army Captain Warns DHS Acquisitions are ‘bold threat of war’ Against the American People
Adan Salazar - “It is with gravest concern that I write to you today concerning the recent appropriation of weapons by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that can only be understood as a bold threat of war by that agency, and the Obama administration, against the citizens of the United States of America,” the decorated retired Army Captain’s letter begins.

VIDEO: Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: Neo-Con War Addiction Threatens Our Future
Liberty Crier - William Kristol knows what is wrong with the United States. As he wrote recently in the flagship magazine of the neo-conservatives, the Weekly Standard, the problem with the US is that we seem to have lost our appetite for war.

Missing virus vial raises concerns at UTMB facility - The missing vial, which contains less than a quarter of a teaspoon an infectious disease, had been stored in a locked freezer, designed to handle biological material safely, within the Galveston National Laboratory on UTMB's campus, officials said. During a routine internal inspection last week, UTMB officials realized one vial of a virus called Guanarito was not accounted for at the facility.
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Not even close: Pentagon requests $49 million to build new Gitmo prison
RT - The US Southern Command (Southcom) has requested $49 million to build a new prison building at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba “for special detainees” as well as carry out other “necessary” renovations, US media reveal.

Ron Paul’s Podcast Nation 3-22-2013
Liberty Crier - President Bush’s Iraq War began 10 years ago. Ron Paul tells the inside story of how it got by Congress and what the result has been.

Dr. Ron Paul addresses the "N. Korea Threat" on His FaceBook
Daily Paul - Ron Paul: Tensions on the Korean peninsula have again reached a flashpoint, as the US and South Korea trade threats with the government of North Korea...

Las Vegas Passes Anti-NDAA Resolution - Nevada (People Against the National Defense Authorization Act) announces the passage of a Las Vegas City Council Resolution defeating the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).
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VIDEO: Gun Owners Sue New York Government to Restore 2nd Amendment
Kurt Nimmo - The New York affiliate of the National Rifle Association on Thursday requested an injunction to stop the state from denying residents their Second Amendment right and 14th Amendment right to equal protection under the law. Governor Andrew Cuomo and State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman are named in the lawsuit.

Georgia Guns On Campus Bill Passes State House Of Representatives
Huffington Post - The Republican-controlled Georgia House of Representatives voted Friday morning to pass legislation that would permit guns on college campuses, churches and public buildings and allow school administrators to be armed. The legislation, which now moves to the state Senate for consideration, could make Georgia the sixth state to allow guns on college campuses.

VIDEO: Bloomberg Wants to Use Drones. Surveillance Cams Around New York Are Not Enough
Liberty Crier - Some New Yorkers have expressed serious concern after Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s remark that more security cameras, and even spy drones, will soon be chipping away at our personal space. As CBS 2’s Alice Gainer reported, if it feels like you are constantly being watched, that is because you probably are – at least if you step outside onto city streets.

NH House Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana - The state House of Representatives voted 214-115 on Thursday to pass a bill to decriminalize possession of up to one quarter of an ounce of marijuana.

New Hampshire House Votes To Prohibit Private Prisons - The House on Thursday voted to forbid the executive branch from privatizing the state prison system, saying that to do so would shirk the state’s constitutional responsibility to rehabilitate inmates.... The legislation, while prohibiting prison privatization, allows the governor to enter into a temporary contract with a private provider during times of a “corrections emergency” with the approval of the Executive Council.


Senate Passes $3.7 Trillion Budget, Setting Up Contentious Negotiations
NY Times - After an all-night debate that ended just before 5 a.m., the Senate on Saturday adopted its first budget in four years, a $3.7 trillion blueprint for 2014 that would provide a fast track for passage of tax increases, trim spending modestly and leave the government still deeply in the red a decade from now.

Texas Moves To Repatriate Its Gold From The Federal Reserve
Star-Telegram - Call it the Rick Perry gold rush: The governor wants to bring the state's gold reserves back from a New York vault to Texas.... Freshman Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, is carrying a bill that would establish the Texas Bullion Depository, a secure state-based bank to house $1 billion worth of gold bars owned by the University of Texas Investment Management Co., or UTIMCO, and stored by the Federal Reserve.

VIDEO: Wisconsin Welfare Reform Promotes Self-Sufficiency
Liberty Crier - According to the governor’s plan, able-bodied adult recipients without young children would be required to work or participate in job training for 20 hours a week in order to receive food stamp benefits... “It is important to give temporary hand up to those in need, but for those who are able, we should not provide a permanent hand out. Our goal is simple: transition people from government dependence to true independence,” said Walker.

Joe Biden runs up bill of $585,000 for just ONE NIGHT in five-star Paris hotel
Daily Mail - Paris may be known as the City of Light, but that title certainly doesn’t mean that visitors are light on spending as Vice President Joe Biden’s one day trip cost taxpayers more than half a million dollars.

Veteran News

Treating PTSD with Medical Marijuana Could Curb Veteran Suicides - The VMCA has collected an impressive amount of studies that suggest that medical marijuana is a safer and more effective way to treat PTSD and anxiety. They submitted it to the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (MDLRA) in an attempt to convince the Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel that PTSD should be a qualifying condition for patients to be prescribed medical marijuana. They have also sent in similar packets to New Mexico and Oregon.

Energy & Environment

Arizona Senate OKs Bill Rejecting UN Declaration on Environment
Arizona Daily Star - Sen. Judy Burges, R-Sun City West, said the key to her SB 1403 is ensuring that decisions and policies adopted by the international body that are contrary to federal and state law are not adopted here. "The only thing that would be prohibited under my bill is if it's unconstitutional," she said.

AUDIO: Gundersen: It brought me to tears — U.S. students kept in classroom with radiation levels off the scale — Yet kids of nuclear workers were evacuated
ENENews - Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds’ chief engineer: Since I’ve been talking about Fuksuhima, I got an email that brought me to tears. It was a woman who was in 10th grade at the time of the [Three Mile Island] accident.


10 amazing 'superfoods' that can help fight asthma naturally
NaturalNews) An inflammatory condition of the lungs that afflicts roughly 25 million Americans; asthma is one of the most common allergy-triggered immune diseases of modern times. But a life marked by frequent and unexpected asthma attacks does not have to be the norm, especially if asthma sufferers make a conscious effort to incorporate anti-asthma "superfoods" into their normal diet.

The eight best home remedies and holistic treatments to relieve tinnitus and ringing in the ears
(NaturalNews) Conventional medicine has no cure; however, there are certain holistic and natural treatments for tinnitus, as well as home remedies, that can alleviate its effects, making it easier to hear.

Ginseng improves quality of life and fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients
randomized pilot trial has found evidence that regular ginseng supplementation may reduce fatigue caused by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Researchers at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences also found that ginseng supplementation may improve patients' reports of quality of life indicators.

Six delicious GMO-free breakfast ideas
(NaturalNews) A healthy breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, as it provides fresh fuel for your brain and body, and kick starts your metabolism for sustained energy production throughout the day. But what exactly is a healthy breakfast, and how can you be sure to avoid dangerous toxins like genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) when eating one? Here are six delicious GMO-free breakfast ideas for you and your family to try...

VIDEO: LA Teacher’s Union Resolves to Protect Schools from Electromagnetic Radiation - On March 6th, 2013, United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) union, representing over 45,000 teachers and other workers in Los Angeles, passed a motion to protect schools from hazardous electromagnetic fields. The UTLA joins a growing list of organizations and teachers’ unions taking a position against unnecessary sources of wireless and microwave radiation in schools.

ObamaCare Turns Three: 10 Disturbing Facts Americans Have Learned Just over three years ago, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously quipped about ObamaCare that "we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it." But only now, as ObamaCare's third anniversary approaches — President Obama signed it into law on March 23, 2010 — is the country starting to find out what the sweeping health care overhaul will actually do.

VIDEO: 6 in 10 physicians said it is likely many of their colleagues will retire earlier than planned - Most physicians have a pessimistic outlook on the future of medicine, citing eroding autonomy and falling income, a survey of more than 600 doctors found. Six in 10 physicians (62 percent) said it is likely many of their colleagues will retire earlier than planned in the next 1 to 3 years, a survey from Deloitte Center for Health Solutions found. That perception is uniform across age, gender, and specialty, it said.

Science & Technology

Under CISPA, Who Can Get Your Data?
Liberty Crier - Under CISPA, companies can collect your information in order to “protect the rights and property” of the company, and then share that information with third parties, including the government, so long as it is for “cybersecurity purposes.” Companies aren’t required to strip out personally identifiable information from the data they give to the government, and the government can then use the information for purposes wholly unrelated to cybersecurity.... Below is a list of agencies that could get your data under CISPA...

Senate Embraces Internet Taxes
CNET - The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly today to endorse levying Internet sales taxes on American shoppers... By a vote of 75 to 24, senators adopted an amendment to a Democratic budget resolution that, by allowing states to “collect taxes on remote sales,” is intended to eventually usher in the first national Internet sales tax.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty - Sedgwick, Maine has done what no other town in the United States has done. The town unanimously passed an ordinance giving its citizens the right “to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing.” This includes raw milk, locally slaughtered meats, and just about anything else you can imagine. It’s also a decided bucking of state and federal laws.

Congress Passes Monsanto Protection Act - Last Chance to Stop the Monsanto Protection Act - Congress passed the Continuing Resolution, HR 933 that contained the dangerous provision that strips the important concept of “judicial review” from our courts, caving to Monsanto. Now President Obama must sign the resolution into law.

EPA Sued over Declining Bees, Called on to Stop Bird Deaths
Activist Post - Pesticide Action Network (PAN), Center for Food Safety, Beyond Pesticides and four beekeepers are among the team who want bees safe from the chemicals that include clothianidin and thiamethoxam. Even if it takes suing the government.

How to Prepare for Pesticide Drift
Mother Earth News - If you’ve had pesticide drift on your property in the past, or suspect you have, then now is the time to prepare yourself for the 2013 pesticide spray season. These tips and resources will help.

Pet News

VIDEO: A Natural Herb That Fights Cancer, or Chemotherapy for Your Sick Pet
Dr. Becker - Unfortunately, unless you're fortunate enough to have access to a holistic or integrative veterinarian with training in medicinal herbs and other alternative healing therapies for cancer, you may have little choice in the matter. Learn why... and what you can do about it.

Voluntary Withdrawal: Iams Shakeables Turkey and Lamb Dog Treats
Susan Thixton - Proctor and Gamble has issued a voluntary market withdrawal of Iams Shakeables Turkey and Lamb Dog Treats with certain “Impacted Lot Numbers” listed below. These treats are being voluntarily withdrawn due to potential for mold growth. No other products are affected. Proctor and Gamble has not received any reports of human or pet illnesses.

Humor & Satire

Why I Hate Guns!
American Digest - Matt Walsh explains his perfectly rational position and brings out the facts behind the myths. Get educated :-)

Today in History - Friday -  March 22, 2013
1733 - Joseph Priestly invented carbonated water (seltzer).
1765 - The Stamp Act was passed. It was the first direct British tax on the American colonists. It was repealed on March 17, 1766.
1775 - Edmund Burke presented his 13 articles to the English parliament.
1790 - Thomas Jefferson became the first U.S. Secretary of State.
1794 - The U.S. Congress banned U.S. vessels from supplying slaves to other countries.
1871 - William Holden of North Carolina became the first governor to be removed by impeachment.
1882 - The U.S. Congress outlawed polygamy.
1903 - Niagara Falls ran out of water due to a drought.
1905 - Child miners in Britain received a maximum 8-hour workday.
1907 - Russians troops completed the evacuation of Manchuria in the face of advancing Japanese forces.
1933 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill legalizing the sale and possession of beer and wine containing up to 3.2% alcohol.
1935 - In New York, blood tests were authorized as evidence in court cases.
1935 - Persia was renamed Iran.
1946 - The first U.S. built rocket to leave the earth's atmosphere reached a height of 50-miles.
1954 - The first shopping mall opened in Southfield, Michigan.
1954 - The London gold market reopened for the first time since 1939.
1965 - U.S. confirmed that its troops used chemical warfare against the Vietcong.
1972 - The U.S. Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment. It was not ratified by the states.
1974 - The Viet Cong proposed a new truce with the U.S. and South Vietnam. The truce included general elections.
1981 - A group of twelve Green Berets arrived in El Salvador. This brought the total number of advisors to fifty-four.
1988 - The Congress overrode U.S. President Reagan's veto of a sweeping civil rights bill.
1989 - Oliver North began two days of testimony at his Iran-Contra trial in Washington, DC.
1989 - The U.S. House Ways and Means Committee reported the class gap was widening.
1990 - A jury in Anchorage, Alaska, found Captain Hazelwood not guilty in the Valdez oil spill.
2002 - The U.S. Postal Rate Commission approved a request for a postal rate increase of first-class stamps from 34 cents to 37 cents by June 30. It was the first time a postal rate case was resolved through a settlement between various groups. The groups included the U.S. Postal Service, postal employees, mailer groups and competitors.
2002 - A collection of letters and cards sent by Princess Diana of Wales sold for $33,000. The letters and cards were written to a former housekeeper at Diana's teenage home.

World News

US terror drones kill 4 in NW Pakistan
Press TV - An airstrike carried out by US assassination drones has killed four people in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal area, which borders Afghanistan, security officials say. US drones fired two missiles on a house in Dattakhel town, 35 kilometres (21 miles) west of Miranshah, the main city in North Waziristan, in the early hours of Friday morning, killing four people and injuring several others, the Pakistani television network Dawn News reported.

Obama employee of Israel: Hezbollah
Press TV - The Lebonese resistance movement of Hezbollah has condemned Barack Obama’s call for listing the group as a terrorist organization, saying the US president is an “employee of Israel.”

Mass Panic In Cyprus: The Banks Are Collapsing And ATMs Are Running Out Of Money
Economic Collapse - European officials are openly admitting that the two largest banks in Cyprus are "insolvent", and it is now being reported that Cyprus Popular Bank only has "enough liquidity to cover the next few hours". Of course all banks in Cyprus are officially closed until Tuesday at the earliest, but there have been long lines at ATMs all over Cyprus as people scramble to get whatever money they can out of the banks.

VIDEO: Protests in Cyprus as government postpones crucial legislation debate
RT - Angry protesters gathered outside the parliament building in Nicosia Thursday to protest against the government’s handling of the banking crisis, while talks aimed at tackling it got moved to Friday.

UN Arms Trade Treaty, Day Two: Focus Is Transfer, Registry of Firearms
New American - On the second day of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference, the delegations of several European nations seemed determined to prohibit the government of any nation from violating any regulations imposed as a part of the ATT.
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Syrian terrorists to receive UK chemical kits
Press TV - The UK government is supplying hundreds of chemical weapons detection and protection kits to foreign-backed terrorists fighting the popular government of Syria since a European Union

US ‘Elects’ New Syrian Leader…A Guy From Dallas!
Lew Rockwell Blog - In the name of democracy, the US government has supported a variety of armed opposition fighters in Syria seeking to overthrow that country’s president, Bashar al-Assad, who according to a wide variety of sources information enjoys support from the majority of the Syrian people. So to promote democracy in Syria, the US government has taken it upon itself to choose a new leader for Syria.

S&P lowers Cyprus’s sovereign credit
Press TV - Standard & Poor's (S&P) ratings agency has downgraded Cyprus’s sovereign credit rating by one notch saying there are "acute problems" in the Cypriot banking sector.

ECB Gives Cyprus March 25 Liquidity Ultimatum
Zero Hedge - "The European Central Bank raised the stakes in the Cyprus crisis on Thursday, telling Nicosia it had until Monday to agree a bailout with the EU and International Monetary Fund or it would cut off emergency liquidity provision to the country’s banks.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Dark Knight killer James Holmes 'is now a Muslim who prays five times a day'!
Daily Mail - The killer showed off a lengthy, thick beard during a court appearance earlier this month, and a prison source has claimed it is a symbol of his new-found faith. The source said Holmes has turned to Islam as a way of justifying his horrific murder spree in an Aurora, Colorado cinema on July 20 which left 12 people dead and 58 people wounded.

FAA allows Arlington, Texas police to join countless others flying drones domestically
Activist Post - Thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), police in Arlington, Texas have been cleared to fly two small helicopter drones, joining the countless other public entities that have already been given permission to fly drones over the United States

FAA says entrepreneurs can't operate drones, only police and military can
(NaturalNews) If you're a business owner, hobbyist or just a drone enthusiast, you need not apply for a permit with the Federal Aviation Administration to operate a drone. You won't get it, you see, because drone permits are being limited to the police and the military. Welcome to America, 2013, home of the Statist.

Obama Now Global Head of Al-Qaeda
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones - President Barack Obama is now the global head of Al-Qaeda – bankrolling, arming and equipping terrorists around the world in order to achieve his administration’s geopolitical objectives – while simultaneously invoking the threat of terrorists domestically to destroy the bill of rights.

Air Force Selects Horsham's 111th Fighter Wing for New High-Tech Mission - The U.S. Air Force has chosen the Pennsylvania Air National Guard's 111th Fighter Wing, located in Horsham, to take on a new remotely piloted aircraft mission. The National Guard Bureau has authorized the wing to establish a ground-control station for the MQ-9 Reaper at Horsham Air Guard Base effective Oct. 1, 2013.

New York State Offering $500 to People Who Snitch on Gun Owners - WRGB in Albany has a breaking news story posted to their Facebook page, claiming that the state of New York is offering up bribes for people to rat out those possessing illegal firearms – an interesting development considering the adoption of the new anti-Second Amendment SAFE Act legislation.

VIDEO: Citizen Tells Gun-grabbers: You Are “Coloring Outside the Lines of Constitutional Parameters”
Kurt Nimmo - On March 14, Connecticut resident Mark Steed delivered an articulate response to the state legislature’s plan to roll back the Second Amendment.... “Adam Lanza commits a crime and I’m here to grovel and plead for my rights?” an outraged Steed said

YouTube: Judge Napolitano Takes On CVS Policy Forcing Employees To Turn Over Health Info: ‘It’s A Consequence Of ObamaCare’
3/21/13 - Appearing on America's Newsroom this morning, Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano took on the controversial CVS policy of forcing its employees to submit personal health information as part of receiving health insurance coverage from the company. The outspoken libertarian posited that the unpopular mandate is a consequence of federal micromanagement of health-care through ObamaCare.

Chicago to close 61 schools to trim $1B deficit
USA Today - Move comes amid declining enrollment. Some say blacks will be hit hardest. Faced with declining enrollment, changing demographics and a $1 billion deficit, Chicago officials announced Thursday that 61 schools would be closed and that staff would be replaced entirely at six other low-performing buildings.


Sen. Paul Introduces Amendment to Fix Nation’s Infrastructure Problems - Mar 21, 2013 Today, Sen. Rand Paul introduced Amendment 382, to S.Con. Res. 8, the Budget Resolution, which provides funding of $16 billion towards infrastructure projects for structurally deficient interstate bridges, through offsets in foreign assistance and the Department of Energy's Loan Guarantee Budget.

VIDEO: California businesses fuming over retroactive $120M tax grab
Fox News - California's top-end taxpayers -- already steamed over a recent hike in the nation's highest state income tax -- are now fuming over a new $120 million retroactive tax grab on small business owners. In December, the state's tax authority determined that a tax break claimed over the past few years by 2,500 entrepreneurs and stockholders of California-based small businesses is no longer valid and sent out notices of payment.

Big Banks Offer Payday Loans At 300 Percent Interest: Study
Huffington Post - "Despite federal banking regulators’ recognition of the abuses of payday lending and aggressive action blocking previous bank partnerships with payday lenders, a few large banks have begun offering payday loans directly through checking accounts," the study says. Large banks offering the service include Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Regions Bank and Fifth Third Bank.

Cost of New Bus Stop: $1 Million -A new bus stop on Columbia Pike cost more than $1 million to build, according to a county spokeswoman. The new prototype “Super Stop” at the corner of Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive cost $575,000 for construction and fabrication and $440,000 for construction management and special inspections, according to Arlington County Department of Environmental Services spokeswoman Shannon Whalen McDaniel.

The Fed Has Already Imposed A "Cyprus Tax" On U.S. Savers
Zero Hedge - The continued drive by the Fed's monetary policies to artificially suppress interest rates to create a negative interest rate environment for savers is a defacto "tax" on savings. The destruction of principal since the turn of the century, which is far more disastrous than it appears when adjusted for inflation, has ended the dream of retirement for many individuals. So, can the U.S. potentially have a direct tax on savings? It's already happened.

Sinclair - Lagarde’s IMF Disaster Forces Bernanke Out Of Fed
King World News - Today legendary trader Jim Sinclair told King World News that Lagarde’s IMF Cyprus disaster, in stunning fashion, has now forced Chairman Ben Bernanke out of the Fed. Sinclair, who was once called on by former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker to assist during a Wall Street crisis, takes readers on a trip down the rabbit hole that has become know as “The Cyprus Catastrophe” in this extraordinary and exclusive interview...

Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers
Economic Collapse - The global financial system is more interconnected today than ever before, and a crisis at one major bank or in one area of the world can spread at lightning speed.... The following is the global financial pyramid scheme by the numbers…

VIDEO: Bernanke: "We Have No Idea How Much Money We're Giving The Banks"
Daily Bail Mar 21, 2013 - "It's hard to calculate exactly how big of a subsidy we're giving the banks. And I certainly never meant to imply to Senator Warren that the issue is solved and gone. It is not solved and gone. I agree with her 100 percent. Too big to fail is still a major problem." Highlight clip from yesterday's press conference.

The Retirement Crisis Is Here For Millions: Income Inequality Now Set To Wreak Its Ugly Revenge - The Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI) has today released its report highlighting the intense state of insecurity American workers are experiencing as they look forward—with ever increasing trepidation—to a retirement without sufficient money to see them through. According to the data, American workers have very good reason to be afraid.

Veteran News

VIDEO: Dylan Ratigan quits Soul-sucking MSNBC to become an Organic Farmer to aid Veterans!
Daily Paul - Dylan Ratigan: Dear friend, If you are reading this, you likely know I left a highly-successful, self-titled show at MSNBC last June in search of meaning and purpose in my work and life. I had lost both after 18 years in Manhattan and the chaos surrounding the hollow political debates permeating America’s media and politics....

Energy & Environment

Massive Sinkhole In Louisiana Baffles Officials
NPR - Ernie Boudreaux lives in a trailer on Jambalaya Street in Bayou Corne, La. Strange things have been happening to his home, he says. "It cracks. You can hear it. The doors pop open by themselves," Boudreaux says. The front porch is separating from the trailer and sometimes he smells oil — all problems that started after the sinkhole opened less than a half mile from his house.

Radioactive leak reported at River Bend nuclear power plant, LA
ENENews - “On March 18, 2013, at approximately 1605 CDT, the station commenced notification of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and other offsite governmental agencies that traces of radioactive contaminants were found at the site of an underground pipe leak on station property. This leak could potentially contain tritium and cobalt-60, and is believed to have been contained on the plant site.


Timing of meals influences weight loss as much as total calories consumed
(NaturalNews) Most people are aware that the total number of calories eaten and physical activity play an important role in weight management, but new research is beginning to demonstrate that the timing of meals and types of foods consumed may help prompt weight loss as much as the actual calories eaten.

Watch the amazing food documentary 'Hungry for Change' right now, free online for 10 days only
(NaturalNews) One of the most powerful food documentaries ever produced, "Hungry for Change" is available to watch online for free for the next ten days only (from March 21st to March 31st, 2013). Click here to watch it now.

Wash away radiation, heavy metals and other health harming poisons with a detoxifying soak
NaturalNews) Therapeutic baths are a simple, inexpensive and effective way to keep the body and spirit in top form. Radioactive poisons, heavy metals and other hazardous substances are safely removed from the system without overburdening internal organs or triggering an uncomfortable healing crisis.

US Autism Rates For School-Age Children Rise to 1 in 50
Activist Post - New figures for autism prevalence amongst school-age children (2-17 years) in the United States were recently published in a report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). According to this new estimate, rates of autism amongst the nation’s school children have climbed to 1 in 50, up from an estimated 1 in 88 for 2012, an increase partly represented by a broadening of the definition of autism, as well as increase in the ability to detect it.

Bee venom kills HIV cells
As reported by U.S. News & World Report, scientists from the Washington University (WU) School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, identified the presence of a compound known as melittin that they say exhibits powerful anti-HIV effects. The bee venom toxin was visibly observed to destroy the viral components of HIV while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

Seven bad food habits that shorten your life and accelerate aging
(NaturalNews) With all the conveniences of fast foods, processed foods, TV and magazine advertising and even those radio ads plugging yummy stuff in your car, we're tempted toward "eating bad" even as we drive around.

VIDEO: Why You Want to Avoid Root Canals
GreenMedInfo Commentary: “One of the most important things you can do for your health is to remove any already dead teeth still attached to your head, i.e. root canals. Research going back to 1998 found that endodontic therapy (root canal) is associated with high rates of infection (up to 54%) with anaerobic bacteria that live within the MILES of microtubules found within the dead tooth.”

VIDEO: The Inconvenient Tooth – There is Poison in the Tap Water
Underground Documentaries - An Inconvenient Tooth is a documentary film about fluoride. It was released September 6th, 2012 at the city hall in Portland, Oregon. Fluoride does horrible damage to human bones, thyroids, the pineal gland, and many other areas of the body, yet big industry, the medical establishment, and those in government continue to promote its use in tap water and in tooth paste and dental treatments.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: 9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe
Daily Paul - Who wants to bet this kid was homeschooled?! Imagine if we had a society of people who were raised like this kid?!

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Bee-harming pesticides are bad news for birds, too - Commercial beekeepers have reported that their industry is on the verge of collapse, with many expecting this year to bring the worst bee losses yet (40% or more). Farmers who rely on pollination services are also increasingly concerned. So are bird conservationists and others. According to report co-author Cynthia Palmer of the American Bird Conservancy: "It is clear that these chemicals have the potential to affect entire food chains."

Pet News

Wheat Ingredients Concern
Susan Thixton - Trusted friend and pet food investigator extraordinaire - Dr. Gary Pusillo - shares a concern about ergot alkaloid problems he is seeing in "some supplements and foods containing wheat middling's and other wheat products." Here is what ergot alkaloids are, and the risk they pose to pets.

Today in History - Thursday -  March 21, 2013
1788 - Almost the entire city of New Orleans, LA, was destroyed by fire. 856 buildings were destroyed.
1790 - Thomas Jefferson reported to U.S. President George Washington as the new secretary of state.
1804 - The French civil code, the Code Napoleon, was adopted.
1826 - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY was the first engineering college in the U.S.
1835 - Charles Darwin & Mariano Gonzales met at Portillo Pass.
1851 - Yosemite Valley was discovered in California.
1906 - Ohio passed a law that prohibited hazing by fraternities after two fatalities.
1907 - The U.S. Marines landed in Honduras to protect American interests in the war with Nicaragua.
1910 - The U.S. Senate granted ex-President Teddy Roosevelt a yearly pension of $10,000.
1918 - During World War I, the Germans launched the Somme Offensive.
1928 - U.S. President Calvin Coolidge gave the Congressional Medal of Honor to Charles Lindbergh for his first trans-Atlantic flight.
1945 - During World War II, Allied bombers began four days of raids over Germany.
1946 - The Los Angeles Rams signed Kenny Washington. Washington was the first black player to join a National Football League team since 1933.
1946 - The United Nations set up a temporary headquarters at Hunter College in New York City.
1963 - Alcatraz Island, the federal penitentiary in San Francisco Bay, CA, closed.
1965 - More than 3,000 civil rights demonstrators led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. began a march from Selma to Montgomery, AL.
1971 - Two U.S. platoons in Vietnam refused their orders to advance.
1972 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could not require one year of residency for voting eligibility.
1980 - U.S. President Jimmy Carter announced to the U.S. Olympic Team that they would not participate in the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow as a boycott against Soviet intervention in Afghanistan.
1982 - The United States, U.K. and other Western countries condemned the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan.
1991 - The U.N. Security Council lifted the food embargo against Iraq.
1995 - Tokyo police raided the headquarters of Aum Shinrikyo in search of evidence to link the cult to the Sarin gas released on five Tokyo subway trains.
2000 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had overstepped its regulatory authority when it attempted to restrict the marketing of cigarettes to youngsters.
2001 - Nintendo released Game Boy Advance.
2002 - In Pakistan, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was charged with murder for his role in the kidnapping of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pear. Three other Islamic militants that were in custody were also charged along with seven more accomplices that were still at large.
2003 - It was reported that the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 235.27 (2.8%) at 8,521.97. It was the strongest weekly gain in more than 20 years.

World News

North Korea threatens to attack US bases in Okinawa, Guam
RT - North Korea has threatened to target US airbases in Okinawa and Guam as it issued an air raid alert on Thursday and ordered its military to stand ready, the country’s state media reported.

Obama: If Syrian regime used chemical weapons, ‘red line’ crossed
RT - Obama’s warning that the deployment of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would be a “game changer” came during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Obama: Countries must decide for themselves on Iran - US President Barak Obama said in a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that each country must make its own decision regarding Iran, when it came down to taking military action. Of his visit, Obama
ad its back.

Iran summons Swiss envoy over Syria
Press TV - The Iranian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Swiss chargé d'affaires to Tehran in protest over the use of chemical weapons by the foreign-backed Syria militants in the northwestern city of Aleppo, which left at least 25 people dead.

S. Korean TV networks, banks suffer suspect cyber attack
Global Post - he South Korean military raised its cyber attack warning level Wednesday after computer networks crashed at major TV broadcasters and banks, with initial suspicions focused on North Korea.

Sinclair - The Next Danger After Putin Crushed IMF In Cyprus
King World News - Sinclair: “The concept that our financial leaders are in some sense geniuses that foresee the future and calculate every move based on their ability to divine what will be the result of their actions, is absolutely false. The IMF made a massive mistake here.

Cyprus government 'to present bailout plan B on Thursday'
BBC - State TV said the plan might include a levy on bank deposits over 100,000 euros. The previous proposals had also included a levy on deposits between 20,000 and 100,000 euros, which had outraged many Cypriots. The new plan is also reported to involve nationalizing pension funds.

UPDATE: Germany Warns That Banks in Cyprus May Remain Closed Permanently
Activist Post - Germany's finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble said major Cypriot banks were "insolvent if there are no emergency funds,” according to a BBC report, meaning savers might lose all their money if no deal was reached. (Source)

Jittery Spaniards Seek Safety in Bitcoins
Bloomberg - Since Sunday, a trio of Bitcoin apps have soared up Spain’s download charts, coinciding with news that cash-strapped Cyprus was planning to raid domestic savings accounts to pay off a $13 billion bailout tab. Fearing contagion on the other end of the Mediterranean, some Spaniards are apparently looking for cover in an experimental digital currency.

Swiss to Vote on Central Bank Gold Reserves - A rightwing group has submitted more than 106,000 signatures to the federal authorities, seeking a vote on stopping the sale of gold reserves held by the Swiss National Bank (SNB). It also wants gold bars stored in the US to be returned.

Anti-corruption police raid the home of IMF chief Christine Lagarde
Anti-corruption police today raided the Paris home of International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde. It follows claims that the former French finance minister authorised a £270million payout to a prominent Nicolas Sarkozy supporter when she was finance minister

Fukushima: Rat Linked to Outage at Japan Nuclear Plant
BBC- A rat may have caused this week's power outage at Japan's tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear power plant, says the Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco).... The power cut shut down cooling systems for four spent fuel ponds at reactors 1, 3 and 4 on Monday evening, although cooling to the reactors themselves was not affected.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

McCain and Graham push for US to invade Syria
RT - Syrian government and the opposition accuse each other of using chemical weapons. The US considers this a “red line” – and two US senators are now urging Washington to declare war in response to alleged use of the weapons.

Sheriff proposes ankle monitors for some seniors
Fox News - A northern Utah sheriff's office is floating a unique and unproven idea for keeping seniors with Alzheimer's disease and dementia safe: Give them ankle monitors normally used on criminals on house arrest or parole.

Top grocery stores: We won’t sell genetically engineered seafood - A coalition of consumer, health, food safety and fishing groups today launched the “Campaign for Genetically Engineered (GE)-Free Seafood” by announcing that several major grocery retailers representing more than 2,000 stores across the United States have already committed not to sell genetically engineered seafood if it is allowed onto the market.

NYPD Spent 1 Million Hours Making 440,000 Marijuana Possession Arrests Over Last Decade
Huffington Post - The NYPD spent 1 million hours making 440,000 arrests for low-level marijuana possession charges between 2002 and 2012, according to a new report released Tuesday -- just as legislative leaders in Albany are deciding whether to pass a bill reforming drug laws.

New Hampshire House Approves Medical Marijuana Bill With Record 81% Support!
Liberty Crier - In a huge victory for patients, the New Hampshire House overwhelmingly approved the medical marijuana bill today by a record 286-64 margin.

US study reveals the sneaky way retailers track down shoppers and bombard them with junk mail
Daily Mail - Most shoppers believe the code is needed to complete credit card transactions, but Paul Stephens, a spokesman for the group, told NBC that it is irrelevant when making in-store purchases. When a cashier swipes a credit card the merchant only receives the long number across the front, the expiration date and the shopper's name. However Mr Stephens said that when a zip code is paired with these details, addresses, phone numbers and other specific details can be traced.


US Minimum Wage Should Be $22 An Hour, Says Elizabeth Warren
Huffington Post - Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) made a case for increasing the minimum wage last week during a Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions hearing, in which she cited a study that suggested the federal minimum wage would have stood at nearly $22 an hour today if it had kept up with increased rates in worker productivity.

Freddie Mac Sues BofA, UBS, JPMorgan Alleging Libor Rigging
Bloomberg - Freddie Mac (FMCC) sued Bank of America Corp. (BAC), UBS AG (UBSN), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and a dozen other banks over alleged manipulation of the London interbank offered rate, saying the mortgage financier suffered substantial losses as a result of the companies’ conduct.

YouTube: Ron Paul: This is Price Fixing at Its Worst - Fox Business 3/20/2013
Former Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on Federal Reserve policy's impact on the economy on Fox Business Network's After the Bell.

VIDEO: Senate votes to keep White House closed, slaughterhouses open
Washington Times - Senators voted Wednesday to keep the White House closed to public tours, turning back a Republican-led effort to free up money to open the building back up after the sequesters. But at the same time senators did vote to restore money for slaughterhouse inspections, which they said will help make sure the country’s meat-packing plants can continue to operate at full steam despite the sequesters.

Veteran News

Study: MRI could diagnose Gulf War Illness
Navy Times - Veterans of the 1991 Persian Gulf War suffering from chronic pain and fatigue have brain damage to their white matter, the connective nerve fibers that transmit electrical impulses among the brain’s gray matter, a Georgetown University Medical Center study finds.

First Physical Evidence of Gulf War Illness Discovered in Veterans' Brains
Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) researchers for the first time have discovered that veterans who suffer from “Gulf War Illness” have physical changes in their brains that may account for pain from actions as simple as putting on a shirt.

Energy & Environment

Geologist: Giant sinkhole is now 13 acres — Subsidence zone more than 20
ENENews - It’s about 1,000 feet across here now, 600-700 feet across here. It was 12 acres when this was done, with settlement over 20 acres, but the recent sloughing in that you heard about was in this area this weekend. And John estimated another acre went into the sinkhole so now it’s probably on the order 13 acres in the sinkhole, with settlement over a larger area. Watch the presentation here.

Bizarre phenomenon of fish changing genders is happening all over the world
(NaturalNews) What's going on in the Northland waters near Minnesota? Well, scientists and other experts aren't quite sure - yet. Not just one type but almost all kinds of fish, to include some of the most popular gaming fish like bass and walley, are changing.


Bitter melon juice potently suppresses pancreatic cancer growth with no side effects
(NaturalNews) A new study has shown that the juice of bitter melon, a commonly eaten vegetable in Asia and Africa, markedly suppresses the growth of pancreatic tumors in mice by disrupting the cancer cells' metabolism of glucose, and literally starving them of the sugar they need to survive.

Over 7 Signs You're Vitamin C Deficient
Natural Society - The body gives several warning signs when vitamin C deficiency has reached dangerous levels. Here are over 7 signs of a vitamin C deficiency.

Coca-Cola To Unveil ‘Fruitwater’ - Minus The Fruit
CBS News - Unlike the zero-calorie version of Vitaminwater, which is made with the natural sweetener stevia, Fruitwater will be sweetened with the artificial sweetener sucralose, best known as Splenda. It will not contain any fruit juice but the bottle notes that the drink is “enhanced with nutrients,” a reference to its B vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

Common Flame Retardant Chemical Found to Cause Brain Damage
Natural Society - A common ingredient in flame retardants, BDE-49, is found to damage neural mitochondria, leading to poor motor skills, reduced attention span, and brain damage.
* Petition:
Speak out against toxic flame retardants by March 26

YouTube: Coconut Oil for Healthy Teeth and Gums
Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Bruce Fife, an expert in the health benefits of coconut oil. This video shows you how to save your teeth and avoid gum disease by "oil pulling". imply brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth with mouthwash is NOT enough to prevent tooth decay or gum disease. Discover a simple way to naturally kill the bacteria that develop under the gumline.

Seven signs you might have food sensitivities - and what to do about them
(NaturalNews) It is estimated that as many as 15 million Americans, six million of whom are young children, have food allergies that exhibit obvious and sometimes life-threatening symptoms upon exposure.

Inflammation is a major reason why you can't lose weight
(NaturalNews) It's well established that obesity is characterized by low-level chronic inflammation. Several theories as to how this inflammation occurs have been proposed, but dietary choices seem to be the most important factor involved.

Stronger doses of statins may increase the risk of kidney damage by a THIRD
Daily Mail - Taking statins in high doses increases the risk of emergency hospital treatment for kidney damage, warn researchers.They found patients taking high potency statins had a 34 per cent higher risk of being hospitalised for acute kidney injury, compared with those taking low doses. Those in the high-risk group were taking 40 milligram and higher statin pills.

Science & Technology

Stop CISPA: A Week of Action to Oppose Broad Cybersecurity Legislation
EFF - A coalition of Internet advocacy organizations and individuals are launching a week of action to combat the CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Viewing CISPA as one of the greatest threats to Internet users since SOPA, the coalition intends to leverage popular outrage to oppose the dangerously broad cybersecurity bill.

Firm firewall: Reddit, Craigslist head anti-CISPA online protest
RT - Craigslist and Reddit are among tens of thousands of websites that are protesting the proposed Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which they say is a threat to Internet users' privacy under the guise of a security measure.

Say NO to Google Glass: ‘Stop the Cyborgs’ website goes viral
(NaturalNews) The site, called, was established "in response to the Google Glass project and other technology trends. The aim of the movement is to stop a future in which privacy is impossible and corporate control total," say developers in a post describing the site's intent.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Pollinating insects disappear as GMOs proliferate: What will become of our food supply?
(NaturalNews) A pair of studies recently published in the journal Science raises fresh and dire warnings about the continued decline of crop-pollinating insects all over the world, and what this means for the future of the world's food supply.

Today in History - Wednesday -  March 20, 2013
1760 - The great fire of Boston destroyed 349 buildings.
1792 - In Paris, the Legislative Assembly approved the use of the guillotine.
1852 - Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book "Uncle Tom’s Cabin," subtitled "Life Among the Lowly," was first published.
1865 - A plan by John Wilkes Booth to abduct U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was ruined when Lincoln changed his plans and did not appear at the Soldier’s Home near Washington, DC.
1868 - Jesse James Gang robbed a bank in Russellville, KY, of $14,000.
1886 - The first AC power plant in the U.S. began commercial operation.
1896 - U.S. Marines landed in Nicaragua to protect U.S. citizens in the wake of a revolution.
1897 - The first U.S. orthodox Jewish Rabbinical seminary was incorporated in New York.
1899 - At Sing Sing prison, Martha M. Place became the first woman to be executed in the electric chair for the murder of her stepdaughter.
1918 - The Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union asked for American aid to rebuild their army.
1922 - U.S. President Warren G. Harding ordered U.S. troops back from the Rhineland.
1922 - The USS Langley was commissioned. It was the first aircraft carrier for the U.S. Navy.
1933 - The first German concentration camp was completed at Dachau.
1952 - The U.S. Senate ratified a peace treaty with Japan.
1965 - U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson orders 4,000 troops to protect the Selma-Montgomery civil rights marchers.
1969 - U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy called on the U.S. to close all bases in Taiwan.
1976 - Patricia Hearst was convicted of armed robbery for her role in the hold up of a San Francisco Bank.
1980 - The U.S. made an appeal to the International Court concerning the American Hostages in Iran.
1987 - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved AZT. The drug was proven to slow the progress of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).
1989 - A Washington, DC, district court judge blocked a curfew imposed by Mayor Barry and the City Council.
1990 - Imelda Marcos, widow of ex-Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos, went on trial for racketeering, embezzlement and bribery.
1991 - The U.S. forgave $2 billion in loans to Poland.
1995 - In Tokyo, 12 people were killed and more than 5,500 others were sickened when packages containing the nerve gas Sarin was released on five separate subway trains. The terrorists belonged to a doomsday cult in Japan.
1996 - In Los Angeles, Erik and Lyle Menendez were found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of their parents.
1996 - The U.K. announced that humans could catch CJD (Mad Cow Disease).
1997 - Liggett Group, the maker of Chesterfield cigarettes, settled 22 state lawsuits by admitting the industry marketed cigarettes to teenagers and agreed to warn on every pack that smoking is addictive.
1998 - India's new Hindu nationalist-led government pledges to "exercise the option to induct nuclear weapons."
2002 - Arthur Andersen pled innocent to charges that it had shredded documents and deleted computer files related to the energy company Enron.
2003 - U.S. and British forces invaded Iraq from Kuwait.

THIS JUST IN: New Corne Bayou Collapse Images - YouTube

World News

NATO reveals Syria intervention plans
Press TV - Admiral James Stavridis, commander of US European Command, said at the Senate Armed Services Committee that US military would be ready to take part in the aggression, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

UN welcomes Congo warlord’s surrender
Press TV - The United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) has welcomed the surrender of fugitive Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for a string of war crimes.

North Korea threatens US over bombers
Press TV - North Korea has threatened to take military action against the United States and its allies if Washington continues to fly nuclear-capable bombers over the Korean Peninsula.

YouTube: UN official tells US to stop drone strikes
RT - With America's drone capabilities expanding, the United Nations has stepped in and is demanding the US stop conducting unmanned airstrikes in Pakistan. The UN is calling the drone program a violation of the country's sovereignty and the attacks are being carried out without the consent of the people of Pakistan.

Syria rebels and regime blame each other for 1st alleged chemical weapons attack
CBS News - The Syrian government accused rebels of firing a chemical weapon for the first time on Tuesday in the north of the country, killing at least 25 people in the war-torn Aleppo province. Rebels quickly denied the report and accused regime forces of firing a chemical weapon on a long-range missile.

YouTube: Ben Swann Full Disclosure: US Funding Al Qaeda in Syria. The Story You Haven't Heard
Ben Swann Full Disclosure talks with Emilio Ibrahim, a Syrian man living in Damascus about the U.S. and Saudi funding of Al Qaeda fighters who are leading the so called Syrian revolution.

MI6, CIA knew Iraq had no WMDs
Press TV - Britain and U.S. spying agencies had ignored intelligence before invasion of Iraq that the country had no active weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), it has been revealed.

US to deploy missile system in Romania
Press TV - Bucharest says the United States is going ahead with deploying controversial anti-missile interceptors in Romania despite opposition from Russia. Romanian Defense Minister Mircea Dusa says the missile system will most likely be deployed in 2015.

Sinclair - Cyprus Disaster Is Much Bigger Than Being Reported
King World News 3/19/13 - Sinclair: “If people believe that $13 billion is the total of this bailout, they are out of their minds. $130 billion is not the true total of even the Russian deposits in Cyprus banks. One important Russian businessman, in his various business enterprises, would have $100 billion on deposit himself. 10% of all deposits in Cypress could be $500 billion or more because Cyprus is the banking entity for Russia, not Switzerland or Grand Cayman.

Cypriot lawmakers reject deposits seizure bill
AP - Cypriot lawmakers on Tuesday rejected a critical draft bill that would have seized part of people's bank deposits in order to qualify for a vital international bailout, with not a single vote in favor.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Sheriffs Ready to Defy Colorado Governor: "Won't Bother Enforcing" Gun Control
Activist Post - The set of five bills was approved by the Senate on Monday. Democrat sponsors of the legislation invoked Colorado's mass shootings, as well as Newtown, CT to justify measures such as limited capacity magazines and more extensive background checks. (Source) An outright ban and gun confiscation was issued by Senate Bill 197 for anyone convicted of domestic violence.

Tennessee Bill Would Abolish Civil Forfeiture - A new bill would eliminate civil forfeiture in Tennessee. Unlike criminal forfeiture, under civil forfeiture police do not need to convict or even charge a property owner before seizing his property. Civil forfeiture turns “innocent until proven guilty” on its head by forcing owners to prove their innocence to recover the seized property.

You Bought It, You Own It: Supreme Court Victory for Common Sense and Owners’ Rights
EFF 3/19/13 - In a long-anticipated decision, the Supreme Court held today that the first sale doctrine applies to works made outside of the United States. In other words, if you bought it, you own it—no matter where it was manufactured. That’s a major victory for consumers, and also libraries, used bookstores, and all kinds of groups that depend on the right to lend or resell the goods they’ve legally purchased.

YouTube: NYPD cops accused of killing Brooklyn teen identified
RT - It has been a little over a week since 16-year-old Kimani Gray was shot and killed by NYPD officers in Flatbush, Brooklyn. According to reports, Sergeant Mourad Mourad and Officer Jovaniel Cordova are being accused of shooting the teen a total of seven times. Members of the community have hit the streets demanding justice.

VIDEO: Carl Gallups Talks CPAC Meetings About Obama's Identity Document Fraud
Carl Gallups: As you know, I went to CPAC and Washington D.C. with Lt. Mike Zullo, lead investigator with the Sheriff Arpaio Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Case. We went there to see if we could network with, and arrange meetings with, high-ranking officials, at many levels, in an attempt to move the case forward. We believe we have accomplished what we set out to do.... Full transcript of the video.

Assault weapons ban now unlikely to pass. What happened? - Majority leader Reid says the assault weapons ban will not be included in the gun control legislation he'll bring to the Senate floor, giving the other measures a better chance at passage.

Magpul Confirms Plan To Immediately Leave Colorado
Apparently Gov Hickenlooper has announced that he will sign HB 1224 on Wednesday. We were asked for our reaction, and here is what we said: We will start our transition out of the state almost immediately, and we will prioritize moving magazine manufacturing operations first. We expect the first PMAGs to be made outside CO within 30 days of the signing, with the rest to follow in phases.

Mont. Bill Protecting from Backdoor Medical Gun Confiscation Moves Forward
Mikael Thalen - A bill that would prohibit medical providers in Montana from refusing to treat patients who choose not to answer questions about gun ownership passed its hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday, 62-38.... Although Kern’s bill does not currently prohibit healthcare providers from asking the question, there is talk in the Montana Senate to amend the bill further to disallow gun ownership questions from being asked entirely.

If You Can’t Find Cigarettes In NYC Soon It’ll Be Because Mayor Bloomberg Hid Them
Consumerist - Just like Chumbawamba, when New York City Mayor Bloomberg gets knocked down, he gets up again. Not one to let that pesky judge’s ruling that his ban on large sugary drinks was invalid bug him, Bloomie’s got his sights retrained on anti-smoking efforts. His plan? Just hide all the cigarettes.


USMint Sells Nearly 3/4 Million Silver Eagles in 1 Day Post Cyprus Announcement! - The USMint reported an astonishing 638,500 silver eagles sold Monday as the Cypriot wealth confiscation news over the weekend has resulted in a massive increase in physical gold and silver purchases throughout Europe and the US.

US Regulator: Bitcoin Exchanges Must Comply With Money-Laundering Laws - The federal agency charged with enforcing the nation’s laws against money laundering has issued new guidelines suggesting that several parties in the Bitcoin economy qualify as Money Services Businesses under US law. Money Services Businesses (MSBs) must register with the federal government, collect information about their customers, and take steps to combat money laundering by their customers.

VIDEO: Chase Bank customers temporarily see '0' balance
ABC News - Millions of Chase Bank customers across the U.S. who use online and mobile banking saw their checking and savings accounts with a zero balance on Monday. The banking giant said the problem was an internal glitch.

Veteran News

A Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran - I write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War on behalf of my fellow Iraq War veterans. I write this letter on behalf of the 4,488 soldiers and Marines who died in Iraq. I write this letter on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of veterans who have been wounded and on behalf of those whose wounds, physical and psychological, have destroyed their lives. I am one of those gravely wounded....

TSA agents 'humiliated' Marine who lost both legs to an IED
The Daily Caller - Transportation Security Administration officers “humiliated” a Marine who lost both legs to an Improvised Explosive Device by requiring the wheelchair-bound Marine to stand and walk. They also had him remove both his prosthetic legs, according to a letter from Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-California)

Energy & Environment

YouTube: New Corne Bayou Collapse Images
"Many, many thanks to great photographer and friend Billy Dugger for joining us from Mississippi today for this flight!... And finally, thanks to Joyce Riley and her Power Hour radio listeners for donating our fuel costs for this flight.


Breast cancer radiation boosts heart disease risk
(NaturalNews) Women who undergo radiation treatments for breast cancer could be putting themselves at serious risk of developing heart disease later in life, according to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

Seven powerful emergency herbal remedies
(NaturalNews) Here are seven herbal remedies you might want to keep on hand at all times, as they may come in handy as all-natural first aid in the event of an emergency situation:

Top ten natural remedies that burn fat
(NaturalNews) Obesity and weight loss have become major issues again. This time, the focus is more on health than appearance. The weight loss era of fad diets encouraging artificial sweeteners and margarine while discouraging healthy fats is dwindling.

Eight foods that help fight spring allergies
(NaturalNews) Spring allergies are indeed bothersome. But instead of reaching out to the usual medications, individuals can now seek relief from various foods.

Americans who received swine flu vaccines are at risk for paralysis disorders
(NaturalNews) According to a new study published in the journal The Lancet, people who received the swine flu vaccine during the 2009-2010 pandemic hoax were at an elevated risk of developing a potentially-deadly paralysis disorder known as Guillain-Barre syndrome, or GBS.

The Power of Peppermint: 15 Health Benefits Revealed
Green Med Info - Today, modern scientific investigations are revealing an abundance of potential health benefits associated with the use of different components of the peppermint plant, including aromatherapeutic, topical and internal applications. Most of the human research on peppermint performed thus far indicates this plant has great value in treating gastrointestinal disorders, including...

Test of Anthrax Vaccine in Children gets Tentative OK
Reuters - A presidential ethics panel has opened the door to testing an anthrax vaccine on children as young as infants, bringing an angry response from critics who say the children would be guinea pigs in a study that would never help them and might harm them.

VIDEO: Flu Shots Are Made From WHAT?
Green Med Info - You won’t believe how flu shots are produced. Even worse is how some new production methods are ready to come to a syringe near you. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny describes how the shots are made, and what’s actually going into your body.

VIDEO: Vaccine Law Threatens Parental Rights for ‘the Greater Good’
Gaia Health - “THE GREATER GOOD looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.” This film recently received the 2nd annual “Koroni Award for a documentary feature addressing an issue of importance to public health” at the Sidewalk Film Festival.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Type 7 Federal Firearms License Granted For 3D Printed Guns
Activist Post - The eyes of the world are on the innovation of 3D printing. Naturally, whenever a new technology is created that offers open source DIY opportunities to the average individual, it is going to make governments and their protected corporate interests very nervous.

Tell Congress: No Internet Sales Tax
Americans for Tax Reform - The internet sales tax mandate would be a major change in the way businesses operate especially around tax season. At the end of each year businesses are responsible for paying sales tax. They can choose to tax their customers at the point of sale or pay out what they owe in sales tax at the end of the year. Businesses therefore act as a tax collection arm for the state in which they do business. The internet sales tax mandate would force businesses to become sales tax collectors for all states.

Google Glass: Orwellian surveillance with fluffier branding
Telegraph - New technology will make us all agents for Google.... Everything you see, Google sees. You don’t own the data, you don’t control the data and you definitely don’t know what happens to the data. Put another way – what would you say if instead of it being Google Glass, it was Government Glass?

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Missouri Hemp Farming Bill Scheduled for Hearing - A bill that would exempt industrial hemp from the Missouri’s controlled substances act has been scheduled for a hearing by the General Laws Committee later this month. Senate Bill 358, sponsored by Senator Jason Holsman (D—Kansas City), would exempt industrial hemp—defined as containing less than 1% THC—from the state’s controlled substances act and allow anyone not convicted of a drug-related crime to grow it.

Abnormally large 'super cows' being manufactured by Frankenscientists for beef production
(NaturalNews) A recent segment aired by the National Geographic Channel offers a glimpse into the eerie production of so-called "super cows," which intentionally bear a defective gene that allows them to grow atypically large with a "double muscle" build.


Orange and Blue 2012 Olympic Mascots
Deciphering Symbolism and Numerology of the 2012 Olympic Mascots!

Today in History - Tuesday -  March 19, 2013
1748 - The English Naturalization Act passed granting Jews right to colonize in the U.S.
1822 - The city of Boston, MA, was incorporated.
1831 - The first bank robbery in America was reported. The City Bank of New York City lost $245,000 in the robbery.
1865 - The Battle of Bentonville took place. The Confederates retreated from Greenville, NC.
1895 - The Los Angeles Railway was established to provide streetcar service.
1903 - The U.S. Senate ratified the Cuban treaty, gaining naval bases in Guantanamo and Bahia Honda.
1917 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Adamson Act that made the eight-hour workday for railroads constitutional.
1918 - The U.S. Congress approved Daylight-Saving Time.
1931 - The state of Nevada legalized gambling.
1945 - About 800 people were killed as Japanese kamikaze planes attacked the U.S. carrier Franklin off Japan.
1945 - Adolf Hitler issued his "Nero Decree" which ordered the destruction of German facilities that could fall into Allied hands as German forces were retreating.
1949 - The Soviet People's Council signed the constitution of the German Democratic Republic, and declared that the North Atlantic Treaty was merely a war weapon.
1953 - The Academy Awards aired on television for the first time.
1963 - In Costa Rica, U.S. President John F. Kennedy and six Latin American presidents pledged to fight Communism.
1965 - Indonesia nationalized all foreign oil companies.
1976 - Buckingham Palace announced the separation of Princess Margaret and her husband, the Earl of Snowdon, after 16 years of marriage.
1977 - France performed a nuclear test at Muruora Island.
1979 - The U.S. House of Representatives began broadcasting its daily business on TV.
1981 - During a test of the space shuttle Columbia two workers were injured and one was killed.
1984 - A Mobile oil tanker spilled 200,000 gallons into the Columbia River.
1985 - The U.S. Senate voted to authorize production of the MX missile.
1987 - Televangelist Jim Bakker resigned from the PTL due to a scandal involving Jessica Hahn.
2000 - Vector Data Systems conducted a simulation of the 1993 Branch Davidian siege in Waco, TX. It showed that the government had not fired first.
2001 - California officials declared a power alert and ordered the first of two days of rolling blackouts.
2002 - Operation Anaconda, the largest U.S.-led ground offensive since the Gulf War, ended in eastern Afghanistan. During the operation, which began on March 2, it was reported that at least 500 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters were killed. Eleven allied troops were killed during the same operation.
2003 - U.S. President George W. Bush announced that U.S. forces had launched a strike against "targets of military opportunity" in Iraq. The attack, using cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs, were aimed at Iraqi leaders thought to be near Baghdad.

World News

‘French forces use banned arms in Mali’
Press TV - According to a recent report published by the Algerian newspaper al-Khabar, a fighter group known as Ansar Dine said in a statement issued in the town of Gossi that French-led troops use internationally banned weapons in northern Mali. The statement said French-led soldiers employ weapons containing depleted uranium with high explosive power to bomb the caves in Adrar des Ifoghas Mountains in northern Mali.

SANA: Chemical weapons used by militants
Press TV - Militants fighting against President Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria have been using chemical weapons, official SANA news agency says, adding that at least 15 people were killed in a chemical attack in the northwestern city of Aleppo.

Israeli jets fire flares over Lebanon
Press TV - On Monday, the aircraft fired the flares to illuminate the night sky for reconnaissance purposes, The Daily Star reported, citing unnamed security officials. Earlier in the day, the Lebanese Army said four Israeli warplanes penetrated the country’s airspace and flew over several areas of the country in blatant violation of a UN Security Council resolution. Israel violates Lebanon's airspace on an almost daily basis, claiming the flights serve surveillance purposes.

Palestinians say no to Obama visit
Press TV - Obama is scheduled to arrive in Israel on Wednesday, and is likely visit the occupied West Bank the following day. Many Palestinians accuse the US president of following the path of his predecessors and unfairly favoring the Israeli regime. They accuse Obama of not doing enough to stop Israel’s illegal settlement activities as well as the arbitrary arrest of Palestinians by Israeli troops.

Blame game: France, Germany insist savings levy was Cyprus's decision
RT - As outrage mounts over an unprecedented bank tax in Cyprus, Europe's biggest economies, France and Germany, have put the blame for the bank levy on Cyprus. Banks all over the country, meanwhile, will remain shut pending parliament’s decision.

Strategic U.S. bombers fly practice nuclear strikes in Korea - United States B-52 bombers carried out simulated nuclear bombing raids on North Korea as part of ongoing U.S.-South Korean military exercises, Pentagon officials said on Monday.

VIDEO: Obama and Netanyahu to Discuss Attacks Inside Syria
Kurt Nimmo - According to the establishment media, Obama will resist Israeli pressure to immediately attack Iran in response to its imaginary nuclear weapons program. Last week, during an Israeli Channel 2 news interview, Obama said Iran will be capable of producing a nuclear weapon in a year and hinted action against the undocumented program will come within a year.

U.N. Think Tank Opening Office in Bahrain, with Bahraini Government Funding
ProPublica - As Bahrain enters the third year of a crisis sparked by Arab Spring protests in 2011, the government continues to bar many human rights advocates [1] and [2] journalists [3] from entering the country. But one non-profit group is not only being welcomed into the tiny Gulf kingdom, it’s opening an office there. And it’s doing so with funding from Bahrain’s ruling monarchy.

Banking Chief Calls For 15% Looting of Italians’ Savings
Paul Joseph Watson - News that the International Monetary Fund initially demanded to loot a shocking 40% of savings from the private bank accounts of Cypriots underscores how residents of the Mediterranean country could be the latest victims of the infamous “IMF riot,” as the chief economist of the German Commerzbank calls for Italians to be similarly plundered for 15% of their savings.

STOCKS TANK: Markets Dive All Around The World Thanks To Tiny Cyprus
Business Insider Mar. 18, 2013 - The news on Saturday that to bail out Cypriot banks, depositors would get slapped with an instant one-off haircut/tax/stability levy has stunned the world (even though it had been rumored as a possibility for awhile). The fear is that Europe has just crushed the trust of depositor holders everywhere, who now must wonder whether their money in the bank is actually good or not.

Argentina Makes Grab for Pensions Amid Crisis
WSJ - The move came as wealthy nations unveiled fresh steps to fight the credit crunch. The U.S. Federal Reserve said it would bolster money-market funds, which have faced withdrawals, by lending as much as $540 billion to the industry. France said it would inject $14 billion into six banks on condition they agree to increase their lending... Argentine President Cristina Kirchner said the move to take over the private pension system was aimed at protecting investors from losses resulting from global market turmoil.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Senator Lindsey Graham Questioned On Drones
Liberty Crier - WeAreChange questioned Senator Lindsey Graham on Obama’s Disposition Matrix (kill list) and the ability to use drone strikes on American citizens.

Trial opens for NYPD stop-and-frisk challenge
NY Post - Many of the 5 million New Yorkers stopped, questioned and sometimes frisked by police in the past decade were wrongly targeted because of their race, lawyers for four men who said they were illegally stopped said Monday... The lawsuit, now a class-action, seeks a court-appointed monitor to oversee changes to how the police make stops.

VIDEO: Maryland Senate Approves Bill That Allows Caregivers To Possess Medical Marijuana
CBS News - The Senate Thursday voted unanimously that caregivers whose patients qualify for medical marijuana can be exempted from fines and jail time.

Satellite Shortages May Choke Off Military Drone Expansion
NDIA - The bandwidth crunch is expected to worsen in coming years as the Pentagon increases deployments of remotely piloted aircraft for around-the-clock surveillance in many parts of the world. Anticipated requirements for satellite communications will far outstrip capacity, officials have predicted.

Las Vegas to Introduce Anti-NDAA Resolution
Activist Post - The fight against indefinite military detention continues. Yesterday, the Las Vegas City Council and the Clark County Commission drafted anti-NDAA legislation to protect the Constitutional rights of their constituents.

VIDEO: Thousands Line Up Outside Cal Expo Gun Show To Buy Ammunition
CBS Sacramento - Thousands of people lined up for hours outside Cal Expo to buy ammunition. The line wrapped around the building for the first day of the two-day gun show.... “What many people are coming for is ammo because there isn’t any available in the traditional channels,” said gun show owner Bob Templeton.

Lanza “Score Sheet” Suggests Sandy Hook Massacre was Plotted For Years, Cops Say
NY Daily News - Law enforcement reportedly discovers a sickeningly thorough 7-foot-long, 4-foot-wide spreadsheet with names, body counts and weapons from previous mass murders and even attempted killings. 'It sounded like a doctoral thesis, that was the quality of the research,' an anonymous law enforcement veteran said.


The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery Shows That No Bank Account, No Retirement Fund And No Stock Portfolio Is Safe
Economic Collapse - Up until now, most people assumed that private bank accounts were untouchable and that deposit insurance actually meant something. Now we see that there is no pile of money that is considered "off limits" by the global elite and deposit insurance means absolutely nothing.

YouTube: Judge Napolitano: Government Can Steal Your Money
Judge Napolitano: "The people who have more than $100,000 in the bank are targets for any government that's looking for money to shore up its own inability to manage its finances."

JPMorgan wins dismissal of silver price-fixing lawsuit
Reuters - U.S. District Judge Robert Patterson in Manhattan said the investors, who bought and sold COMEX silver futures and options contracts, failed to show that JPMorgan manipulated prices at their expense, including by amassing huge short positions that were not justified by market events at the time.

Feds Spend $1.5 Million to Study Why Lesbians Are Fat
CNS News - The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $1.5 million to study biological and social factors for why “three-quarters” of lesbians are obese and why gay males are not, calling it an issue of “high public-health significance."

Housing Market

9 Examples Why You May Want To Avoid Homeowners Associations Like The Plague
Consumerist - We watch a lot of real estate shows here at Consumerist HQ, especially the many variations on the “show three places and pretend to pick the one that you’re already in escrow on.” And while home buyers always remember to ask, “Are there HOA fees?”, they don’t ask the more important questions, like “Why in the world am I buying a place with an HOA?”

Energy & Environment

Exposing Chemtrail Spraying in Los Angeles for 30 Days
Activist Post - Results of simple ‘Accu-Terrorist Forecast’ are in.... We decided to do a little research and make available a simple chemtrails-tracking webpage for tracking the globalist’s geoengineering crimes in Los Angeles for 30 (actually 31) days during the month of February- March 2013 and the results are in.


VIDEO: Exposing Yourself to Light at Night Shuts Down Your Melatonin and Raises Your Cancer Risk
Dr Mercola - Exposing yourself to artificial light at night shuts down your body’s production of an important hormone called melatonin. Melatonin has roles in cancer prevention, strengthening your immune system, and may even slow down cellular aging; in fact, it has been the subject of preclinical research on over 100 different disease applications.1 It’s your body’s “Superhero of the Night,” and light is his number one nemesis.

Study finds that beetroot juice can lower blood pressure
(NaturalNews) Beetroots have long been treasured by health enthusiasts for their sweet taste, distinctive appearance, and nutritional value. Rich in trace minerals, high in dietary fiber, and bursting with antioxidants, they have been linked to lowered cholesterol, blood sugar control, and even treatment for dementia. According to a recent study by researchers at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia, though, beetroot juice can also lower blood pressure at a dramatic speed.

Cancer cases projected to skyrocket to one in two men in the future: How will you prevent it?
(NaturalNews) This is from a finding for future cancer rates in the UK. Currently, it is just under that risk rate, just under one for every two or 44 percent. It's no surprise that the numbers are almost the same in the U.S. for both men and women.

Grape Seed Extract May Beat Chemo in Late-Stage Cancer
Green Med Info - The more advanced cancer is, the less effective chemotherapy is. However, a new study has shown that grape seed extract has exactly the opposite quality: The more advanced the cancer, the less extract that's needed to kill it. On top of that, the study also shows that grape seed extract targets the cancer cells that become most resistant to chemotherapy.

Choosing Chocolate as Your Dietary Antidote for Stress
Natural Society - While emotional eating is not a good way to combat stress, one body of research suggests dark chocolate could be a great stress-antidote.

Failing Our Weakest Newborns: Poisoning with Aluminum
Gaia Health - In this first report from the Keele Conference on the biological effects of aluminum, we learn that the weakest among us, premature newborns and sickly elderly, are being poisoned with aluminum through their nutrition. The FDA’s aluminum limits are routinely ignored, while this problem, known for 30 years, continues unabated.

Anti-Depressants Don’t Work for Mild or Moderate Depression
Waking Times - Professor Kirsh provided a documented conclusion that pharmaceutical anti-depressants don’t work for mild to moderately depressed patients. What’s more, a placebo is almost always nearly as effective – without the side-effects. These findings had psychiatrists and the FDA livid. Why? Kirsch’s conclusion was featured in a national CBS 60 Minutes television report.

Science & Technology

Feds: No Warrant Needed to Track Your Car With a GPS Device
Wired - The administration maintains that position despite the Supreme Court’s infamous decision last year that concluded that attaching the GPS devices amounted to search protected by the Constitution. The administration is set to make its argument Tuesday before a federal appeals court in a case testing the parameters of the high court’s 2012 decision. If the government prevails, the high court’s ruling would be virtually meaningless.

Minnesota woman loses music downloading appeal
AP -The Supreme Court has turned away an appeal from a Minnesota woman who has been ordered to pay record companies $222,000 for the unauthorized downloading of copyrighted music.... The music industry filed thousands of lawsuits against people it accused of downloading music without permission and without paying for it. Almost all the cases settled for $3,500.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

ACTION ALERT: Tell the USDA — No Illegal/Unreviewed Synthetics in Organics!
Cornucopia - hink you’re avoiding synthetic ingredients like sodium benzoate and polysorbate 80 by choosing organic? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The organic law clearly prohibits synthetic and non-organic ingredients in organic foods unless carefully reviewed and deemed safe for human health and the environment. But the United States Department of Agriculture and many organic certifiers have routinely ignored this important legal requirement.

Pet News

Natura Pet Food Recall
Susan Thixton - From the Natura website Natura Products… During a recent random sampling, the FDA confirmed the presence of salmonella in one of our products. We take this extremely seriously, because your pets are like ours – they’re part of the family – and we aren’t taking any chances. As a result, we have voluntarily recalled a number of our products as a precautionary measure.

Humor & Satire

YouTube Song: YGMO (Why GMO)

Today in History - Monday -  March 18, 2013
1766 - Britain repealed the Stamp Act.
1818 - The U.S. Congress approved the first pensions for government service.
1834 - The first railroad tunnel in the U.S. was completed. The work was in Pennsylvania.
1835 - Charles Darwin left Santiago Chile on his way to Portillo Pass.
1850 - Henry Wells & William Fargo founded American Express.
1865 - The Congress of the Confederate States of America adjourned for the last time.
1881 - Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth opened in Madison Square Gardens.
1911 - Theodore Roosevelt opened the Roosevelt Dam in Arizona. It was the largest dam in the U.S. at the time.
1913 - Greek King George I was killed by an assassin. Constantine I succeeded him.
1917 - The Germans sank the U.S. ships, City of Memphis, Vigilante and the Illinois, without any warning.
1937 - More than 400 people, mostly children, were killed in a gas explosion at a school in New London, TX.
1940 - Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini held a meeting at the Brenner Pass. The Italian dictator agreed to join in Germany's war against France and Britain.
1942 - The third military draft began in the U.S. because of World War II.
1944 - The Russians reached the Rumanian border in the Balkans during World War II.
1945 - 1,250 U.S. bombers attacked Berlin.
1948 - France, Great Britain, and Benelux signed the Treaty of Brussels.
1949 - The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was ratified.
1959 - U.S. President Eisenhower signed the Hawaii statehood bill.
1963 - France performed an underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria.
1963 - The U.S. Supreme Court handed down the Miranda decision concerning legal council for defendants.
1968 - The U.S. Congress repealed the requirement for a gold reserve.
1969 - U.S. President Nixon authorizes Operation Menue. It was the ‘secret’ bombing of Cambodia.
1970 - The U.S. Postal Service experienced the first postal strike.
1971 - U.S. helicopters airlifted 1,000 South Vietnamese soldiers out of Laos.
1974 - Most of the Arab oil-producing nations ended their five-month embargo against the United States, Europe and Japan.
1975 - Saigon abandoned most of the Central Highlands of Vietnam to Hanoi.
1975 - The Kurds ended their fight against Iraq.
1977 - Vietnam turned over an MIA to a U.S. delegation.
1981 - The U.S. disclosed that there were biological weapons tested in Texas in 1966.
1986 - The U.S. Treasury Department announced that a clear, polyester thread was to be woven into bills in an effort to thwart counterfeiters.
1987 - The U.S. performed nuclear tests at a Nevada test site.
1992 - Leona Hemsly was sentenced to 4 years in prison for tax evasion.
1997 - A Russian AN-24 crashed killing 50 people.
2003 - China's new president, Hu Jintao, announced that his country must deepen reforms and raise living standards of workers and farmers.

World News

US promises S. Korea all military resources
Press TV - U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter promised to provide South Korea with every military resource under the U.S. nuclear umbrella, at a time of heightened tensions with North Korea. Carter was in Seoul on the second leg of a four-nation tour of U.S. allies and partners in Asia including Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Syrian troops kill scores of militants
Press TV - The Syrian army has clashed with foreign-backed militants fighting against the government in several parts of the country, killing a large number of them. According to Syria’s official news agency SANA, Syrian soldiers clashed with militants in Aleppo, Homs, suburbs of Damascus and Idlib on Sunday.

Evacuation warning issued to South Korean islanders
Press TV - A North Korean website close to Pyongyang has warned people residing in Southern islands and border areas to leave their residences. The Uriminzokkiri website warned on Saturday that Southern islands including Yeonpyeong are in the danger zone. "Even an accidental spark by the belligerents in their war games can grow into a fire,” the website said.
* Related BBC video

Iran Navy warns off Australian plane
Press TV - Commander Siavosh Jarreh said on Sunday that the Australian aircraft was approaching the Iranian fleet, which comprised of a helicopter carrier and a destroyer, for imaging. “Immediately after receiving the warning, the Australian reconnaissance plane changed its flight course, but it began dropping submarine detection devices…all of which was picked up by [our] marines,” he added.

Drone strikes in Syria? CIA ‘boosting’ intelligence force to ‘size up’ Syrian extremists
RT - “The CIA has stepped up secret contingency planning to protect the United States and its allies as the turmoil expands in Syria, including collecting intelligence on Islamic extremists for the first time for possible lethal drone strikes,” according to current and former US officials, reported in the LA Times.

M23 rebels rout rivals in eastern Congo
Press TV - On Saturday, sources in the United Nations and the M23 rebel group said that hundreds of Ntaganda men have fled into Rwanda or surrendered to UN peacekeepers after being defeated by the M23 rebels.

Dispute over high-risk prisoners threatens to disrupt U.S.-Afghan talks
Washington Post - A dispute over the fate of about three dozen militants held by U.S. forces in Afghanistan has disrupted negotiations over a long-term security agreement to leave U.S. troops in the country after 2014.

VIDEO: Panicked Europeans Rush ATMs as Leaders Seize Funds Directly From Bank Account Holders
Mac Slavo - As of right now, citizens of Cyprus are scrambling to withdraw funds from their bank accounts after the EU, with agreement from the Cypriot government, announced they will decimate funds held in personal bank accounts to the tune of up to 10% of existing deposits.
* UPDATE: Cyprus Parliament Delays Bailout Vote...,

Saxo Bank CEO: “This Is Full-Blown Socialism And I Still Can’t Believe It Happened”
Zero Hedge - This is a breach of fundamental property rights, dictated to a small country by foreign powers and it must make every bank depositor in Europe shiver.... Depositors in other prospective bailout countries must be running scared – is it safe to keep money in an Italian, Spanish or Greek bank any more?... This is a major, MAJOR game changer and the fallout will be with us for a long time to come.
* Related Article: Europe Does It Again...

New data reveal scale of China abortions - Chinese doctors have performed more than 330m abortions since the government implemented a controversial family planning policy 40 years ago, according to official data from the health ministry.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

YouTube: Gun Control in America is Against the Law’… A Message to Rachel Maddow From Sheriff Richard Mack
CPAC 2013 Sheriff Richard Mack has a message for Rachel Maddow and others about the 2nd amendment and "gun control" No mincing words here.

SWAT officer attracts ridicule after he's pictured with his rifle sight on backwards
Daily Mail - A SWAT team in upstate New York is being mocked as an example of the difference between military and police training after an officer was captured peering through a backwards sight on his combat rifle.

Texas bill to allow government hacks to trespass onto private property without warrant
(NaturalNews) Legislation currently and quietly making its way through the Texas State Senate threatens to overtly trample the personal property rights of Lone Star State residents in the name of protecting public health. If passed, Senate Bill 186 would allow government officials to illegally trespass onto private property without a warrant, and the bill uses the alleged need to treat stagnant water that some say could be harboring West Nile virus as the excuse to do so.

VIDEO: Secretary of State Kerry Backs U.N. Gun Treaty
Kurt Nimmo - The United Nations treaty is well-timed – it arrives precisely as Congress prepares to vote on legislation targeting the Second Amendment in the wake of Sandy Hook. The United Nations begins working on the stalled treaty again on March 18, “I am confident that member states will overcome their differences and muster the political will needed to agree on this landmark treaty,” United Nations boss Ban Ki-moon said Thursday.

Colt shuts plant, workers talk to Conn. lawmakers
Yahoo! News - The president of one of the nation's oldest gun manufacturers closed down his Connecticut factory Thursday morning and bused 400 of his workers to the state Capitol so they could personally urge lawmakers not to pass gun control legislation that they say could risk their livelihoods.

Colorado sheriff says new state gun laws won't be enforced
Denver Post - Gun policy should not be guided by gut-level reactions to mass shootings in Aurora last July and at a Connecticut elementary school last month, the County Sheriffs of Colorado says in a position paper outlining a tough stance against legislation expected to be proposed soon by state Democrats.

Crime Lab Scandal Leaves Mass. Legal System In Turmoil - Annie Dookan, a former Massachusetts crime lab chemist, is accused of falsifying evidence in as many as 34,000 cases. The state's criminal justice system is now reeling as former defendants are challenging their convictions and hundreds have already been released.

VIDEO: Reality Check: Justice Department Plagued With In-fighting, Racism & Political Favoritism?
Liberty Crier - A new report by the Office of the Inspector General is pointing to shameful behavior by lawyers in the justice department during the last two presidential administrations.

Texas School Lesson Blames America for 9/11
Caffeinated Thoughts - A parent in Corpus Christi, TX was shocked by what her son brought home one afternoon. Kara Sands said that her son and other 5th Graders at Flour Bluff Intermediate School had watch a video entitled “Remembering 9/11.” She said she was shown this video, after the fact, was shocked by what she saw. Sands said, “This appalling video blames our country for the the murders of over 3,000 people.”

VIDEO: Feds Swarm Metra Train After Detecting Nuclear Risk
CBS News - Sources say the agents were members of the elite TSA VIPR team on the 5:04pm Union Pacific. West line. They were carrying hand-held nuclear-detection devices that picked up a reading.

AUDIO: Obama couldn't eat at Hill meeting without food ‘taster’
Daily Caller - Following President Obama’s lunch meeting with Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill, Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins described the food served and said the president was not able to eat since his “taster” was not present.

Ron Paul's Podcast Nation Goes Live!
Daily Paul - Link to Ron Paul’s Podcast Nation here.

Election News

Rand Paul wins The Washington Times-CPAC 2013 Straw Poll
The Washington Times - Sen. Rand Paul won the 2013 Washington Times-CPAC presidential preference straw poll Saturday, and Sen. Marco Rubio was a close second, easily outdistancing the rest of the field and signaling the rise of a new generation of conservative leaders who will take the Republican Party into the 2016 election. Mr. Paul won 25 percent of the vote, and Mr. Rubio collected 23 percent.


YouTube: Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 3/18/2013 "The Congressional Budget Debate Is Just A Sideshow"
Federal spending once again dominated the debate in Washington last week, as House Republicans and Senate Democrats began work on their ten-year budget plans. Contrary to claims, neither party's budget reduces spending. While the Republican plan increases spending a little less than the Democrat plan, it would still spend $5 trillion in 2023, an almost two trillion dollar increase over this year's budget.

VIDEO: Surprise! Drone Industry Report Says Drones are Great for the U.S. Economy
Activist Post - A report entitled, "The Economic Impact of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the United States" is clear in its conclusion that competition for jobs and tax dollars created by drone tech development is likely to provide the impetus to loosen state regulations on drone use. The AUVSI is projecting 70,000 new jobs in the first three years of full integration.

Veteran News

US soldier to undergo ‘sanity board’
Press TV - Robert Bales, 39, will undergo a “sanity board,” to be conducted by three doctors at the joint Base Lewis-McChord in the US state of Washington, a US army spokesman said. The examination, which is meant to determine if he is fit to stand trial, will begin on Sunday and completed by May 1.

Energy & Environment

Giant Sinkhole Burps, Swallows More Land
ENENews - Nearly an acre of land fell off into the west side of the sinkhole, according to Assumption OEP director John Boudreaux. Boudreaux also said more debris and hydrocarbon appeared at the surface.

7.8 Earthquake ‘Exercise’ to Hit Los Angeles County Next Thursday
Los Cerritos News - In continuing the on-going efforts in preparing the “big one,” Los Angeles County Operational Area (LACOA) and its partners including the 88 cities, 137 unincorporated area communities, 200-plus school and special districts will be holding a “disaster training exercise” on Thursday, March 21 from 9 to 3 p.m.

Chilling New Report Predicts Massive Earthquake and Tsunami for Pacific Northwest
NY Daily News - More than 10,000 people could die when — not if — a monster earthquake and tsunami occur just off the Pacific Northwest coast, researchers told Oregon legislators Thursday.... These findings were published in a chilling new report by the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission, a group of more than 150 volunteer experts.

Not so sweet? Sucralose is polluting North Carolina waterways
(NaturalNews) Something sweet is polluting North Carolina waterways. The University of North Carolina at Wilmington conducted a study of the coastal waterways to find all of their samples polluted with sucralose-the main ingredient in one of the country's most popular artificial sweeteners.


The top five healing superfoods, and why you should eat them every day
(NaturalNews) You may think that eating five superfoods every day is out of reach, not very do-able. There are quite a few superfoods available, and many articles list up to ten to consume.

YouTube: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity And The Gulf War Illness: How Chemical Exposures May Be Affecting Your Health
Interviews with leading physicians and people whose lives have been changed by chemical sensitivity.

VIDEO: How Smart Meters Affect Your Body (Dr. Darren Schmidt) - In this total absence of regulatory responsibility, Dr. Darren Schmidt of The Nutritional Healing Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan visually summarizes real-world data now being collected on negative health effects caused by installed “smart” meters. Data and charts are both from his own patients’ experiences and lab work; and the work of other independent researchers.

VIDEO: How Senomyx Creates Novel Flavor Enhancers
Dr. Mercola - The biotech company Senomyx creates novel flavor enhancing compounds for the processed food industry in order to make foods and beverages that taste good while reducing sugar and salt content. Customers include Pepsi Co., Ajinomoto Co. (the maker of aspartame and meat glue), Nestlé and others.

Is this Toxic Chemical Hiding in Your Toothpaste?
Natural Society - A compound called SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate, lurks in not just your toothpaste, but almost all products coming into contact with your skin.

Science & Technology

Oregon Company to Sell Drone Defense Technology to Public - "I was personally concerned and I think there's a lot of other people worried about this," says Timothy Faucett, a lead engineer on the project. "We've already had many inquiries, a lot of people saying 'Hey, I don't want these drones looking at me.'"... The company will sell land-based boxes that are "non-offensive, non-combative and not destructive." According to the company, "drones will not fall from the sky, but they will be unable to complete their missions."

National Security Letters Are Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules
Activist Post - A federal district court judge in San Francisco has ruled that National Security Letter (NSL) provisions in federal law violate the Constitution. The decision came in a lawsuit challenging a NSL on behalf of an unnamed telecommunications company represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

eBay insurance scam: You're often buying insurance that excludes the very items you're purchasing
(NaturalNews) Luke Knowles, lead plaintiff in the case, claimed that eBay knew its insurance "excludes entire categories of products from coverage, but intentionally conceals that information from sellers who want to buy insurance," Courthouse News Service reported.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Virginia government prosecutes homeowner with criminal charges for backyard chickens that produce organic eggs
(NaturalNews) An ongoing debate over the rights of homeowners to raise and keep their own chickens may soon gain an audience in the Virgina Supreme Court. Attorneys at the Rutherford Institute have filed a Petition for Appeal on behalf of Virginia Beach resident Tracy Gugal-Okroy, who faces criminal charges related to zoning ordinance violations for keeping chickens in her backyard.

Easy guide to help you choose the best nursery plants for landscaping and vegetable gardens
(NaturalNews) Whether you're planting a vegetable garden or designing a back yard garden landscaping project, if you're not starting with seeds, it's important to buy healthy nursery plants from the start.

Humor & Satire

YouTube: Bob Hope, Zombies and Democrats
One funny clip!

Today in History - Friday -  March 15, 2013
1778 - In command of two frigates, the Frenchman la Perouse sailed east from Botany Bay for the last lap of his voyage around the world.
1820 - Maine was admitted as the 23rd state of the Union.
1862 - General John Hunt Morgan began four days of raids near the city of Gallatin, TN.
1864 - Red River Campaign began as the Union forces reach Alexandria, LA.
1875 - The Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York, John McCloskey, was named the first American cardinal.
1892 - New York State unveiled the new automatic ballot voting machine.
1913 - U.S. President Woodrow Wilson held the first open presidential news conference.
1916 - U.S. President Wilson sent 12,000 troops, under General Pershing, over the border of Mexico to pursue bandit Pancho Villa. The mission failed.
1919 - The American Legion was founded in Paris.
1937 - In Chicago, IL, the first blood bank to preserve blood for transfusion by refrigeration was established at the Cook County Hospital.
1938 - Oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia.
1939 - German forces occupied Bohemia and Moravia, and part of Czechoslovakia.
1949 - Clothes rationing in Great Britain ended nearly four years after the end of World War II.
1951 - General de Lattre demanded that Paris send him more troops for the fight in Vietnam.
1960 - Ten nations met in Geneva to discuss disarmament.
1968 - The U.S. mint halted the practice of buying and selling gold.
1979 - Pope John Paul II published his first encyclical "Redemptor Hominis." In the work he warned of the growing gap between the rich and poor.
1989 - The U.S. FDA decided to impound all fruit imported from Chili after two cyanide-tainted grapes were found in Philadelphia, PA.
1989 - The U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs became the 14th Department in the President's Cabinet.
1990 - In Iraq, British journalist Farzad Bazoft was hanged for spying.
1991 - Four Los Angeles police officers were indicted in the beating of Rodney King on March 3, 1991. (California)
1998 - More than 15,000 ethnic Albanians marched in Yugoslavia to demand independence for Kosovo.
1998 - CBS' "60 Minutes" aired an interview with former White House employee Kathleen Willey. Wiley said U.S. President Clinton made unwelcome sexual advances toward her in the Oval Office in 1993.
2002 - Libyan Abdel Baset Ali Mohmed Al-Megrahi began his life sentence in a Scottish jail for his role in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 on 12/ 21/1988.
2002 - In the U.S., Burger King began selling a veggie burger. The event was billed as the first veggie burger to be sold nationally by a fast food chain.
2002 - In Texas, Andrea Yates received a life sentence for drowning her five children on June 20, 2001.
2002 - U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell told the Associated Press that the U.S. would stand by a 24-year pledge not to use nuclear arms against states that don't have them.

World News

Hackers vow to wipe Israel off Internet
Press TV - “Hacktivists Starting Cyber Attack against Israel on 7th of April,” Anonymous wrote on Twitter, calling on hackers around the world to participate in the second of a series of cyber attacks known as ‘OpIsrael.’

S Korea, US conduct drills amid tensions
Press TV - South Korean and US military forces took part in a joint base defense training operation at the Osan US Air Base in the city of Pyeongtaek in the southwestern part of the East Asian country on Thursday.

Iran non-oil exports surpass $29 billion
Press TV - Despite the US-engineered sanctions imposed on Iran, the country has managed to export nearly USD 30 billion worth of non-oil goods, excluding gas condensate, over an eleven-month period.

Iran eyes stopping oil exports: Ahmadinejad
Press TV - “We (Iran) plan to get to the point where we would not need to export crude oil anymore. The number of our oil refineries should double in such a case, and it would be of great benefit to our country,” Ahmadinejad said on Thursday.

VIDEO: 'UK behind EU media war on Iran'
Press TV - “I think the EU is really just reacting to government pressure particularly from Britain that as you know has imposed a broadcasting mini-war with Iran,” Christopher Walker, political commentator from London said in an interview with Press TV.

VIDEO: 17 Signs That A Full-Blown Economic Depression Is Raging In Southern Europe – Is The U.S. Next?
Economic Collapse - When you get into too much debt, eventually really bad things start to happen. This is a very painful lesson that southern Europe is learning right now, and it is a lesson that the United States will soon learn as well.

New Pope Tied to Argentina’s Dirty War
Kurt Nimmo - Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires who was elected Pope by the papal conclave on Wednesday, was intimately involved in Operation Condor’s “Dirty War” in South America.

Swarms of Locusts Descend on Israel and Egypt
Intel Hub - Along the border of Egypt and Israel millions of locusts have mysteriously appeared in giant swarms across the area. This problem was first reported weeks ago but has continued in intensity, destroying crops and creating a widespread disturbance in travel and trade.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Federal action against patriot groups in US
Before It's News - Today [3/11/13] at 10AM there was a very large meeting at the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) headquarters in Clarksburg, WV. The meeting was held in an auditorium and included everyone – from agents to the secretaries. The meeting was organized by the Director of the Biometric Identification Management Agency (BIMA), Colonel Bolo (ret.).

Florida Residents Report Mysterious Black Military Aircraft
Kurt Nimmo - It used to be a favorite pastime of the establishment media and its snobbish intelligentsia to poke fun at the “black helicopter crowd,” who they dismissively wrote off as loons and conspiracy nuts.

Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Pass Out of Committee
AmmoLand March 14, 2013 - President Obama and Sen. Dianne Feinstein are now one step closer to victory in their war against responsible, law-abiding gun owners. This morning, Sen. Feinstein’s sweeping modern sporting rifle and magazine ban was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee in a straight party line vote (10-8). Sen. Chuck Schumer’s “universal background check” bill also passed out of the committee. Both bills now head to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

VIDEO: Explosive Exchange at Gun Hearing Between Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein
Weekly Standard - "I'm not a sixth grader ... it's fine you want to lecture me on the Constitution. I appreciate it. Just know I've been here for a long time. "

VIDEO: Leading Candidate for Kerry's Empty Senate Seat is a Proud Gun Grabber
Activist Post - Congressman Ed Markey is running on a gun confiscation platform to fill John Kerry's Massachusetts Senate seat. Earlier this week, Rep. Markey posted his new campaign commercial which alludes to the Sandy Hook tragedy and vows that he "wants these guns off the streets".

Oklahoma House of Representatives Passes ObamaCare Nullification Bill
The New American - Standing as a bulwark of liberty, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill protecting citizens of the Sooner State from the unconstitutional provisions of ObamaCare.

New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government
Natural Society - A massive petition to stop what has been labeled as the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ has been launched by Food Democracy Now, detailing what could come if the legislation is signed into law within the coming days or weeks.... Federal courts would be powerless to regulate the sale and even cultivation of illegal and dangerous GMO crops, succumbing instead to the power of the biotech industry and Monsanto. More petitions here and here.

Wary of Attack With Smallpox, U.S. Buys Up a Costly Drug
NY Times - The United States government is buying enough of a new smallpox medicine to treat two million people in the event of a bioterrorism attack, and took delivery of the first shipment of it last week. But the purchase has set off a debate about the lucrative contract, with some experts saying the government is buying too much of the drug at too high a price.

Military Training over Miami with simulated gunfire for the next few nights. Starting- 3/14/13 to ? - A press releases issued by Miami Dade County advises that the exercise includes the use of military helicopters and simulated gunfire. The training is meant to prepare participants for combat missions in urban areas and to prepare forces for upcoming overseas missions, according to the release.

Enraged protesters battle cops in Brooklyn streets during third night of rioting after it's revealed that 16-year-old Kimani Gray was shot in the back
NY Daily News - As fights between cops and angry teens erupted in East Flatbush, 46 were arrested Wednesday night. Police struggled to control a furious crowd that broke away from a planned peaceful vigil.

VIDEO: No New Truck for Women Shot During Dorner Manhunt
NBC News - After the LAPD asked two newspaper delivery women to pay taxes on a truck the department vowed to donate to them, the victims – who were shot at more than 100 times during a frenzied manhunt for Christopher Dorner – rejected the replacement truck, worth more than $30,000.

Election News

VIDEO: Rand Paul @ CPAC: "The GOP of Old Has Grown Stale and Moss Covered"
Daily Paul - SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): The GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered. I don't think we need to name any names, do we? Our party is encumbered by an inconsistent approach to freedom. The new GOP will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and the personal sphere.

CPAC 2013 - Schedule - Live Links - Open Thread
Daily Paul - Thursday marks day one of the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference – an annual gathering in Washington, D.C. where members of the GOP meet to cement their ideology and try out potential presidential nominees for the coming years.

VIDEO: CPAC Muddle Mirrors GOP Mess
Politico - Establishment Republicans are angry that popular GOP governors Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell are being snubbed, but conservatives, seeing Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush invited, are moaning that a traditional movement event has been annexed by the country club crowd.


VIDEO: Update: New Bill Requires Gold & Silver Registration
Daily Bail - The slippery slope to confiscation has now begun. Rick Santelli provides an update on legislation that requires every gold and silver transaction to be registered with the State. Here are the basics. The bill, SB-3341, introduced in 2012, passed the Illinois Senate and is currently awaiting action by the House.

YouTube: How Your Taxes Are Actually Spent
Great video showing how over 50% of your tax goes straight to funding war. And while they pretend they don`t have enough to fund schools and hospitals, you know they are lying.

10 Hilarious Examples Of How Clueless Our Leaders Are About The Economy
Economic Collapse - Sadly, many Americans are not even going to see the crash coming because they still have faith in the "experts". They haven't figured out that the "experts" really do not know what they are doing. The blind are leading the blind, and in the end the results are going to be absolutely tragic.

Veteran News

US war in Iraq costs over USD 2 trillion, 189,000 lives: Study
Press TV - The report released by the US-based Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University stated that the amount owed to veterans may rise to USD six trillion over the next four decades if interest is included. The report, drawn up by about 30 academics, also said at least 189,000 people have been killed since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Housing Market

Headwind to Housing Recovery? Foreclosures Flare-Up Again
CNBC News - Bank repossessions, the final stage of the foreclosure process are down 29 percent from a year ago, but foreclosure starts, which are the first stage of the process, jumped 10 percent in February from the previous month. This after falling for three consecutive months.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: Animation shows ocean all along U.S. West Coast contaminated with Fukushima cesium
ENENews - Hidden NOAA animation shows ocean all along U.S. West Coast contaminated with Fukushima cesium by end of March 2011.

Drones To Be Deployed As Nuclear Fallout Detectors
Forbes - Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have developed radiation-detection pods that can monitor airborne radiation using drones, without endangering human flight crews.


Seven powerful therapeutic uses of apple cider vinegar
(NaturalNews) Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is gaining popularity as a beneficial contributor to good health that could and should be used daily. However, distilled ACV won't do anything for your health. There are a few good brands available. Bragg's is the most well known brand, but there are others.

Ten food label entries that should send you running
(NaturalNews) Thanks to federal laws, companies are now required to print all food ingredients on food packages. That means we are allowed to choose what we eat. Here are 10 of the food additives that we need to stay away from.

Top-selling antidepressants double your bone fracture risk
(NaturalNews) Pharmaceutical antidepressants are usually among a class of varied chemicals known as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Serotonin is the feel good central nervous system neurotransmitter that is produced in the body.

Long hospital stays cause PTSD
(NaturalNews) A stay in an intensive care unit (ICU) may actually cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a study conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and published in the journal Psychological Medicine.

Vegetarian diet lowers the risk of heart disease by one-third
(NaturalNews) Researchers from the University of Oxford in the UK have published the result of a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that explains how the risk of hospitalization or death from heart disease is 32 percent lower in vegetarians than people who eat meat and fish. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in all western societies, taking the lives of more than 700,000 men and women each year in the U.S. alone.

6 Foods for Natural Heavy Metal Chelation
Natural Society - Heavy metals can do significant damage to the body. Historically, they’ve been used as “an instrument of murder” (in the case of arsenic) and instruments of war. But most people who are exposed to heavy metals in today’s times are through their food, water, vaccines, or the air around them. The good news is that there are natural ways to chelate heavy metals from your body.

Wouldn't you like a simply way to keep your heart and brain healthy? The answer is "Astaxanthin"
(NaturalHealth365) Astaxanthin can increase life span by protecting your heart and brain from oxidative stress. A powerful antioxidant, university studies find that astaxanthin is 500 times more effective than vitamin E, 10 times more effective than beta-carotene and 4 times more effective than lutein in various antioxidant capabilities.

Chocolate Shown to Enhance Visual Performance, Improve Eyesight
Natural Society - Everyone knows that carrots are good for promoting healthy vision; it’s the beta-carotene contained in carrots that makes the vegetable a powerful food for eye health. But recent research has found that a much sweeter, favorite snack can also be responsible for eye health – chocolate.

10 Steps to Optimum Health - Part 1
Natural Society - There are many facets to living a completely healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 key principals to acquiring and maintaining optimal health.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Webcam Abortions: The Newest Innovation from The Abortion Industry - During this process, which Planned Parenthood refers to as “telemedicine” or “telehealth”, a woman merely chats with a doctor over the Internet. If the physician is satisfied by this conversation and a glance at her medical records, he presses a button at his location, and a drawer pops open in the patient’s room, giving her access to abortion-inducing drugs including RU-486.
* Related Article/Video: Planned Parenthood Suing to Perform Webcam Abortions

VIDEO: US Army Colonel Issues Warning About Remorseless “Killer Robots”
Paul Joseph Watson - In an essay published by the United States Army Combined Arms Center, Pryer laments how the use of unmanned drones – which kill 50 innocent civilian for every suspected terrorist – are perpetuating wars and endangering America’s global reputation. He then makes a stark warning that the drone strike program is merely a pre-cursor to the kind of nightmare technocracy depicted in the Terminator movies.

Today in History - Thursday -  March 14, 2013

1743 - First American town meeting was held at Boston's Faneuil Hall.
1757 - British Admiral John Byng was executed by a firing squad on board HMS Monarch for neglect of duty. 1794 - Eli Whitney received a patent for his cotton gin.
1891 - The submarine Monarch laid telephone cable along the bottom of the English Channel to prepare for the first telephone links across the Channel.
1900 - U.S. currency went on the gold standard with the ratification of the Gold Standard Act.
1905 - The British House of Commons cited a need to compete with Germany in naval strength.
1923 - President Harding became the first U.S. President to file an income tax report.
1932 - George Eastman, the founder of the Kodak company, committed suicide.
1936 - Adolf Hitler told a crowd of 300,000 that Germany's only judge is God and itself.
1943 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first U.S. President to fly in an airplane while in office.
1945 - In Germany, a 22,000 pound "Grand Slam" bomb was dropped by the Royal Air Force Dumbuster Squad on the Beilefeld railway viaduct. It was the heaviest bomb used during World War II.
1947 - The U.S. signed a 99-year lease on naval bases in the Philippines.
1947 - Moscow announced that 890,532 German POWs were held in the U.S.S.R.
1951 - U.N. forces recaptured Seoul for the second time during the Korean War.
1958 - The U.S. government suspended arms shipments to the Batista government of Cuba.
1964 - A Dallas jury found Jack Ruby guilty of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.
1967 - John F. Kennedy's body was moved from a temporary grave to a permanent one.
1978 - An Israeli force of 22,000 invaded south Lebanon. The PLO bases were hit.
1980 - A Polish airliner crashed while making an emergency landing near Warsaw. 87 people were killed. A 14-man U.S. boxing team was aboard the plane
1981 - Three Pakistani airline hijackers surrendered in Syria after they had exchanged 100 passengers and crewmen for 54 Pakistani prisoners.
1983 - OPEC agreed to cut its oil prices by 15% for the first time in its 23-year history.
1989 - Imported assault guns were banned in the U.S. under President George H.W. Bush.
1991 - The "Birmingham Six," imprisoned for 16 years for their alleged part in an IRA pub bombing, were set free after a court agreed that the police fabricated evidence.
1995 - American astronaut Norman Thagard became the first American to enter space aboard a Russian rocket.
1996 - U.S. President Bill Clinton committed $100 million for an anti-terrorism pact with Israel to track down and root out Islamic militants.
1998 - An earthquake left 10,000 homeless in southeastern Iran.
2002 - A Scottish appeals court upheld the conviction of a Libyan intelligence agent for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. A five-judge court ruled unanimously that Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi was guilty of bringing down the plane over Lockerbie, Scotland.

World News

France, UK may arm Syrian rebels 'without EU support,' despite embargo
RT - Paris and London will call for an early unscheduled EU meeting on the Syrian arms embargo in order to lift the ban. If the union does not end the embargo, the two nations will still arm the Syrian rebels, France said.

VIDEO: Ex-CIA analyst: CIA role in Iraq, Syria ‘embarrassing’ for US
Press TV - Former senior CIA analyst David McMichael says it’s “embarrassing” for the U.S. to back Syria-based terrorist groups fighting the Bashar al-Assad government while simultaneously ramping up support to Iraq's Counterterrorism Service to better fight al- Qaeda there which has close ties to the terrorist group Jabhat al Nusra of Syria.

German government OKs plan for structurally balanced 2014 budget, no new borrowing in 2015
Washington Post - Germany’s Cabinet approved a draft budget proposal Wednesday that foresees the government getting by without new borrowing from 2015 — a plan hailed by the finance minister as a “strong signal” for the rest of the Europe that comes as the country prepares for elections in September.

In debt-ridden Greece, further military cuts are hard to make
LA Times - Politicians and defense experts say the cuts are strangling the nation's defense capabilities, sapping military morale and feeding far-right nationalism, even murmurs of a possible military rebellion.... Yet despite the cuts, Greece continues to spend the largest per capita amount for defense of any nation in the European Union.

N Korea scraps armistice with South
Press TV - North Korea’s armed forces ministry said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Wednesday that “warmongering” was coming from the US and its “puppets” in South Korea.

N Korea threatens to wipe out island in South
Press TV - In a visit Monday to border artillery units, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un briefed artillery officers on turning Baengnyeong Island into "a sea of flames," Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Tuesday. "Once an order is issued, you should break the waists of the crazy enemies, totally cut their windpipes and thus clearly show them what a real war is like," Kim said.

US renews waiver on Iran oil sanctions
Press TV - US Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Wednesday that waivers have been granted to Japan, Belgium, Britain, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. This means banks in these countries have been given a third consecutive 180-day reprieve from the threat of being cut off from the US financial system.

Iran nuclear activities peaceful: Amano
Press TV - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has acknowledged that Iran is using its nuclear energy program solely for peaceful purposes. “Iran has a comprehensive agreement with the IAEA and Iran is subject to UN Security Council resolutions which are legally binding. This is the standard,” IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano said at a joint press conference with Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai on Wednesday.

China’s Drone Swarms Rise to Challenge US Power
Live Science - China is building one of the world's largest drone fleets aimed at expanding its military reach in the Pacific and swarming U.S. Navy carriers in the unlikely event of a war, according to a new report.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Nine terrifying facts about America’s biggest police force - The NYPD is the biggest police force in the country, with over 34,000 uniformed officers patrolling New York’s streets, and 51,000 employees overall — more than the FBI. It has a proposed budget of $4.6 billion for 2013, a figure that represents almost 15 percent of the entire city’s budget.

Local police becoming militarized through acquisition of surplus military equipment
(NaturalNews) The American Civil Liberties Union, for example, is openly inquiring about what kind of military weapons and gear are being handed over to local law enforcement agencies. The group says it is concerned that gear like flash-bang grenades, shock cuffs, and even tracking devices that are going to police "are leading to more aggressive policing, especially in poor neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color," St. Louis-based CBS affiliate KMOX reported.

YouTube: Militarization of Police: Peace Officers to Storm Troopers | Big Brother Watch
RT - Abby Martin takes a look at the growing militarization of local police departments and the evolution of riot police gear over the last 50 years.

Complete post of FBI Terrorist Watchlist Pamphlets
Shades of Thomas Paine - Here is the complete list of FBI pamphlets listing potential terrorist activities for various businesses.

VIDEO: LA Times Announces: White Men are Terrorists
Kurt Nimmo - The establishment media wasted little time after the Southern Poverty Law Center sent a letter to the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security demanding the mailed fist of the state crack down on Americans expressing opposition to an increasingly tyrannical federal government.

VIDEO: Gov’t Wants Volunteers to Wear ‘White Guilt’ Bracelets
Aaron Dykes - In Wisconsin, volunteers in AmeriCorps are encouraged to cope with their “white privilege” by wearing a white bracelet, while reminding themselves to examine their status in society and talking with ‘friends of color’ to encourage their transformation.

Church Holds ‘Second Amendment Sunday,’ Encourages Kids to Make ‘assault pop-tarts’
Adan Salazar - The Grace-Gospel Fellowship Church in Bensenville, Illinois held its first “Second Amendment Sunday” this past weekend where children were encouraged to create gun-shaped pastries and “combat” cupcakes, a strategy aimed at countering the wave of anti-gun paranoia sweeping the country.

Will Pennsylvania Be the First in U.S. to Label GMO?
Activist Post - Pennsylvania has now added itself to the list of more than 20 states which are formally rejecting the notion suggested by Monsanto et al. that their science is perfectly sound and consumers must accept whatever latest food incarnation they would like to fill the population with.

VIDEO: Judge Napolitano: CNN’s Piers Morgan Says ‘People Occasionally Need the Nanny State’
Liberty Crier - Judge Napolitano discusses the recent ruling to strike down Mayor Bloomberg’s attempted soda ban.

Election News

VIDEO: Justin Amash Announces Possible Senate Run In 2014 - U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, a young firebrand in the lower chamber who has championed a Ron Paul-style of libertarian politics, said Monday he is "certainly open" to a run in 2014.


Obama: 'We Don’t Have an Immediate Crisis in Terms of Debt'
Weekly Standard - Obama admitted he wasn't going to balance the budget. But, he said, it's not his goal. "Look, balancing the budget in part depends on how fast you grow. You remember– you were in the Clinton administration. The reason that you guys balanced it was a combination of some tax hikes, some spending cuts, and the economy grew," said Obama.

Over 300,000 fed employees owe $3.5 billion in back taxes, says IRS
Examiner - Did you know that you were in arrears to the federal government to the tune of $3.5 billion? Actually, you aren’t, but your money is. A report released on Tuesday by the IRS reveals that 312,000 federal workers and retirees failed to pay their federal income taxes on time in 2011. Since their salaries come out of funds collected from you, the taxpayer, “your money” is delinquent.

When the IRS is less forgiving than creditors - As my colleague Jennifer Waters reported this week, the Internal Revenue Service expects people to pay taxes on forgiven debt of $600 or more.

EXCLUSIVE - U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances
Reuters - The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country... The proposed plan represents a major step by U.S. intelligence agencies to spot and track down terrorist networks and crime syndicates by bringing together financial databanks, criminal records and military intelligence.

Obama says US won’t balance budget in next 10 years
AFP - President Barack Obama warned Tuesday America will not balance its budget within a decade because Republican plans to do so would entail slashing social programs many citizens rely on for support.... "You've essentially got to either tax middle class families a lot higher than you currently are, or you can't lower rates the way he's promised."

New Jersey Woman Arrested for Reciting Constitution at Tax Meeting
Kurt Nimmo - Police in Clayton, New Jersey, confiscated two guns from a woman after she complained about county government moving to raise her property taxes and inspect her property without a search warrant. Eileen Hart of Franklin Township was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and harassing officials from the Gloucester County Office of Assessment and Appraisal Systems, Inc.

Veteran News

25 disturbing facts about psych drugs, soldiers and suicides
(NaturalNews) Here are 25 disturbing facts about psych drugs, soldiers and suicides. They are disturbing because everybody seems to be pretending there is no link between psychiatric drugs and soldier suicides. So soldiers and veterans keep dying while the Pentagon (and the VA) keep pretending they don't know why.

Whistleblower: Veterans Affairs Covered Up Data on Mental Health, Gulf War Syndrome
Daily Beast - The Department of Veterans Affairs routinely disseminated false information about the health of America’s veterans, withheld research showing a link between nerve gas and Gulf War syndrome, rushed studies out the door without taking recommended fixes by an independent board, and failed to offer crucial care to veterans who came forward as suicidal.

VIDEO: Sequester cuts hit tuition for soldiers, aid for homeless veterans
Fox News - The $85 billion in cuts that went into effect at the beginning of the month will not spare soldiers and veterans, with a wave of cuts being announced for tuition assistance and a program that helps homeless veterans get back on their feet.... Under a federal housing program that helps roughly 100,000 Americans, homeless and formerly homeless veterans will lose assistance due to the sequester.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: Voices From the Gulf: “We Are Being Poisoned”
Activist Post - Award winning chemist, Dr. Wilma Subra, conducted blood tests on Gulf Coast residents who were symptomatic with new illnesses and found that some of the cancer-causing agents were 65 times the expected level in the victims blood tests. Subra noted that Corexit is in the air, the water and the Gulf resident’s blood.

Record Manatee Deaths, But 'Experts' Say No Harms To Humans
Green Med Info - Never before in the history of tracking red tide in Florida have so many manatees died as a result of exposure. Despite this concerning fact, 'experts' are towing the party line that there are no human harms associated with long-term exposure. Are they serious?


Green tea catechins block the formation of plaques to help prevent Alzheimer's disease
(NaturalNews) Researchers from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute, publishing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, explain how extracts from green tea may block the formation of beta-amyloid plaques that have been linked to the onset of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative conditions that prevent the misfolding of specific proteins in the brain.

Omega-3 fatty acids will help you lose weight
(NaturalNews) Folks now have another tool in their arsenal to help them lose weight, and it's omega-3 fatty acids, according to the results of a new study conducted in Australia.

The 'Nic Fit' (nicotine) explained and solved
(NaturalNews) The dosage or "potency" of one commercial cigarette is actually more than 100 mg of nicotine, but that potency doesn't register on nicotine level testers because the "cancer stick" manufacturers cook the tobacco with ammonia, which converts nicotine into a vapor ready form (which doesn't represent the real dosage/potency). This super-charged nicotine hit reaches your heart and brain in three seconds. Ever wonder why people have a certain "brand" they smoke and won't accept others?

The Inflammation and Breast Cancer Connection
Green Med Info - Consider the simple pimple, sunburn or mosquito bite. Minor events such as these produce inflammation. So do larger events like a sprained or broken ankle. Experts now believe chronic inflammation in the body may be linked to various forms of cancer as well as other major diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and heart conditions.

Eat Some Chocolate - It Could Treat Acute and Chronic Cough
Natural Society - Recent research suggests that dark chocolate candy, high in cacao, can help you battle both acute and chronic coughs.

Science & Technology

DARPA pushes ahead with 3-D electro-optical sensors for target identification and tracking - Scientists at the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Va., will host a technical overview and proposer's day conference from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Friday, 15 March 2013, on the second phase of the Military Imaging and Surveillance Technology-Long Range (MIST-LR) program. The MIST-IR program seeks to develop new kinds of electro-optic sensing for aircraft and ground vehicles to detect and track people and other targets.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Time to Plant Your Peas!
Organic Gardening - In some parts of the country, Saint Patrick's Day (March 17) is the traditional time to plant peas. In warmer regions, peas are a winter crop and are being harvested this time of year. Wherever you live, whatever stage your peas are in, our growing guide can help you plant, grow, harvest, and eat your best peas ever.
* Related Article: Give your peas a headstart for cold spring soil

Pet News

Consumer Warning from Minnesota Department of Agriculture regarding Bravo! Pet Food
Susan Thixton - The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is alerting consumers to avoid feeding or handling two separate brands of poultry-based raw pet food after the MDA laboratory found Salmonella bacteria in routine sample tests. The brand varieties include...

Are your pet's items on the high-toxin list? - Pets are involuntary canaries in the coal mine in terms of chemical exposure," Mr. Gearhart said. "Pets, like children, have higher exposure to chemical hazards and our data shows pet products are far more likely to have hazardous chemicals than children’s toys." The Ecology Center says 45 percent of the pet products that it tested had detectable levels of one or more hazardous chemicals.

Today in History - Wednesday -  March 13, 2013
1639 - Harvard University was named for clergyman John Harvard.
1660 - A statute was passed limiting the sale of slaves in the colony of Virginia.
1777 - The U.S. Congress ordered its European envoys to appeal to high-ranking foreign officers to send troops to reinforce the American army.
1861 - Jefferson Davis signed a bill authorizing slaves to be used as soldiers for the Confederacy.
1868 - The U.S. Senate began the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson.
1884 - Standard time was adopted throughout the U.S.
1901 - Andrew Carnegie announced that he was retiring from business and that he would spend the rest of his days giving away his fortune. His net worth was estimated at $300 million.
1902 - In Poland, schools were shut down across the country when students refused to sing the Russian hymn "God Protect the Czar."
1911 - The U.S. Supreme Court approved corporate tax law.
1915 - The Germans repelled a British expeditionary force attack in France.
1918 - Women were scheduled to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York due to a shortage of men due to wartime.
1935 - Three-thousand-year-old archives were found in Jerusalem confirming some biblical history.
1940 - The war between Russia and Finland ended with the signing of a treaty in Moscow.
1941 - Adolf Hitler issued an edict calling for an invasion of the U.S.S.R.
1943 - Japanese forces ended their attack on the American troops on Hill 700 in Bougainville.
1946 - Reports from Iran indicated that Soviet tanks units were stationed 20 miles from Tehran.
1951 - Israel demanded $1.5 billion in German reparations for the cost of caring for war refugees.
1957 - Jimmy Hoffa was arrested by the FBI on bribery charges.
1969 - The Apollo 9 astronauts returned to Earth after the conclusion of a mission that included the successful testing of the Lunar Module.
1970 - Cambodia ordered Hanoi and Viet Cong troops to leave.
1974 - The U.S. Senate voted 54-33 to restore the death penalty.
1974 - An embargo imposed by Arab oil-producing countries was lifted.
1990 - The U.S. lifted economic sanctions against Nicaragua.
1991 - Exxon paid $1 billion in fines and for the clean-up of the Alaskan oil spill.
1997 - Sister Nirmala was chosen by India's Missionaries of Charity to succeed Mother Teresa as leader of the Catholic order.
2003 - Japan sent a destroyer to the Sea of Japan amid reports that North Korea was planning to test an intermediate-range ballistic missile.

World News

UN deploys peacekeepers to S. Sudan
Press TV - Hundreds of UN peacekeepers have been deployed to a volatile state in South Sudan before an expected government offensive against a militant group in the country.... “We are expecting a military operation against David Yau Yau to happen quite soon,” UNMISS chief Hilde Johnson said, adding, “If the military operations start… we will have to be present on the ground to protect civilians to the maximum extent possible.”

China offers Pakistan loan for IP project
Press TV - China has offered Pakistan a USD-500-million loan to complete its joint gas pipeline project with Iran, despite threats by the United States to impose sanctions against Islamabad.

VIDEO: EU utterly confused over Press TV bans
Press TV - The European Union (EU) officials are utterly perplexed following the bloc’s imposition of travel ban and financial restrictions against two senior directors of Press TV. On Tuesday, the European bloc blacklisted Press TV CEO Mohammad Sarafraz and Newsroom Director Hamid Reza Emadi for airing a 10-second interview with Iranian-Canadian journalist, Maziar Bahari, in 2009 following post-election riots in Iran.

Oregano Oil Is A Health Hazard Says Health Canada - Health Canada, the same agency who raids Naturopathic Doctors and insists natural supplements are drugs, is once again declaring war on the natural health products (NHP) industry by stating that carvacrol, an ingredient at relatively high levels in oregano oil, is toxic to humans.

VIDEO: Unreal Combat Footage Shot From Syrian Government Tank Shows Complete Devastation
Business Insider - The footage below, uploaded to YouTube by the U.K.’s Channel 4, gives a startling glimpse into the Syrian war from an unusual perspective — the turret of a Syrian government tank. The video shows Darya, a suburb of Damascus, nearly devastated with the Syrian regime patrolling and shooting at rebel positions.

US threatens Pakistan with sanctions over Iran gas pipeline
RT - The US has threatened Islamabad with sanctions over Pakistan’s partnership with Iran to construct a section of a gas pipeline. Washington said that the much-delayed $7.5-billion project violates sanctions on Iran, a claim denied by Pakistan.

EMF on trial: Australia and Israel cases may be precedent-setting - Over the past two weeks, there have been two interesting court cases regarding the health effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Although these cases aren’t as precedent setting as the Italian court case that affirmed tumor risk from long-term use of a cell phone, they are raising awareness of EMF as a health concern.

Latin American Communities Fight to Protect Heirloom Seeds From Monsanto
Waking Times - In small Latin American countries, such as Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, most farmers do not know the pros and cons of using genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Many do not even know what GMO means. But Monsanto is changing all of this with an aggressive strategy to expand internationally, threatening many varieties of natural corn seed available throughout this region.

Hogwash Update - Latest Number Of Floating Chinese Pigs: 5,916 And Rising Fast
Zero Hedge - The Shanghai municipal government said in an online announcement that 5,916 swine carcasses had been retrieved from Huangpu River by 3 p.m. Tuesday, but added that municipal water remains safe." At what point will the dead pigs begin to pose a health challenge? 10,000? 100,000? What is the maximum Chinese Surgeon General RDA of dead pig in one's drinking water?

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Michigan Senate Votes 37-0 to Defeat NDAA
Activist Post - In a vote of 37-0 (1 absent), the Michigan Senate joined the growing list of of states and municipalities throughout America in passing their version of the Liberty Preservation Act, released by the Tenth Amendment Center. Senate Bill 94 (SB94) now proceeds to the Michigan State House.

No medals for drone pilots: Hagel puts a hold on cyberwarfare award
RT - Only two weeks into his role as the head of the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the DoD to stop production on a medal that would have been awarded military drone pilots.

YouTube: Rand Paul: Time To Bring Troops Home, Cut Foreign Aid, And Fix Entitlements
CNN's Situation Room 3/11/2013 - Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) urged that the United States bring its troops home from a costly war in Afghanistan, cut foreign aid especially to potentially hostile countries like Egypt, and take serious steps towards reforming entitlements and the tax code.

VIDEO: Democrats, Republicans and NRA work together on gun confiscation
Kurt Nimmo - According to sources cited by, the “NRA is cutting back room deals to centralize gun owner data collection into the Obama/Holder massive government data base.” Republicans are working with Democrats to pass legislation that will require records be kept on all gun sales and also move to streamline and improve the database.

Kentucky: Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Passes House, Heads to Governor for Signature - Last week, Senate Bill 150 passed in the Kentucky House of Representatives by an overwhelming 90-6 vote. Sponsored by state Senator Brandon Smith (R-30), SB 150 is critical to your inherent right to self-defense as it eliminates several discriminatory and arbitrary provisions in Kentucky’s current concealed carry laws that may prevent you from obtaining a Concealed Deadly Weapons License (CDWL).

California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms
Bloomberg - Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying 40-caliber Glock pistols, nine California Justice Department agents assembled outside a ranch-style house in a suburb east of Los Angeles. They were looking for a gun owner who’d recently spent two days in a mental hospital.... California is the only state that tracks and disarms people with legally registered guns who have lost the right to own them, according to Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Idaho House approves bill to make gun confiscation a criminal offense
Mikael Thalen - H.B. 219, or the “Idaho Federal Firearm, Magazine and Register Ban Enforcement Act,” approved Monday 55 – 13, could bring fines of up to $1,000 and a year jail time to any local officials who engage in confiscation, including assistance in such acts with any federal agents.

NYPD program patrols inside private buildings; residents say they're unfairly stopped
Fox News - New York Police Department officers are patrolling inside private apartment buildings in a program known as Operation Clean Halls. The program has been lauded by some residents who say they feel safer but vilified by others who say they're being harassed at home. Many complain they're illegally stopped and arrested.

School Calls Cops Over Water Pistol; Vows To Track Down Owner Using Surveillance Cams
Steve Watson - School officials are now on the hunt for the culprit who brought the water pistol on to school grounds. “You can’t take any of that stuff lightly today,” Superintendent DeRuosi said, adding that state of the art surveillance cameras that were recently installed as part of the school’s renovation, will help track down the student responsible, and allow officials to hold him or her responsible for such a heinous action.

YouTube: Ben Swann Interviews Ron Paul About His Upcoming Homeschool Event In Cincinnati
Ben Swann talks to Dr. Ron Paul about his upcoming keynote address at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, April 6, 2013.

Young girl scout petitions for GMO-free cookies, setting example for children
(NaturalNews) A young Orange County, California girl scout, Alicia Serratos, has started a petition to stop making Girl Scout cookies with GMO ingredients. Although the source article for this story had the petition signature count at 100, as of this writing on Sunday night, March 10, 2013, the signature count was 1,000.

Election News

Online poll: Rand Paul the conservative pick for president in 2016
Daily Caller - Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is leading an online poll being conducted by Contract From America as the conservative pick for president in 2016. With 190,000 votes cast as of Monday morning, Paul leads, with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio rounding out the top three. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are running in last place, ranked 32 and 31 respectively.


Which 'Patriotic' US Companies 'Invested' The Most Cash Overseas Last Year?
Zero Hedge - A Wall Street Journal analysis of 60 big U.S. companies found that, together, they parked a total of $166 billion offshore last year. That shielded more than 40% of their annual profits from U.S. taxes, though it left the money off-limits for paying dividends, buying back shares or making investments in the U.S.

47 Reasons the IRS Is Unprepared to Enforce Obamacare
Americans for Tax Reform - The GAO reports that the IRS has 47 different taxes and regulations it must enforce under Obamacare. They're not ready.

AUDIO: Sen. Ted Cruz: "I Will Use 'Any Procedural Means Necessary' To Force Vote on Defunding Obamacare
CNS News - When the U.S. Senate this week takes up the continuing resolution to fund the federal government for the remainder of fiscal year 2013, Sen. Ted Cruz (R.-Texas) will offer an amendment that will prohibit funding for the implementation of Obamacare during that period.

With Twinkies Set To Return, Ebay "Collectible" Buyers Get Harsh Lesson In US Bankruptcy Law
Zero Hedge - Remember when greed-stricken Capitalist eBay'ers bid a single-Twinkie up to $8000.00? It appears our rather prescient note that they may regret not comprehending the US bankruptcy process was spot on as NBC News reports that the new owners of the Hostess Brand "look forward to having America's favorite snacks back on the shelf by this summer."

Veteran News

Veterans Waiting more than a Year for Benefits have Grown from 11,000 to 245,000 under Obama - Barack Obama promised before he became president to revamp veterans affairs so that fewer of America’s wounded warriors would have to wait upwards of a year for their benefits. Instead, the number of those waiting for help from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has exploded by 2,000%.

Housing Market

Philadelphia jury acquits 12 Wells Fargo protesters in “Citizens' Foreclosure"’ - Defendants claimed they were staging a “Citizens’ Foreclosure” on the bank for engaging in discriminatory lending and sapping millions of dollars from the School District of Philadelphia. After viewing video of the protest and hearing defendants’ testimony, a jury found all 12 defendants not guilty on charges of conspiracy and trespassing.


'Clear Association' That Xanax, Valium, and Other Benzodiazepines Cause Dementia: Study
Dr. Mercola - Among adults over 65, those who used benzodiazepines were 50 percent more likely to develop dementia over a 15-year period.2 This was true even when taking into account other factors that might increase dementia risk, such as age, gender and diabetes.

Sugar is the main cause of Type II diabetes, not other factors
(NaturalNews) The precise connection between sugar intake, obesity, and Type II diabetes has been a hotly-debated point of contention in the scientific community for many years. But new research published in the open-access journal PLoS One appears to have made a significant breakthrough on the subject, as it pinpoints sugar intake as a primary cause of Type II diabetes, independent of other factors such as obesity and being overweight.

Will New Changes to Autism Diagnosis Leave Your Child in the Cold While Filling Big Pharma’s Pockets? - Changes in the new DSM 5 for the criteria of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) could mean a high percentage of children currently diagnosed with autism, as per the DSM 4, could lose their diagnosis. Professionals are worried that the change in criteria will put many autistic children at considerable risk.

Omega-3 supplements can prevent skin cancer
(NaturalNews) An omega-3 fish oil dietary supplement could reduce your risk of skin cancer, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Manchester and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Mango's health benefits include heart health, anemia prevention, detoxing and healthy skin
(NaturalNews) Mangos have been used for centuries as medicine and food. The mango fruit contains vitamins A, C and D along with beta-carotene. In Unani medicine, mangos are used to remove toxins, treat anemia, and heal the nervous system.

Action Alert! Dairy Industry Tries to Hide Artificial Sweeteners in School Lunches
ANH - Aspartame is already allowed in your kids’ milk. Now they want to erase it from the labels. The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) are petitioning the FDA to let them remove any reference to non-nutritive sweeteners, mainly aspartame, from milk labels in school lunches.

VIDEO: Autistic Children Significantly More Social When Pets Are Around: Study
Activist Post - A PLOS One study published in late February found that animals, versus toys only, provide a profound social medium in helping autistic children interact with peers.

Folate and vitamin B12 treat schizophrenia symptoms
(NaturalNews) In a new placebo-controlled study of 140 patients with schizophrenia, a research team based at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) found improvement across all participants when folate and B12 were added to their regular treatments. But the results were most significant in those carrying specific variants in genes involved with folate metabolism.

Science & Technology

FDA Now Censoring Consumer Free Speech on the Internet
ANH - The US Food and Drug Administration has recently issued warning letters to two different supplement companies. Here is what triggered one of them: supplement company AMARC Enterprises “liked” a Facebook customer testimonial about how their product helped “keep cancer at bay.” FDA says this means AMARC made a disease claim. Note that the customer did not even say that the product cured cancer, just that it helped keep the customer free of cancer.

Massive Mosquitoes 20x Normal Size Coming to US
Natural Society - Super-sized aggressive mosquitoes with a ‘stabbing’ bite are set to be unleashed across Florida this summer, bringing misery for thousands of residents. ...the floodwater mosquito is nearly 20 times its normal-sized cousins, can strike either day or night, its eggs can lie dormant for years – and the mosquito might even be tolerant to repellants. And it’s all thanks to recent storms flooding coastal areas of the sunshine state, which paved the way for the mega-sized biters to call Florida their home.

Artists Recreates Strangers’ Faces From Discarded DNA On NYC’s Streets - You’ve been leaving yourself everywhere. For her ongoing project Stranger Visions, Heather Dewey-Hagborg culls discarded DNA (in the form of cigarette butts, chewed gum, et cetera) from the New York sidewalk and then uses a 3D printer to create sculpture portraits based on the genetic information. A reminder that we may soon need to guard our DNA tightly? OpenSource No-TakeDown 3D Printing Search Engine
Daily Paul - Cody Strikes Back! Changing the World, One Search, One Download at a Time.

Could A Drone Take You Shopping In The Future?
CBS Detroit - These are not military drones, but they do come from the same technology. And Rimanelli hopes to turn the former City Airport into the drone capital of the United States by leveraging the technology and skills in Detroit to design, develop and build drones. ...drones could be scaled up for package pick-up and delivery and even passenger taxis, along with smaller ones for search-and-rescue, border patrol, tower and high-tension line inspection, etc.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Tell Congress to Dump the Monsanto Rider
Center for Food Safety - The biotech industry has quietly inserted a dangerous policy rider into the Continuing Resolution (CR) now being debated on the Senate floor. This dangerous rider was not included in the House-passed CR, and we are extremely disappointed to see that the Senate has included it. Though wrapped in a “farmer-friendly” package, this Monsanto-driven rider is simply a biotech industry ploy to continue to plant GE crops even when a court of law has found they were approved illegally.

Moon planting: The art of gardening in accord with lunar cycles
(NaturalNews) Moon planting (also called moon gardening) is a holistic form of gardening in which the gardener plants his or her vegetables and flowers in accordance with moon phases.... The essence of moon planting is that different plants seem to grow better when they are planted during different moon phases, since the moon phases affect the rising and falling of water - including moisture in the ground and in the plants - through its magnetic pull.

Pet News

VIDEO: Obamacare May Bite You At The Vet’s Office
CBS Miami - Pet owners listen up: You may want to start saving more money for veterinarian care this year. The reason goes all the way back to Washington and an unintended consequence from medical reform. Dog owner Lori Heiselman was surprised where her veterinarian posted a warning on Facebook. The notice read: “Because medical equipment and supplies will be going up in cost, that extra expense will have to passed on to the customers.”

Jones Natural Chew Recalls Woofers Dog Treat
Susan Thixton - Jones Natural Chews Co of Rockford, IL is recalling 245 boxes of Woofers (beef patties) because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Beneful, Nutro and Blue Buffalo Complaints to FDA
Susan Thixton - Many reports of sick pets have been published of late - reporting three different pet foods are linked to hundreds of sick pets. Questions were sent to FDA, here is their response...

Today in History - Tuesday -  March 12, 2013
1755 - In North Arlington, NJ, the steam engine was used for the first time.
1789 - The U.S. Post Office was established.
1809 - Britain signed a treaty with Persia forcing the French to leave the country.
1884 - The State of Mississippi authorized the first state-supported college for women. It was called the Mississippi Industrial Institute and College.
1863 - President Jefferson Davis delivered his State of the Confederacy address.
1894 - Coca-Cola was sold in bottles for the first time.
1904 - After 30 years of drilling, the tunnel under the Hudson River was completed. The link was between Jersey City, NJ, and New York, NY.
1909 - The British Parliament increased naval appropriations for Britain.
1909 - Three U.S. warships were ordered to Nicaragua to stem the conflict with El Salvador.
1911 - Dr. Fletcher of Rockefeller Institute discovered the cause of infantile paralysis.
1912 - The Girl Scout organization was founded. The original name was Girl Guides.
1933 - President Paul von Hindenburg dropped the flag of the German Republic and ordered that the swastika and empire banner be flown side by side.
1933 - U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt presented his first presidential address to the nation. It was the first of the "Fireside Chats."
1940 - Finland surrendered to Russia ending the Russo-Finnish War.
1944 - Britain barred all travel to Ireland.
1947 - U.S. President Truman established the "Truman Doctrine" to help Greece and Turkey resist Communism.
1959 - The U.S. House joined the U.S. Senate in approving the statehood of Hawaii.
1985 - Former U.S. President Richard M. Nixon announced that he planned to drop Secret Service protection and hire his own bodyguards in an effort to lower the deficit by $3 million.
1989 - About 2,500 veterans and supporters marched at the Art Institute of Chicago to demand that officials remove an American flag placed on the floor as part of an exhibit.
1993 - In the U.S., the Pentagon called for the closure of 31 major military bases.
1993 - Janet Reno was sworn in as the first female U.S. attorney general.
1994 - The Church of England ordained its first women priests.
1998 - Astronomers cancelled a warning that a mile-wide asteroid might collide with Earth saying that calculations had been off by 600,000 miles.
1999 - Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic became members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). All three countries were members of the former Warsaw Pact.
2002 - U.S. homeland security chief Tom Ridge unveiled a color-coded system for terror warnings.
2002 - Conoco and Phillips Petroleum stockholders approved a proposed merger worth $15.6 billion.
2003 - In Utah, Elizabeth Smart was reunited with her family nine months after she was abducted from her home. She had been taken on June 5, 2002, by a drifter that had previously worked at the Smart home.
2003 - The U.S. Air Force announced that it would resume reconnaissance flights off the coast of North Korea. The flights had stopped on March 2 after an encounter with four armed North Korean jets.
2009 - It was announced that the Sear Tower in Chicago, IL, would be renamed Willis Tower.

World News

UN accuses NKorea of rights violations
Press TV - Marzuki Darusman presented a report at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Monday over the rights situation in North Korea, citing cases of rights violations there. It came after reports said that the European Union and Japan circulated a resolution draft, backed by the United States, at the UNHRC in Geneva on Friday. It called for a formal commission of inquiry for a year to probe Pyongyang’ human rights situation.

Afghan villagers want US forces out
Press TV - The villagers accuse the US Special Forces and their Afghan partners of intimidation through unprovoked beatings, mass arrests, and forced detentions, The Associated Press reported on Monday.

German Air Force plans to leave West Texas post - Reorganization of the German Air Force means the overseas troops will leave a West Texas post after a relationship spanning nearly 60 years.... Col. Heinz-Josef Ferkinghoff says operations will be moved to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico where Germany already has a flight training center. The German Air Defense Center will return to Germany within five years.

US Drones bombing Africa operated from RAF bases in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside
Daily Mail - An RAF base in Britain is being used by America in its controversial drone warfare campaign, it was claimed last night. Documents seen by The Mail on Sunday reveal that the United States has established a drone ‘operations centre’ in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside which could be used to co-ordinate attacks in the Middle East and Africa.

Senate bill would waive visa requirement for Israelis - Lawmakers seek to exempt Israel from rule on non-immigrant refusal rate, paving way for easier entry into US.... The bill, introduced by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) in time for last week’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee annual policy conference, mandates the inclusion of Israel in a program that allows citizens of designated countries to enter the United States without a prearranged visa.

Obama to visit Church of Nativity, Iron Dome to be moved to airport for photo-op - Bethlehem church recently recognized by UN as Palestinian World Heritage site; ream of about 50 people, including diplomats, security personnel and White House Representatives, landed in Israel on Sunday evening ahead of the U.S. president's arrival on March 20, met top-ranking Israeli officials to prep for visit.

2,800 pigs dumped in Shanghai river raises concern
AP - A surge in the dumping of dead pigs upstream from Shanghai - with more than 2,800 carcasses floating into the financial hub through Monday - has followed a police campaign to curb the illicit trade in sick pig parts. The effort to keep infected pork off dinner tables may be fueling new health fears, as Shanghai residents and local media fret over the possibility of contamination to the city's water supply, though authorities say no contamination has been detected.

Biggest Bavarian brewer bans GM from beer - Germany's biggest beer company - Bavarian brewery Oettinger – has begun producing beer free from genetically modified ingredients, it was reported on Monday. The move was in response to requests made by consumers for more transparency from the brewery, owner and CEO Dirk Kollmar said.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

DHS To Purchase MORE Firearms As Arms Build-Up Intensifies
Paul Joseph Watson - Just days after announcing a 5-year, $4.5 million contract with Heckler & Koch, the Department of Homeland Security has released details of an identical agreement with weapons manufacturer Sig Sauer, as Forbes publishes an article calling for a “national conversation” about the DHS arms build-up that has been dismissed by the media as a conspiracy theory.

Forbes: 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It's Time For A National Conversation
Forbes - If Obama doesn’t show any leadership on this matter it’s an opportunity for Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, to summon Secretary Napolitano over for a little national conversation. Madame Secretary? Buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammo and deploying armored personnel carriers runs contrary, in every way, to what “homeland security” really means. Discuss.

Colorado Sheriffs: Senate Dems. Threatening Pay Freezes Over Gun Control Opposition
Steve Watson - Sheriffs in Colorado have accused Senate Democrats of threatening to withhold pay raises as payback for the law enforcers’ opposition to multiple draconian gun control bills currently making their way through the legislature.

Another OK City Bombing: Establishment Media Ramps Up Fear of Patriots
Kurt Nimmo - No word yet if the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department will act on a letter sent on March 5 by the Southern Poverty Law Center to Attorney General Holder and DHS boss Napolitano. The letter calls for the government to get serious about cracking down on “extremist groups” before another Oklahoma City bombing takes the nation by surprise.

The Department of Justice Did NOT Disclaim Murder of Americans by Drone
Washington’s Blog - A memo leaked to the press shows that the Administration has adopted a virtual limitless definition of imminence: “The condition that an operational leader present an ‘imminent’ threat of violent attack against the United States does not require the United States to have clear evidence that a specific attack on U.S. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future.”

Second Drone Spotted Over New York?
Paul Joseph Watson - For the second time within a week, police are investigating reports of an unmanned drone spotted flying over New York within three miles of LaGuardia Airport.

Court curbs Homeland Security laptop searches at U.S. border
Washington Times - A federal appeals court on Friday said Customs and Border Protection officers cannot confiscate or download every laptop or electronic device brought into the U.S., ruling that people have an expectation their data are private and that the government must have “reasonable suspicion” before it starts to do any intensive snooping.

VIDEO: Judge halts mayor's soda ban, calls it 'arbitrary and capricious'
NY Post - Before the stunning ruling by New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling, restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues, convenience stores and other places regulated by the city's health department would have been prohibited -- starting tomorrow -- from selling sugary drinks of more than 16 ounces. Tingling permanently stopped the city from enforcing the ban.


60% of Americans have given up on saving for retirement - That’s the alarming conclusion in a new report from the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, which found that 60% of preretirees believe health care costs will consume their savings no matter how much they save. Similarly, 39% believe investment returns won’t be high enough to provide decent retirement income regardless of how much they manage to put away.

Veteran News

AUDIO: Homeless Houston Veteran Cited for Dumpster Diving in Search for Food - Scouring for his next meal in a dumpster downtown, a homeless man is ticketed by Houston Police. Now, opponents point to the citation as validation of arguments against the city’s homeless feeding ordinance.
Related Articles:
 * Food Sharing Ordinance In Houston Takes Effect
 * Homeless Feeding Ordinance Passes During Houston City Council Meeting
 * City Of Houston Considers New Regulations For Feeding Homeless

Energy & Environment

Louisiana Governor to visit Assumption Parish sinkhole - Gov. Bobby Jindal confirmed he'll be traveling to Bayou Corne next week to view an enormous sinkhole and to push Texas Brine to finalize buyouts for the roughly 350 residents surrounding the slurry area. Jindal made the announcement after meeting with Assumption Parish representatives in Baton Rouge on Monday.
 * Related Article/Audio: Brockovich: Residents near giant sinkhole need to get out

4.7 quake rattles Southern California
Press TV - A 4.7-magnitude earthquake rattled Southern California Monday and was followed by at least 100 aftershocks, seismologists said. The 7-mile-deep temblor, initially reported to be a 5.2-magnitude shaker before being downgraded by the U.S. Geological Survey, was centered near Anza in Riverside County. The Los Angeles Times reported the quake was felt across a wide region, from downtown Los Angeles to Mexico.


Obama agency rules Pepsi's use of aborted fetal cells in soft drinks constitutes 'ordinary business operations' - The Obama Administration has given its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizing the services of a company that produces flavor chemicals for the beverage giant using aborted human fetal tissue.

Green Tea Changes Estrogen Metabolism and Breast Cancer Risk
Green Med Info - New research from the U.S. National Institutes of Health shows that the biochemicals in green tea change a women’s estrogen metabolism, revealing at least one of its mechanisms for reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Fertility Destroying Chemical Added To Tap, Milk, Salt
Green Med Info - Fluoride is promoted above good nutrition as a 'therapeutic' chemical necessary to prevent cavities, but it lowers IQ, calcifies the pineal gland and harms fertility, among a wide range of other adverse health effects.

Health Benefits of Pecans - Over 7 Reasons to Enjoy this Tree Nut
Natural Society - One of the most popular tree nuts, pecans have many benefits to offer. Health benefits of pecans include reducing heart disease risk to preventing cancer.

Parsley Health Benefits: Growing Your Own Medicine
Natural Society - Parsley health benefits range from promoting bone health to protecting the body against free radical damage. Excitingly, growing parsley is super easy!

He Had Bypass Surgery, But Died from the Antidepressant
Gaia Health - Doctors routinely prescribe antidepressants after cardiac bypass surgeries. There’s no consideration for their adverse effects, nor do they consider that depression after such surgery is a reasonable emotion, nor do they bother to consider whether a patient actually is depressed. Larry, a happy-go-lucky man, died of the practice.... According to Larry’s family, following the later prescription for Valdoxan and Xanax, he became manic, unable to function; the simplest of tasks became mammoth. He behaved bizarrely.

How medicine is killing us all: Antibiotics, superbugs and the next global pandemic
(NaturalNews) The global abuse of antibiotics and the rise of drug-resistant superbugs has become an urgent issue of survival for the human race, and even mainstream medical experts are now describing microbiological doomsday scenarios if the situation isn't reversed. As The Guardian reported today: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria with the potential to cause untreatable infections pose "a catastrophic threat" to the population, the chief medical officer for Britain warns in a report calling for urgent action worldwide.

America Has Higher Rate of "Death from All Causes" than 16 Other Nations
Natural Society - Based on recent findings, Americans are sicker and have a higher chance of dying from all causes than people living in 16 other developed nations.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

When and How to Plant Potatoes
Mother Earth News - Potatoes are one of the easiest crops you can grow, and early spring is the time to get them in the ground. By growing your own, you can enjoy all kinds of tasty varieties that you aren’t likely to find in any grocery store. Here’s what to do.

Today in History - Monday -  March 11, 2013
1702 - The Daily Courant, the first regular English newspaper was published.
1824 - The U.S. War Department created the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Seneca Indian Ely Parker became the first Indian to lead the Bureau.
1847 - John Chapman 'Johnny Appleseed' died in Allen County, Indiana. This day became known as Johnny Appleseed Day.
1861 - A Confederate Convention was held in Montgomery, Alabama, where a new constitution was adopted.
1865 - Union General William Sherman and his forces occupied Fayetteville, NC.
1867 - In Hawaii, the volcano Great Mauna Loa erupted.
1901 - U.S. Steel was formed when industrialist J.P. Morgan purchased Carnegie Steep Corp. The event made Andrew Carnegie the world's richest man.
1907 - In Bulgaria, Premier Nicolas Petkov was killed by an anarchist.
1909 - The first gold medal to a perfect-score bowler was awarded to A.C. Jellison by the American Bowling Congress.
1927 - Samuel Roxy Rothafel opened the famous Roxy Theatre in New York City.
1927 - The Flatheads Gang stole $104,250 in the first armored-car robbery near Pittsburgh, PA.
1930 - U.S. President Howard Taft became the first U.S. president to be buried in the National Cemetery in Arlington, VA.
1935 - The German Air Force became an official organ of the Reich.
1941 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the Lend-Lease Act, which authorized the act of providing war supplies to the Allies.
1946 - Communists and Nationalists began fighting as the Soviets pulled out of Mukden, Manchuria.
1946 - Pravda denounced Winston Churchill as anti-Soviet and a warmonger.
1964 - U.S. Senator Carl Hayden broke the record for continuous service in the U.S. Senate. He had worked 37 years and seven days.
1965 - The American navy began inspecting Vietnamese junks in an effort to end arms smuggling to the South.
1965 - The Rev. James J. Reeb, a white minister from Boston, died after being beaten by whites during a civil rights disturbances in Selma, Alabama.
1966 - Three men were convicted of the murder of Malcolm X.
1969 - Levi-Strauss started selling bell-bottomed jeans.
1977 - More than 130 hostages held in Washington, DC, by Hanafi Muslims were freed after ambassadors from three Islamic nations joined the negotiations.
1985 - Mikhail Gorbachev was named the new chairman of the Soviet Communist Party.
1988 - A cease-fire was declared in the war between Iran and Iraq.
1990 - Lithuania declared its independence from the Soviet Union. It was the first Soviet republic to break away from Communist control.
1992 - Former U.S. President Nixon said that the Bush administration was not giving enough economic aid to Russia.
1993 - Janet Reno was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate to become the first female attorney general.
1993 - North Korea withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty refusing to open sites for inspection.
1997 - An explosion at a nuclear waste reprocessing plant caused 35 workers to be exposed to low levels of radioactivity. The incident was the worst in Japan's history.
1998 - The International Astronomical Union issued an alert that said that a mile-wide asteroid could come very close to, and possibly hit, Earth on Oct. 26, 2028. The next day NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced that there was no chance the asteroid would hit Earth.
2002 - Two columns of light were pointed skyward from ground zero in New York as a temporary memorial to the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
2003 - Fort Drum, NY, 11 troops were killed and two were injured during a training mission when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed.
2004 - In Madrid, Spain, several coordinated bombing attacks on commuter trains killed at least 190 people and injured more than 2,000.

NOTE: LIVE NOW - Fukishima hearing being held by the Helen Caldicott Foundation NOW - Live coverage March 11 -12, 2013 9:00am to 6:15pm EST (both days)
Website of The Helen Caldicott Foundation:

World News

Afghan Leader Alleges U.S., Taliban Colluding - Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday criticised the Taliban for holding daily talks with the United States as they also launch suicide attacks that kill civilians and children. The Islamist militants deny re-opening talks after they broke off tentative contact with the US in Qatar in March last year due to failed attempts to negotiate a prisoner exchange.

US, Afghan forces clash in Wardak
Press TV - US Special Forces and Afghan police exchange fire in Afghanistan's eastern province of Wardak, with immediate reports putting the death toll from the clash at five. The fatalities include at least two US soldiers and three Afghan policemen in what has been described as an "insider attack."

US, UK and France training Syrian rebels in Jordan - reports
RT - Foreign instructors are training Syrian rebels in modern warfare in Jordan, suggest media reports from Europe. Sources claim the trainees will be the security force if Assad goes, while the combat skills they are being taught distort the picture.

Nigerian troops kill 52 militants
Press TV - Nigerian security forces say they have killed 52 members of the Boko Haram militant group, and also arrested 70 of them. The militants had been killed over 10 days of fighting in the northeastern Borno state, Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa, spokesman for the Nigerian military's Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno state, said on Saturday.

South Korea, US begin joint military drills amid warnings from North
Press TV - The United States and South Korea have launched their annual joint military exercises near the Korean Peninsula despite warnings from North Korea. Following the start of the week-long drills on Monday, Pyongyang cut off its hotline with Seoul.

YouTube: Ron Paul: Spirit of Liberty Lives in Canada - 2013 Manning Networking Conference
Former Congressman Ron Paul speaks at the 2013 Manning Networking Conference.

Mexico is going to organize an audit of their gold stored at the Bank of England
The Real Asset - Financial journalist Guillermo Barba, writes that that the Mexican Superior Audit of the Federation (“ASF” in Spanish) has made an official ‘recommendation’ that the Bank of Mexico “should “make a physical inspection with the counterparty that has the gold under its custody, in order to be able to verify and validate its physical wholeness and the compliance with the terms and conditions of dealing with this Asset…” It was verified by the ASF that this has never been done by Banxico.”

US-British Al Qaeda Airlift: 3,000 Tons of Weapons Fuel Syria’s Destruction
Tony Cartalucci - The US and Britain have already been arming terrorists operating in Syria for some time, including a massive airlift of 3,000 tons of weapons, sent across Syria’s borders with Jordan and NATO-member Turkey.

China Says It Won’t Forsake North Korea, Despite Support for U.N. Sanctions
NY Times - China’s foreign minister said Saturday that Beijing would not abandon North Korea, reiterating China’s longstanding position that dialogue, not sanctions, is the best way to persuade the North to abandon its nuclear weapons.

VIDEO: Spain takes to streets in tens of thousands against unemployment, economic scandals
RT - Tens of thousands of demonstrators are marching in dozens of Spanish cities to protest record unemployment rates and the government’s handling of the economic and corruption scandals. It comes just after Spain’s jobless figure hit the 5 million mark.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

UPDATE: Number Of U.S. Gun Makers Refusing Sales To Gov't In 'Firearms Equality Movement' Triples In Two Weeks
CNS News - On February 22, "Right Views" reported that a growing number of firearm companies have suspended the sale of guns to states, counties, cities and municipalities that restrict their citizens' rights to own them. In just two weeks, the number of companies participating in what has been named the "Firearms Equality Movement," has more than tripled from 34 companies to 118.

Gabby Giffords's Husband Buys AR-15
Breitbart - Mark E. Kelly, gun-control proponent and husband to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, recently purchased an AR-15 (an "assault weapon," he called it)—which he now says he intended as an illustration of the need for more stringent gun laws.

Boy Stops Murder Plot With Gun; National Media Ignores Story
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones - Here’s another pro-second amendment story that you will never see on the major news networks – a Texas boy who watched his sister and mother being raped during a home invasion by two men who later abandoned a plan to murder the three victims was able to grab a handgun and send the two individuals fleeing.

TSA screeners allow fed agent with fake bomb to pass through security at Newark Airport
NY Post - An undercover TSA inspector with an improvised explosive device stuffed in his pants got past two security screenings at Newark Airport — including a pat-down — and was cleared to get on board a commercial flight, sources told The Post yesterday.

VIDEO: NYPD Cop Hits Supreme Court Judge In The Throat
Liberty Crier - A New York state Supreme Court Judge got a taste of what it’s like on the other side of the law after being attacked by a police officer while standing on the sidelines of the scene of a crime.

80,000 US prisoners in isolation units
Press TV - An estimated 80,000 American prisoners spend 23 hours a day in closed isolation units for 10, 20 or even more than 30 years, according to a report by NPR. Amid growing evidence that solitary confinement causes mental breakdown, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has decided for the first time to review its policies on solitary confinement, the report said.

YouTube: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/11/13: On Rand's Filibuster and the Growth of Executive Power
Full transcript coming soon!

Air Force removes remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) airstrike number from summary - As scrutiny and debate over the use of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) by the American military increased last month, the Air Force reversed a policy of sharing the number of airstrikes launched from RPAs in Afghanistan and quietly scrubbed those statistics from previous releases kept on their website.

Maine joins 29 other states considering legislation to restrict police use of drones
Activist Post - The legislation in Maine, which is waiting on a vote in the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, seems similar to that being considered in other states in that it “would limit the ability of state and local police to use drones and require a warrant before the unmanned vehicles are deployed in an investigation” according to the Portland Press Herald.

Brennan takes oath on draft Constitution—without Bill of Rights
Yahoo! News - Hours after CIA Director John Brennan took the oath of office—behind closed doors, far away from the press, perhaps befitting his status as America's top spy—the White House took pains to emphasize the symbolism of the ceremony.

VIDEO: The New Super Brochure "The Right to Bear Arms." is here! Help STOP Gun Control NOW!
Daily Paul - Over the next few months, Super Brochures will be going out across the country. For the first time, people in the comfort of their own homes will learn about important issues like the SAFE ACT or U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. They will see the anti-gun statue in front of the U.N. building and take the pledge to protect the 2nd Amendment.

South Dakota Backs Guns in Class for Teachers
NY Times - South Dakota became the first state in the nation to enact a law explicitly authorizing school employees to carry guns on the job, under a measure signed into law on Friday by Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

VIDEO: Armed Protesters "Swarm The State Capitol" In Olympia Washington
Daily Paul - March 09, 2013 KONG TV News. Link to article.

Michigan Elementary School Confiscates “Insensitive” Cupcakes
Activist Post - Why? you may be asking yourself. Oh my gosh, were the cupcakes poisoned? Were there razor blades baked inside of them, fiendishly awaiting the opportunity to cut little mouths? No. It’s WORSE. They had plastic green army guys on them.

School now offering counseling to kids upset by strawberry-tart gun!
Jon Rappoport - First, a teacher at the Park Elementary School in Baltimore flips out, because 7-year-old Josh Welch bites his strawberry tart, trying to make it look like a mountain—but it ends up looking (sort of) like a gun.... Now, an assistant principal at the school has sent a letter to parents offering counseling to kids who may have been upset by the incident. I kid you not.

‘Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act’ proposed in Maryland
Daily Caller - A Maryland state senator has crafted a bill to curb the zeal of public school officials who are tempted to suspend students as young as kindergarten for having things — or talking about things, or eating things — that represent guns, but aren’t actually anything like real guns.

VIDEO: 80 Percent Of Recent NYC High School Graduates Cannot Read
CBS New York - Nearly 80 percent of New York City high school graduates need to relearn basic skills before they can enter the City University’s community college system.... In sheer numbers it means that nearly 11,000 kids who got diplomas from city high schools needed remedial courses to re-learn the basics.

'It is a scam': Judge rejects Elmwood speed cameras - In a scathing ruling Thursday, a Hamilton County judge found that the village ordinance that allowed Elmwood Place to install the controversial cameras is invalid and unenforceable.

Whole Foods announces mandatory GMO labeling by 2018; here's how it happened
(NaturalNews) In a huge victory for the alternative media and grassroots activism, Whole Foods announced on Friday that it would require GMO labels on all products by 2018.


The Chart That Proves That The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment
Economic Collapse - The mainstream media is absolutely giddy that the U.S. unemployment rate has hit a "four-year low" of 7.7 percent. But is unemployment in the United States actually going down?

Fed Injects Record $100 Billion Cash Into Foreign Banks Operating In The US In Past Week
Zero Hedge - As the most recent H.8 statement makes very clear, soared from $836 billion to a near-record $936 billion, or a $99.3 billion reserve "reallocation" in the form of cash - very, very fungible cash - into foreign (read European) banks in one week.

New York Stock Exchange prepares disaster backup plan
Reuters - The New York Stock Exchange is readying plans to be able to operate without human traders in case another disaster, such as Superstorm Sandy, forces the shutdown of its historic trading floor in downtown Manhattan, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Demand for Silver Coins Jumps 148%; Investors Start Pouring In - In February 2013, the U.S. Mint reported that it sold almost 3.7 million ounces of silver in coins. In the same period of 2012, it sold 1.49 million ounces of silver. Simple calculation would show that’s an increase of more than 148% in demand for silver coins in one year!

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: The Great “Smart Meters” Hoax
Waking Times - In this eye opening video by renowned Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, you can actually see how low level pulsed microwave radiation causes insects to “jump” off the leaves! Imagine what this can do to your own cells, every hour of the day and night! This is a must watch video to fully understand the implications such technologies have, how they can affect your health if you don’t remove yourself from the source and what the safe alternatives are.


How to heal your gut using everyday spices
(NaturalNews) Here are six everyday spices that can help heal your gut naturally without the need for pharmaceutical drugs:

Pediatricians scolded for over-prescribing antibiotics for children's ear infections
(NaturalNews) In its issuance, AAP advises doctors to basically stop handing out antibiotics like candy, noting that roughly 70 percent of all children who develop ear infections naturally overcome them within about two or three days, and about 80 percent overcome them in about a week. Except in cases involving extreme symptoms, most children with ear infections simply need to get more rest, drink lots of water, and eat nutrient-dense foods that will help boost their immune systems.

Big Food further beds Big Pharma as Nestle acquires 'medical food' labs
(NaturalNews) Nestle, the world's largest food group and the corporation responsible for bringing us all unhealthy processed foods like Coffee-Mate and Lean Cuisine, has apparently decided to take an active role in medical nutrition. According to recent reports, Nestle has been busy buying up companies that produce food specifically for sick and elderly patients, with its latest move in this arena being the buyout of U.S.-based medical foods company Pamlab.

Vaccine industry in panic over global effort to remove all mercury from vaccines
"If Thimerosal was removed from vaccines, worldwide, no doubt neurological issues in new children would nearly vanish for the next generations," writes [consumer advocate Tim] Bolen. "The lawsuits against the industry, despite the existing laws, would never end. And those lawsuits wouldn't just be from individuals -- they'd be from whole countries, states, school districts, you name it. That would be the very blood end of the entire pharmaceutical industry -- probably forever."

Certain organic foods not stored in plastic may still contain BPA, says study
(NaturalNews) A recent study published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology has revealed that BPA and certain other endocrine-disrupting chemicals may still be problematic for health-conscious individuals, and that more regulations are needed to protect the general public from the unseen poisons lurking in the food supply.

YouTube: Government-Funded Study Outlines "Mortality Tests" For Patients
Fox News story on 3/7/2013. Neil Cavuto speaks with Dr. Manny Alvarez about a government funded study outlining a "Mortality Test" for patients.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure Using Drugs May Increase Your Risk of Death, Study Shows
Dr. Mercola - The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, suggests that when it comes to blood pressure medication, less is more. This is another example of using drugs to “Band Aid” a health problem without addressing the underlying cause.

CoQ-10 treats diabetic neuropathy
(NaturalNews) Two separate, recent studies on CoQ-10 were logged into medical journals, one in the U.S. and the other in Iran. The Iranian study was undertaken to determine the possibility of increasing male fertility among those who are infertile. The U.S. study in Miami, Florida demonstrated reduction of diabetic induced neuropathy.

VIDEO: Common Household Chemicals Linked to Human Disease in Landmark UN Study
Dr. Mercola - The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a joint report with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), titled: State of the Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs), which suggests a ban of endocrine disrupting chemicals may be needed to protect the health of future generations.

Science & Technology

Researchers use 3D printer to grow a functioning human ear
(NaturalNews) Scientists from Cornell University have produced the most effective and authentic artificial human ear to date, using a combination of 3-D printing technology and an injectable molds, according to a paper published in the journal PLOS One.

Texas Proposes One Of Nation’s “Most Sweeping” Mobile Privacy Laws - If passed, the new bills would establish a well-defined, probable-cause-driven warrant requirement for all location information. That's not just data from GPS, but potentially pen register, tap and trace, and tower location data as well.... Further, the bills would require an annual transparency report from mobile carriers to the public and to the state government.

Everything We Know About What Data Brokers Know About You - How much do these companies know about individual people? They start with the basics, like names, addresses and contact information, and add on demographics, like age, race, occupation and "education level,"... But that's just the beginning: The companies collect lists of people experiencing "life-event triggers " like getting married, buying a home, sending a kid to college — or even getting divorced.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

YouTube: Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA
[Contains language that some may find objectionable] Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA -- in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to offer some alternative to fast food in a community where "the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys."

Organic Consumer's Association Political Director arrested outside White House over GMO labeling
(NaturalNews) Alexis Badden Mayer of the Organic Consumers Association was arrested March 2 outside the White House, when she attempted to deliver a DVD petition including over 200,000 names. The petition asked Michelle Obama to ask her husband to fulfill a campaign promise to label GMO food products.

20 Places to Find Local Food and Family Farms Near You
Activist Post - 20 Quick Resources to Find Local Food, Farms, Markets, Stands, Co-ops and more!

Pet News

Ivermectin: Use Extreme Caution with This Drug
Dr. Becker - It can bring on untreatable toxicity that crushes neurologic function, expressing itself as weakness or paralysis, balance disorders, and seizures. Discover which dogs are most at risk, what levels are dangerous, and more.

Diggin' Your Dog Recalls Strippin' Chicks Pet Treats Distributed in Colorado and Nevada
Susan Thixton - Diggin' Your Dog™ announced today that they are voluntarily withdrawing one lot of its Strippin' Chicks™ Pet Treats produced on 8-30-12 because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.


Goodness The Harmonica Man - A retired Scottish-born man should have died long ago. But after facing death on more than one occasion, he decided to share his secret to happiness ... music.

Today in History - Friday -  March 8, 2013
1702 - England's Queen Anne took the throne upon the death of King William III.
1782 - The Gnadenhutten massacre took place. About 90 Indians were killed by militiamen in Ohio in retaliation for raids carried out by other Indians.
1853 - The first bronze statue of Andrew Jackson is unveiled in Washington, DC.
1855 - A train passed over the first railway suspension bridge at Niagara Falls, NY.
1862 - The Confederate ironclad "Merrimack" was launched.
1880 - U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes declared that the United States would have jurisdiction over any canal built across the isthmus of Panama.
1894 - A dog license law was enacted in the state of New York. It was the first animal control law in the U.S.
1904 - The Bundestag in Germany lifted the ban on the Jesuit order of priests.
1910 - In France, Baroness de Laroche became the first woman to obtain a pilot's license.
1911 - British Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Gray declared that Britain would not support France in the event of a military conflict.
1917 - Russia's "February Revolution" began with rioting and strikes in St. Petersburg. The revolution was called the "February Revolution" due to Russia's use of the Old Style calendar.
1941 - Martial law was proclaimed in Holland in order to extinguish any anti-Nazi protests.
1942 - During World War II, Japanese forces captured Rangoon, Burma.
1943 - Japanese forces attacked American troops on Hill 700 in Bougainville. The battle lasted five days.
1945 - Phyllis Daley received a commission in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps. She later became the first African-American nurse to serve duty in World War II.
1946 - In New York City, the "Journal American" became the first commercial business to receive a helicopter license.
1946 - The French naval fleet arrived at Haiphong, Vietnam.
1954 - France and Vietnam opened talks in Paris on a treaty to form the state of Indochina.
1961 - Max Conrad circled the globe in a record time of eight days, 18 hours and 49 minutes in the Piper Aztec.
1965 - The U.S. landed about 3,500 Marines in South Vietnam. They were the first U.S. combat troops to land in Vietnam.
1966 - Australia announced that it would triple the number of troops in Vietnam.
1982 - The U.S. accused the Soviets of killing 3,000 Afghans with poison gas.
1985 - The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported that 407,700 Americans were millionaires. That was more than double the total from just five years before.
1986 - Four French television crewmembers were abducted in west Beirut. All four were eventually released.
1999 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Timothy McVeigh for the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.
1999 - The White House, under President Bill Clinton, directed the firing of nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee from his job at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The firing was a result of alleged security violations.
2001 - The U.S. House of Representatives voted for an across-the-board tax cut of nearly $1 trillion over the next decade.

World News

Israeli soldiers raid al-Aqsa Mosque
Press TV - Israeli forces have raided the al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) firing tear gas to disperse Palestinian worshippers who were trying to perform Friday's prayers at the site.

North Korea ends peace deal with South
Press TV - North Korea has canceled all agreements on non-aggression with South Korea and cut the hotline between Pyongyang and Seoul, following the UN approval of a new series of sanctions against the country.... The CPRK stated that the pact would be canceled as of Monday, when North Korea also planned to scrap the 1953 armistice agreement that put an end to the three-year-long Korean War.

France says war on Mali not over yet
Press TV - On Friday, Le Drian said on Europe 1 radio, “We have accomplished a large part of the work… It’s not completely finished. There are still two pockets (of resistance).” The French minister also stated that securing the region around Mali’s northern city of Gao was one of the challenges for France and added that the French troops were in “face-to-face combat” with local fighters.

More crisis response headed to AFRICOM amid terrorism concerns
Stars and Stripes - A new Africa-focused Marine crisis response unit could soon be in place as part of a broader effort to beef up Africa Command’s ability to confront emerging terrorism threats on the continent, its commander Gen. Carter Ham told a Senate committee on Wednesday.

Bankers Get Death Penalty After $2.6B Scandal
AFP - The outcome of the biggest banking fraud case in Iran’s history was made official on February 18. According to Associated Press, four bankers have been sentenced to death in Iran for their role in a $2.6B scandal, while two more bankers were given life sentences, and 33 more accomplices will spend up to 25 years in jail, the chief prosecutor was quoted as saying.

VIDEO: Shadowy Syrian Opposition Group Kidnaps United Nations Peacekeepers
Kurt Nimmo - In a move that may give Israel a pretext to cross a United Nations buffer zone in Syria, a shadowy Syrian rebel group armed with weapons provided by Saudi Arabia and Qatar has kidnapped 21 Filipino United Nation peacekeepers.

State TV airs footage of Israeli spy gear found in Syria
Press TV - Syrian authorities say they have discovered advanced Israeli spying devices, which further proves Tel Aviv’s involvement in the foreign-backed militancy in the Arab country. The state Syrian television on Thursday aired footage of rocks made of fiber material, used to "camouflage" surveillance cameras found on the Syrian coast.

Iran earns some $13bn from petrochemical, polymer exports: Report
Press TV - Iran has earned nearly USD 13 billion from exporting petrochemical and polymer products from the giant offshore South Pars Gas Field to mainly European and Asian countries since March 2012, says one report.

Malaysia Invaded – 100′s of Terrorists Land on Beaches, Western Media Mute
Tony Cartalucci - Hundreds of heavily armed terrorists have crossed from the Philippines and landed in the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah. Dozens are already dead, and the Malaysian military has brought in aircraft and armor to confront the audacious, bizarre invasion, scattering militants into the jungles of Borneo island.

North Korea vows ‘preemptive’ nuclear strike against US
Press TV - “Since the United States is about to ignite a nuclear war, we will be exercising our right to preemptive nuclear attack against the headquarters of the aggressor in order to protect our supreme interest,” said a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman in a statement on Thursday.

US squandered USD8 billion in Iraq: Report
Press TV - According to the report, which provides an overall assessment of SIGIR’s mission in Iraq’s reconstruction, the United States has achieved little in its efforts to rebuild the war-torn country. The United States’ eight-year war in Iraq led to the death of at least 5,000 American soldiers and cost Washington some USD800 billion, the report said.

Australian Scientists on Brink of Creating GM Disease-free Chickens - CSIRO AAHL head of animal biosecurity research Dr John Lowenthal said the project had been made public several years ago but was now at a critical stage. Interfering with RNAs is a technology that allows scientists to control or silence particular genes, leading to the production of "transgenic" chickens.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Leaked Pentagon report warns of F-35 visibility risks
Press TV - The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the military’s most expensive main warplane of the future, has a huge blind spot directly behind it. Pilots say that could get them shot down in close-quarters combat, where the flier with the better visibility has the killing advantage.

VIDEO: Paul Fires Back! Senators McCain, Graham think 'whole world is a battlefield'
The Hill - Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) blasted fellow GOP Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Thursday, saying the two “think the whole world is a battlefield.” Paul criticized the hawkish senators for thinking the laws of war should take precedence over the Bill of Rights. The two had criticized Paul’s statements about drone policy during the Kentucky Republican’s nearly 13-hour filibuster on Thursday.

AWOL: Meet The GOP Senators Who Refused to Stand With Rand
Breitbart - The following Republicans were either at the Washington Wizards game, maybe at Starbucks, or were attending to some other pressing issue that was more important than supporting a member of their party who had the audacity to expect the White House to answer a basic, fundamental constitutional question.

VIDEO: The White House finally answers Rand Paul's question
Washington Examiner - White House Press Secretary Jay Carney quoted from the letter that Holder sent to Paul today. “Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on an American soil?” Holder wrote, per Carney. “The answer is no.”

VIDEO: Florida State Senator Files Bill Requiring Anger Management before Buying Ammunition
First Coast News - State Senator Audrey Gibson, a Democrat representing District 9, said she is surprised at the reaction the bill she filed Friday is getting. She intended the bill to reduce anger not cause anger, but she says her office has gotten phone calls not only from Floridians but even some from out of state.

YouTube: Police Nationwide Say "You're On Your Own"
Project Veritas visited police stations nationwide and asked law enforcement officials how they could protect themselves in the event of an armed break-in. "Go get some bleach. Go get ammonia," one officer instructed. Yet another officer instructed the undercover journalist to, "lock yourself in a bedroom" and "start yelling and screaming."

VIDEO: Judge Napolitano Reacts to Possible Drone Sighting Near New York's JFK Airport
Liberty Crier - Judge Napolitano discusses the legal implications of a suspected drone sighting near the JFK Airport in New York and reviews the Obama’s implication that he will use drone strikes against American citizens suspected of terrorism.

VIDEO: DNA tests for people convicted of misdemeanors could be allowed under Colorado bill - Denise Maes, director of public policy for the Colorado ACLU, agreed DNA can be a good crime fighting tool, but said it comes with serious civil liberty issues. "It's far more invasive than [fingerpringting]," she said. "Fingerprinting tells you the identity of an individual, DNA will tell you who your family is and what your medical history is. That's now going to be in large database."

Cancer victim kept in solitary confinement for 2 years without trial wins millions
RT - A 59-year-old cancer-stricken man spent two years in solitary confinement in a New Mexico prison, where he suffered from tooth decay, bedsores and a deterioration of mental health. His crime? Drunk driving. And the man was never even convicted. Now, former inmate Stephen Slevin has received a $15 million settlement to compensate for the torture he endured in the New Mexico jail cell.


Silver Shortage Intensifying, Will Result in a Buying Panic - When it comes to real physical “hold in your hand” metal, there is NO ONE selling. If no one is selling then how is it that the price could go down? …COMEX and LBMA! The paper markets, that’s how. Paper contracts that are “sold” with no Silver, no Gold backing them AND no intention of ever delivering have hit the markets to knock prices down.

VIDEO: Eric Holder Admits Some Banks Are Just Too Big To Prosecute
Huffington Post - When the Attorney General of the United States admits some banks are simply too big to prosecute, it might be time to admit we have a problem -- and that goes for both the financial and justice systems.

FAA says 173 air traffic control towers will close on April 7
CNN News - The federal government will close 173 air traffic control towers at small- and medium-size airports on April 7 because of forced spending cuts, the Federal Aviation Administration told tower operators Tuesday. It will close another 16 towers on September 30, the end of the fiscal year.

Should You Move To Another Country To Escape The Collapse Of America? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself First
Economic Collapse - Why are so many people leaving the United States right now? Over the past couple of years, an increasing number of Americans have decided that moving to another country is the best way to prepare for the collapse of America. According to the U.S. State Department, an all-time record of more than 6 million Americans are now working or studying overseas.

Veteran News

VIDEO: Feinstein: All vets are mentally ill and government should prevent them from owning firearms
Kurt Nimmo - During the Senate Judiciary meeting today to markup a potpourri of bills designed to deny the American people their rights under the Second Amendment and disarm them, Senator Dianne Feinstein opposed an amendment to her so-called assault weapons ban legislation that would allow veterans to continue buying firearms the bill would outlaw.

VIDEO: Marine Corps Veteran Questions DHS on Huge Ammo Buys
Steve Watson & Paul Joseph Watson - Commenting on the DHS’s procurement of roughly 2 billion hollow point bullets over the course of the last year, former Marine Richard Mason told reporters with WHPTV News in Pennsylvania that he has serious concerns. “We never trained with hollow points, we didn’t even see hollow points my entire four and a half years in the Marine Corps,” Mason said.


5 Tasty Coconut Oil Recipes & Their Benefits
Care2 - Coconut oil is so good for you that it’s worth incorporating into your daily diet.

Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease - The modern diet of processed foods, takeaways and microwave meals could be to blame for a sharp increase in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, including alopecia, asthma and eczema. A team of scientists from Yale University in the U.S and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, in Germany, say junk food diets could be partly to blame.

After 30 years of arthritic pain, 57-year-old man sees relief after eliminating meat and dairy
(NaturalNews) Thirty years ago, Curt Griffing was told he needed to "learn to live with it," after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, described as a chronic, progressive disease resulting in inflammation in the joints.... Griffing eventually discovered a raw plant-based diet void of meat and dairy, and after reluctantly giving up some of his favorite foods, including cheese, he found relief from the rheumatoid arthritis. "I haven't been to a doctor since," said Griffing.

Organic tomatoes are smaller, tastier and healthier, study proves
(NaturalNews) The researchers found that while the organically grown tomatoes weighed about 40 percent less than the conventional ones, they were dramatically higher in a number of powerful antioxidants. They were also higher in natural sugars, corresponding with a better flavor. Specifically, the organic tomatoes were 57 percent higher in vitamin C and approximately 100 percent higher in the antioxidant compounds known as phenols.

Dieticians are monopolizing hospital nutrition through Medicare manipulation
(NaturalNews) The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), formerly known as the American Dietetic Association (ADA) has evidently managed to insert enough input into the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to ensure only registered dieticians with the ADA have ultimate power in hospital care diet prescriptions.

Processed meat 'early death' link
BBC News - Sausages, ham, bacon and other processed meats appear to increase the risk of dying young, a study of half a million people across Europe suggests. It concluded diets high in processed meats were linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer and early deaths.

CDC's 'Nightmare Bacteria' Reveal Need for Natural Medicine
Green Med Info - According to a recent CDC report titled, Lethal, Drug-resistant Bacteria Spreading in U.S. Healthcare Facilities, drug-resistant germs called carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriacea, or CRE, are on the rise and resistant to all, or nearly all of the antibiotics within the conventional drug armamentarium.... At we have indexed 49 natural compounds thus far with experimentally confirmed anti-MRSA properties, listed in alphabetical order below...

Holy Basil Benefits: Growing Your Own Medicine
Natural Society - Holy basil, or tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is a member of the mint family. It’s closely related to the sweet basil you add to Italian dishes and pesto, but the flavors are quite different. This plant is sometimes referred to as pepper basil as it’s clove-flavor is spicier than it’s sweet counterpart.... Holy basil has numerous beneficial properties including...

Science & Technology

Fashion Statement: Designer Creates Line of Drone-Proof Garments to Protect Privacy
Scientific American - A New York City privacy advocate-turned-urban-guerilla fashion designer is selling garments designed to make their wearers invisible to infrared surveillance cameras, particularly those on drones.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Action Alert: Get Antibiotics Out of Organic Apples and Pears!
OCA - Organic farmers are allowed to spray apple and pear trees with antibiotics, in order to prevent a bacterial disease called fire blight. But in 2011, concerned about the impact on human health associated with the overuse of antibiotics, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) informed organic apple and pear growers that antibiotics would no longer be allowed to be used after October 21, 2014.

Sale and Delivery of Raw Milk Goes Down “The Funnel” in Iowa - For the fourth year in a row, attempts in the Iowa General Assembly to make legal on- the- farm sales of unpasteurized milk and milk products have ended in failure. Legislative experts in Des Moines say all raw milk bills, including House Bill (HSB) 131 that also sought to allow raw milk farmers to deliver to consumers in town, are dead.


Making, and Eating, the 1950s' Most Nauseating Jell-O Soaked Recipes
Collectors Weekly - Poring over vintage cookbooks and food advertisements is equal parts intriguing and repulsive: People willingly ate things like “Shrimp Aspic Mold” and “Chicken Mousse”? Unlike the menus on contemporary food blogs and in best-selling recipe books, mid-century cooking seems guaranteed to make you gag, thanks to its mismatched flavors, industrial ingredients, and gelatin overload.

Humor & Satire

VIDEO: Dachshund Brightens Baby's Bath Time
Care2 - Watch a baby have the best bath time ever, all thanks to this playful dachshund.

Today in History - Thursday -  March 7, 2013
1774 - The British closed the port of Boston to all commerce.
1799 - In Palestine, Napoleon captured Jaffa and his men massacred more than 2,000 Albanian prisoners.
1850 - U.S. Senator Daniel Webster endorsed the Compromise of 1850 as a method of preserving the Union.
1854 - Charles Miller received a patent for the sewing machine.
1876 - Alexander Graham Bell received a patent (U.S. Patent No. 174,465) for his telephone.
1911 - In the wake of the Mexican Revolution, the U.S. sent 20,000 troops to the border of Mexico.
1918 - Finland signed an alliance treaty with Germany.
1927 - A Texas law that banned Negroes from voting was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.
1933 - The board game Monopoly was invented.
1936 - Hitler sent German troops into the Rhineland in violation of the Locarno Pact and the Treaty of Versailles.
1942 - Japanese troops landed on New Guinea.
1945 - During World War II, U.S. forces crossed the Rhine River at Remagen, Germany.
1955 - "Peter Pan" was presented as a television special for the first time.
1959 - Melvin C. Garlow became the first pilot to fly over a million miles in jet airplanes.
1965 - State troopers and a sheriff's posse broke up a march by civil rights demonstrators in Selma, AL.
1968 - The Battle of Saigon came to an end.
1971 - A thousand U.S. planes bombed Cambodia and Laos.
1975 - The U.S. Senate revised the filibuster rule. The new rule allowed 60 senators to limit debate instead of the previous two-thirds.
1981 - Anti-government guerrillas in Colombia executed the kidnapped American Bible translator Chester Allen Bitterman. The guerrillas accused Bitterman of being a CIA agent.
1985 - The first AIDS antibody test, an ELISA-type test, was released.
1999 - In El Salvador, Francisco Flores Pérez of the ruling Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) was elected president.
2002 - A federal judge awarded Anna Nicole Smith more than $88 million in damages. The ruling was the latest in a legal battle over the estate of Smith's late husband, J. Howard Marshall II.
2009 - NASA's Kepler Mission, a space photometer for searching for extrasolar planets in the Milky Way galaxy, was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.
2012 - The successor to Apple's iPad2 was unveiled.

World News

VIDEO: UN asks US, UK to release Iraq war docs
Press TV - "Despite this clear repudiation of the unlawful actions carried out by the Bush-era CIA, many of the facts remain classified, and no public official has so far been brought to justice in the United States," UN special rapporteur on counter-terrorism Ben Emmerson said in a report to the UN Human Rights Council.

Washington, Beijing set to expand UN sanctions on Pyongyang
Press TV - The resolution targets North Korean diplomats and adds the names of three individuals as well as the government's Second Academy of Natural Sciences and Korea Complex Equipment Import Corporation to the UN blacklist for a travel ban and assets freeze. Furthermore, under the new resolution inspections of suspicious land, sea or air cargos will become mandatory.

UN mulls deployment of special force to Congo
Press TV - The UN chief stated that the special force “will have the ability to conduct, with or without the FARDC (the Congolese army), offensive operations against all armed groups that threaten the peace in eastern DRC."

UK to send armoured vehicles to Syrian opposition
BBC News - The UK is to provide armoured vehicles and body armour to opposition forces in Syria "to help save lives", Foreign Secretary William Hague has said. It will offer millions of pounds in "non-lethal" equipment, including search and rescue, communications, and disease-prevention materials.

Russian Leader Demands Investigation of Chavez Death
Paul Joseph Watson - “How did it happen that six leaders of Latin American countries which had criticized US policies and tried to create an influential alliance in order to be independent and sovereign states, fell ill simultaneously with the same disease?” Zyuganov told Russian state television, urging an investigation under “international control” into Chavez’s death.

Russia launched massive nuclear drill, Pentagon alarmed
Washington Times - The exercise raised concerns inside the Pentagon and with the U.S. European Command because it was the largest exercise of its kind in 20 years and involved heightened alert status of Russian nuclear forces. The nuclear drills were part of other military maneuvers in Russia carried out between Feb. 17 and Feb. 21.

New Leader Bans Extravagance for Chinese Congress
AP - Military officials descending on China's capital for the country's biggest political event have been told to bring their own toiletries. Legislative delegates arriving at the airport no longer find welcoming teams of photogenic, waving women, and police aren't clearing their way through Beijing's traffic snarl. Once feted with banquets of lobster and sharks' fin, the delegates now serve themselves at drab buffets, and stay in guesthouses instead of luxury hotels.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: After almost 13 hours, Rand Paul ends Brennan filibuster
Washington Times - The Kentucky Republican held the floor for almost 13 hours, effectively blocking a vote on the nomination of John O. Brennan, whom Mr. Obama has tapped to be CIA director. He said he would relent only if the administration publicly vowed not to target Americans on U.S. soil.

VIDEO: Ten. Ted Cruz makes Twitter history by reading tweets for Rand Paul filibuster on the Senate floor
Washington Examiner - As Sen. Rand Paul R-Ky. approached the 8-hour mark of his filibuster in protest of the Obama administration’s drone program, his colleague Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas approached the Senate floor to read tweets in support.

Nevada Politician Uncovers FEMA Plans for Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Drill on April 27
Intel Hub - This is where all that money that gets stolen from your paycheck goes to, a Zombie UFO Crash Drill, brought to you by FEMA and the US taxpayers. Opposing Views Broke the story of David Lory VanDerBeek, who is running for Governor in Nevada in 2014. He recently posted a screenshot from the FEMA website of a supposed Zombie UFO Crash Disaster full-scale exercise drill planned for April 27th, 2013, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

SPLC Sends Eric Holder a Letter Warning That Conspiracy Minded Groups are Growing in Numbers
Intel Hub - The SPLC has pulled a new publicity stunt to attack “patriot” groups and “conspiracy minded” people in the US, equating them with domestic terrorists. They sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder (one that he was probably expecting) noting a rise in anti government sentiment, and pointing out that a good portion of this was a result of recent gun control measures.

Nelson, Ga looks to make gun ownership mandatory - One police officer patrols Nelson, Georgia for eight hours during the day. That leaves 16 hours overnight when the city is basically unguarded. "When he's not here we rely on county sheriffs--however it takes a while for them to get here," said Nelson City Councilman Duane Cronic. That's why Cronic proposed the ordinance.

Top U.S. Commander says it is possible to bring Iran to its knees
Kurt Nimmo - Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina who formulated a resolution calling for a green light to attack Iran in response to its illusory nuclear weapons program, asked [General] Mattis if it is possible for the United States and Israel to “bring them to their knees.” “Yes sir,” the general replied. “There are a number of means to do that, perhaps even short of open conflict. But certainly that’s one of the options I have to have prepared for the President.”

VIDEO: CIA developed a sudden cancer gun back in the 1970s
Kurt Nimmo - For the naysayers who dispute that the CIA was responsible for the cancer death of Hugo Chavez, note the device in the following video. It is a dart gun developed in the 1970s (or possibly earlier) by the CIA.

VIDEO: Rand Paul's Brilliant Defense of Civil Liberties Against Drones
Activist Post - Today, Sen. Rand Paul took to the Senate floor to participate in an active filibuster of President Obama's nominee for director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan. Sen. Paul spoke for two hours about the importance of civil liberties and the Constitution during a time where America is declared a battlefield in the war on terror.
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TSA announces biggest loosening of security since 9/11
RT - While TSA continues to trash water bottles and confiscate lotions, the agency is now allowing air passengers to bring pocketknives, golf clubs and hockey sticks onto their flights – all of which could be used as deadly weapons. “This policy was designed to make the lives of TSA staff easier, but not make flights safer,”
* Related Video: TSA's Pocket Knife Decision Outrages Flight Attendants

VIDEO: DHS plans to release 5,000 illegal immigrants due to sequestration
Washington Examiner - House investigators learned Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials developed plans to release about 5,000 illegal immigrant detainees, although Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has denied responsibility for the decision.

VIDEO: Media Portrays DHS Ammo Purchases as Conspiracy Theory
Paul Joseph Watson - Media circles the wagons, goes into desperate damage control... The latest examples include Media Matters and Raw Story, both of which attacked Fox Business host Lou Dobbs for daring to raise the issue on his March 4 broadcast during an interview with the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

VIDEO: Ex-DEA Chief Lobbying Holder to Nullify Marijuana Legalization Owns a Drug Testing Company
Activist Post - Nine former Drug Enforcement Agency administrators urged Attorney General Holder today to sue Colorado and Washington in order to nullify the recently passed marijuana legalization ballot measures in those states.

Wash. state bill allows police to search students without parental consent
Examiner - A Washington state bill, S.B. 5618, that would allow police officers, or "school resource officers," to search students without probable cause or parental consent, passed the State Senate Monday, 30-19.


Chart: Proof the Fed is Juicing the Markets
Fox News - Charles Brady, senior editor of the FOX Business Network, has put together a remarkable chart that clearly shows the Federal Reserve’s monetary easing policies are not going into the U.S. economy, but instead into the stock market.

First Record Dow, Then Record Gas And Grocery Prices
Activist Post - The mainstream media would like you to believe the rising Dow is somehow tied to an improving economy. "Look," they say, "Housing and auto sales are rising...home prices are recovering ... companies are hiring more ... Even you skeptical radicals with your free market obsession have to admit that the central bank is doing the good it's supposed to do!"

The Dow Hits An All-Time High! Translation: A Bubble Is Always Biggest Right Before It Bursts
Economic Collapse - Reckless money printing by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has pumped up the Dow to a brand new all-time high. So what comes next? Will the Dow go even higher? Hopefully it will. In fact, it would be great if the Dow was able to hit 15,000 before it finally came crashing down. That would give all of us some more time to prepare for the nightmarish economic crisis that is rapidly approaching.

'Sequester' won't interrupt collection of new Obamacare taxes
The Hill - Implementation of the taxes and fees from President Obama’s healthcare law is on track despite the cutbacks at the IRS from sequestration.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: Governor: Leaks can’t be stopped at U.S. nuclear site
ENENews - Bloomberg, March 6, 2013: Washington Nuke Leak May Be Years From Answer, Inslee Say [...] Washington Governor Jay Inslee said it may take as much as four years to begin transferring radioactive sludge from leaking underground tanks at the former nuclear weapons production complex known as the Hanford Site.


Study Shows Daylight Savings Time Change Increases Your Risk for Heart Attack
Dr. Mercola - A number of studies indicate that springing ahead to Daylight Savings Time (DST) may be hazardous to your health. Although the one-hour time change may seem minor, when it comes to your body’s internal clock, it actually is a big deal. The latest study suggests turning your clock ahead for DST may set the stage for a small increased risk of heart attack the following day.

Backwards: Natural Compounds in Grapefruit Removed to Prevent Medication Reactions
Natural Society - If a negative reaction is sparked while combining certain medications and certain foods, do scientists move to alter and ‘fix’ the medication, or are these foods simply ignored? Actually, the answer is often much more surprising. Rather than altering the medication in question, scientists are actually removing naturally occurring compounds found in various fruit instead. This is the case with compounds known as furanocoumarins, found in fruit like grapefruits, celery, and lemons.

Health Benefits of Grapefruit – Weight Loss, Cancer Prevention, and More
Natural Society - A nutritious member of the citrus family, grapefruits are large, tart and tangy fruits known primarily for their vitamin C content. The best part? While grapefruits are normally in season from winter through early spring, you can experience the health benefits of grapefruit all year round. Here is what the fruit has to offer.

Coconut oil can stop dementia and Alzheimer's disease
(NaturalNews) You can prevent (and reverse) dementia, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, plus many other neurodegenerative disorders by eating coconut-related foods. This is not just a "health nut" making these claims - it's all backed by scientific research and touted by many natural healthcare professionals like, Dr. Bruce Fife and Dr. Russell Blaylock.

Probiotics are not only powerful gut-healers - they improve bone density, study shows
(NaturalNews) A doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) once told this author that "disease begins in the gut." Ayurvedic medicine also has a similar premise. Bad or sub-optimal digestion leads to all sorts of disease. That includes disease beyond the gastrointestinal (GI) tract

Manufacturers Replace BPA with Still Highly Toxic BPS
Green Med Info - As we reported on back in June of last year in an exposé titled, Consumer Alert: BPA-Free Goods Still Contain Toxin Bisphenol, the petrochemical bisphenol A (BPA), a ubiquitous ingredient in thousands of consumer products and which has been linked to a wide range of serious adverse health effects, has been removed by many ostensibly scrupulous manufacturers in favor of another equally toxic analog in the same chemical class, known as bisphenol S (BPS).

Swine Flu Vaccine Caused Narcolepsy in Thousands: BMJ Claim
Gaia Health - The Pandemrix vaccine has condemned thousands of children to lives constrained by narcolepsy. An autoimmune disease was entirely predictable because the adjuvant used was squalene—but warnings were ignored. Now, the BMJ has produced a study that proves the AS04 adjuvant of Pandemrix causes narcolepsy.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: 3D Miracle: Print Your Own Medicine?
Activist Post - Chemist Lee Cronin is working on a 3D printer that, instead of objects, is able to print molecules. An exciting potential long-term application: printing your own medicine using chemical inks. A professor of chemistry, nanoscience and chemical complexity, Lee Cronin and his research group investigate how chemistry can revolutionize modern technology and even create life.

FBI secretly requests data on thousands of Google users annually
RT - Internet giant Google has included stats on user data requests from FBI in its recent Transparency Report, saying it has received between zero and 999 letters a year since 2009 that have asked for private information of 1,000 – 2,999 users. The company explained its use of ranges instead of exact figures due to concerns of the FBI and the US Department of Justice that “releasing exact numbers might reveal information about investigations.”

Here we go again: Big asteroid set to buzz Earth
NBC News - A newly discovered asteroid the size of a football field will cruise through Earth's neighborhood this weekend, just days after another space rock made an even closer approach to our planet.

Pet News

Report It! Campaign
Susan Thixton - One of the most tragic concerns with pet food is: lack of reporting a suspect contaminated pet food to proper authorities. Association for Truth in Pet Food announces the Report It! campaign - and we need your help.

Today in History - Wednesday -  March 6, 2013 - Remember the Alamo!
1808 - At Harvard University, the first college orchestra was founded.
1820 - The Missouri Compromise was enacted by the U.S. Congress and signed by U.S. President James Monroe. The act admitted Missouri into the Union as a slave state, but prohibited slavery in the rest of the northern Louisiana Purchase territory.
1834 - The city of York in Upper Canada was incorporated as Toronto.
1836 - Remember the Alamo - The thirteen-day siege of the Alamo by Santa Anna and his army ended. The Mexican army of 3000 men defeated the 189 Texas volunteers.
1854 - At the Washington Monument, several men stole the Pope's Stone from the lapidarium.
1857 - The U.S. Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision ruled that blacks could not sue in federal court to be citizens.
1886 - "The Nightingale" was first published. It was the first magazine for nurses.
1899 - Aspirin was patented by German researchers Felix Hoffman and Hermann Dreser.
1907 - British creditors of the Dominican Republic claimed that the U.S. had failed to collect debts.
1939 - In Spain, Jose Miaja took over the Madrid government after a military coup and vowed to seek "peace with honor."
1944 - During World War II, U.S. heavy bombers began the first American raid on Berlin. Allied planes dropped 2000 tons of bombs.
1946 - Ho Chi Minh, the President of Vietnam, struck an agreement with France that recognized his country as an autonomous state within the Indochinese Federation and the French Union.
1947 - Winston Churchill announced that he opposed British troop withdrawals from India.
1947 - The first air-conditioned naval ship, "The Newport News," was launched from Newport News, VA.
1960 - The United States announced that it would send 3,500 troops to Vietnam.
1967 - U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson announced his plan to establish a draft lottery.
1973 - U.S. President Richard Nixon imposed price controls on oil and gas.
1975 - Iran and Iraq announced that they had settled their border dispute.
1980 - Islamic militants in Tehran said that they would turn over American hostages to the Revolutionary Council.
1981 - Walter Cronkite appeared on his last episode of "CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite." He had been on the job 19 years.
1981 - U.S. President Reagan announced a plan to cut 37,000 federal jobs.
1990 - In Afghanistan, an attempted coup to remove President Najibullah from office failed.
1990 - The Russian Parliament passed a law that sanctioned the ownership of private property.
1991 - In Paris, five men were jailed for plotting to smuggle Libyan arms to the Irish Republican Army.
1997 - Britain's Queen Elizabeth II launched the first official royal Web site.
1998 - A Connecticut state lottery accountant gunned down three supervisors and the lottery chief before killing himself.

World News

Venezuela accuses US of killing Chavez
Press TV - Caracas accused the US embassy’s Air Force attache, Colonel David Delmonaco, and assistant air attache, Major Devlin Kostal, of trying to stir up a military plot against the Venezuelan government. Washington confirmed that the two officials were employed at the embassy, saying Delmonaco was en route back to the US, and Kostal was in America at the time.

Syria militants in tremendous disarray: Webster Tarpley
Press TV - The Saudi regime has claimed that it has a moral responsibility to assist the militant groups in Syria. In January, Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former Saudi intelligence chief, also called for sending heavy weapons such as anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to the militants.

VIDEO: AIPAC Confab Signals Iran Endgame
Kurt Nimmo - Last month’s hope of a constructive outcome during nuclear talks between Iran and the West in Kazakhstan were dashed this week as the AIPAC meeting commenced in Washington. 2013 AIPAC confab dwells on Iran attack. On Monday, Joe Biden made it clear that Obama is behind an attack on Iran. He told attendees Obama’s policy “is to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Period. Period. End of discussion.”

N. Korea vows to scrap ceasefire if South, US continue military drill
RT - North Korea has threatened to scrap the armistice which ended the 1950-53 Korean War if the South and US continue with an ongoing military drill.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies of cancer
Press TV - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died after a two-year battle with cancer, Vice President Nicolas Maduro has announced.... Hours before Chavez’s death, the Venezuelan vice president stated that someday there will be "scientific proof" that the socialist leader was infected with cancer by "imperialist" enemies.

Venezuela expels two US embassy officials amid Chavez cancer conspiracy
RT - Vice President Nicolas Maduro said President Hugo Chavez's enemies had poisoned him with cancer before announcing that two US Air Force officials would be expelled from the country for spying on the military and plotting to destabilize the country. Maduro identified one American as the Air Force attaché and said he had 24 hours to leave the country.

Nuclear revival: Japan to re-launch six reactors in 2013
RT - Japan’s major supplier of nuclear power generating equipment, France’s Areva group, has announced Tokyo’s plans to restart six reactors by the end of 2013. The other reactors will be restarted later – except the Fukushima-type made in the US.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Universal Background Check: Registration and Confiscation
Kurt Nimmo - Oklahoma Republic senator Tom Coburn knows that if a universal background check system is implemented it will eventually lead to registration of all firearms in the United States. Coburn is the main hurdle posited between Obama, his allies in Congress and the Democrat dream of America stripped of its historical right to own firearms. The Canadian example: universal registration leads to confiscation.

VIDEO: Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation
Aaron Dykes - The economic collapse, and ensuing civil unrest is coming – or so we’ve been told. Why else would Homeland Security buy up more than 2 billion bullets, purchase more than 2700 tanks and stock pile weaponry all while government white papers outline preparations for a martial law containment of society?

YouTube: Rand Paul EXPOSES: Obama Can Kill Americans w/ Drones
Rand Paul exposes Obamas ability to attack American Citizens with drones. This is unconstitutional and basically gives him a license to kill!

Holder: Obama Can Kill Citizens on US Soil Without Due Process
Activist Post - Battlefield USA just ratcheted up one notch with comments made by Attorney General Eric Holder to Senator Rand Paul.... AG Holder would not rule out a drone strike against an American citizen on U.S. soil if he were to "imagine an extraordinary circumstance." Worse yet, the nation's leading legal adviser said unequivocally that it would be constitutional.

VIDEO: Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S. to be Used for Political Dissidents
Activist Post - Internment camps for political dissidents in the U.S. aren't a conspiracy theory. The Department of Defense document entitled "INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS" or FM 3-39.40 proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Link to full document HERE.

VIDEO: Police Deploy ‘Minority Report’ Style Robot Drones In Standoff With Ohio Man
Steve Watson - Police in a small Ohio town responded to a disturbance involving an inebriated armed man by sending in two spy drone robots. When the man shot one of the droids, he was charged with vandalism of government property.... Of particular concern, however, are the gizmos that are designed to enter people’s homes.

Pilot reports mystery black ‘drone’ at JFK
New York Post - The Alitalia pilot spotted the unmanned craft — described as “a black drone” — hovering just 200 feet from his jet about three miles east of the airport as he made his approach from Brooklyn. “He was very clear as to what he saw,” a source said. The pilot told investigators the object was flying at about 1,800 feet and looked like “a black drone about a meter square, with helicopter rotors on the corners.”

VIDEO: Military Patrol Austin Kite Festival in Martial Law Prep
Aaron Dykes - For the second year in a row, troops controlled civilian transportation at the Austin Kite Festival, which took place Sunday, March 3, utilizing disaster training to facilitate crowds numbering more than 30,000 against an otherwise idyllic early spring park scene.

VIDEO: RARE! Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul Rockin' an AR15! No Really! From 1989
Daily Paul - Is the right to firearms really essential? Doctor and Congressman Ron Paul reminds us that freedom to defend yourself is natural and proper.

Election News

YouTube: Top 2: The Biggest Threat To Electoral System You've Never Heard Of
Ben Swann Interviews Christina Tobin of Free and Equal Elections about top 2. Prop 121 in Arizona was defeated last November after this interview but now Top 2 is now spreading to Montana.


TSA Sealed $50-Million Sequester-Eve Deal to Buy New Uniforms
CNS News - The impending sequester did not prevent the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from acting in late February to seal a $50-million deal to purchase new uniforms for its agents–uniforms that will be partly manufactured in Mexico.

VIDEO: Sen. Paul on Cavuto: Economic Recovery Is Illusory, A False Sense Of Prosperity
Daily Paul - Speaking on the sequester and the economy March 5, 2013.

New York's Homelessness Worst Since The Great Depression - State and local governments nationwide have struggled to accommodate a homeless population that has changed in recent years - now including large numbers of families with young children. As the WSJ reports, more than 21,000 children - an unprecedented 1% of the city's youth - slept each night in a city shelter in January, an increase of 22% in the past year; as homeless families now spend more than a year in a shelter, on average, for the first time since 1987.

253.5B—Obama Borrowed Nearly 6x as Much in February as Sequester Cuts All Year
CNS News - During the month of February–as President Barack Obama was warning Americans they would see dramatic effects in their lives if “sequestration” of some planned federal spending kicked in–the federal government’s debt climbed by $253.5 billion. That one-month increase in the debt was nearly six times as much as the $44 billion in spending cuts the Congressional Budget Office estimates will take place in all of fiscal 2013 as a result of sequestration.

Veteran News

Marines' 'Poster Boy' for Suicide Prevention Kills Self
When Clay Hunt killed himself at his Houston apartment last week, he became exactly the sort of grim military statistic he'd battled so hard against.... "He tried everything," said his best friend Jake Wood, a fellow Marine. "He tried the medication, he tried (humanitarian) service, he tried moving back closer to family. He tried everything under the sun, and he was fully self-aware."

Energy & Environment

More storage tanks could be leaking at Hanford nuclear reservation
The Oregonian - The U.S. Department of Energy and its contractor are evaluating 14 other single-shell tanks that appeared to have lost liquid, according to state regulators and others who attended a DOE briefing in Oregon Monday. Six of the 14 underground tanks are highest priority for leak evaluation. Causes other than leaks, such as evaporation, could explain lower levels in the tanks.

VIDEO: Dane Wigington's Censored Interview on Geoengineering
Activist Post - After receiving more than 70,000 hits on YouTube, the video of Russ Tanner’s recent interview with Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch was pulled. Our thanks to the viewer who re-posted the video at this new location:


Black elderberry - The most antiviral substance known to man
(NaturalNews) For those times when the immune system has failed to do its job, there is one natural remedy that has proven to be among the most effective for battling viruses. There are many natural remedies, foods and other techniques that can enhance immune function, but in the case of battling common viruses specifically, elderberry has a show to posses an especially high rate of efficacy.

CDC: Deadly drug-resistant bacteria on rise in US hospitals
Press TV - "These are nightmare bacteria that present a triple threat," said Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "They're resistant to nearly all antibiotics. They have high mortality rates, killing half of people with serious infections. And they can spread their resistance to other bacteria."... The superbug tends to strike immune-compromised people who are hospitalized for a long time or living in a nursing home,

Miracle drug for multiple sclerosis pirated from molecules in cordyceps mushrooms
(NaturalNews) A new "miracle" drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis turns out to have been stolen ("derived") from cordyceps mushrooms. The drug is called Gilenya and it's being sold in the USA by Novartis AG -- at the monopolistic price of $4,000 / month per person. The drug is projected to be a blockbuster seller, with estimates putting it in the top 10 drugs by 2018 when it is expected to reach $5.3 billion in sales. A one-year course of Gilenya costs $48,000.

How Medical Ripoffs Threaten Your Health and Financial Security
Dr. Mercola - Shockingly, according to a British poll from last year, more than one in 10 scientists and doctors claimed to have witnessed colleagues deliberately fabricating data in order to get their research published.... One of the latest examples of scientific fraud endangering patients is that of a type of starch (hydroxyethyl), which is used intravenously to replace lost blood volume in critically ill patients. ...hydroxyethyl starch was found to be associated with an increased risk of death, kidney failure, and need for dialysis.

Top eight herbal and natural remedies for eliminating stress
(NaturalNews) According to the book Toxemia Explained written by Dr. John Tilden back in 1926, stress is the glue that holds toxemia together. He called all the different types of stress enervation, and toxemia is the condition of inflammation and mucous that doesn't get cleared out of the body.

Taking folic acid supplements in early pregnancy can prevent autism
(NaturalNews) According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in 88 children in the U.S. has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) -- but little is known about how the disorder develops and methods for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment are limited. But now comes word from a large study just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that offers hope autism and related disorders can be prevented before birth, naturally. The key? Taking prenatal folic acid supplements.

2012-13 Healthcare worker flu vaccine review: A concern for us all
(NaturalNews) This past fall, I worked with about 150 healthcare workers in 26 states who were required to get a flu shot to keep their job. I'm happy to report that the vast majority were successful. But I gained some disturbing insights from this national perspective regarding flu shots that have implications for all adults in the U.S....

After minor head injury, repeat CT scans do more harm than good
(NaturalNews) Once a computed tomography (CT) scan has shown brain bleeding caused by a minor head injury, further CT scans provide little to no medical benefit, according to a study conducted by researchers from McMaster University and published in the journal Neurosurgery. Nevertheless, such second scans are standard medical practice.

Health Benefits of Dates – Promoting Heart, Brain, and Digestive Health
Natural Society - If you’re looking for fiber, potassium, or copper, look no further than dates. While dates are rich in many vital nutrients and therefore offer many health benefits, the fruit is so small that you’ll need to consume a larger quantity to intake the necessary amount. The following nutritional data outlines some of the key nutrients found in dates, and is based on a 100g serving of the fruit.

4 Immune-Boosters to Supercharge Immunity Year Round
Natural Society - Though winter is almost behind us, germs are spreading year-round. Even if you spend your days locked in a school with children, you can avoid a springtime cold or a resurgence of the flu by preparing in advance. Shoring up your immune system is something you can do daily, through proper diet, plenty of sunshine, and a few valuable herbs and vitamins. Here are 4 immune boosters.

Science & Technology

Web-connected cars bring privacy concerns
Washington Post - Cars will soon be so linked into wireless networks they will be like giant rolling smartphones — with calling systems, streaming video, cameras and apps capable of harnessing the unprecedented trove of data vehicles will produce about themselves and the humans who drive them. The battle over who can access all this data is an awkward undercurrent amid recent announcements by car manufacturers touting their new, Internet-capable vehicle systems.

Today in History - Tuesday -  March 5, 2013
1766 - The first Spanish governor of Louisiana, Antonio de Ulloa, arrived in New Orleans.
1770 - "The Boston Massacre" took place when British troops fired on a crowd in Boston killing five people. Two British troops were later convicted of manslaughter.
1836 - Samuel Colt manufactured the first pistol (.34-caliber).
1845 - The U.S. Congress appropriated $30,000 to ship camels to the western U.S.
1868 - The U.S. Senate was organized into a court of impeachment to decide charges against President Andrew Johnson.
1900 - The American Hall of Fame was founded.
1900 - Two U.S. battleships left for Nicaragua to halt revolutionary disturbances.
1910 - In Philadelphia, PA, 60,000 people left their jobs to show support for striking transit workers.
1923 - Old-age pension laws were enacted in the states of Montana and Nevada.
1933 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered a four-day bank holiday in order to stop large amounts of money from being withdrawn from banks.
1933 - The Nazi Party won 44 percent of the vote in German parliamentary elections.
1934 - In Amarillo, TX, the first Mother's-In-Law Day was celebrated.
1943 - Germany called fifteen and sixteen year olds for military service due to war losses.
1946 - Winston Churchill delivered his "Iron Curtain Speech".
1946 - The U.S. sent protests to the U.S.S.R. on incursions into Manchuria and Iran.
1953 - Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin died. He had been in power for 29 years.
1956 - The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the ban on segregation in public schools.
1970 - A nuclear non-proliferation treaty went into effect after 43 nations ratified it.
1976 - The British pound fell below the equivalent of $2 for the first time in history.
1977 - U.S. President Jimmy Carter appeared on CBS News with Walter Cronkite for the first "Dial-a-President" radio talk show.
1984 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that cities had the right to display the Nativity scene as part of their Christmas display.
1984 - The U.S. accused Iraq of using poison gas.
1993 - Sprinter Ben Johnson was banned from racing for life by the Amateur Athletic Association after testing positive for banned performance-enhancing substances for a second time.
1997 - North Korea and South Korea met for first time in 25 years for peace talks.
1998 - NASA announced that an orbiting craft had found enough water on the moon to support a human colony and rocket fueling station.
1998 - It was announced that Air Force Lt. Col. Eileen Collins would lead crew of Columbia on a mission to launch a large X-ray telescope. She was the first woman to command a space shuttle mission.
2004 - Martha Stewart was found guilty of lying about the reason for selling 3,298 shares of ImClone Systems stock, conspiracy, making false statement and obstruction of justice.

World News

UK Foreign Secretary in Mali to support French-led war
Press TV - British Foreign Secretary William Hague has set foot on Malian soil as part of the UK government’s attempts to help France’s war on the West African country.

Iran slams UN human rights report
Press TV - The Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Committee (HRC) has dismissed a recent report by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, saying the report aims at intensifying pressure on the Islamic Republic.

‘US, China agree regarding N Korea’
Press TV - UN diplomats say the United States and China have reached agreement on a new draft to impose further sanctions against North Korea over its recent nuclear test. American and Chinese diplomats are expected to tell members of the UN Security Council at a meeting later on Tuesday about progress in their talks about Pyongyang’s third underground nuclear test.

Czech president charged with treason
Press TV - Lawmakers in the Czech Republic's Senate have voted to file high treason charges against conservative President Vaclav Klaus over his amnesty of thousands of inmates serving short prison terms. Senate Speaker Milan Stech said on Monday that legislators in the 81-seat upper house of parliament voted 38-30 to file a motion at the Constitutional Court, The Associated Press reported.

VIDEO: 60 Minutes: China’s real estate bubble - This is a shocking video. The U.S. might just have been topped on this never-ending busting real estate bubble! So where is the money coming from and why continue to build?

Ex-Russian General: America Must Be Kept at Gunpoint
Paul Joseph Watson - Retired Russian General Leonid Ivashov told Pravda in a recent interview that America must be held at gunpoint by means of of tactical nuclear weapons which “should constantly be aimed at the United States.”

Locust alert in Middle East as plague descends on Egypt and creates panic in Israel
Daily Mail - A swarm of an estimated 30 million insects has been devastating crops in Egypt, fueling apocalyptic fears because of the infestation’s proximity to the Bible story of Passover in which a swarm of locusts, the eighth of ten plagues, is imposed on Egyptians by God for enslaving and abusing ancient Hebrews.

Vatican Nightmare Continues: Cardinal Admits To Unsuitable ‘Sexual Conduct’
Business Insider - The admission of guilt from O'Brien — formerly the most senior person in the UK Catholic Church — came after decades-old accusations from four priests became public last month. The priests had listed a number of accusations against the Cardinal, including reports of "inappropriate approach", "inappropriate contact" and "unwanted behavior".

VIDEO: Dietitians of The New World Order
Activist Post - Here is a chance to see what goes on at a global dietitians conference. A walk through the 16th International Congress of Dietetics located in Sydney, Australia.... The goal of the International Congress of Dietetics is to standardize nutrition practice globally. Companies such as McDonald's Mars, Nestle, Pepsi, Pfizer, Abbot, Kellogg's and Unilever are major partners with Dietetics associations globally.

Iceland tests [for horse meat] find meat pies contain no meat at all
CBC News - Here's one they weren't expecting — meat pies with no meat. When officials in Iceland began hearing about horsemeat being secreted into beef products around Europe, they decided to run tests to ensure the same thing wasn't happening in Iceland.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Martial Law: Tucson City Council Hands Authority Over to Military
Kurt Nimmo - On February 20, 2013, the Tucson, Arizona City Council passed a resolution allowing the U.S. Air Force to “make appropriate decisions when balancing National Security and community needs when it comes to their existing and future military mission and assignments.” In other words, the resolution allows the military to reject decisions made by the people of Tucson.

YouTube: First US city bans drones
RT - Charlottesville, Virginia, home to Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia, has a long history of being a voice for freedom. Now it can add freedom from drones to the list, as Charlottesville's anti-drone resolution is the first of its kind in the nation.

Nurse hailed by boss for refusing CPR to dying patient
RT - After a 911 dispatcher pleaded with a nurse to perform CPR on a woman at her living facility, the nurse refused, letting the 87-year-old die because of her failure to help. The California-based Glenwood Gardens living facility is now defending the actions of its nurse, claiming the woman followed policy in refraining from helping the old woman – even though the 911 dispatcher asked her to.

Warning: Indiana State Senate Votes for Constitutional Convention Urgent!
Daily Paul - This must be halted in the Indiana State House Committee or on the Indiana State House floor. If it gets to newly elected Indiana Governor Pence desk it shall be too late. Indiana will be the 34th state to official pass legislation asking for an Article V Convention. It does not take thirty eight individual states to call for Constitutional convention, but merely thirty four. Read more here.

VIDEO: St. Louis Residents Get “Strange” Text Message From Feds
Paul Joseph Watson - Thousands of St. Louis residents reported receiving a “strange” text message from the government over the weekend, unaware that their cell phones had been automatically enrolled into a FEMA alert program that they cannot opt out of completely.

VIDEO: 'Homeland' Buys 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks - The Department of Homeland Security (through the U.S. Army Forces Command) recently retrofitted 2,717 of these ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.

Gun Companies Boycotting Law Enforcement In Anti-Gun States Grow By More Than 700% In 1 Week February 25, 2013 - The list of companies that have decided to stop selling firearms and ammunition to law enforcement agencies, in states that are hostile to the Second Amendment and putting forth gun control legislation, is growing and has grown more than seven times the number that I informed you about one week ago today.

Houston Cops Push for Law to Grab Guns from Citizens
Kurt Nimmo - A proposed law will amend the mental health code of Texas and allow police to confiscate a weapon taken from a person they determine is “experiencing a mental health crisis and has been found to be a danger to himself or others and is being transported by police for an emergency mental health evaluation,” according to the Associated Press.

VIDEO: North Carolina Sheriff Joins Chorus Asking Citizens to Arm Themselves
ABC 11 - Vance County Sheriff Peter White is suggesting residents arm themselves against a recent violent crime wave.... "Now I'm not trying to shift the blame, I want to make sure everybody's clear on this, but you know -- do what you can to protect yourself," White said.

Poll: Almost Half Of Americans Believe They Have Right To Shoot Down Government Spy Drones
Steve Watson- In a stark about turn, most Americans now have significant reservations about the use of drones by government and law enforcement.... In addition, 47 percent of respondents to the latest poll said they believe they have a right to destroy a UAV if it flies over their house without their permission.

K-12 Student Database Will Share Information with 'Private Companies Selling Educational Products and Services' - An education technology conference this week in Austin, Texas, will clang with bells and whistles as startups eagerly show off their latest wares. But the most influential new product may be the least flashy: a $100 million database built to chart the academic paths of public school students from kindergarten through high school. In operation just three months, the database already holds files on millions of children identified by name, address and sometimes social security number.


YouTube: Judge Napolitano: Obama Administration Doesn't Understand Economics 101
Judge Napolitano argues that the government makes an economic mistake when it raises taxes too high "because people that are able to control their income will defer it or receive the income in other ways, end up earning less and paying the government less."

Jim Sinclair: Gold Will Run to $4990 - For the first time, Sinclair gives his target for full valuation of gold of $4990/oz, and states that the return of gold to a global monetary role will usher in the greatest economic expansion the world has ever seen.

YouTube: Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 3-4-2013 ~ The Sequester Crisis And What Should Be Done
Despite what the media and politicians would have us believe, the United States did not collapse last Friday when the package of spending reductions known as "sequestration" went into effect. The financial markets hardly blinked, as they have come to be more skeptical about these periodic government-hyped "crises."

Tax Bicyclists For Exhaling CO2 When They Ride, Says Wash. Rep
Activist Post - Taxing the air we breathe may be coming to Washington state. Yes, the insane taxing of every behavior is rising to a whole new level with the proposed "bike tax" in Washington. According to lawmakers who proposed the bike tax, it would help raise $1 million over the next decade to be used for road maintenance. The new $25 tax will be applied on every bike sold for over $500 in the state.

Housing Market

Banks Find More Wrongful Foreclosures Among Military Members
NY Times - The nation’s biggest banks wrongfully foreclosed on more than 700 military members during the housing crisis and seized homes from roughly two dozen other borrowers who were current on their mortgage payments, findings that eclipse earlier estimates of the improper evictions.

Mortgage Settlement Relief Fails To Reach Millions Of Foreclosed Homeowners
Huffington Post - "The settlements are unlikely to provide meaningful relief to any significant fraction of any of the homeowners it sets out to help," said Diane Thompson, a foreclosure lawyer at the National Consumer Law Center. Instead, she said, the deals are "window dressing." They require banks to meet certain financial targets, but don't require they direct money to help struggling borrowers avoid foreclosure, she said.

Energy & Environment

30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet
Economic Collapse - In the United States we have massive underground aquifers that have allowed our nation to be the breadbasket of the world. But once the water from those aquifers is gone, it is gone for good. That is why what is happening to the Ogallala Aquifer is so alarming.... The following are some facts about the Ogallala Aquifer and the growing water crisis that we are facing in the United States.

Could California's valleys be transformed into THIS? Environmental fears as 15.4bn barrels of shale oil are found beneath fertile farmland
Daily Mail - To extract the oil, companies would use hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which is the drilling technique used in booms elsewhere - but campaigners deem unsafe for the environment. The geological formation means the fracking will also have to be more intensive in the area, which is dangerous because of the various tectonic plates beneath California, environmentalists say.


Seven spices, food medicines and home remedies that could save your life
(NaturalNews) Here are seven spices, food medicines and home remedies that can not only help you experience a dramatic and noticeable health renewal, but may also end up saving your life later on down the road...

Identify and eliminate food sensitivities for a healthier life
(NaturalNews) While you may not have a full-blown food allergy, it is likely that you may have a food sensitivity that has gone undiagnosed. Because reactions to foods or food additives are often delayed and not severe, it can be difficult to determine what is triggering mild symptoms, such as headaches, bloating, constipation, gas or fatigue.

This is your brain on NutraSweet - and it isn't pretty
(NaturalNews) Got milk? A better question would be: Got seizures, migraine headaches, brain tumors or depression? If the dairy industry has its way, a major cause of these disorders in the form of aspartame could soon be a common ingredient in the milk supply.... If you are ever in doubt about the dangers of aspartame, have a look at the following disorders directly connected to the chemical...

VIDEO: Hear the Silence: The Real Wakefield Story
Gaia Health - This video was shown once and then disappeared... It tells the story of Andrew Wakefield’s research and how it was suppressed. The focus is on one family, how autism affected them, how they found Wakefield, and how they and others support him. It’s a modern-day tragedy.

VIDEO: St. Louis County Cancer Cluster Map
KSDK -There are radioactive secrets beneath the banks and waters of a north St. Louis County creek that may be linked to a staggering number of cancers, illnesses and birth defects. In four square miles, there are three reported cases of conjoined twins and cancer rates that one data expert says is statistically impossible.

The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
Green Med Info - Most of you have probably heard about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), however, did you know that it has been used for many hundreds, if not thousands of years. In fact, Hippocrates (the father of medicine) used AVC back in around 400 B.C. for its health giving qualities.

Science & Technology

DARPA scientists want to create database of all conversations
RT - Your digital footprint could be getting a whole lot bigger: Pentagon scientists are searching for a way to transcribe every real-world conversation that happens into computer-readable files. Robert Beckhusen of Wired’s Danger Room says it wouldn’t be unlike a real-life Twitter feed or an “email archive for everyday speak.”

VIDEO: Brown University creates first wireless, implanted brain-computer interface - Researchers at Brown University have succeeded in creating the first wireless, implantable, rechargeable, long-term brain-computer interface. The wireless BCIs have been implanted in pigs and monkeys for over 13 months without issue, and human subjects are next.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Is Rocket Fuel Making Truly Organic Farming Impossible?
Green Med Info - Perchlorate is an environmental pollutant primarily associated with releases by defense contractors, military operations and aerospace programs, as it is a key ingredient in rocket fuel. It is now found in virtually all humans tested, and it is continually making its way up the food chain through ground and drinking water, into feed and edible plants, animals products, milk and breast milk - contaminating conventional and organically grown food, alike.

Pet News

VIDEO: The Amazing Skidboot
The Amazing Skidboot is the smartest dog you'll ever see. He gained worldwide fame with his tricks, but had to give up performing once he started going blind.

Humor & Satire

VIDEO: How do you like my new hat?
I just picked it up the other day at the mall. The sales lady said it was the latest thing. I think it makes me look like Julie Newmar.

Today in History - Monday -  March 4, 2013
1766 - The British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act, which had caused bitter and violent opposition in the U.S. colonies.
1778 - The Continental Congress voted to ratify the Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance. The two treaties were the first entered into by the U.S. government.
1789 - The first Congress of the United States met in New York and declared that the U.S. Constitution was in effect.
1791 - Vermont was admitted as the 14th U.S. state. It was the first addition to the original 13 American colonies.
1794 - The 11th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed by the U.S. Congress. The Amendment limited the jurisdiction of the federal courts to automatically hear cases brought against a state by the citizens of another state. Later interpretations expanded this to include citizens of the state being sued, as well.
1826 - The first railroad in the U.S. was chartered. It was the Granite Railway in Quincy, MA.
1861 - The Confederate States of America adopted the "Stars and Bars" flag.
1877 - Emile Berliner invented the microphone.
1880 - Halftone engraving was used for the first time when the "Daily Graphic" was published in New York City.
1904 - In Korea, Russian troops retreated toward the Manchurian border as 100,000 Japanese troops advanced.
1914 - Doctor Fillatre successfully separated Siamese twins.
1917 - Jeanette Rankin of Montana took her seat as the first woman elected to the House of Representatives.
1925 - Calvin Coolidge took the oath of office in Washington, DC. The presidential inauguration was broadcast on radio for the first time.
1933 - U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt gave his inauguration speech in which he said "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."
1954 - In Boston, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital reported the first successful kidney transplant.
1974 - "People" magazine was available for the first time.
1993 - Authorities announced the arrest of Mohammad Salameh. He was later convicted for his role in the World Trade Center Bombing in New York City.
1994 - Four extremists were convicted in the World Trade Center bombing in which six people were killed and more than a thousand were injured.
1997 - U.S. President Clinton barred federal spending on human cloning.
2002 - Canada banned human embryo cloning but permitted government-funded scientists to use embryos left over from fertility treatment or abortions.
2003 - In the southern Philippines, a bomb hidden in a backpack exploded and killed at least 19 people at an airport.
2005 - Martha Stewart left federal prison after serving five months for her role in a stock scandal.
2009 - The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur. Al-Bashir was the first sitting head of state to be indicted by the ICC since its establishment in 2002.

World News

50 fighters killed in northern Mali’
Press TV - At least 50 local fighters have been killed in heavy fighting in northern Mali as the French-led war in the African country goes on. An unnamed Malian military source said that the fighters had been killed in clashes since Friday, adding the fighting continued on Sunday near the northern town of Gao.

West media criticized for TV ban silence
Press TV - The Western media outlets have come under fire for their silence on attempts by the Israeli-French CEO of the European satellite provider Eutelsat to take Iranian television networks off the air in violation of the freedom of speech.

France, Turkey plot to assasinate Assad: Report
Press TV - A Lebanese news website says it has obtained a documentary movie revealing a plot hatched by French and Turkish spy agencies to assassinate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

AIPAC to lobby for full aid and Iron Dome funding; Finance Minister: I hope we will not be hurt by US economic difficulties - In Washington, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual policy conference will open on Sunday, and end with a day of Capitol Hill lobbying on Tuesday, which will include a push to provide Israel its full $3.1 billion in military aid for both 2013 and 2014, as well as $211 million in additional funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Israel ‘to delay settlement starts for Obama trip’
Raw Story - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has banned settler housing tenders being issued for the West Bank and east Jerusalem when US President Barack Obama visits this month... Netanyahu had told officials the “suspension” did not amount to a freeze in settlement construction, and that it would only be in place up until the end of Obama’s trip to avoid “embarrassing” leaders.

Hospital hired me to fiddle death figures: Expert claims NHS ordered cover-up
Daily Mail - A whistleblower claimed last night that she was hired by an NHS hospital to fiddle its shocking death rates.... The data recorder says she was suspended after refusing to take part in a cover-up, and even claims she was ordered not to put her concerns in writing in case they reached the Press.

Bill Gates New Push to End Polio
Intel Hub - Now Gates is on a mission to vaccinate children in other countries for Polio. Let’s take a look into the mind of Gates as he writes; The global health community has a detailed plan to finish the job. This plan says that if the world supplies the necessary funds and political commitment, we will certify the eradication of polio by 2018.

India’s Spies Want Data on Every BlackBerry Customer Worldwide
StratRisks - There are about 79 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide—and India’s government wants to hand its spy agency data on every one of them.

KFC Halts Chicken Supply from 1,000 Chinese Farms After Antibiotics Scare
(NaturalNews) KFC is dropping more than 1,000 farms from its network of suppliers in China to make sure the food it serves is safe after a scandal over tainted chicken hurt company sales in that key (meaning large) emerging market last year.... Yum officials said the company was aware of the problem via testing by a third party in 2010 and 2011 but did not report the findings to authorities, according to a statement by the Shanghai government in December.

Taco Bell Latest to Admit to Horsemeat in Beef Products
Natural Society - Taco Bell and two other major companies are the latest processed food industry juggernauts to be blasted in the news for their products containing horsemeat in the UK after the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) found horse DNA in the third wave of test results on major food distributors and manufacturers.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Carrier cancelation fuels sequester fight
Press TV - The Pentagon’s decision to cancel a carrier group’s deployment to the Middle East has become a political flashpoint in the growing fight over how and what the Obama administration is cutting under sequestration.

Do We Live in a Country Run By Idiots? I don’t Think So!
Intel Hub - A few days ago I was listening to professional disinformer Sean Hannity when he mentioned a funny joke currently running among Republicans. According to it, you know you live in a country run by idiots if …

'CIA killed 9/11 author in black ops hit'
Press TV - A former US National Security Agency officer [Wayne Madsen] says the 9/11 investigative author Philip Marshall and his children were killed in a “black ops hit” by the CIA, dismissing the suicide hypothesis.... “It seems that Philip Marshall had gotten his hands on some kind of explosive information as he [Madsen] put it. And, he was planning to publish this in his next book,” he added.

DHS built domestic surveillance tech into Predator drones
CNET - Homeland Security’s specifications for its drones, built by San Diego-based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, say they “shall be capable of identifying a standing human being at night as likely armed or not,” meaning carrying a shotgun or rifle. They also specify “signals interception” technology that can capture communications in the frequency ranges used by mobile phones... Related article: US citizens urged to oppose drone surveillance

Maryland Senate Passes Governor O’Malley’s Gun Control Bill
New American - After 10 hours of intense debate, the Maryland Senate passed Governor Martin O’Malley’s gun control measure handily late Thursday afternoon, 28-19, with all 12 Republicans and a handful of Democrats voting against the bill.

VIDEO: Popular Standard Shotgun Could Be Banned Under Proposed Bill
CBS Denver - A popular hunting shotgun could be banned under one of the bills moving through the state Capitol. “They’re coming after the standard shotgun,” Brophy told CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd. Brophy says if Democrats succeed in passing a bill limiting large capacity magazines in Colorado, they’ll outlaw the most popular selling firearm for hunting.
* Related Article: Senate limits testimony in gun bill hearings...

VIDEO: Kentucky Senate Passes Bill Blocking Federal Gun Laws - The Senate has overwhelmingly passed a bill that would prohibit Kentucky from enforcing any federal gun control laws if they're enacted.

DHS Censors Information About Firearms Purchase
Paul Joseph Watson - Despite the fact that documents pertaining to government activity are only supposed to be redacted for national security reasons or if authorized by Congress, a new entry posted on the FedBizOpps website pertaining to the DHS’ plans for a $1.5 million contract with firearms manufacturer Remington contains numerous blacked-out sections.

VIDEO: 7-Year-Old Suspended, Teacher says he shaped pastry into gun
Fox Baltimore - Children at Park Elementary School went home with a letter today explaining there was a disruption in school. Seven year old Josh Welch, and his father, say the disruption lead to a two day suspension for the second grader in Brooklyn Park.

VIDEO: This Is How We Resist
Mac Slavo - The motto of our modern police state is, “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.” We must respond by staying true to the fourth amendment: “If I’m not doing anything wrong, and you have no probable cause, evidence or warrant, then I respectfully demand that you let me go about my business.” It works. Really.


Grocery loyalty card purchases surveilled by insurance companies to raise rates and deny claims
(NaturalNews) I warned Natural News readers about this years ago: those grocery store "loyalty cards" that they push on you to enjoy discounts on groceries are actually a behavior surveillance technology that's used to capture and profile your grocery purchasing patterns. This data is then sold off to insurance companies who use it to raise your rates by linking your grocery purchases with the risk of disease.

12 Things That Just Happened That Show The Next Wave Of The Economic Collapse Is Almost Here
Economic Collapse - Right now, events are unfolding in Europe and in the United States that are pushing us toward the next major crisis moment. I sincerely hope that we have some more time before the next crisis overwhelms us, but as you will see, time is rapidly running out.

Gold and Silver Approved as Legal Tender by Arizona Senate
Activist Post - Arizona may become the second state, after Utah, to recognize gold and silver as legal tender authorized for payments of debts and taxes.

VIDEO: Ron Paul: Sequester Is Just A Fear Tactic – CNBC 3/1/2013
Liberty Crier - Small-town USA reacts to the sequester. How it’s being felt by the average American, with former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Money In Motion traders.

Shock! $307 Billion paid to Africa while America goes over cliff
From the Trenches - The “Alliance For An Affordable Internet” is a public-private partnership which intends to build a huge, expensive African Internet. Its headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya, now dubbed “Africa’s Silicon Valley”.... The partners of “Alliance For An Affordable Internet” include the U.S Department of State, the World Wide Web Foundation and five Silicon Valley computer giants (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Intel and Cisco Systems).

YouTube: "Wealth Inequality in America" - Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America
The reality is often not what we think it is.

Veteran News

Army denies requests to reveal results of PTSD study
Raw Story - The probe centers on Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington, where some soldiers claim their PTSD diagnoses have been wrongly changed to save the government money. The review was launched after an Army psychiatrist at Madigan gave a lecture citing a memo that claims veterans suffering from PTSD could get up to $1.5 million in health benefits over their lifetimes.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

VIDEO: Police Face Excessive Force Charges for Brutality During Occupy Berkeley
Activist Post - A judge ruled last week that the police involved in the brutal 2011 crackdown on Occupy protesters at the UC Berkeley campus will face charges for excessive force, false arrest, retaliatory prosecution and abuse of process.

Housing Market

Banks Find More Wrongful Foreclosures Among Military Members
The nation’s biggest banks wrongfully foreclosed on more than 700 military members during the housing crisis and seized homes from roughly two dozen other borrowers who were current on their mortgage payments, findings that eclipse earlier estimates of the improper evictions.

Energy & Environment

America’s deadly phenomenon: The sinkholes that have swallowed homes, cars and businesses across the country
Daily Mail - Police are still investigating what caused a 100-foot-wide sinkhole in Florida that killed a man when the ground disappeared beneath his house. The fear of looming danger is real and present all over the globe, and pictures of the terrifying holes that appear seemingly unannounced and leave a trail of bodies and damage in their wake.
* Related Article: Rescuers Forced to Halt Recovery Body of Man Swallowed By 100Ft Sinkhole

VIDEO: Sunday Spin: Helping to understand Hanford - Of the 177 tanks, 149 only have a single wall, or shell, and 67 of those were “suspected leakers”, but the rest were thought to be secure. Thought to be is a relative term, because in a container that big, a drop of even a fraction of an inch can represent many gallons of waste. You can’t just drop a giant dipstick into the tank.

A 2,000-page report may ease path for the 7 billion Keystone XL project
NY Times - The new report does not make any policy recommendations, but its conclusion that the environmental and climate change impacts are manageable could provide Mr. Obama political cover if he decides to approve the pipeline.

BP fooled US on Deep Horizon oil spill
Press TV - Transocean said BP claimed 5,000 barrels of oil were spilling into the gulf on a daily basis while the real figure was between 70,000 and 100,000 barrels leading officials to take up the wrong method to plug the well.

How to organize your community to halt “smart” meter installs (Case study from Fairfield, Iowa) - Like many communities, in early 2012 the city of Fairfield, Iowa began installing wireless “smart” water meters, without informing the public. And in summer 2012, because of public pressure and the presentation of facts, the city halted installations, began uninstalling meters and reimbursed opt-out fees.


Illegals bringing drug-resistant TB to U.S.
WND - Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, told WND that it’s not suitcases, clothes or the like – it’s the highly infectious cases of drug-resistant and lethal tuberculosis that are walking across the Mexican border. Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, told WND that it’s not suitcases, clothes or the like – it’s the highly infectious cases of drug-resistant and lethal tuberculosis that are walking across the Mexican border.

Beware: Universal flu jab just around the corner
(NaturalNews) A Madison, Wisconsin-based vaccine company is about one year away from enrolling a new universal flu shot into clinical trials, according to reports. The vaccine, known as Redee Flu, is said to provide protection against a host of viral strains, and would only need to be administered once every three to five years -- but like all other flu shots currently available on the market, Redee Flu will more than likely also contain a potentially-deadly cocktail of toxic, chemical adjuvants.

Cosmetic stem-cell treatment causes woman to grow bone fragments in her eyes
(NaturalNews) It is one of the more popular fads to hit the cosmetic surgery industry in recent years, and it can cost women upwards of $20,000 a pop to get it. But a stem-cell facelift can also cause some very serious unintended health consequences, as one woman learned the hard way recently when she began to spontaneously grow bone fragments in her eyes.

Sleep better and conquer insomnia with these 10 home remedies from your favorite foods
(NaturalNews) Easy-to-make home remedies from foods in your pantry or fridge may be just the solution you're looking for to help you fall asleep and get back to sleep if you awaken during the night.

Detox with diatomaceous earth to remove allergies, mercury, chemicals, GMOs, parasites
(NaturalNews) Diatomaceous earth has many uses including detoxification of the body -- inside and out; protecting pets and livestock from parasites and insect infestation; and keep your yard and garden pest-free.

Why coconut oil stands out as today's most amazing superfood
(NaturalNews) Coconut oil, from the research I have done, is by far the best of the best. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, cancer, dental care, and bone strength.

Fast Food Increases Risk of Severe Asthma, Eczema
Natural Society - Recent research has found a link between fast food consumption and increased risk for respiratory problems. The study found that children consuming fast food at least 3 times each week are more likely to experience severe allergic asthma, eczema, and hay fever.

Poor Sleep Increases Risk of Hard-to-Treat Hypertension
Dr. Mercola - In a study presented at the American Heart Association High Blood Pressure Research 2012 Scientific Sessions, researchers found a strong link between sleep quality and a type of high blood pressure known as resistant hypertension, which does not respond to typical drug-based treatments.

How autism is connected to mercury toxicity - and what to do about it
(NaturalNews) A recent study published in the Polish journal Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis raises new and pertinent questions about the intensifying link between mercury toxicity and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).... Entitled Evidence of parallels between mercury intoxication and the brain pathology in autism, the 41-page paper identifies a shocking 20 parallels between mercury poisoning and autism.

8 Ways Corporations are Poisoning Our Food, Water, the Earth
Natural Society - While we may be under the impression that our system of government is here to protect us, corporations—and the politicians getting paychecks from them—do a fair job of making that difficult. This manner of “legislative capture” is manifesting itself in a host of appalling ways far beyond those listed here.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: 3D Printing On The Frontlines — Army Deploying $2.8M Mobile Fabrication Labs
Singularity Hub - The ability to rapidly evolve solutions from conception to implementation has become a reality with the Expeditionary Lab Mobile (ELM). The 20-foot container comes equipped with 3D printers, computer-assisted milling machines, and laser, plasma, and water cutters, along with common tools like saws and welding gear. Parts can be made of plastic, steel, and aluminum.

VIDEO: 'Mind Meld’ Study Leading to DARPA’s Killer Robot Army
Paul Joseph Watson - The DARPA-funded study which successfully conducted a ‘mind meld’ of two rats is a precursor to the creation of DARPA’s ultimate goal – a borg army of killer robots which will use their hive mind to hunt down and eliminate human targets.
* Related Video: DARPA's Robot Can Now Throw Cinder Blocks...

3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production
Wired - If Jim Kor’s dream is realized, that’s exactly how the next generation of urban runabouts will be produced. His creation is called the Urbee 2 and it could revolutionize parts manufacturing while creating a cottage industry of small-batch automakers intent on challenging the status quo.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

How to Plant an Iroquois Garden - "According to Iroquois legend, corn, beans, and squash are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive together. This tradition of interplanting corn, beans and squash in the same mounds, widespread among Native American farming societies, is a sophisticated, sustainable system that provided long-term soil fertility and a healthy diet to generations."

Humor & Satire

YouTube: Smart Cat Knocks on the Door
This cat who figured out how to knock on the door to get let in.

Today in History - Friday -  March 1, 2013
1781 - In America, the Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation.
1790 - The U.S. Congress authorized the first U.S. census.
1803 - Ohio became the 17th U.S. state.
1815 - Napoleon returned to France from the island of Elba. He had been forced to abdicate in April of 1814.
1845 - U.S. President Tyler signed the congressional resolution to annex the Republic of Texas.
1867 - Nebraska became the 37th U.S. state.
1869 - Postage stamps with scenes were issued for the first time.
1872 - The U.S. Congress authorized the creation of Yellowstone National Park. It was the world's first national park.
1873 - E. Remington and Sons of Ilion, NY, began the manufacturing the first practical typewriter.
1879 - The library of Hawaii was established.
1907 - In New York, the Salvation Army opened an anti-suicide bureau.
1912 - Captain Albert Berry made the first parachute jump from a moving airplane.
1927 - The Bank of Italy became a National Bank.
1932 - The 22-month-old son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh was kidnapped. The child was found dead in May.
1937 - U.S. Steel raised workers’ wages to $5 a day.
1937 - In Connecticut, the first permanent automobile license plates were issued.
1941 - FM Radio began in Nashville, TN, when station W47NV began operations.
1954 - The United States announced that it had conducted a hydrogen bomb test on the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.
1954 - Five U.S. congressmen were wounded when four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire from the gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives.
1961 - The Peace Corps was established by U.S. President Kennedy.
1966 - The Soviet probe, Venera 3 crashed on the planet Venus. It was the first unmanned spacecraft to land on the surface of another planet.
1966 - Ghana ordered all Soviet, East German and Chinese technicians to leave the country.
1971 - A bomb exploded in a restroom in the Senate wing of the U.S. Capitol. There were no injuries. A U.S. group protesting the Vietnam War claimed responsibility.
1974 - Seven people were indicted in connection with the Watergate break-in. The charge was conspiring to obstruct justice.
1987 - S&H Green Stamps became S&H Green Seals. The stamps were introduced 90 years earlier.
1989 - In Washington, DC, Mayor Barry and the City council imposed a curfew on minors.
1990 - In Cairo, 16 people were killed in a fire at the Sheraton Hotel.
1992 - King Fahd of Saudi Arabia announced major political reforms that ceded some powers after 10 years of disciplined rule.
1992 - Bosnian Muslims and Croats voted to secede from Yugoslavia.
1993 - The U.S. government announced that the number of food stamp recipients had reached a record number of 26.6 million.
1994 - Israel released about 500 Arab prisoners in an effort to placate Palestinians over the Hebron massacre.
1995 - The European Parliament rejected legislation that would have allowed biotechnology companies to patent new life forms.
1999 - In Uganda, eight tourists were brutally murdered by Hutu rebels.
2002 - Operation Anaconda began in eastern Afghanistan. Allied forces were fighting against Taliban and Al Quaida fighters.
2003 - In the U.S., approximately 180,000 personnel from 22 different organizations around the government became part of the Department of Homeland Security. This completed the largest government reorganization since the beginning of the Cold War.
2003 - Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was captured by CIA and Pakistani agents near Islamabad. He was the suspected mastermind behind the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

World News

Iran hopeful about future of P5+1 talks
Press TV - Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says he is “optimistic and hopeful” about the future of Tehran’s talks with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany. In an interview with Austrian broadcaster ORF on Thursday, Salehi said, "We are heading for goals that will be satisfactory for both sides. I am very optimistic and hopeful.”

Iran asks UN to hold Israel accountable
Press TV - In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Mohammad Khazaei called on the world body to pay attention to the harsh conditions of Palestinians kept in Israeli prisons. The United Nations should announce that the Israeli regime must be held accountable for violation of ‘international rights,’ Khazaei said.

'US, South Korea begin joint military drill'
Press TV - Washington and Seoul are set to launch annual joint military exercises as thousands of US troops have gathered in South Korea amid heightening tensions in the Korean Peninsula, a report says. The troops reportedly arrived in South Korea on Friday. Over 10,000 American troops along with South Korean personnel are slated to hold joint air, ground and naval field training exercises called Foal Eagle in March and April.

Kerry Pledges $60 Million in Aid to Syrian Opposition Forces
LA Times - In case you didn’t get the memo – Al-Qaeda – the same group the U.S. accuses of carrying out the most devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil in history, is now our ally in Syria.

British terror suspects quietly stripped of citizenship… then killed by drones
The Independent - The Government has secretly ramped up a controversial programme that strips people of their British citizenship on national security grounds – with two of the men subsequently killed by American drone attacks.

Mortgage interest to double for thousands of borrowers as banks impose huge tracker rate hikes
Daily Mail - Thousands of Bank of Ireland and Bristol & West borrowers customers face a doubling of interest on mortgage payments this year after the banks decided to ramp up tracker rates.... The move will add £240 per month, or £2,850 year on a £200,000 mortgage. Some 15,000 customers in total will be affected.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Bradley Manning Leaks Meant to Enlighten The Public on US Policy: U.S. Is ‘Obsessed With Killing’ Opponents
LA Times - Army Pfc. Bradley Manning pleaded guilty Thursday to 10 charges that he illegally acquired and transferred highly classified U.S. materials later published by WikiLeaks, saying he was motivated by a U.S foreign policy that “became obsessed with killing and capturing people rather than cooperating” with other governments.

VIDEO: Reality Check: VP Biden, “No Law Abiding Citizens Fears 2nd Amendment Infringement”.
Liberty Crier - This weekend hundreds of people turned out for peaceful protests across the Tri-State for what has been billed as a “Day of Resistance”. Are these people really concerned about their second amendment rights? Vice President Joe Biden says “No”.

Montana Anti-NDAA Bill Moves to Senate With 98-0 Vote
Activist Post - The Montana House Judiciary Committee voted 20-0 last week to support HB522 (link to full text below) that would make it illegal to cooperate in any way with indefinite detention sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA.

Documents Reveal US Marshals Using Spy Drones
Steve Watson - Documents obtained by the ACLU have revealed that the U.S. Marshals Service has experimented with using drones for domestic surveillance. The documents, available on the ACLU website, were released via a Freedom of Information Act request.

It’s Official, the Fourth Amendment is Dead
Kurt Nimmo - On Tuesday, the Supreme Court disemboweled the Fourth Amendment. In a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled that citizens cannot challenge government wiretapping laws, in particular the unconstitutional Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 and, more recently, the FISA Amendments Act of 2008.

VIDEO: Guntersville Council Withdraws Proposed Emergency Management Ordinance - The city of Guntersville is not passing a law to let them take people’s guns away, and held a one minute long council session to make that clear. Mayor Leigh Dollar said a proposed ordinance to establish municipal actions as needed in case of disaster of emergencies became misinterpreted and misrepresented.

VIDEO: Oregon Proposed gun law could bring warrant-less searches - "The big new addition to this bill is warrantless searches by police," said Kevin Starrett with the Oregon Firearms Federation, "and that astonishes me that legislators like Mark Hass, Mitch Greenlick and Ginny Burdick would introduce a bill saying your home is no longer a castle and police can come in whenever they want that's a really frightening new addition."

VIDEO: Thousands Attend Albany Gun Rally - Gun-rights supporters filled the West Capitol Park on Thursday to protest the state's gun-control law, seeking a repeal of the law and a condemnation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.... Sen. James Seward, R-Milford, Otsego County, said he would like to see a full repeal of the law signed on Jan. 15. He said that is unlikely, though, and will hope an expected lawsuit to toss the measure will be successful.
**Related: Photos from the rally

VIDEO: Gun rights advocate John Lott, Jr. and Piers Morgan Clash in Fiery Debate
The Blaze - The interview was, at many times, tense as Morgan continuously talked over his guest, causing Lott to become increasingly frustrated. At one point, Morgan calmly told Lott, “I’m going to keep talking, so I suggest you keep quiet.”

Florida cops raid disabled activist hours after she’s linked to marijuana bill
Raw Story - Law enforcement officials in Florida say that it’s a coincidence that the home of wheelchair-bound activist was raided just hours after her name was linked to an effort to legalize medical marijuana in the state.... Jordan is a high-profile activist who suffers from ALS — or Lou Gehrig’s Disease — and has claimed that medical marijuana has helped her to extend her life and even outlive many of her doctors.


Sequester begins, with no end in sight for across-the-board cuts
The Hill - Barring unexpected developments, President Obama will issue an order at some point on Friday — perhaps as late as 11:59 p.m. — cancelling some $85 billion in spending across the federal government.... Obama is scheduled to host congressional leaders at the White House, but few expect that meeting to spark progress on undoing the cuts that both sides have bemoaned as foolish.

This Year’s Subsidy to Wall Street = the Amount of This Year’s Sequester Cuts
Washington's Blog - Since we’ve bailed out the 10 largest banks $83 billion this year alone, should they give it back to us by paying into the U.S. Treasury the amount of this year’s sequester? After all, it’s the same amount.

Jim Sinclair: Gold to Place Significant Bottom Between 2/28 & 3/27, Launch to $3,500/oz! - Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair, who called the top of the last bull market in gold to the day, liquidating his entire personal gold position overnight the day gold topped, has come out and officially stated that gold will make a significant long term bottom in the next month. Specifically, Sinclair states that gold will place a bottom between today, 2/28, and 3/27, and that Thereafter gold is released to the upside which will be a minimum of $3500.

Consumer Spending Drought: 16 Signs That The Middle Class Is Running Out Of Money
Activist Post - Is "discretionary income" rapidly becoming a thing of the past for most American families? Right now, there are a lot of signs that we are on the verge of a nightmarish consumer spending drought. Incomes are down, taxes are up, many large retail chains are deeply struggling because of the lack of customers, and at this point nearly a quarter of all Americans have more credit card debt than money in the bank.

VIDEO: JC Penney Posts a Huge Loss; Shares Tumble
CNBC - J.C. Penney delivered the latest dismal news from the retail sector, reporting a much larger-than-expected loss as same-store sales fell sharply.... Concerns have been mounting about the American consumer amid the triple threat of higher gas prices, increased payroll taxes and delayed tax refunds.

VIDEO: Subway Founder: Subway Would Not Exist If Started Today Due to Government Regulations - President and founder of Subway Fred Deluca described some of the challenges payroll tax increases and Obamacare have presented small business franchisee owners Wednesday on CNBC. Deluca said the number one issue facing Subway franchisee owners is how Obamacare will impact their expenses, noting any increase in costs will be passed along to the consumer through higher prices.

YouTube: Money As Debt - Full Length Documentary
Essential viewing on money and the banking system. Money As Debt is a fast-paced and highly entertaining animated feature by artist & videographer, Paul Grignon. It explains today's magically perverse DEBT-MONEY SYSTEM in terms that are easy to understand.

Veteran News

VIDEO: 7 Years for a 30 Round Clip: New York Prosecutes Vet - Nate Haddad was arrested around the same time New York passed the most restrictive gun law in the country. Haddad was charged with five counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree, a Class D Felony in New York State punishable by up to seven years in prison. His crime? He wanted to sell 30 round clips for an AR-15, the poster child weapon for gun-grabbers in New York and Washington, D.C.

Condo Association Taking Heat For Telling Soldier To Take Down American Flag
The Consumerist - The property manager of a condo complex in Alabama is learning that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to demand that a resident, a Staff Sergeant, take down the American flag hanging outside of his home.
* Update: Soldier’s Flag Still Flies...

Energy & Environment

YouTube: US Navy Labs create Plasma Spheres (rings) using HAARP - HF- high frequency
Dutchsinse - This is a profound release, just put out by the US Naval Research Lab on Feb. 25, 2013. In essence, this experiment done by the Navy contradicts ALL the skeptics who said it quote "could not be done" using frequency in the Atmosphere.

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Confirms HAARP's Ability to Manipulate Atmosphere
Activist Post - Few government research programs have produced as many questions and as much speculation as the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). From the potential of HAARP to disrupt and control communications to the possibility of controlling the weather and creating natural disasters, the sophistication of HAARP and the extent to which it is being used is the subject of much debate.

5 Fracking Consequences You’ve Never Heard About
Natural Society - We’ve heard of fracking's propensity to pollute our air and drinking water and thereby raise human health concerns. The media, however, isn’t talking about the massive sinkholes pockmarking the nation, the radiation leaks, and other lesser known but no less earth-shattering effects of fracking.


Curcumin vs. cancer: The scientific evidence continues to flow in
(NaturalNews) "Curcumin (diferuloylmethane) ... is one of the most powerful and promising chemopreventive and anticancer agents, and epidemiological evidence demonstrates that people who incorporate high doses of this spice in their diets have a lower incidence of cancer," explains board-certified clinical nutritionist Byron J. Richards about the power of curcumin to fight cancer.

Zinc helps fight infection and inflammation by boosting the body's immune response
(NaturalNews) A research team from Ohio State University has released the result of a study revealing how zinc helps control infections by gently tapping the brakes on the immune response in a way that prevents out of control inflammation that can be damaging and even deadly. Working with human cell cultures, the scientists have demonstrated how a specific protein ushers zinc into key cells that stimulate a critical immune response to fight against infection. The mineral interacts with a cellular process that neutralizes infection and helps balance the normal immune response.

How Intermittent Fasting Stacks Up Among Obesity-Related Myths, Assumptions, and Evidence-Backed Facts
Dr. Mercola - It's long been known that restricting calories in certain animals can increase their lifespan by as much as 50 percent, but more recent research suggests that sudden and intermittent calorie restriction appears to provide the same health benefits as constant calorie restriction, which may be helpful for those who cannot successfully reduce their everyday calorie intake

BPA is deadly to the developing brains of babies in utero, new study shows
(NaturalNews) Scientists from Duke University in North Carolina have identified yet another major threat to human health posed by the plastics chemical bisphenol-A (BPA). According to new research, babies exposed to BPA in utero, or during their developmental stages in the womb, could experience inhibited central nervous system development, which in turn could set them up for future stricken with neurodevelopmental problems.

Medical mystery: Advanced breast cancer increasing steadily among young women
(NaturalNews) Rebecca H. Johnson, M.D., of Seattle Children's Hospital and University of Washington, Seattle, and colleagues have found a statistically significant increase in the incidence of advanced breast cancer for women who are only 25 to 39 years of age. What's more, older women -- who are supposedly at a greater risk for breast cancer -- were not found to have a corresponding increase.

Glass particles prompt recall of major Kellogg's cereal brand
(NaturalNews) The latest in a series of recalls that spans several years, corporate food giant Kellogg's has voluntarily summoned back 36,000 boxes of Special K Red Berries cereal that it says might be contaminated with potentially dangerous fragments of glass.

Texas State Senator Jane Nelson Introduces Bill to Allow Children to Consent to Vaccinations - Texas State Senator Jane Nelson (R) recently introduced a bill that would allow some children to consent to receiving vaccines without parental consent. The bill, S.B. 63, states that a "child may consent to the child's own immunization if the child: (1) is pregnant; or (2) is the parent of a child and has actual custody of that child."

17 Examples of Admitted Vaccine Failure - What is often quickly forgotten is how often (and badly) vaccines fail. Ask yourself....Why don’t these vaccine failures regularly make the news?”

The Significance of Iodine and 7 Foods Rich in Iodine
Natural Society -The common nutritional deficiency behind most hypothyroidism and sluggish thyroid activity is insufficient iodine. Further, you are very susceptible to radiation damage without sufficient protection from iodine. These are just a few of the reasons it is essential to maintain optimal iodine levels by supplementing or consuming foods rich in iodine.

Fresh pineapple mimics anti-inflammatory drugs
(NaturalHealth365) Research published in the journal Planta Medica found that bromelain was superior to the chemotherapy drug 5-fluoraucil in treating cancer in an animal study.... Most of the bromelain, in pineapples, is found in the core and the stem. The core is the tough, fibrous part of the fruit. So, to get the most bromelain into your diet, take the core and juice it or blend it up in your next smoothie.

Sweet Basil: Growing Your Own Medicine
Natural Society - Sweet basil, like most herbs, is loaded with health benefits. In addition to being a rich source of vitamin K, beta carotene, and iron, the plant is known to harness anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The majority of the great benefits of basil can be attributed to its volatile oils and flavonoids – powerful, plant-based antioxidants that reduce inflammation, help fight aging, and promote healthy arteries.

4 Common Dangers Lurking in Your ‘Health’ Supplements
Natural Society - In a world where health consciousness is increasingly more popular each day, major corporations have entered the health supplements marketplace under new ‘health’ brands in an attempt to soak up some of the profits.... Enabling cheaper production at a quicker pace and utilizing cheap materials (such as GMO-containing corn to extract vitamin C), these 4 common fillers are your worst nightmare and mega corporation’s dream come true...

Science & Technology

YouTube: Dr. Katherine Albrecht: Schools Are Becoming Electronic Concentration Camps - Melissa welcomes Dr. Katherine Albrecht to discuss the imminent threats to our digital and personal privacy and ways to overcome warrantless government spying.

Tech Guru Warns Of Internet “Disaster”
Paul Joseph Watson - Inventor and scientist Danny Hillis warns that the Internet has “expanded it way beyond its limits,” and is set for a “disaster,” calling for an ‘Internet Plan B’ that would operate in times of emergency.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Iowa on verge of legalizing raw milk; resistance to food tyranny is rising
(NaturalNews) Iowa is on the verge of legalizing raw milk sales from dairy farms, and legislation has been introduced for that purpose.


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